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  1. bassmasta76


    I could be mistaken, but I thought Nibbles and the gorilla/banana game came in DOS 5.. B
  2. bassmasta76

    Article on the Great White Fleet

    Interesting read.. long, but still worth the time. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/c/cruise-great-white-fleet-mckinley.html B
  3. bassmasta76

    Oddaloi - Just the best ship

    Nice game mate. I like Udaloi a lot as well... Grozovoi is a good tin can, but I prefer Udaloi on that tree. B
  4. bassmasta76

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    That it is best played in small spurts, lest you get burned out. B
  5. Congrats OP, nice work. It is a slog for sure. I'm only 3/5 on directive 4... And every time I look at the title, I have to facepalm a bit... "Here Comes The Fun". Lol, where? Anyway, well done. B
  6. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    I had @HazardDrake helming Kitakaze on my team earlier. MM must have started partying early and saddled us with a 9v9 match. It was a good one that swung back and forth before we ended up prevailing. Nice job mate! B
  7. bassmasta76

    Need more steel ships

    My opinion: the issue is immediate gratification. With enough time and hard work, you can get any ship, but some take longer to achieve. I think those who clamor the loudest about the inaccessibility of xyz ship are just impatient and "want it now". B
  8. bassmasta76

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    To each their own. I like Gorizia. She's a challenge, but with smart, patient play you can be well rewarded. Knowing the proper ammo choice is key, otherwise well placed shots will do little or no damage to your target. Torps would be nice, but are not required. As for her range, longer is always better, but it is acceptable as-is. B
  9. bassmasta76

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    They did. CA-35. B
  10. bassmasta76

    Behold, my new gaming rig!

    Sweet present Lert! I've got very fond memories of my first real home build PC... 386SX-33 with 2Mb RAM. It was blazing fast compared to my old C64/128. I'm 99% sure that I still have that old MB in a tub somewhere... B
  11. bassmasta76

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    After a few matches, yes, I would agree. In small bursts, I enjoy the challenge, but after 6 or 8 matches, it can wear a little. B
  12. bassmasta76

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    So far... Marblehead Lima Hill Yudachi Yahagi Nieve de Julio Ark Royal Hood Lenin Missing 20 of the 86 available... The only one I really want is Fujin, though I don't know if I'll keep trying... I've got a Kami, so the clone is just a nice to have. B
  13. bassmasta76

    Nothing like Vinyl.

    Advents are the best. I've got a pair of the original Large Advents as well pair of the smaller Advents. They are heavy as heck with the wood cabinets, but their sound is unmatched. B
  14. bassmasta76

    Which Line Should I Grind Next?

    German DDs are a blast to play. Ernst Gaede being my favorite (with the 150s), but they are all fun... Challenging, but fun. Good luck with whichever you choose! B