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  1. Black ships... No thanks!

    Black ships should just be the permaflage just like Kobayashi, Space, HSF, Halloween and so on rather than whole 'new' ships that sell for whole new prices for owners of the existing versions. Either that or if you already own the regular version, you can buy the Black version for the price difference such that if the normal Tirpitz is $45 and the Tirpitz-B is, lets say $75, you can get the B version for $30 if you already have the normal version and maybe the Tirpitz-B package comes with the normal version thrown in (or is earnable through a mission like the Nuevo + Boise thing).
  2. A bit more of a RL case. 1. You get the -5% Flag of the Second League as soon as you make it to R15, which puts the service cost at 171k unless you deliberately eschew the flag. Assuming a realistic grind our thousand gamer will at least touch R10 within his first 100 games and R5 within his first 500. You also get 25x IBT flags from ranking up. So just within the ranked system the cost goes from 180 million to around 153.45 million. 2. Most clans prioritize the drydock and there are plenty of PvE or otherwise 'zero participation required' clans, so that is another 9/18/27/36 million credits shaved off. 3. BB's can usually take a regular consumable for spotter/fighter/etc. and not compromise their gameplay (only one that shouldn't is Kurrywurst's hydro), so that is 22.5 million shaved off, many CA's and DD's OTOH need to tack on 22.5 / 45 million in premium hydro/radar/etc. to be at optimal performance. 4. IBT flags are one of the easier flags to get in game / through containers / from the arsenal. Assuming 250 games with it equipped is another 4.5 million shaved off. 5. Consumable discounts and other global events would count for another million or two taken off. So a more realistic gross cost expectation for a thousand game F2P'er sans permaflage (i.e. doesn't have HSF Yammie or Sharks vs Eagles Woostah or Des Memes camos) would be 250 million at most, and an ultimate 'zero compromise' skinflint who runs a BB with only 3 premium consumables, makes sure to join a max drydock clan, and has enough IBT flags for his whole run could get it down to 150 million or maybe even less. And all this is before you figure in the credit income per game.
  3. PTS 7.10 round 1 patchnotes

    There already is a soft cap of 5 BB's.
  4. Respectfully disagree here, Zoup, the RN event allows us to earn 2 premium ships (or their FULL doubloon value if already owned) for free with the number of containers each week has, plus we can get the Cossack for literally a buck with the 10 guineas special offer, plus we can get Bert Dunkirk, who was formerly only available for RL money. So while the variety is rather limited compared to the Anniversary, what is there is imo, much better.
  5. Whether the Arctic camo is worth it is up to you in how much you're willing to spend for a purely aesthetic item as vs the other choices such as the included perma and/or the Special or Z-23 camos. Personally, if I didn't have it already through the Winter Event I'd have been willing to pay the 1k doubloons they're selling the Special and Z-23 for, and maybe even 2k doubloons if it was on the '50% sale' those are at, but not the full price 4k doubloons...
  6. Any ship that can slot the speed boost mod is far better with it. Going from 2-3 or 3-4:30 minutes of zoom zoom is huge. Spotter Plane mod on the Yamato and Musashi enhance their sniping abilities to a large extent. Damage Control Party mod on USN BB's frustrates HE spammers to no end.
  7. Go Navy: What Went Right

