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  1. Texas is a National Historical Landmark... wouldn't scrapping it be an issue due to its status? Btw, thanks for posting this @dseehafer, quality work as always. B
  2. There was something about it in the recent patch notes... I think it has to do with clan battles but I'm not sure... Found it: (ok, copy/paste white text on mobile doesnt work well... will fix shortly) Fixed. In Post-Battle statistics, a Clan tag color depends on the League a Clan reaches in the Clan Battles. If your Clan doesn’t belong to any League, its tag will be white. B
  3. You don't have to do those missions, unless you want to complete it with honors. If not, just repeat tasks to complete the campaign. B
  4. I feel for ya mate, its rough. This month hasn't been good for wins. Teams melt away and you're left wondering where everyone went. Hang in there, I'm pullin for ya (and everyone else). B
  5. Congratz sir, well done! How do you like it? I've got one but have only logged 1 game. It seems like a good ship though. B
  6. Dumb question. Will you post on the forums? I don't Facebook or Twitter. Also, I put my username in for "Full Name". If real full name is required, then please withdraw my entry. B
  7. Im in, thanks Niko! B
  8. 100% agree. Maybe because <insert nation/ political party/group of people/etc here> like to rewrite history to make them look more favorable. If the "mistakes" are changed, and people believe the alternate history instead of the truth, then hisory can, and will, be repeated. This is not referring to any specific country/party/ideology... it has been done for ages, and likely will never change. To the winner go the spoils.... Win the war, write the history. I don't agree with that stance. I want to know the unvarnished truth, no matter how ugly it may be... Unfortunately that usually doesn't fit with the majority opinion. B
  9. Personally, I enjoyed Kuma the most. After playing a ton of games in the Isokaze, I felt the Kuma was almost an oversized version with better range and ROF. They are all fun in their own ways, but Kuma is the one I kept, though I dont play it much anymore. B
  10. I bought one...played it twice. Its ok. One more ship I probably won't play. B
  11. <edit - I missed the "or more" part. Feel free to delete if you so choose. Ill go eat my crow now> Hrm.. would love to participate, but don't have a DM... though I've fought enough of them... Anyway, its an interesting challenge, but isn't this topic a wee bit subjective? There are many ways to play a given ship, but not all work in every situation. A truly new player with <200 games has no concept of T10 play, and 500 words seems hardly sufficient to cover the topic. Best of luck to those who enter. B
  12. Wow. I think you may be confused with someone else because it isnt Doomlock. Look up his past posts and tell us where he's crapping on everyone. Sorry mate, he's about as stand-up as they come. b
  13. The WG sponsored Total War game has this... you can still look at their equivalent of the port screen while waiting for a match. I know its a low priority for WG, but would be nice. B
  14. FTFY Belgium is a beautiful country that I've had the fortune to visit a few times on business. The people are friendly and the food is pretty good too. There is nothing wrong with mayo on Belgian Fries. b
  15. You had a 3 kill win and were tops on your team.. my game crashed right before load-in, and I said hi, but the match had started and you may have missed it. All good though. Lol, I stalked you for a short time but found better targets... had planned on saying hello with a few torps, but it didn't work out B