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  1. Sure there is... make AA LoS like secondaries. Just one of many things in the game, but it makes no sense that AA on the opposite side of the ship can fire at planes on the other side. B
  2. Poll about Badges

    Of all the changes WG has been making, this topic has certainly been one of the more polarizing. I can't believe this change required much in the way of resources on WGs part, but just the same, more maps would've been better I think. B
  3. Poll about Badges

    I voted to allow an option to enable/disable. Not because it bothers me... I dont care that much either way... but this seems like the best option to suit everyone. B
  4. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Nothing wrong with that, I'll get used to it... all things change. Daft Punk is gūd B
  5. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Aww, why did you get rid of your Walter White Avatar, @pmgaudio? I like that one. B
  6. Not Sure If Happy Or Sad

    Http://na.warships.today/help/warships_today_rating This has the calculation method for WTR, and as it notes, takes the ship average stats into account. B
  7. Sierra Mike Flags

    With WG, never say never. The economic flags that they sell in the premium shop never used to be available for sale... so who knows, maybe sometime in the future they'll reverse course and starting selling them. anyway, gl;hf. b
  8. Expect More Patch Rage

    OP, I clicked on the topic expecting something a little different, but before I continue, congratz on the achievement... may all your enemies cower to the mighty flying squirrel . Now, your topic got me thinking. .. actually I've been thinking it for awhile, but the game is changing significantly, and will continue to do so. Sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad (or those that the veterans out there do not enjoy). Change is inevitable, I don't think anyone would disagree (well, maybe a few..). I guess my point is that in my 18 or so months playing, I've seen a lot of change... and not nearly as much as those here since, alpha, beta and after. Hopefully WG doesn't take things down a path that drives our venerable players away. B
  9. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    Rofl... I could only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that something like this would cause. Good one. B
  10. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    I'm not sure why people are so worked up over the badges... its not like they weren't tested publicly for the last few weeks. Don't like an upcoming feature, voice your concerns in the PT feedback. Does it matter? Not very often, but at least you put it out there. Anyway, most of them I've seen are the default, and its there and gone fairly quickly. WG is trying to appeal to a different crowd with these items... like it or not, they are here. Now, either deal with them, ignore them, love them, or remove them with a mod. I would wager that in future updates, they will make an option to hide them. After all, they did it for the Anime stuff. If I'm wrong, well, then I am. B
  11. T-61: RIP

    I asked this on the WoWS Discord channel recently and was informed that it is still being balanced. With WG, who know's what that could mean. b
  12. Sierra Mike Flags

    I believe they don't because it could be considered a "pay for an advantage", or at least that's what others have implied when this topic has arisen in the past. Though, with as much complaining about detonations as there is, WG could make a killing if they sold JC flags b
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    Personally, I'm not remotely interested in these badges. If others want them, and want to use them, great. Enjoy! I will admit that some of them look pretty cool though, but otherwise if they stay or go (not at all likely), it doesn't matter to me. b
  14. stuck at game loading screne?

    I've also tried starting in safe mode and get the same thing. Bummer... was excited about the new patch. B
  15. stuck at game loading screne?

    Ive got the same issue. Tried a reboot with no fix. Ill let it sit for awhile and see if it comes up. B