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  1. admiral_noone

    Dev blog announced CE change

    I always thought that the threat of powerful torps like the ones the Japanese had were what kept the battleships at bay, whether from submarines or DDs. Didn't the Yugumo pack 8 Type 93 torpedoes? Am I missing something here? Have I been overestimating the effectiveness of ship torpedoes in WWII, and why would I?
  2. admiral_noone

    500 Secondary Hits

    If you want to farm BB secondary hits, which KM ship is better, Bismarck or GK (in the sense of which one is less stressful to play while you're looking to farm secondary hits)?
  3. admiral_noone

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    Hence AI gunners should still be drunken, just slightly more sober (read:accuracy) so DDs don't get TOTALLY comfortable rushing BBs 1v1.
  4. admiral_noone

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    Meanwhile here I am thinking this might just be the cue to make ship secondaries more effective to compensate for the loss of BB AP to counter DDs with.
  5. admiral_noone

    USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    US BB secondary buff? Please, with the uproar over BBAP only overpenning DDs via hardcode, maybe it's time for BB secondaries as a whole to get another look, especially at low tiers.
  6. admiral_noone

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Hey this might be the time to get BB secondaries buffed, especially at low tiers (secondary survivability, health, range, pen ability, etc).
  7. admiral_noone

    French BB Bourgogne?

    Bourgogne got Republique's secondary and AA set instead of Alsace's. IMO if the modellers have time they could give her the Jean Bart treatment of having a boxier superstructure than her sister.
  8. admiral_noone

    Manual Fire Control for Secondaries?

    For ships like Alsace (100mm won’t pen DDs at high tiers without help), for someone who wants to dip in secondaries but still values concealment, should they do AFT-CE-IFHE so any hit can damage while retaining stealth BUT losing accuracy, go AFT-IFHE-MSEC for full secondary build but poor stealth, or do CE-AFT-MSEC for accurate secondaries and concealment meta but 100mm won’t do [edited] outside of fires? Ofc these aren’t optimal, that’s why I give these choices for setup specifically.
  9. admiral_noone

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Listen to this guy he knows what’s up. Better pray it not be Alaska
  10. admiral_noone

    OK. . . so I was wrong on Republique. . .

    That's my only real issue with the Republique's secondaries: they get destroyed so fast, even with the Auxiliary mod. Maybe they should get a HP buff like GK's main turrets got one (40000 vs 20000 HP in that case)? Perhaps module health would get another look come the CV rework.
  11. admiral_noone

    Should the USN/PA 5"/38mm be buffed?

    IMO what the US 5/38 should get is: More armor according to what ship they were mounted on (NC and Iowa have the proper armor on their secondaries but the premium US BBs like Alabama, Massachusetts and Missouri seem to have only 25mm or less since I managed to destroy some of Alabama's and Mass' secondaries with a Zao). Basically, buff the plating on the secondaries on the premium US BBs to reflect the historical armor value on their secondaries. Sadly the Mks and mods used on the US cruisers only have like 19mm of armor so that won't help them. Buffed reload times. Montana has 4 sec reload on her 5/54s which works well enough with the good fire chance albeit hamstrung by 6km range. Of course, the range to leverage secondaries is Massachusetts' thing among US BBs so I figured just give viable reload to the other US BBs to give their secondaries teeth against any DD that dares get a little closer?
  12. admiral_noone

    Balance Turret HP

    I'm just upset because the secondaries on French BBs get destroyed too easily even with the auxiliary mod. Perhaps CV rework means AA health rework too.
  13. admiral_noone

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    I really meant more what kind of visual changes there would be if Alaska were based on DM instead of Baltimore (the bridge is the obvious one).
  14. admiral_noone

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Hmmm if Alaska was a super-Baltimore, what would an Alaska but building off of the Des Moines look like, besides the autoloaders and different AA (I was thinking Alaska but with a DM-style bridge but what else)?
  15. admiral_noone


    You mean CCs