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  1. VeatherVitch

    Unique/Legendary Upgrade Rework Needed

    In my mind, having done it both ways as well, the UUs tend to not really be worth it regardless of the way you earn them. I definitly agree that there are better things to spend RP on though, I have enjoyed my RP ships immensely.
  2. VeatherVitch

    Unique/Legendary Upgrade Rework Needed

    The missions weren't "easier" to do, the RB is as simple as playing the game, or using FXP.
  3. VeatherVitch

    Please nerf DD guns

    So.... If you want real world for game play, you'd accept real world for economics right? In the real world countries built DDs and BBs at 20:1 or more ratios, so for every 20 matches you play in a DD you'd get 1 in a BB. That way BBs can the real life sea monsters they were, and DDs can go back to being torpedo boat destroyers.
  4. VeatherVitch

    Allied heroes collection.

    I sorted the collection as soon as I logged in. Credits and FXP are free, and I enjoyed reading the history of the ships/commanders.
  5. VeatherVitch

    Dasha presents 12.3

    I actually stopped watching the videos when they changed presenters... It's just not the same.
  6. I agree 100% Go into each fight expecting to win, and let things play out as they will. Few things are more frustrating than players on your own team phoning it in/throwing away their ship, because MMM says we can't win.
  7. VeatherVitch

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    100%, but it also helps prevent those same spoiled children from typing their rage into chat. You seem to be implying that I use it that way, when that is not the case. When someone outplays me, I give the a +1, and try to figure out how I can beat them next time. Its more a case of being able to see the usefulness of the plays poorly report as it exists, and thinking that making it require typing would remove its usefulness entirely.
  8. VeatherVitch

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    Oh? I haven't seen anything from WG explaining it one way or another, but the logical conclusion is it's a venting mechanism since it doesn't go to an automatic ban like misbehaviour in chat or AKF.
  9. VeatherVitch

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    The point of the "plays poorly" isn't to improve the play of the person reported, it's for someone to vent harmlessly rather than make nasty comments in chat.
  10. VeatherVitch

    Stop bullying and stupid reporting.

    That would defeat the point of a couple of simple clicks for people to "vent" without engaging directly. Karma goes up, and karma goes down, life is easier when you just accept it.
  11. VeatherVitch

    Do you Brawls?

    The highlight of my brawls in the last few days was deleting a Stalingrad that was about 2km away... He was broadside to me as I came around an island in my Bourgogne.
  12. VeatherVitch

    Losing Interest

    It is a real slow death, because back in 2016 when I started playing people were declaring WoWS' death was imminent.
  13. Why wouldn't it? It literally costs you zero money to get a T10 and a 19pt skipper. Resources exist to be spent, so if you really want the free T10, spend some of the resources you ear every night you log in and play.
  14. VeatherVitch

    Anyone else miss airship battle mode?

    I loved it, and was a bit crushed when it was removed.
  15. They don't counter top tier DD players, but most DDs aren't top tier players. Radar, rapid fire HE, hydro, etc. all provide counters to DDs. They don't negate the ability of DDs to play in the match, but they force the DDs to play in a completely different way. You want to have less DDs, make it harder for bad to mediocre DD players to play DDs, by playing CA/CLs well.