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  1. bassmasta76

    The Gearing

    Amen Brother. B
  2. bassmasta76

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    WoWs Numbers (not the most accurate source), indicates Admiral Makarov has 15.6k matches... least among it's counterparts at T6. Huanghe is double that at 32k matches. Pretty rare indeed. B
  3. Kamikaze when it was last sold in Jan of 2017. Why? Well.. Kamikaze. 'Nuff said B
  4. bassmasta76

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    @Radar_X Thank you sir, I truly appreciate your reply. B
  5. bassmasta76

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Don't take this the wrong way as I'm neither for, nor against your comment, but this doesn't help as it relates to the topic at hand. It saddens me that WG is keeping quiet on this issue. A simple yes or no from someone at WG would be nice. B
  6. bassmasta76

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    This. It would be nice to hear something... anything... B
  7. bassmasta76

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    No kidding. Too bad about Amazon payment option... won't be spending anything until its fixed. Not out of spite towards WG, its just my preferred method. B
  8. bassmasta76

    Any Tabletop Gamers Here?

    I met Gary once at my local hobby shop. I was there for ship models, etc., and one of the staff introduced me to this guy he was chatting with at the counter. I wasn't into D&D at the time, so the moment was lost on me... I look back and kick myself for not staying longer, but I was working on a 1/125 Fletcher kit, so needed to get home to work on it. Anyway, he was a nice guy... very down to earth average joe. B
  9. bassmasta76

    Mini Sprint Season Two rant

    I just saved a star while being first blood... I got a cap... rest of team did nothing. What does anyone really expect out of it? Don't like it, don't play. B
  10. bassmasta76

    CV Testing

    @Radar_X, I finally got the huge download completed and just tried to login, only to find out the test was concluded. The invite came in 3 days ago, so I guess I missed out on this round. Anyway, if we were selected previously, will we have a second chance to try them out? thanks, B
  11. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    I had @BrushWolf and @AVR_Project on my team in Ranked Sprint last night. B
  12. Alabama Texas Cassin Young (a Fletcher-class) B
  13. bassmasta76

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Thank you sir! Despite the ups and downs, and my feelings about Ranked in general, this one (of the 6 I've participated in), was the least stressful. I saw some salt, but actually a lot of good team play - primarily from R6 to R3. Oddly enough, despite the season just ending, I'm looking forward to the new "Ranked lite" at T5. B
  14. bassmasta76

    Goodbye for a Bit

    . Take a break, come back refreshed. B