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  1. RIchelieu camo - Vive la France!

    How exactly is the gold camo done? Does it have its own texture that wraps around the gold? If so then RIP me.
  2. RIchelieu camo - Vive la France!

    Where you get that from? Also the exposed grey area means that one could mod the skin under the gold right?
  3. Azur Lane captains

    This is why I pay attention to any dub that doesn’t do overly squeaky voices.
  4. 0.7.4 Public Test Feedback

    This is the part where we tell WG to revert the "improvement" and tell them we are fine with the disparity with rendering on minimap vs 3d since the rendering will never get faster for Russian PCs.
  5. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    Conflict of interest is a thing. Never forgetti
  6. This is interestingly scandalous information here, what’s the story?
  7. Need help with French BB Admiral skills

    Hi, since we are on the topic of secondaries on French BBs, I am building a captain for Alsace or Republique ([F]), he has 16 points right now, for PT-AR-EM-SI-CE-AFT, the idea being some secondary range though I didn't take SBM2 since I went ASM1. I don't do MSEC for MN BBs since their secondaries IMO are about fires at high tiers. Well, here's the thing: how much secondary range do I really need from the base 7.5 or 8? Besides the obvious SBM2 + AFT, I could do AFT+ASM1 for AA range bump, and a range of 9.5 or 10.08 km for secondaries, and while ASM1 serves as a substitute flag for secondary range, I'm not sure how much ASM1 helps with the over/undershooting which IMO is the real problem with the dispersion and shell speeds, and that's no survivability skills if I take SI and only ~9 km secondary range without flags. OR, I could switch AFT for FP since that would help with the HE spammers or even forget a second 4-pointer for BoS and high alert, and make up the range with SBM2, but that costs me AA range which could come in handy for when CVs appear. I'm in no rush, I can wait until next clan wars to test out builds.
  8. IMO while the issue of Kii using Akizukis for secondaries is a boondoggle I won't be bothered with, I do believe French BBs could do with 1/4 pen for 100mm secondaries, if only to do work against high tier DDs without IFHE (this mostly goes for Alsace because who wants one more reason to play her over Republique?).
  9. La République est ridicule

    We don't know HOW WG achieved the changes mentioned in the patch. Maybe they changed something that mattered.
  10. Why is no one asking serious questions about this?
  11. Actually that's the most concerning part for me, because how?
  12. When are they going to fix the Republique ?

    The shells dive under the belt because it's so shallow. Heck [edited] it might even bounce back off the inner hull into the citadel.
  13. République first impressions

    Did Mouse calling this ship meh destroy your faith in her (because actually this ship is GARBAGE)? What tier would Republique be more ideally, 8? edit: this ship must be so terrible if people who don’t post here a lot feel the need to make a post about how terroble Republique is.
  14. Bumping for mount armor on high tier French BBs, especially the 152mm.