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  1. lloyd1701

    High Tier Full Broadsidepalooza!

    Looking at that game. 1. The DM Derpskoi absolutely lemming trained the 2 BB's. 2. The JB and GA panicked, although they could have planted into the island and teamed up against the AK instead of trying to turn around and presenting their sides to either you or the rest of your team. 3. The Lion was bow in the whole time so no misplays (positioning wise at least) on his part. 4. The Mushy was dead in all cases and so while he might've survived another volley by going completely bow in to you and hoping RNG favored, he would still have been Xfired by the rest of your team. 5. FDG is the worst T9 BB! It needs a buff! 6. And finally I'd say the Iowa played well in doing what the FDG was perfectly positioned to do at the start but couldn't because FDG is the weakest T9 BB!
  2. lloyd1701

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    People don't complain about Thunderer because 1. It's not tearing up the CB / Ranked meta (WG seems to make most of their nerf decisions on comp modes i.e. why Yue Yang and Henri got annihilated). 2. It's still relatively rare since everyone bought / is saving for the Smolbote and finally 3. It takes a lot of skill to play compared to the Conkek with zombie heal and 12x flamethrowers. Georgia isn't complained about much since its ridiculousness makes it a fun ship for many to play and is just squishy and offensively limited enough that it's not oppressive like the Musashi or cancer to play against like the Smol.
  3. Surprisingly Good: Trento: Red players in randoms tend to dismiss this boat thanks to her anemic offense and evasiveness making it 'not worth their time', which made my run through it quite enjoyable since a couple hits here, a sea mine there and suddenly you're talking about real damage... Seattle: The Bad Cleveland is another bote that red players usually underestimate to their detriment if you find a bit of cover near a cap and dig in shooting red hot stinging IFHE while presenting the smallest profile you can. Monarch (2nd time round): In my initial go around with RN BB's, the Monarch earned its place as my most hated BB in the game period. So when I reset the line I was well prepared to spend the FXP to skip but I though to play a few games after FXPing the B hull... and I was pleased as punch I did since, as the running theme is going, people *know* the HMS Mutt is a 'crap ship' and ignore at their peril. Surprisingly Not Good: Gadjah Madah: Me and T7 DD's do not get along, and the Gadjah Madah is the one I get along with the least. Everone else praises it to the heavens and rightly so but I just got dumped on game after game by catching every blind fired torp / picking the flank where all the radar cruisers went / CV's with Gadjahdar unerringly hunting me down especially when I was on the other side of the map trying to hide....didn't have any trouble with the T6 or T8... just this one. KGV (2nd time round): First time around KGV was as monstrously good as she should be... second go around... *MAIN TURRET BLOWN UP* (and getting bowEVERYWHEREpenned / citadel'ed to death by effing SinOPs) T61: All the fast reloading torps in the world are worthless when the 'narrow' spread always opens up a gap that a fully broadside straight lining Kurrywurst would fit between... oh and you think you can launch the second set to cover that gap? Too Bad that second set ALWAYS has a gap conveniently coinciding with the first spread! Never mind that you waited 10 seconds and the first set's gap is 2-2... this one is 3-1!
  4. Honestly, all Ops being disabled is probably a more hopeful sign than just Narai since it means WG can't just back burner / ignore Narai forever as they have with Dynamo / Cherry Blossom.
  5. That you personally haven't gotten stuck with an unwinnable Narai scenario thanks not to skill or luck but fatal AI bugs doesn't mean others haven't (and they have as seen on the forum and subreddit). And while I'm not the most trusting of the devs ATM wrt scenarios either, Femennenly has been a strong and trustworthy advocate for the player base and I trust that she's made it clear to the devs that withdrawing Narai and putting it on the backburner will have majorly bad consequences (whether the devs will listen is another story).
  6. lloyd1701

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    It's like WG decided VMF cruisers no longer need their balancing factors of bad detection and the most finnicky / situational AP.
  7. There's a good chance JB is actually just being rotated rather than removed and will be back.
  8. lloyd1701

    Iron Duke AA

    TBF by that time she was just an AA barge with all her armor removed and main guns rendered nonfunctional, as such I'd consider her B hull upgrades to be as fictional as the Bayern's.
  9. I understand why they're splitting the line, they're a Russian company with full access to the 1 billion never could've happened sketches in the Soviet archives... But... ugh... they're removing the somewhat rare example of a Soviet ship that saw service in WW2 to premium and replacing with paper and then they're removing the Moskva to T10 premium status because... why, exactly?
  10. lloyd1701

    WG: If you buy the Puerto Rico at this stage of the game

    Yes, you still get all the stage rewards.
  11. lloyd1701

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    I'm saying taking the existing and new supercruisers and actually put them in their own class rather than either BB (Scharnhorst) or CA (the rest).
  12. It's not so much the dispersion as the Mutsu having the good old days A hull Nagato/Amagi 16" AP shells that have worse penetration than most/all their 13.5/14" (let alone 15"+) T6 counterparts aside from the PEF. So when raw overmatch doesn't work you'll realize it.
  13. lloyd1701

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    While I wouldn't mind quirky player ships to be added to various events and/or scenarios the only two possible ship classes they could add to the core game modes are subs (which they are thankfully taking their time on) and maybe making supercruisers a separate class able to somehow stand in as 'weighted' wrt BB' and CA's.
  14. Zao's is good if you can forego MBRM, Hindenburg essential makes it immune to DOT and better wiggle waggle in return for -stealth/dispersion (imho not a bad trade), GK's is memetastic, fun but the least 'useful'.