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  1. I div'ed up with someone who played nothing but GZ all night long a week back. And I have to say the things he pulled in that ship were disgusting. There was more than one time where a BB spawned out on the flank alone, like the OP stated, and my CV div-mate had a full DB drop (3 squads of planes)on him before 3 minutes were up. I'd say he deleted a BB in this fashion at least four times that night before we got 3 minutes in, with the enemy ship only just really getting under way. There was one game where he quite literally flew his strike package right up the middle of the map, right off the start, and proceeded to delete the enemy CV in his spawn with a dev strike. In most of these cases, I saw nothing that the enemy ship could do. Several of them clearly knew their vulnerability and were trying to get close to the AA friendlies in time. Granted, this guy was pretty nasty with his CV driving, but it was quite effortless for him to rain down the damage on the enemy team. He was deleting DMs and Minos with ease (he'd lose a good number of planes but the AA ships would almost always end up dead). At one point he even called out "This guy is dead. I'm going to aim for his citadel." And 2 seconds later a full-health GK disappeared from the minimap. I do think the AP bomb mechanic was a mistake on Wargaming's part.
  2. Is there any possibility, taking into consideration the game engine's limitations, to implement a line-of-sight characteristic to hydro and radar usage? If this is possible, has it been considered by the dev team and might there be a possible patch milestone if a tweak of any sort is in the works?
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Why I'm going to be a sad DD player for some time. I'm still going to try high tier DD like I always do, but I will probably end up playing much more conservatively.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Just wait for the new-car smell to wear off the US cruisers and it should get better... I hope.
  5. I definitely would appreciate a slight bump in spotting xp going forward. Maybe it might make more sense to even skew the ratio a little more toward higher tier play (spitballing) to account for the greater number of counters (radar, hydro, planes, whatnot). Along those lines, I'm excited and also dreading the upcoming US cruiser split because it's going to introduce a whole new slew of radar ships to the game. Not to mention the new Russian cruisers as well. DD play is probably going to become markedly more passive as such, at least until the new car smell wears off said cruisers.
  6. The Atlanta is OP

    The Atlanta is by far my favorite ship to play right now. IFHE and the proper captain build can wreak unholy destruction on the enemy. It's all about getting into the right position. More often than not, I can set up shop at a strategic point and rain down the fire without counterfire risks. Sometimes, it comes down to me watching how far away certain enemy ships are to stealth fire over terrain at other targets. You have to keep your eyes on a swivel and have good situational awareness. If the enemy pushes correctly though, the Atlanta's weaknesses come to bear very quickly.
  7. Should a destroyer ever use AP?

    Oh yeah, definitely. If you run up against a broadside BB at close range, aim for the bow and stern. Can get some pretty good salvos in.
  8. The stuttering definitely made the game almost unplayable tonight. It's been an issue off and on since the last patch. Quite annoying and really makes knife-fighting in a DD impossible.
  9. What did this guy do...

    In reponse to OP: maybe this guy is his grand kid?
  10. I walked away with 5 something Emdens last year, but I didn't feel robbed since I really needed those captains. I think the best part of these crates, at least for me, is that I never felt like I lost when I opened one. The return on investment was always decent and I do hope the same holds true this year. I was deliberately holding back on buying some stuff with the hopes this event would roll around again. Not sure how much $$ I'll be willing to part with. I'll probably wait and see what the initial batch of crates yields for others.
  11. Ever have one of those days>>>

    Last night, as indicated by my signature. Had to put the game down because I was raging pretty hard. Just could not get any breaks. You just have those days once in a while.
  12. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    I've definitely grown to love her. The way she can dominate the sky above a cap is simply the best. If you run a div with a carrier, the coordination between the two ships can really make life hell for the enemy CV.
  13. Novel ways to die in battle

    I can't remember which ship I was driving, but a commotion started up outside the house that was concerning enough for me to leave my computer. Turns out the neighbors were getting a no-knock raid from the police for a warrant or something of the other. Came back to computer and I was dead. The police show up at the neighbor's quite often.
  14. I've been having buyer's remorse with the MK for some time now. I can't get the ship to work for me. I suppose it's not my play style. I'll probably sell the MK but keep my Belfast.
  15. Probably the best "wth?" moment was me engaging a battleship at about 7 km with secondaries and getting a secondary hit detonation on a DD that was not even spotted next to said battleship.