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  1. bassmasta76

    Toxic Ranked

    I don't think its that toxic... at least no more than any other season. The points that @Destroyer_KuroshioKai makes are good ones.. especially #1. I broke into R5 today (and since fell back a notch). That lost star was 5 DDs and 1 BB a side. The other team was also just flat-out better (and 2 x Kitakaze, 2 x Mogador, 1 x Black didn't help), but I'm not blaming my team... my own performance was sub-par. In DD heavy matches without cruisers to counter them, you have to be on your A game, and hope for good RNG and luck on your side. Though I wouldn't recommend it in ranked, disabling chat is an option now, so you can do that. Good luck! B
  2. bassmasta76

    Look what arrived, just in time for the weekend!

    Thanks sir, I appreciate the response. It's not likely my library will have a copy, but its worth a shot before I try and buy one. I'm not opposed to buying a used copy either - as long as is in good condition... the hunt begins ;) B
  3. bassmasta76

    Look what arrived, just in time for the weekend!

    I've seen his books on Amazon but hadn't gotten one yet. How well does he do on pre-1950's DDs? Is there a lot of good content covering each class? I've nothing against the more recent tin-cans, but prefer the designs of the first half of the 20th century. BTW - eBooks are a nice convenience, but if given the choice, I'd prefer a good physical book any day. thanks, B
  4. bassmasta76

    Old drawings of Tall ships.

    Very cool, thanks for posting this! B
  5. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a ranked match with @Rolkatsuki (in Jean Bart) this morning... I was in Seattle. We did not prevail, but it was close for a little while. 'tis the way of Ranked. B
  6. bassmasta76

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    @Kami - just curious, but does the system check for existence of one of the four Premium ships and adjust accordingly? For example, I have 3 of the 4 listed (all but Le Terrible), so if I receive a mission, would it be the one I don't have or just totally random? Thanks! B
  7. bassmasta76

    Is Gearing outdated?

    My 2 cents... its a nicely balanced DD. B
  8. bassmasta76

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Amen brother. Nothing about this is mandatory, so why get bent out of shape about it? Do it or don't do it.. nobody is forcing you. B
  9. bassmasta76

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    In no particular order... - Khabarovsk - Ernst Gaede - Kamikaze - Fletcher - Imperator Nikolai I B
  10. bassmasta76

    Is it me or ?

    Hard to say. Personally, Ive seen a lot of pink players lately, but whether that is from intentional TKs or accidents is unknown. B
  11. bassmasta76


    Are you trying to install the PT client? You can do so from the game center launcher. I forget the exact wording, but next to 'game instance', click game settings, there should be a link to 'install additional game client'. Click that, and in the new window, on the top left there is a dropdown to select Pubic Test or PT. If its its something else, might I suggest a support ticket? Hope it works out for ya. B
  12. bassmasta76

    WG Birthday Code

  13. bassmasta76

    Economics of Savage Battle

    It does get better with higher * ships, but credit flags are your best bet. Example: Messer with no flags and Premium only (~104k CR avg in 7 matches) Messer with +20% Zulu, +50% Wyvern and +30% Basilisk (214k CR in one match before moving up to Sea Devil). In 3 Sea Devil matches (same flags), winning 1 out of 3, the avg CR is around 280k CR. Bottom line, ship progression increases CR income, but if you want to finish faster, and have normal and special signals, use them. B
  14. bassmasta76

    Which Tech Tree ships are your keepers?

    I stopped selling ships (or upgrades/modules/etc.) awhile ago but have not repurchased those that I sold. I keep everything now for the sole purpose of eventually obtaining the top level collector patch... 250 ships. Maybe I'll go back and buy some again, but there's no rush. B