    WG really hit it out of the park with the Go Navy! event and, IMO, this has been the best event they've held to date that I've been around for (my previous favorite being Halloween 2017). They smoothed out and otherwise avoided most all of the really awful 'structural' issues that plagued last year's Fire vs Water with the daily team and rewards refresh as vs the cumulative loyalty system. To that end the facts that team points missions were mostly all geared to be reasonably achievable without either incredible luck or distorting gameplay too much (yes, there were a few of those, but nobody gets it 100% right right out of the gate) and that you could earn team points in ALL game modes was much appreciated. The end reward of a T10 permaflage which didn't require grinding the ENTIRE event if you didn't want to / weren't able to was nice and the crates you could earn were great. The integration with and showcasing of the Arsenal was well done. I really liked most of the graphical aesthetics of this event and the way it all tied together with the main game (since, unlike Space and Halloween which are separate modes, this involves the main game) as opposed to feeling tacked on like Fire vs Water. ========= Suggestions for future events like this 1. The biggest failure of the event was the compensation multiplier for the 'weaker' team that never overcame the bandwagon / loyalty effect and thus the Sharks will go 26-0. Maybe instead of the multiplier resetting each day based on that day's numbers it ramps up to a maximum and 'sticks' there so long as the weaker team loses, and if/when the weaker team wins it ramps down rather than disappearing. Put another way, if the Sharks won 5 days in a row the Eagle's multiplier would ramp up say 20% each day to a 100% maximum... and lets say like as happened this still wasn't remotely enough to overcome the Sharks until after enough Sharks players have maxed out loyalty, but lets say on day 18 enough Sharks players max out loyalty and switch such that the 100% bonus puts Eagles over the top. Day 19 about as many people join the Eagles as the Sharks and the bonus has decayed to, say, 50%. Day 20 more people join the Eagles than the Sharks but there is no bonus for either side since the Eagles still have the benefit of the banked multiplier such that it is only one Day 21 when more people still join the Eagles that the Sharks bonus starts to ramp up. 2. Give definite dates for the start and the end of the event and any sales related to the event so people don't have to infer whether it is 25 or 26 days. Also, you lost out on some RL money from me in ending the sale of the premium crates this morning rather than with the patch release (or something to that effect) by having such a screamingly tight timetable with the end of this event and exchanging tokens on the Arsenal. A week to exchange tokens after the end of selling premium crates would've been better. 3. The worst RNG in the event was related to the recruiter, I missed two days due to this (and then made up a day thanks to a glitch), in the next event the recruiter should only offer the crate to switch while the extra loyalty points (or not) are tied to the daily refresh and whether you're still on the team you picked at the start of the day. 4. Points should be equal per tier rather than scaling as they were, especially since many of the missions (15 secondaries / 5 consumables to name two) were easier at higher tier than lower.
  8. So this'll make 2 days with no offer to swap despite playing for 20+ battles, being top on the team and etc...
  9. It has happened 0 times for me today despite playing 20+ battles both random and co-op.
  10. My issue is what it is in the title, I've earned all the crates (both XP and team) I can for the day and I still haven't received the team swap offer.
  11. The event runs probably 26 days, if you play and swap each day you get 26 crates guaranteed, but you only get 39 loyalty and thus only 50 tokens. If you remain loyal enough to your original team and then swap to get the 50 point reward you end up with 290 tokens, which translates into a whopping net +22 crates if you spend them all on crates, but a net -3 crates if you spend it on a perma. So if you're planning on running the entire event it's a huge gain or just a small loss in crates as vs switching every day. OTOH if you're not willing or able to do most of the event, the extra crate from swapping will be more advantageous position to take.
  12. Legendary Upgrades

    Honestly, considering how radically they can alter a ship's play style, unique upgrades should be 1. unsellable (if they aren't already, I haven't earned any yet so I don't know) and thus 2. exempt from the doubloon transfer fee.
  13. Dunno where you got a fixed date, the announcement on the site clearly states that the event starts the day after .7.7 hits and ends the day before .7.8 hits.
  14. It starts the day after the patch hits.
  15. TBF in .7.7 they are implementing 'more resources' daily containers that have a guaranteed payout of at least 400 coal and if the drop rates in the PTS make it to live the 'normal' payout will be 800 coal, making getting the Salem the way WG wants most people with more sense and/or patience than money to get it (i.e. playing the game and getting coal through daily containers and events) the matter of a couple months grind even if you're starting from scratch. That you can outright buy the Salem at an insanely inflated price compared to even FXP ships is fine considering otherwise they'd have shot themselves in the foot in never being able to monetize coal and unlike the FXP ships which require you to have at least somehow ground out the FXP+Elite XP to convert, coal has no such conversion requirement.