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  1. VeatherVitch

    HMCS Huron

    I find Haida's smoke is overrated when radar is common. It was revolutionary in it's day, but now everybody and their dog knows to shoot at the leading edge of the smoke's advance, or the middle of a stationary smoke cloud. Even when you use the smoke to break contact, you have a smoke trail showing everybody where you're headed... I love my Haida, but I suspect Huron will be just as deadly, and more readily available.
  2. VeatherVitch

    HMCS Huron

    Haida is a bad Cossack/passable Lightning if you're up-tiered, so Huron suffering when up-tiered isn't really a weakness compared to Haida. I suspect Huron will be a monster in T7 ranked, or other tier limited game modes, just like Haida.
  3. What will BBs give up to compensate for their armour, guns, and hp? Also, what buffs will go to all of the other ship types that were balanced around the concealment mechanics?
  4. I 100% agree, the already existing problem of too many BBs has been made worse by power creep with new BBs and "super" BBs. Add in the new "super" cruisers, and why would anyone want to play a bog standard CA?
  5. VeatherVitch

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    I think it's easy to forget that most players in WoWs are filthy casuals, particularly when you're involved in an active community like here and Discord. Not everybody looks at the game with a man/min mentality. Sure in the same 20min you could max/min your way to more credits/XP/FXP with Randoms and Co-op, but I'm guessing the majority of players play to have an engaging experience, and make credits/XP/FXP along the way.
  6. VeatherVitch

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    I suspect that nerfing farming is exactly what the changes are aimed at. I'm guessing WG has lots of data to prove that farming Nari is common, and skews their plan for the in-game economy. By making the rewards CT, they are likely trying to push more CO-OP and Randoms players into OPs, even if it means making the hardcore OPs farmers upset.
  7. BB main complaining the overpopulation of DD/SS in game is unfun, while seemingly unaware the overpopulation of stealth boats is because the overpopulation of BBs has made playing CA/CL unfun...
  8. VeatherVitch

    Replace Karma

    I always find the Karma complaints amusing... I'm an average potato, but even I manage to get positive karma from people when I play well. I also give a +1 to people on my team who play well, or an enemy that plays well. I give a -1 to people who are jerks in chat, or do nothing... I think the system as it exists does a great job of showing how well your play, and chat interactions are appreciated by others.
  9. VeatherVitch

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    Have you considered that this is exactly what WG is trying to prevent? WG creates an in game economic system for FXP, credits, etc., based on the average player playing Randoms. People figure a way to farm a brainless OP for ridiculous amounts of money and XP/FXP. WG "fixes" the issue created by people farming the system...
  10. VeatherVitch

    DD's need to step it up in Brawls

    Brawls don't support the passive playstyle that works in randoms, and some people can't/won't adjust. Nothing frustrates me more than a BB that hangs back in brawls letting the enemy close on the caps, and push through my DD/CL.
  11. VeatherVitch

    Yikes! DD-754 USS Evans Post Collision Picture

    Here is a video of a collision between HMCS Preserver, and HMS Penelope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7UcB16Fnmc I sailed aboard HMCS Protecteur, the sister ship of Preserver. We had our own little bumper boats incident while conducting a tow Ex. HMCS Algonquin misjudged the wind, made bad helm orders, and had her hangar badly damaged by PRO's bow.
  12. VeatherVitch

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    I wasn't countering your previous post... I feel like you've mistaken my reply for someone else's. I think dialing up the difficulty on the DDs, plus reducing the down time for bots entering the map would completely eliminate the toxic solo mentality in Nari. It's not a big change that's required, but the way the bots currently function means a player that is aggressive enough can kill the bots as they enter before facing effective return fire. This fault in the bots behaviour incentivizes behaviour that works against the other six players in the match. If this aligns with your position then we are in agreement...
  13. Seems like a big bonus to people who don't like some of the ships in their port. In my case, I can avoid lower tier ships I don't enjoy, while focusing on playing well in the ones I do enjoy. For example, I can do well in a Somers, but I don't enjoy Mahan, I do well in Scharnhorst, but poorly in Boise, etc...
  14. VeatherVitch

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    Given I wasn't suggesting a ban, this makes little sense. I was supporting the notion that player behaviour is the problem, not a particular ship. WG needs to fix the player behaviour, by removing the ability for a single player to farm the whole scenario... But yeah, cool gif...
  15. VeatherVitch

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    This is 100% the problem. The game is supposed to be fun for all players, but in Nari one player with the right ship can suck the fun out of the match for the other six.