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  1. I walked away with 5 something Emdens last year, but I didn't feel robbed since I really needed those captains. I think the best part of these crates, at least for me, is that I never felt like I lost when I opened one. The return on investment was always decent and I do hope the same holds true this year. I was deliberately holding back on buying some stuff with the hopes this event would roll around again. Not sure how much $$ I'll be willing to part with. I'll probably wait and see what the initial batch of crates yields for others.
  2. Last night, as indicated by my signature. Had to put the game down because I was raging pretty hard. Just could not get any breaks. You just have those days once in a while.
  3. I've definitely grown to love her. The way she can dominate the sky above a cap is simply the best. If you run a div with a carrier, the coordination between the two ships can really make life hell for the enemy CV.
  4. I can't remember which ship I was driving, but a commotion started up outside the house that was concerning enough for me to leave my computer. Turns out the neighbors were getting a no-knock raid from the police for a warrant or something of the other. Came back to computer and I was dead. The police show up at the neighbor's quite often.
  5. I've been having buyer's remorse with the MK for some time now. I can't get the ship to work for me. I suppose it's not my play style. I'll probably sell the MK but keep my Belfast.
  6. Probably the best "wth?" moment was me engaging a battleship at about 7 km with secondaries and getting a secondary hit detonation on a DD that was not even spotted next to said battleship.
  7. Considering how much rage this guy projected in the chat for the one game I had with him, I'm surprised he can produce any coherent YouTube material.
  8. Best: Sims. That ship has been a surprise winner for me. Worst: Kutuzov. Not sure what it is about this ship. I know it's good, but I can never make it work for me.
  9. Sky Cancer Weekend

    I was definitely fuming a lot this weekend at the CV play on my team. Most of these were Tier XIII-X matches, and I'd say about 90% of the time I had CV in the MM, we ended up with the short end of the stick. There were multiple games where the enemy Hakuryu had free rein to nuke my team to death because my idiot CV wandered into a DD or just did his best airfield impression until the enemy found him. When a Tier X CV wants you dead, and he's even remotely decent at the role, you're dead without friendly air cover. It sucks, because our ships were usually doing better than the enemy team, but the CV derpiness just skewed the match in the other direction. It definitely made a lot of the games no fun at all, when I had to constantly deal with CV harassment and perma-spotting in my DD and no friendly air cover. In hindsight, I should've played more AA cruisers to lessen the heartburn. I really wish they'd hurry up with that rebalance that is nothing more than a myth at this point.
  10. My scope of RN BB play is just two battles in the Orion, since my div wanted to go low tier and I had this free BB just sitting there in port. The first game was a whopping 165k damage match in a Tier III-IV MM. I was amazed at how punishing the HE was to cruisers and BBs the like. I deleted two with broadside HE salvos from full health with multiple citadels. It was disgusting and the ship felt so broken. But damn was it a lot of fun. I feel a nerf coming soon.
  11. Tier X match playing in my Akizuki. Suddenly full health Khab at 6km charging right at me. I took my lumps with a feels-bad-man sigh.
  12. I thought I'd have problems with being in Alaska, but my latency usually sits at about 20-30ms, which floors me. Then again, I have to pay out the [edited]for internet up here, so I guess that counts for something in the end. I must be sitting on a fiber trunk or something.
  13. Just had this intense match tonight in an Atlanta. Carrying in an Atlanta is not easy, so I found out. A lot of shooting around mountains and running for my life. I just needed 30 more seconds to cap the enemy base, but the match time ran out. Sad that I didn't even get a Clear Skies for this match too.
  14. I generally have no issues playing the IJN line. Then again, I don't usually play high tier unless I'm in a division, because solo play pisses me off usually. I roll with the 12 km torps on Yug and Shima and that seems to be the best balance of strike distance and survivability when dealing with radar cruisers. The only real ships I fear in the IJN line are Khabs and Z-52, as both can eat my lunch (mostly the latter). So I can see why there might be some imbalance hollering. The learning curve is pretty high on the DD lines, and I'd say more so for IJN. But if you can master the play style, and learn how to stay just outside radar range and still be effective with torping and predicting enemy ship movements, you can seriously sway the flow of a game in your favor. That and learning how to maximize your nice alpha strike to make every shot count, namely by getting the first shot off against an opponent DD before he returns fire, you will be a force to be reckoned with.
  15. Common Dynamo Mistakes

    The worst thing I saw was someone straying into the minefield and dying. And then a teammate sees the drowning soldiers and charges in to save the day. Had no less than 3 ships on my first battle do that, one driving in, one after another, to die in the minefield like a bunch of lemmings. We ended up down 4 ships before the first torp boat run even came. Needless to say, we lost that one.