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  1. Gaede slot 4 upgrade?

    Ditto. Got over 400 games in Gaede... 150s all the way. B
  2. I'm glad it's not just me. It's really annoying, but I chalked it up to my mouse being weird or something. B
  3. Had to go AFK

    Wowza! I hope she heals up quickly! On a semi-related note, you should get her to playing WoWs... maybe give her a go at the QE and she how she does B
  4. WoWs on a Flash drive?

    Good to know. That's what I'm trying to do... I have to travel for work and want to be able to play while I'm gone... at least a little bit ;) thanks, B
  5. WoWs on a Flash drive?

    Thanks all for the input, I appreciate it greatly B
  6. WoWs on a Flash drive?

    Has anyone ever installed (and run) WoWs on a flash drive? I don't know about the new WGC launcher, but this may have been possible with the old launcher? If you haven't run it from the drive - I would think it would have to be at least USB3.0 - how about getting the data onto it for transport purposes. thanks, B
  7. Quick Khab guide/advice?

    Use both rudder mods, WASD like a drunken fool. Stay at range, burn everything in sight. AP is decent as well... use it. Don't run smoke. Heal only. Choose your engagement and run if needed. Don't show broadside... AP will wreck you. Have fun B
  8. So the T-61

    Thank you B
  9. So the T-61

    Lol, thats what my team said... called me "hero of the match"... I'm nowhere near a Unicum player. It was a good game, but without their support, it would've been a loss. I look at it more like doing my job effectively. As for missions, I don't actually recall. There was something new - the "German Strike" - but I am unsure if it is unique to T-61. B
  10. Isokaze is my favorite T4 DD. Before the torp nerf, she was a beast. She is still a very capable DD though. I have limited number of games in Clemson... mostly from when I first started out, but it is still a fun boat. B
  11. So the T-61

    I don't disagree with any of you... I'm sure they'll make a killing on it. I hope they do... $$ is good for the game. Anyway, it is very very good... I would've had 6k's but for the clock running out.
  12. So the T-61

    I thought about that myself. Which is why I ended up buying in early... just in case... Another thought I had was that since we didn't "pay" for this, they could nerf it before release... since it wasn't directly a "cash" purchase. I hope not, it's a fun ship. B
  13. So the T-61

    Played 3 battles so far.. .gone 2 out of 3. The torps are it's major strength... that and it's concealment. While they don't hit as hard as some, the reload is key. The guns are meh. You aren't going to light a lot of fires, or do a ton of gun damage, at least on larger targets (BBs), but CA/CL and DDs they will do ok. The fast reload is a huge benefit. It is slow though. You really have to plan accordingly on your escape routes (if you are a good DD player, you already know this). I found myself struggling to catch up and overtake some larger targets when speed boost was on cooldown, but I never expected a speed demon either. It was well worth the price of admission. B
  14. So the T-61

    Yes it is. My first match was a loss, but 93k and 3 kills. It may quickly supplant Ernst Gaede as one of my favorite DDs... B
  15. Any word on the new japanese dds???

    I had a match this morning with one ST on each team driving the new Harugumo. One died early, the other survived into late game. Interesting ships... B