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  1. bassmasta76

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Very much this. Lots of stupid play (ok, more than normal) to get achievements for a T5 Cruiser. It does hurt team play when people intentionally do stupid stuff to get something. B
  2. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    . I said hi, but it was early, and you may not have loaded in yet. Anyway, it was good to see you out there. B
  3. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    While in the Duke of York this morning, I had a match against @Herr_Reitz (in Furious). My team got curbstomped, it wasn't pretty. He did pretty well though. B
  4. bassmasta76

    Exeter Marathon is ridiculous.

    Just an FYI - the achievements need not be heroic... normal achievements (first blood, dev strike, etc.) apply. To quote the great @RedSeaBear - "The Exeter Missions are asking for a lot of effort for just a Tier 5 Cruiser." B
  5. bassmasta76

    Ship of the Week: T7 Cruisers - 18th to 25th

    My submission... worth some camo at least :). B
  6. bassmasta76

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    Lol, I wasn't suggesting that at all... just having a bit of fun. B
  7. bassmasta76

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    Shhhh. As for the original topic, I love Ernst Gaede. Its a great ship that most people play and then move on as quickly as possible, I know I did. The second time around, we clicked and it has been a ton of fun. Those 150s, despite their slow reload, are very potent. B
  8. I just use ocean... helps make the UI less laggy.. B
  9. bassmasta76

    Amazon Payments

    This is definitely good news. thanks for the update Fem! B
  10. bassmasta76

    WG, why do these exist again???

    I had one on my team recently... for some reason I thought it was randoms but may have been co-op. I strongly disagree that they should be in randoms though... might as well have an afk on your team... B
  11. bassmasta76

    Yukikaze Preview - WiP Currently lacking bigly

    Seems like it does need something... make it the first IJN DD to have a heal.. B
  12. Just play them then. I track every random match and CVs have been present in about 50% of my games this month. Its a small sample size (only 80 or so), but it can't be unique to just me. Good luck to you if you do end up playing. B
  13. bassmasta76

    USS Montpelier - Tier VIII Cleveland premium?

    I saw one yesterday in a match. I don't recall how it did though. B
  14. bassmasta76

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I've had an issue where the sound just cuts out in the middle of a match. If I check other apps, they are working fine, but no sound from the game. If I close/restart the client, it comes back. This is not just on my primary PC, but I've also had it happen on a completely different system on different networks. <edit> it cut out in the middle of a match, and I was sunk so I came to make this report. When I came back to the game, the sound was back on the victory screen. thanks, B
  15. bassmasta76

    Never give up

    Nice work sir . B