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  1. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    I completely agree on both points. B
  2. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    Lert - out of curiosity, are you considering the number of T10/T9 ships in your matches? For example, I said that I track details for every battle I play in Ernst Gaede, including Tier. What I don't track is how many ships there are. I've had matches where I'm bottom Tier, but there is only one T8 ship on each side with the rest being T6/T7. I log the match as T8 anyway, since that was the top tier in the game, but It was really more of a T6/T7 match with a T8 ship along for the ride. It probably doesn't matter, but I was curious. B
  3. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    I personally track every Random match I play. Including Win/loss, Dmg, Credits, XP, Kills, placement and any achievements. I've been doing it since January 23rd, 2017. That said, I only track specific tiering data for one ship - Ernst Gaede - and only for the most recent 256 matches though. I don't have time of day or server pop info, and I really only record the top tier in the match. This can be somewhat misleading, since I've had matches where there was only a single T8 ship on each team, with the rest T6/T7. I know this is a "T8" thread, but my data is below. Top tier: 75/256 (29.3%) # Wins: 49 (65.33% WR) Mid tier: 108/256 (42.2%) # Wins: 59 (54.63% WR) Bottom tier: 73/256 (28.5%) # Wins: 45 (61.64% WR) What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing, but I collect it anyway because I like the ship. B
  4. Who have you seen in game

    They were indeed. I didn't say it in my original post, but I did send Mr. Bear to the bottom... He was spotted by our Z-52 (iirc) and came out from an island about 9k away... I wasn't spotted, so loaded up the AP and let loose. Was hoping for a few Cits but alas, the DM armor is pretty good (and my aim wasn't). I did take note of your clanmates on both sides.. that was amusing. I like our "small" community on the forums, but wish that more people would at least get somewhat involved. *shrug*. Anyway, that brawl I had with the Alsace was a dang good time. He was sitting in B cap, inching forward and blasting away at me. I couldn't get a fire on him to save my life until he moved up. I went for broke and drove towards him. I had no intention of ramming, but figured I could charge and out drive his turret traverse. I was wrong. Probably any other T9 BB and I could've succeeded, but those French BBs almost turn on a dime and he ended up getting me. All good fun for sure. B
  5. Who have you seen in game

    I had a match against @RedSeaBear in DM and @Crucis in Yamato last night. Was a good match. Also had Crucis on my team the next game... we ended up going 1 and 2 in a loss. I brawled an Alsace with my Buffalo... sooo close, but alas not to be. gents. B
  6. Seems like an interesting concept. Doesn't seem like a bad thing. I've got a ton of ships in port - not 200 - but over 100 I think. B
  7. Indianapolis needs some help

    I really want to like the Indianapolis, because of her history and because I'm a Hoosier. That being said, it isn't impossible to have a good game in her. I'm not the greatest cruiser player, but every now and then I can pull off a good game in a not-so-great ship... B
  8. When SCs become too predictable

    I read this thread thinking that I didn't remember the last time I had an SC. As luck would have it, I played a match after reading it and got my 3rd container for the day... an SC of all things... it had 100 India X-Ray inside. Always useful. B
  9. Who have you seen in game

    Thank you. Honestly, I have no idea how I survived... the east side was a cluster and I took a beating early from their Pensy. Whew. B
  10. Who have you seen in game

    I just got out of a match with @Spooooooooooooooooooooon. Sir, I'm gonna report you... cuz you drive that Fūjin like you stole it. Very nice job mate! B
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought June 3rd, 2018

    I'm looking forward to the new Elder Scrolls game that Bethesda is supposedly going to announce. I love those games... been playing them since TES: Arena in the mid 90's. B
  12. No. If I see someone I "know", I'll usually say hello. I won't go out of my way to try and sink you, but if you are a viable target, then its game on. I expect no less from a fellow forumite. B
  13. Who have you seen in game

    From the weekend - On Saturday I had a match with @Spooooooooooooooooooooon in Gearing while I was in Khab. We had no support and ended up getting rolled. The next match I had @Show_Me_Your_Cits in Conqueror on the red team. I also saw him again on Sunday but in Krohnstadt. Lastly I saw @MorbidGamer in his Atago (red team) while driving Ernst Gaede. We got rolled pretty hard on that one. all! B
  14. Weekend spree

    Bismarck good. FdG meh (IMHO). Weekend "spree" wasn't too bad. 70% WR on both Saturday and Sunday... though Saturday was a better day. I track all my battles in a spreadsheet... Saturday I averaged 105.5k DMG/battle, whereas Sunday was only 55.84k DMG/Battle. Either way, wins are wins, so all good there I guess. B
  15. Dev Blog-ST Grozovoi changes Round2

    I think this is a better change than to give her radar. I'll play mine more for sure if this goes through. B