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  1. Is the Grozovoi worth it?

    WG where is Smelyi?
  2. French BB psych up thread

    Dunkerque getting Richelieu’s camo? Hurrrrr. Anyway, can WG QoL buff Dunkerque (EITHER slightly faster reload, 1.8 sigma, shorter fuse, or 27mm plating) to keep up with the powercreep?
  3. French BB Effectiveness

    What was the weather deck for Alsace anyway? If it’s still sub-30mm then chances of deck armor buff are even slimmer.
  4. French BB psych up thread

  5. French BB Effectiveness

    IRL Richelieu apparently had a weather deck in the ~20mm ballpark so yeah, good luck convincing WG to buff the deck.
  6. Payment errors with prepaid card

    Likewise this link despite coming from a different region is interesting, "security concerns".
  7. Payment errors with prepaid card

    The fact that I was able to buy the first 5 crates using those American cards using Canadian money to gamble for Richelieu (got Lyon instead). But then subsequent attempts failed and I only managed to make another transaction days later.
  8. Payment errors with prepaid card

    I don't think that's quite what's happening here; my issue is that after I buy something on my account using prepaid cards, no matter the brand I am unable to make more purchases on the account using prepaids of any brand in Canada. First time this happened a few days ago, I had to wait two days or so before I was able to make another purchase. That purchase was yesterday so now I can't buy anything now again.
  9. Payment errors with prepaid card

    Right now I tried buying 5 more crates using the Mastercard prepaid, after buying some crates using the Visa yesterday (after I had to wait two days from my first purchase) and I still got the error. Some Googling gave me WG EU's WOT page which cited "security concerns" as a possible reason for declining payment, saying I just have to wait some time before making another purchase. I'm not sure if this much might apply to me in my case.
  10. Payment errors with prepaid card

    I have a problem with prepaid cards, where after I make a purchase using the cards, when I try to make another purchase soon after, I simply get a payment error and when I get a list of options, the credit card option disappears. I tried submitting some tickets to WG explaining my problem, but they simply said something about international options and by the time I followed up, I managed to make another purchase with the same card after about two days. The brands I used are Vanilla Visa and The Perfect Gift Mastercard, and I registered those cards with a postal code. I don't know if they are international or domestic, but the fact that I was able to purchase something at first (5 Vive la France crates) on the Visa card means it doesn't really matter. I live in Canada if that helps.
  11. I have an idea for a replacement dance on Missouri lol
  12. Dunkerque also get speed boost as an option?

    I was thinking a buff to 25 or 26 second reload time for Dunkerque (the ideal reload time was 20s but we can't have that at tier 6)
  13. French Battleship Missions

    The first free crates gave me Bretagne. Then I blew money to roll 5 premium crates and got Lyon and Normandie. Sadly the prepaid card I was using crapped out and I couldn’t buy more crates to get Richelieu.
  14. French BB Effectiveness

    Richelieu has 7km base secondaries so that secondary buff probably went through.
  15. Richelieu thoughts

    The flag. Anyway, glad to see Richelieu's secondaries got buffed, even if they aren't Jean Bart's. Hoping for 12 km madness that is France, for that "alternate brawler" theme.