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  1. How to Break a Losing Streak

    At this point you’re asking how to manipulate MM. one way is to get a div of competent players, not for the coordination but just to ensure at least three good players on your team (competence div?).
  2. Do you remember your base XP earnings when things were fine in your book vs now (with the same flags and camo)? Maybe there were some personal assignments, missions or challenges boosting the XP gain? Of course WG could have been tweaking things behind the scenes but we haven’t isolated that yet.
  3. French BB Bourgogne?

    Republique secondary turrets and range on Bourgogne. Best of both worlds, no need for IFHE, and more DPM than Republique at the cost of the overmatching ability. PS Please remodel Bourgogne to look more like Republique or Jean Bart, like how Jean Bart looks different from Richelieu.

    Eh if Jean Bart doesn't get viable secondaries then I can save my FXP for Alaska and get Republique instead.
  5. Bumping because after yet one more crash, I noticed something interesting in the crash reports: The hex the access violation points to I believe ends with the numbers 9278 (ie EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00EE9278).
  6. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    Real life BBs didn’t have secondaries for nothing, some players just want to see smaller guns do something. That said secondaries could get a small accuracy buff somehow (sigma boost?) to make unspecced secondaries still something not to take lightly and make secondary specs more worth it.
  7. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    My interest in Jean Bart is that I planned on getting Republique for secondary build (don't judge me), since Alsace secondaries need IFHE but there's only room for three 4-pointers. In Alsace that means ditching CE for IFHE (IFHE-AFT-MSEC). Republique secondaries would have the punch needed to pen high tier DDs, not to mention fast-loading main guns that can lolpen most CAs, so that means I can do MSEC-AFT-CE (CE because stealth is still king) for 13.5km stealth which is competitive enough. However, with Jean Bart her concealment with only concealment mod and camo is 13.9 km which I would consider workable enough, and so once the 100mm are equalized with the 127mm via IFHE, their advantages come to light: on a broadside, Jean Bart has 6 of those mounts vs Republique's 4, and each reloads 1 second faster. Granted the 155's aren't in an as advantageous position but it's the light battery that matters.
  8. So I was trying to torp a target in a DD, specifically Shiratsuyu, but when I switched guns after torping an enemy, the game suddenly crashed to this error: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00EE9278) (Read @ 0x00000016) If this is any use: Memory info: Virtual memory: 2838876Kb/4194176Kb (68%) Working set (process physical memory): 1609776Kb/4194176Kb (38%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 2305988Kb/4194176Kb (54%) Global physical memory: 7237404Kb/16664352Kb (43%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 13035928Kb/24528672Kb (54%) I had replays enabled. The only thing I found on this was an old post but they concluded it was a memory error. I'm not sure how it would apply in my case since I have 16GB ram and a GTX 960M (I play on laptop, a decently powerful one). PS I don't have a Shiratsuyu on NA server, that's on my SEA account but I'd post the bug report here for activity's sake. This error only started happening twice so far, while I was grinding up the IJN DDs with their torps. First time was literally yesterday.
  9. Jean Bart first Impressions

    I hope secondary range gets buffed too lol.
  10. I saw a Jean Bart!

    I'm not interested in Jean Bart until her secondaries get buffed to 7.5 or 8 km.
  11. At this time of day, at this time of YEAR, in THIS part of the COUNTRY, locali..... tbf it's nighttime in this image and this is USS Alaska we're talking about.
  12. German 105mm HE getting the 1/4 rule

    IMO German and French 100/105mm secondaries should get 1/5 pen, to get allow them to pen 19mm and therefore not be so reliant on IFHE, and Roma's 90mm 1/4 pen. Also for secondary accuracy, I think there should be a sigma bump to increase the number of hits for a given dispersion (right now secondaries have 1.0 sigma). Secondary mounts, especially the less-armored ones should get more HP too, so that HE spam doesn't kill them so quickly.
  13. IMO French secondaries on Alsace and Republique are too fragile, 127mm guns can destroy them. Perhaps they could get a plating buff to make them more survivable to at least CL HE, or bump up the HP on the secondaries so it takes longer for HE spam to destroy them.
  14. WG are you kidding me? NO ARMOR Moskva?

    Alright since this thread got necro’d I may as well answer the title: What’s really going on is that the Moskva’s citadel is raised. Also for a while the bow was only 25mm so 406 and greater can overmatch that. The raised citadel means what would be just normalpens are now citadel hits, which sucks when it’s BB AP.