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  1. VeatherVitch

    Germany's new toys...

    Both will be in my port if the prices are reasonable, and they don't get ruined... WG seems to hate KM ships apart from T-61.
  2. VeatherVitch

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    I generally disagree with the OP, but his assessment of things seems accurate at this stage. Now imagine a division with a DD or Smolensk/Mino/Wooster baiting friendly DDs into radar range. It seems a like a cool standalone game mode concept, but it has no place in randoms as currently imagined.
  3. Makes good sense, clear out some peoples stockpiles of FXP.
  4. Except coal is trickle fed into the economy, credits and FXP can be farmed if you have the right signal flags and camo. I find coal the least offensive currency added recently. It's available to anyone that plays frequently regardless of skill, and the coal ships rarely change so people can save up to get what they want. It also leaves FXP for upgrades to tech tree ships, which is what I have always thought it should have been for.
  5. I'm holding out for a high tier RN premium DD.
  6. Or, one could reset a line then play it from T1-10 without spending a dime... Why is it people assume that a huge number of people will spend money on FXP conversion? There are likely far more people like me who have never spend a cent on FXP conversion, and just do thing the "old fashioned" way. It really seems at this point like most of the complaining is coming from people who want free stuff, but don't want to have to do anything for it.
  7. Get back in the corner DD driving scum! Your BB overlords don't want to hear any of your complaints about not having any FXP DDs yet. You should know your role is to provide spotting, and be glad that you're allowed in the presence of your betters.
  8. VeatherVitch

    Plea to WG; the Dutch flag

    To me it appears that the ensign of the Dutch navy is the national flag of the Netherlands. The image below is a naval jack, which is flown from the jack staff on the bow when the ship is alongside. Just like how the Commonwealth ships fly the White Ensign rather than the national jacks, the Pan-European navies will likely fly the national naval ensigns as well.
  9. You must live in a scary world full of conspiracy... It's far more likely that he has a different opinion than you, which as far as I'm aware isn't nefarious or wrong.
  10. I don't particularly like it, but I was stating a reason for the token craze. That said I also don't hate it, as I said I get to choose where to concentrate my effort. I also get to choose when to ignore the event like soviet BBs, and now French DDs.
  11. Your proposed solution doesn't address the reason that tokens were added in the first place. Tokens force you to play the game when WG wants, and how WG wants. WG may(definitely) have gone overboard with the token events in the last couple of patches, but as a concept they are quite good for both WG, and the players. For WG tokens force players to play an array of ships at different tiers so there is diverse MM, and for the players it allows you to get ships/things for free. Because the events are themed you can pick, and choose what events to dedicate your time to, and which ones to ignore. I am also very opposed to any plan that makes the grind longer, and more miserable for players. Why should new players have a harder time getting to T10 then the rest of us have had for the past two years?
  12. VeatherVitch

    American tier 8 premiums

    Mass has very strong secondary guns, Alabama is more like a normal BB.
  13. How long are you willing to wait for an game to get your 2x2x2 mix? WG can't make people drive cruisers, specially when they aren't fun to drive in close fighting against BBs.
  14. After getting 500 FXP in 2000 containers over the course of at minimum 666.66666 days I'd say you deserve a FXP ship.
  15. Hey, it's not our fault that big Warships is trying to keep us down...