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  1. I very much doubt they'll ever offer the regular permaflages for sale. The most I think they'll do are event permaflages (like the current Halloween camos) that might one day include T10's in its lineup.
  2. Yes, they'll be dismounted so you can put them on your next set of rentals (or not).
  3. Since the entire clan's rank is affected by individuals and teams winning / losing, the Stalingrad flag should be given to the entire clan once the first clan member attains it in that clan (subject to a minimum number of CW battles and/or time spent with and in the clan prevent freeloading and clan skipping issues) with maybe all the other rewards either remaining personal or split such that they earn some easily divided fraction of the highest clan member's rewards outright and then have to earn the rest based on their own play. So basically the competitive clans who want first place in Typhoon League 1 get to compete against each other for the bragging rights while the clans that don't want to / are unable to spend the effort can have their A-team(s) reach the pinnacle and then allow their B-team(s) to compete and probably fall down a league or two. While there are still obvious issues, making it so the clan's best players can carry the entire clan to the ultimate prize and not just an ultimate rank that only they can compete in would ameliorate the OP's issue to a large extent without having to radically rework the system.
  4. From 115 containers (110 bought + 5 star) on the first day All 11 Permaflages of course 92,500 doubloons: 15k from the first 55, 7.5k from the scenario, 70k from the second 55 200k Free XP 3 million credits (all from the second run) 360 Halloween + '16 camos 75 Blue Lagoon 165 Storm Wind 675 India Delta flags 600 India X-Ray 225 Sierra Mike
  5. While the rewards just aren't there to keep me grinding the new scenario over and over again like last year, I must say I REALLY enjoyed the dozen times I did play it and give WG 5 stars for making it so fun and thematic!
  6. If you're not willing to spend any money on the game, the break even point is generally T7-T8 unless you are a unicum. This game went off of damage dealt to you to a flat service fee over a year ago so it will always cost you at least: 180k credits to play T10 :: 120k for T9 :: 75k for T8 :: 42k for T7 :: 23k for T6 :: 11.5k for T5 :: 5k for T4 :: 3k for T3 :: 2k for T2 :: T1 is free no matter if you received 100% damage and thus sank or played a CV and didn't scratch the paint. Also adding to the cost is ammunition, which is a much larger proportion of the costs at lower tier than higher but there is no gold ammo so it really isn't an issue at any tier. Far more expensive at lower tiers and some imo necessary at higher tiers are premium consumables at 22.5k credits a pop. T6 is my break point between when I feel I can get away with the standard DCP as vs the premium and DCP is the most important consumable for all ships. The most this will cost you right now is 90k for four consumables (DCP, Repair Party and two others usually AA Defensive Fire/Hydroacoustic Search and Radar/Catapult Plane). You can also spend 8/12/22.5k on a one game use camouflage that will grant you the same in game bonuses to detection/dispersion/both as permanent and most premium camos. All this means that in the end for, say, a Des Moines fully decked out the cost is 292.5k credits even if you go AFK and the credits scaling in game doesn't hardly compensate for that. Aside from the DCP, though, an argument can be made at running any other consumable as standard rather than premium (YMMV of course) so for that Des Moines running only premium DCP you're looking at a high, but much more attainable 225k base cost. You can also forego the 22.5k camo for the 12k one that just gives a bonus to dispersion, imo and save some credits there. Joining a clan that has a dock for your classes of high tier ships reduces the service cost by 10%. Finally, participating in the Public Test Server can give you flags and Premium time (as well as the in game economy not mattering a whit there). But as others have said, Warships is not Tanks and it is possible to make T10 not only break even, but be very profitable credits wise if you're willing to spend some money on the game. Premium time comes with that 1.5x multiplier on all the credits you earn and is the biggest way to getting to 'break even' as a worse than average / unlucky player. The flags you get from sinking an enemy after you're sunk reduce the service fee by 10% and you can buy 100 of them in the shop for $1.99. First blood flags that give a 20% credit boost are $3.99 for 100 in the shop. Finally, if you really like a certain T10 ship you can spend 5k ($20 worth at the best exchange rate) of doubloons to get a permanent camouflage for it that reduces the service fee by 50% (90k... and if you have the flag and are in a clan with a dock you're down to 54k... at a T10 credit scale) AND boosts your credits earned by 20%.
  7. 1. What needs to be fixed in the MM isn't so much +1/-1 but the common problem of games where you can be the sole bottom tier with half (or more!) of each team being +2 top tier. Now I definitely don't want to go the WoT 'formula' route (which is its own sort of broken), but honestly I'd rather wait a few seconds as a T5/6/8 and be put into a more balanced match. 2. I like missions / crates the way they are to a large extent (aside from the co-op missions being once per account rather than resetting with each rotation). 3. The WoWS devs have gotten a lot better wrt communication and I like the direction they are improving in.
  8. Really wish the Musashi was a T10 with something like maybe the October Rev's fast but finite DCP concept or the Hood's DFAA (Justified by the 18.1" flak shells that didn't historically work any more than the Hoods rockets) or the Yamato's old heal or even something new to make it stand apart from her sister, but not to try to nerf her down a tier where she won't be fun to play as due to the slow reload RNG and not fun to play against for the bottom tiers when she does hit.
