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  1. I play mostly solo with the occasional div. I had a 55.2% WR, but it has taken a dive over the last week (WoWs BD weekend wasn't much fun from a win perspective). Anyway, it ain't easy, thats for sure. I play mostly higher tiers, but do drop down on occasion. As @centarinaand others have said higher WR can be had in lower tiers. But dont sweat any of it. Just have fun. Good luck and fair seas! B
  2. If I had the skill, I'd build my own site. I suck at coding for anything more than rudimentary tasks. I don't know if WTs issues are with the hosting provider or something else, but I like the site. WoWs Numbers is good, and I use it as well, but prefer WTs simple layout. B
  3. Thats how I play my Bogue.. Im nowhere near a good CV captain, but I do run AS and it racks up the Clear Sky achievements. Sure, you don't do much damage, but once the skies are clear you can spot and do some dmg. I'd rather have a TB than a DB, but I don't see that changing anytime soon. B
  4. LOL, good point. I read the post on my mobile and didnt catch the "(aka, also remove detonation while they're at it!)" part. My bad. b
  5. Dang @GUNSTAR_THE_LEGEND, most impressive! The most Captain XP I had saved up was a shade over 1.5mil before I decided to spend it on a few captains. b
  6. Nice game OP, well done! 7 kills in Atago! Very very nice! b
  7. I don't consider myself a "main" anything, but I've got more DD matches than other ships: (all Random) DD - 1632 games / CA - 1228 games / BB - 1157 games / CV - 80 games Destroyers - Khabarovsk - 319 battles - 55.8% WR / 79.6k DPG Battleships - Bismarck - 248 Battles / 55.65% WR / 73.6k DPG Cruisers - Mikhail Kutuzov - 110 battles / 51.82% WR / 74.8k DPG Aircraft Carriers - Zuiho - 31 battles / 35.48% WR / 48.3k DPG Clearly I'm a bad CV player. Would like to get better though but it isnt easy. b
  8. Lol, you beat me to it. Out of up votes, so heres a +1 B
  9. ^ +1. I rarely use the spotter because I hate the perspective change. Just launch, get short term range increase, and move on as normal. I'd like to see the following: 1. Single CV matches at all tiers. With the skill gap in CVs, nothing is worse than to get 2 good captains vs 2 bad captains. 2. Fighter strafe of surface ships. This could give AS CVs a chance to do some damage. How would it work, etc? I don't know, but it was a valid tactic during the war. 3. Actual CV training. A lot of games have initial training on how to play, etc. Having something where you can learn CV skills, and repeat as often as needed. You wouldn't earn anything, nor would it cost anything either. CoOp is good, but doesn't go far enough, partly because the battles are so short and there are less targets. Randoms, I think we can all agree, aren't the best way to learn CVs, so having some training would help. (Yes, I'm aware of the training room, but I think it may be challenging for average players to use.) I have more, but can't think of them right now. B
  10. Oooh! Cool stuff, thanks!! I love old engines, and equipment, etc. I could see my wife wanting to strangle me for taking her to see it . B
  11. Nice job mate. . CV play is a hard life.... far worse than DD play for volumes of salt dumped on you. If I take out my Bogue, I do it it with the 2/1/0 load out. I rarely do much damage (thank you RNGesus), but I do (usually) keep the skies clear. Since killing planes doesn't result in many rewards, its a thankless job... but I really only do it for the flags to use on my gunships. B
  12. +1 on both your comments @Elegant_Winter. B
  13. ? Why? JC is an uber useful flag, especially for us DD players that get detonated frequently without it (even running the Magazine Mod). B
  14. Today, so far, has felt like a continuation of the weekend. I'm not doing anything differently than before the weekend started (which was a lot better than the last few days). *shrug* I may either keep playing or find something else to do for a few days to take a break. B
  15. My most vivid memory is seeing a commercial for a new game called "World of Warships" on the TV (Maybe during the Super Bowl?). Being a huge Naval buff, I was extremely interested and excited, however at the time, I didn't think my PC could run the game, so I did nothing. A few months later, I decided to try the game, which ended up working perfectly on my PC. I've been a WoWs addict ever since. Thanks WG! Happy Birthday and keep up the good work! b