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  1. VeatherVitch

    Is adding more radar making the game better?

    Or... rockets got nerfed because CVs are unbalanced... Nobody wants to hear their pet boat is unbalanced, but if it's nerfed there is likely a good reason. I'd prefer to have my Jutland back the way it was before it was nerfed, or my YY, or now Jervis... Yet I don't go around pretending that other people "whining" is the reason those ships were nerfed, I accept that they were fun because they were too powerful, and the nerfs were needed for game balance.
  2. VeatherVitch

    Who have you seen in game

    I had a slightly better match experience, but only slightly....
  3. VeatherVitch

    Patch Symbols

    The other part of vetting, is the people vetting would need to be aware of the cultural meaning of symbols across multiple cultures around the world. What is seen as a silly nothing by an English speaking North American, could be deeply offensive elsewhere. It opens WG up to far too much needless hassle.
  4. VeatherVitch

    Which ships do you think will be removed?

    I'm guessing Vanguard, or P. Bagration.... OP boats have no place in the game.
  5. VeatherVitch

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    WG could come into my home, and murder me tonight for my piggy bank.... It's speculation, and equally as useful as pretending WG hates customers, and wants to look for ways to ruin their fun. Might WG change the way missions work? Yes. Might WG buff all existing ships, and make MO's extra credit earnings moot? Yes. Might WG make credits pointless and change the common in-game currency? Yes. All three listed above are speculation, and are equally as useful as speculating that WG plans to take away MO's special missions.
  6. VeatherVitch

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    You're making up excuses to be angry. WG has said they will monitor to ensure people don't lose out on credits... If you don't trust WG to the point you imagine they will stealth nerf the credit earnings, uninstall. The MO is remaining the MO because that's what most people want. I have visited her a couple of times, and even slept on her mattresses when my ship suffered a catastrophic engine fire, and had to be towed back to Pearl Harbor. I want MO, not any other Iowa, I want MO. Others have their own reasons, but I wager most are due to history/name, rather than credits. As I said before, it's easier and cheaper to just buy premium on sale when you want credits. Given that WG has not stated that the MO missions will be used for new purchases, it's just speculation that they will use it to entice crate purchases. I refuse to go down the route of speculation myself, as it's just a way to get myself worked up. I'll take things as they are, and if WG messes it up for me I'll move along to something else. I get the MO not meaning anything to you, as a Canadian it doesn't mean anything to me either... As someone that has visited, and as mentioned above slept on her mattresses, she means something to me.
  7. VeatherVitch

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    Do you have a detailed breakdown of how many whaled for MO for the credit bonus vs. the history? I'm willing to bet more people wanted the boat(name/history), than the credit printing press. Maybe I'm wrong, but I seriously doubt it. Let's not forget she's also unique in that she's a T9 BB with radar, and until recently the only BB with radar. If people want more credits buying premium time on sale at Christmas is the better move. It makes all of your boats print credits, so you aren't "stuck" playing one ship all the time when you need cash. Lastly, why would anyone bemoan the demise of whaling crates for MO at all? Putting MO on sale directly is exactly what people have been demanding for years... Punishing WG when they make a positive move is how we get WG to ignore us even more.
  8. VeatherVitch

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    They don't have to, they can go to the armoury when it's released. WG is literally doing what people wanted, removing the gambling aspect from getting MO, and now people are complaining about it.
  9. VeatherVitch

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    Great points, and to expand on it a bit further, WG is shooting themselves in the foot for Christmas crate sales to appease players. Now you can just spend the doubloons to outright buy her, rather than whale hundreds of dollars in crates. People should be praising WG for making a move away from gambling, and toward direct sales... Instead people find a new reason to complain.
  10. VeatherVitch

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    People "waste" money on all sorts of things every day. Drink coffee, tea, or anything but water? Waste. Use spices to flavour food? Waste. Buy anything but the cheapest durable clothing? Waste. Every single one of us wastes money on convenience, and/or luxury every day. Why is it so many people on these forums are so concerned about how others choose to spend their money?
  11. VeatherVitch

    World of Destroyers

    Perhaps if less people played BBs, and instead played radar cruisers there would be less DDs... Dealing with back line sniping BBs isn't much fun for CA/CL players with short gun ranges, and insufficient armour to bow tank. It's almost as if an overabundance of one ship type, will lead to that type's counter being played more often. Lots of BBs? DDs come out. Lots of CA/CLs? BBs come out. Lots of DDs? CA/CL come out, unless the too many BB problem still persists... Then the DDs kill each other while the BBs farm damage from the back line.
  12. VeatherVitch

    World of Destroyers

    Sounds like a lot of CV reeeeee to me. DDs are countered by spotting, CVs can still do that. What CVs can't do is fly around immune to damage, then spot, and kill DDs on their own as effectively.
  13. VeatherVitch

    World of Destroyers

    I assume you make the same complaint when it's 5 vs 5 BBs as well, so there should be a long post history of that complaint for me to look up. Weird, I just looked and didn't see a single complaint about 5 vs 5 BBs... Why is that?
  14. VeatherVitch

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I always find these kind of cringe worthy, they are almost always made to make the "not from around here" dialect sound dumb. The reality is there are many dialects of English used in different regions of the world, and all of them are "right" when you're in that region.