  9. My Yammie build that suits me pretty well MAM1 / ASM1 / MBM3 / DCSM1 / SGM2 / CSM1 For my commander at 19 points 1pt: PT / IFA 2pt: HA / EM / AR 3pt: BoS 4pt: FP / CE As others have stated, the Yamato is NOT a brawler, you try to stay beyond 12km where the SGM2 allows you to jink and dodge a lot of hits you wouldn't with DCSM2 and let your main guns do their job deleting enemies. If enemies close with you, that's on them since the Yamato kites like no other ship in the game thanks to ignoring bow armor and having a 2.1 sigma.
  10. The USN BB line's issue is that it has been power creeped up until T8 (tech tree comparisons only, only up to Iron Duke in RN line so opinions on later tiers are based on observations) SC is as much a joke as the Kawachii, miles behind the Nassau which is itself far behind the Bellerophon. WY with her 12 gun bad angle shotgun used to be OP but is now 'just' balanced outside of the lolrion. The Kaiser is tanky but that's it while the Myogi and Ishizuchi should've been swapped since the Myogi is great in skilled hands... which makes it horrible as a low tier grind of course. NY is in one of the worst spots in the game right now, power creeped into oblivion. 21 knots, 34 sec reload, center turret suicide angles, meh dispersion, almost always bottom tier and an AA suite that isn't up to snuff compared to the premium TX. Kongo was always better with her 30 knots, Konig does everything better since you can actually use the center turret and thus equalize the damage and T7's that don't respect the Iron Duke often don't live to regret that mistake. NM is badly power creeped and in a bad spot vs the other BB's including the Fuso (which fared better thanks to speed and reload), but still nasty vs CA's/CL's/DD's. CO is almost as badly power creeped as the NM, US standard BB philosophy never worked at T7 without other gimmicks to begin with, much less now (give her a 32mm bow and RN megaheal). Still... 16" USN AP will punish anyone who disrespects you and I had fun in my grind through her punishing the insolent. Of course then you get into high tiers NC is Muhammad Ali with shells that 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' that just keep hitting so long as you're aim is good. Heads and tails above the Amagi which has the trollest of troll guns (overpens/bounces for days!), or high tier KM dispersion that makes you think you're back at T3 in the SC. Not even HMS 'Should Be Prince of Wales With Nelson as the T7 Tech Tree Ship' can be considered OP next to it thanks to USN AP with 2.0 sigma. IA has the horrible legacy 'C Hull' grind but is awesome once you do reach her ultimate form and the best T9 even with the addition of the lolion. MT trades 3 knots for 3 guns and a T10 health pool and that makes her the best T10 that isn't the Super Zao.
  11. The WoWS team REALLY doesn't like the concept of players stocking up on stuff in game. With the change to camos though you can do it the 'hard way' in using your ships as mules and demounting the camos afterward.
  12. I quite like the Hood, imo she's the tankiest ship tier for tier in the game outside of the Nikolai and Kurfurst, she munches / wards off CV planes until the late game, she's incredibly nimble in dodging shells if you're angled to any good degree and even torps spotted by others and her gun arcs are second to none which allow you to take advantage of that nimbleness. As for her weaknesses, yes, her guns are her biggest issue in being a straight downgrade from the Warspite and imo their fuses should be returned to normal but have the same penetration characteristics as the Warspite's. The floatyness takes some getting used to like the North Carolina's, but once you do get used to it you can also lob shells over islands (especially on Haven) that you simply can't with the KM 15" guns. And yes the points on inconsistency are valid such that the Hood as it is won't be the competitive ship of choice, but they aren't anywhere close to KM level bad. Her turning circle does make her weaker vs torps than the other BB's at the tier, but not massively so and her ability to dodge or tank shells more than makes up for that. And yes, her bow/stern can be overmatched by 15" guns, but y'know what other T7 BB bows/sterns can also be overmatched by 15" guns? All of them! Complaining about the Hood not having 32mm bow/stern armor that would only be vulnerable to fail divisioning and then having the misfortune to square off against a Yamato was always kinda silly to me... but it is of course a weakness.
  13. The $3 Santa crates gave 25 dragon flags a pop, these crates give at most 14 and have a chance of giving only 7 and the really undrewhelming compared to any of the flags 'hunter' camo as well as giving one emblem when the normal crates give twice that and emblems are only worth 6 and 2/3rds of a doubloon converted to silver. If Hood crates had three flag/camo drops or even a Santa crate chance of dropping a 'supercontainer' of special flags / camos, then they'd be worth the $1.80-$3 per, as it is though Ultimate Hood gives 1/3rd the amount of special flags the crates can give outright, the ability to earn 7 Hood crates ($12.60 worth wrt the best deal), a 12 point UK captain that represents a lot of dragon flags in elite captain XP and all the things these crates cannot give, like the Hood, doubloons and premium time.
  14. Premium will give you the extra slot and a good 1.5x xp multiplier for what would otherwise be the grindiest (but worth 3 stars) task of non base xp.
  15. After being seemingly stalked for five games in a row, each over different tier matches by an F-key spammer one dreadful Saturday about four months ago all non F-key spam matches are excluded from contention of winning the 'Worst Game Ever' trophy... no fun winning when two reds suicide TK the same spammer who had to be suicide TK'ed on your team last match.