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  1. admiral_noone

    Lepanto: Or My First Thoughts On Italian BBs

    Hmmm considering how often i get within 10km in Lepanto I should try CQC+AR...
  2. I just started the topic, and I cast my own vote first. give it time since it’s night in NA.
  3. High tier here meaning t8-t10 I made some polls long ago about the which destroyers, cruisers, and battleships looked the best, but new ships have been added since then and my polls are probably forgotten so I decided to make another one now, with a large group of polls covering most of the high tier ships in the game so far in this very thread. If more ships like Italian DDs are introduced after, then too bad cause I won’t come back for those. Cause once Italian BBs release and I get them, I’m leaving the game soon after (it was a fun four-or-five years and I don’t regret it) ships too visually identical to the original are excluded (twin vs triple turret is a distinct enough difference imo tho) ps damn the list is huge, f to phone users
  4. Thought it would be a good time to ask. Is there anything that keeps you in this game? The gameplay? The ships? The community? PS "Thought it would be a good time NOW to ask"
  5. admiral_noone

    Kronshtadt vs Alaska

    IIRC Alaska gets Spee dispersion but Kronshtadt only gets US BB curve.
  6. admiral_noone

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    Education doesn’t mean [edited] if it doesn’t encourage critical thinking.
  7. admiral_noone

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    If WG wants to buff survivability of unarmored secondary mounts they should reduce the splash coefficient so that the HE splash damage doesn’t kill them so quickly, increase their HP, or both.
  8. admiral_noone

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Do you feel pity for any player in a RN DD?
  9. admiral_noone

    Bourgogne vs Republique?

    Basically, to anyone who's played both, how are they different? Which one do you find more fun? Which guns feel more comfortable? Would you rather take the hit to stealth and maneuverability or HP?
  10. admiral_noone

    Buff 100mm French BB secondaries.

    The real buff that the 100mm secondaries (and a bunch of other secondaries that aren't armored) need is more survivability against HE spam, since a Wooster can take off the mounts easily even with the aux mod, everything else is secondary. That said I would like to see the sub-127mm secondaries get buffed to be able to at least pen DD plating at their tier (basically 1/5 pen for the 100mm and 1/4 pen for Roma 90mm). Also the premium US BBs (Missouri, Alabama, Massachussets) don't have the historical armor they had on their secondary mounts: Iowa class 5/38s had 64mm plating, fast BBs before them had 50mm plating. Iowa and NC in the game have 64mm and 50mm respectively.
  11. admiral_noone

    CV rework should be canceled

    The only thing about the rework I care about is if it retouches AA module health, because that extends to secondaries too (unarmored secondaries get knocked out too easily).
  12. admiral_noone

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Azuma needs 30mm plating as a t10 "cruiser". Even then she'd still get overmatched by Republique and upwards.
  13. admiral_noone

    Dev blog announced CE change

    I always thought that the threat of powerful torps like the ones the Japanese had were what kept the battleships at bay, whether from submarines or DDs. Didn't the Yugumo pack 8 Type 93 torpedoes? Am I missing something here? Have I been overestimating the effectiveness of ship torpedoes in WWII, and why would I?
  14. admiral_noone

    500 Secondary Hits

    If you want to farm BB secondary hits, which KM ship is better, Bismarck or GK (in the sense of which one is less stressful to play while you're looking to farm secondary hits)?
  15. admiral_noone

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    Hence AI gunners should still be drunken, just slightly more sober (read:accuracy) so DDs don't get TOTALLY comfortable rushing BBs 1v1.