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  1. VeatherVitch

    this game is fun but I have a question

    You have protected matchmaking when you are a new player, I imagine you're still in that period. Be prepared to die a lot when you play against real players in random battles. There are a lot of people who play the lower tiers frequently, or who drop down from high tiers occasionally, that have big advantages in captain skills, and game knowledge.
  2. VeatherVitch

    WG'S $100 LOSS times ?

    Solid advice. I was considering the doubloons bundle with Dreadnought, but I don't already have it so it's a straight gain for me if I buy.
  3. VeatherVitch

    The Bristish cruiser event

    I find the event is pretty easy to do, just play a bit of each ship type a few times through the week. I suppose of you only play one type it's a chore, but I imagine every event is a chore in that case.
  4. Not sure if I should up-vote, or point out that you quoted my quote from another player. Lol
  5. That's hilarious! Essentially you're telling other players to stop asking for your fun in game to be ruined, so you can continue to ruin other people's fun in game. I needed that chuckle this morning.
  6. VeatherVitch

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    This also the reason T4 CVs are so popular, they get to dunk on the enemy with minimal skill or risk. It's essentially playing CVs on easy mode when you want some cheap laughs.
  7. VeatherVitch

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    I think the IKEA line is a bit too soon on the heels of the RN CAs, but I'm not too worried about them rushing lines yet. The game needs to make money to stay alive, so premium ships need to keep coming out. Asking for them to slow down premium ship production is like asking the ocean to stop being wet.
  8. I believe AA mounts and secondary guns count as modules, so any CA firing HE should do the trick.
  9. Nostalgia is a funny thing, we forget the bad parts and focus on the good. There were lots of complaints about the game back then as well. As for the RN CAs, I found Devonshire painful, but I enjoy London. Just got the T7 last night, and had a fun game, but it was only one game so far.
  10. VeatherVitch

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    The saddest thing here is the lack of capital letters. It's hard to take an opinion seriously when the author can't be bothered to write it correctly.
  11. Having won the ARP boats back in the day I ran into the opposite problem, I couldn't justify buying Atago with Takao in my port. Even though Takao had been inferior due to concealment, and earnings potential, it was still too close to Atago. Now that Takao is a premium herself I'm glad I didn't give in and buy Atago.
  12. VeatherVitch

    Monthly Subscriptions - well done WG

    I imagine it's like every other game subscription, you get the time you've paid for... Subscription games are far from new, so why expect this to any different?
  13. VeatherVitch

    The directives

    Yes, and it was pretty clear what the gripe is. Though it was "cleverly" disguised as a suggestion to improve gameplay, it was clearly a whine about teammates "throwing away" their ships. It sucks when people do dumb things and die early. The reality is people will do dumb things regardless of events, and missions. You can either accept it, or whine about it.
  14. VeatherVitch

    The directives

    I'm glad you decided to go for the stat shame, it shows your character quite clearly. I never claimed to be great, I fall within the average, and my sense of self worth is robust enough to cope with that tragic news. lol You created a thread whining about people hurting your precious stats, then said only bad players whine about losses. Either you are a bad player, or your premise is wrong.
  15. VeatherVitch

    time for assist kills ribbon?

    The ribbons count for nothing but making people feel good at the end of a fight. I really don't get why people are so opposed to this... If it makes people feel better why not? All the super cool "all I care about is wins", "snowflakes need participation ribbons", and "git gud" types wouldn't lose a thing. They can still feel smug in their perceived superiority, and the "participation trophies" crowd can feel better about some pixels that disappear after the close the battle results window.