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  1. Basically you'll never lose credits even for sailing forward and getting detonated with no battle impact from T1 (actually impossible to lose credits) to T6 even F2P. T7 you'll lose a few thousand credits with a 'worst match' and no PT T8 you'll lose 10-20k+ credits for a terrible match and no PT. T9 is the slog tier since even the permaflage only gives a -20% fee reduction, which is worse than a T10 with perma. Even in the rework T9 is only getting a paltry 5k silver reduction. You'll hemorrhage silver to the tune if 60k a match or more in a bad match and no PT. WG wants you to play T10, hence why that pema is better than the 9 in every respect. Superships are of course absurdly expensive no matter what.
  2. A level 14 commander requires over 3x the total CXP of a level 10, although where they got the '-35%' when 4550 dubs is at most a tiny discount over the 'fair value', let alone specifically Jenkins with 14 points for 7k dubs is that nasty gimmick they should really be barred from doing. OTOH, those Gold Eagle camos for the 9 and 10 are far, FAR below what they were worth during the pre release, which was $68 / $80 for each of their respective bundles in the chain (and after buying in for another $140) so... yeah... that's a discount.
  3. lloyd1701

    1583 PTS containers opened...

    AFAICT, you got exactly 0 of the T4 bonuses.
  4. Subs would need something to compensate... and WG is coincidentally testing an 'expanded torp angle' mechanic on the new RN BC line... which would honestly fit all subs SO much better than the current unfun for most everyone homing torp mechanic.
  5. lloyd1701

    Ranked Steel reward

    Always 200, but if you're in gold league the number of wins needed goes from 3 to 2.
  6. Maybe WG could look into either offering a 'perma visual' sale for some period of time in the future like you've had permaflage sales in the past such that back dating wouldn't be required or making the one time thing token based instead of being tied to the ship, that way you could possibly hand more out for events and etc.
  7. lloyd1701

    CXP, economy rework and 50% daily XP bonus.

    Yeah, all current ship XP modifiers are supposed to be taken into account wrt CXP / FXP like the daily win and premium time.
  8. All -service fee 1x use camos were discontinued several patches ago and aside from the various ones you get from campaigns / collections, all the others cost dubs, steel, ranked/CB tokens or community points.
  9. But then they wouldn't be able to extract credits / dubs out of you for permanent visuals.
  10. lloyd1701

    Overview of the Economic Rework

    With the T10 permaflage right now you have a 'baked in' savings of 90k credits per match. With the new system you keep 30k of that savings thanks to the fee reduction meaning the 30% extra credits bonus has to add at least 60k credits per match to break even or IOW 200k credits base. Don't have acess to the holy spreadsheet so no idea what % of the playerbase reaches 200k base credits on average.
  11. lloyd1701

    Buying Perma Camos before update

    I think only the first visual you buy after the rework is split / 'discounted' from the eco bonus, and after that it's a package deal like it is at present and if you buy another visual for a ship you already have the visual for, you pay full freight.
  12. lloyd1701

    Co-OP loses

    I've seen a successful deliberate co-op throw exactly once when a triple Tirpitz div pulled it off back when friendly fire was still on.
  13. lloyd1701

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.6

    Basically if you see any ship that has 'year designed,' you have much better than 50/50 odds at this point it's not just a 'paper ship' but one of the cocktail fleet. Even as far back as the Zao and Hindenburg the cocktail fleet was present. The most napkiniest line are the VMF CV's.