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  1. VeatherVitch

    How to use Camo?

    When you don't have camo that provides bonuses to XP, FXP, etc. run the camo that gives the best combat bonuses. You want the concealment, and dispersion bonus on pretty much any ship. With a BB you could argue that the dispersion bonus is enough, but always run the best credit camo you can if you don't have a good free camo.
  2. VeatherVitch

    What's the easiest/zero skill ship to play?

    To accomplish what? Damage? Likely BBs, spam HE at everything and you get damage numbers pretty consistently. At the same time, having enough armour and HP to last a while. To win matches? Likely CVs, since as mentioned earlier even just flying like an idiot at the enemy provides spotting for your team, and your ship is nowhere near the fight so you'll live until the end.
  3. VeatherVitch

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    I'm more interested in a Commonwealth DD, or CL line, but I'd love to see Warrior, Bonnie or Maggie in the game. They might be enough to convince me to attempt getting better at CVs.
  4. VeatherVitch

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Agreed, it was a horrible idea that I'm surprised made it past the conference room doors.
  5. VeatherVitch

    missile vs armor tests

    So take away the hatches(though some have been done with the ship opened up), and you're still left with an unrealistic situation staged to make for the best photo op/target data collection.\ Maneuvering matters because it allows you to minimize target profile, while maximizing countermeasures. Fighting doesn't only happen in the mid-latitudes during fair weather. Weather changes how radar works, some radar works better than others in foul weather. Also, given that the shoots don't happen if the weather isn't perfect, I'd say there must be some concern even with modern weapons. A missile shoot/sinkex takes many hours to set up and execute, a one minute YouTube clip edited by the people doing the shooting doesn't show anything but what they want it to show. While NATO and other free nations might release a miss or dud in a video, other nations like China and Russia will never show anything but a resounding success. As to your last point, I never claimed there was nothing to be gained by the shoots, I have taken part in enough to know what purpose they serve. I was simply stating that watching a cool video of a ship getting hit in perfect conditions is not necessarily indicative of what would happen in the real world.
  6. VeatherVitch

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Note quite true, there was a bit of a push for something like the RB. People wanted incentive to replay lines they already have, to get unique rewards. Some of us wanted purely cosmetic rewards, like camos, flags, etc.. That we didn't get exactly what some people wanted doesn't mean there was no player support for it.
  7. VeatherVitch

    missile vs armor tests

    The glaring problem with any of these videos is that they are staged photo ops. Shooting stationary ships, with all hatches open, in perfect weather is nothing like fighting maneuvering ships, closed up to DC condition Z, while employing hard and soft countermeasures.
  8. VeatherVitch


    There are many aspects of real-life not represented in this game, so USN secondary battery ranges are hardly unique in that. BB secondary ranges are shortened to prevent them from completely dominating the battlespace. No one ship type can be allowed dominance over all ranges, it makes for bad gameplay. BBs need to be weak(ish) at close range to give CA/CL, and DDs space to work in. If every BB cold melt cruisers within 12km why would anyone play a cruiser? Lastly, BBs were prohibitively expensive to build and operate. If people want "historic" BBs they should be prepared to pay in build, and maintenance/repair costs the difference between BBs and DDs. I'm sure after 100 or so DD matches a BB match would be affordable if you were good at the game.
  9. VeatherVitch

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    I find the missions tedious, and require no real effort beyond playing... I'd say Legendary was always a bad name for them. The RB holds little appeal to me, but it's at least more interesting than spamming the same ship non-stop for a few months to get a questionable(at best) "upgrade". The argument that playing the ship to get the upgrades makes better players is proven false by the number of players with huge battle counts who are still bad, so why be a slave to a bad system?
  10. VeatherVitch


    The problem with buffing BB secondaries is game balance. All ship types need to be able to do damage, and survive, otherwise it would be WoBB, or WoCV. To get better secondaries the USN would have to give something up, like the super heavy AP, the one defining characteristic of USN BBs... Why play a USN boat with German secondaries, German pen, and no German hydro?
  11. VeatherVitch


    I'd rather see them buff the handling than buff the ROF. T10 is already extremely punishing from a DPS vs armour/HP standpoint, adding fast firing 18" guns on more ships only makes it worse. I'm not sure secondaries are the way to buff them though, it would cut into the specialness of Mass Georgia, and Ohio. I imagine Mass and Georgia sell well based on how often I see them, so I can't see WG being incentivized to make them less special.
  12. VeatherVitch


    The likely reason it isn't a stealth boat is that it would be too good. 12 18" guns at 11km is too much. Though, I'm sure it would be fun for the one driving it, just not anyone being shot at....
  13. VeatherVitch


    To use a line attributed to Stalin "quantity has a quality all it's own". Vermont has 100% more guns that Georgia, 50% more guns than Thunderer, and 33% more guns than Kremlin and Yamato. It may not be a sniper, but with that weight of broadside it will be devastating to CA/CL, even if you only get half of your rounds to hit. Increase the accuracy or reload too much and you have the new OP boat that everyone complains about.
  14. VeatherVitch

    Your thoughts on the British Lines? What do you think?

    RN DDs are my absolute favourite ships, followed very closely by RN CLs. The CAs seem ok, and BBs aren't really my thing.. they are the RN line I have the least fun in. I essentially ignore the existence of CVs from all nations.