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  1. Alabama Texas Cassin Young (a Fletcher-class) B
  2. bassmasta76

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Thank you sir! Despite the ups and downs, and my feelings about Ranked in general, this one (of the 6 I've participated in), was the least stressful. I saw some salt, but actually a lot of good team play - primarily from R6 to R3. Oddly enough, despite the season just ending, I'm looking forward to the new "Ranked lite" at T5. B
  3. bassmasta76

    Goodbye for a Bit

    . Take a break, come back refreshed. B
  4. bassmasta76

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    Congrats sir! I was on your team quite a few games this season... and a few on the opposing side. I gave up after losing 4 straight last night and falling back to 3.0. I didn't want to fall back to 4.x, so I decided to play some CVs in Randoms (yeah, different kind of head banging). I'm glad you made it, I really am. I know you were getting pretty down there at the end when I saw you. B This is so very true, and it's sad. I totally understand that not everyone can/should rank out, but there are better ways to do this. On a related note, I recall in the past that WG used to send out surveys for Ranked. This season excluded since it just ended - was there any for the prior two? If there were, maybe I missed them - or perhaps WG stopped sending them? B
  5. bassmasta76

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    It was the worst grind, and what's funny is that now I've got a 15 point special captain sitting in inventory with no real motivation to actually use him. B
  6. bassmasta76

    Something to Brag About

    Congratz sir! I played in a match with you last night... I think you were in a Montana - I'm not sure - but we won. Personally, I've never ranked out, and probably never will. To be honest, it lost its luster a long time ago, and with Jolly Roger going away, I no longer have a goal (I always wanted that darn flag since I started). That said, I still try every season, and play primarily for the different format from randoms and for whatever rewards may come. I salute all those who do make it though. Bravo! B
  7. bassmasta76

    All personal record for killed ships past 5

    8 in König.. for a loss of course. B
  8. bassmasta76

    Who have you seen in game

    I had a Ranked match within the last hour with @SyndicatedINC in Des Moines on my team. I got caught and died early, but he pretty much carried the team with 4 kills. Most impressive! B
  9. bassmasta76

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Ok, fair enough... I wasn't really considering AFKs, though I didn't specifically say it. I probably should have clarified that in my original post. B
  10. bassmasta76

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Most of them were low tier matches (T4-T6). Anyway, I believe that I still have the replay of the Khab match... if I had the client from that timeframe I could get it converted to something watchable. I also noted that @CatOnBoard was in the match with me - though I didn't note if they were on my team or not. It was one of those that you just stare in disbelief at the results and wonder wth just happened B
  11. bassmasta76

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    I've got 6 of them in just under 6500 Random matches. The most recent (August 9th, 2017) was in Khab... the clock was running out and my last teammate died not long before the match ended... it was very much an unexpected Solo Warrior. I also recorded that I received a Dreadnought in that match, so I guarantee I took a beating... Any Solo Warrior - no matter how you get it - is a great achievement... Nice Job OP! B
  12. Are you sure that wasn't A_Laughing_Stripper? j/k... I couldn't resist. B
  13. bassmasta76

    Anniversary Supercontainers

    I had a decent haul... no complaints. Thanks WG team! Zao - 25 x Ouroboros Hindenburg - 100 x India Delta Des Moines - 100 x Zulu Henri IV - 100 x Sierra Mike Moskva - 50 x Gamescom camo Khabarovsk - 100 x Zulu Grozovoi - 50 x st patricks day camo Gearing - 100 x India Yankee Shimakaze - 1500 Steel Z-52 - 50 x WoWs Anniversary Camo Großer Kurfürst - 50 x Gamescom camo Montana - 50 x WoWs Anniversary Camo B
  14. bassmasta76

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    That doesn't sound promising...
  15. Hello, For some reason I cannot post this in @Pigeon_of_Wars thread from my PC (or I'm just having one of those days)... Just a quick "quality of life" suggestion for Personal Assignments, or any mission for that matter. Would it be possible to have the default ordering be with Most Completed first? Honestly, the ordering of the Personal Assignments seems to change from day to day... I'm not sure why, but sometimes they are sorted differently. Anyway, that's it. thanks, B