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  1. lloyd1701

    German tokens - Another misleading event?

    While the event in whole is confusing as all get out, they were quite clear in the tokens section that you can only earn 600 tokens if you get all 3 EA CV's AND have GZ/GZ-B, otherwise you gotta pay.
  2. lloyd1701

    Why? For the love of god WHY?

    WG: I have altered the deal, pray I don't alter it any further
  3. Okay so this BB Orion: 4/4 Speed: 22 knots as stated in port 16.4 knots in a 360 turn Turn 1: 1:26.48 Turn 2: 1:26.48 Turn 3: 1:26.47 Turn 4: 1.26.47 Turn 5: 1.26.46
  4. Is this what you might be looking for? BB Orion: 16.4 knots in a 360 turn Turn 1: 1:26.48 Turn 2: 1:26.48 Turn 3: 1:26.47 Turn 4: 1.26.47 Turn 5: 1.26.46
  5. Ehhh, might want to check your docs again since AFAICT you get 15x of 3 dragon flags and 15x BWR camo.
  6. You need the hand of RNGeezus on your shoulder to get the 600 'free' mission tokens since you'll have to have gotten the Graf Zepplin / GZ-B from a Super/Black Friday container at some point and also pull all three EA ships from crates... and the T8 is a 1% chance or less.
  7. I'd guess either 6k as with water world or 7.5k outright and the extras you get with the mission chains now rather than later are the 'value add/deal'. We probably won't know until the event is over though considering they won't even tell us what the mission chains actually are and they're already for sale!
  8. I'm not seeing anything irregular here, a randoms team can have 3x3 man divs in it to start and can end up with all the players in a div if they form up during the match, also those clan divs weren't the same clan so it was just bad luck / the MM loving to stack teams that.
  9. lloyd1701

    German Carriers: Early Access

    The Breakdown as I understand it: 1. The Containers and tokens have ZERO relation to each other EXCEPT if RNG favors you and you pull one of the Early Access CV's. 2. The most containers you can earn as a brand spankin new player is 30, 22 from Directives, 3 from shipments and 5 from stream codes. 3. If you've played in the least 6 months you can get more containers depending on how much you've played, how many and the break points for them not disclosed because they're on sekrit dokuments 4. Getting a T10 Iron Cross permaflage for free is actually impossible unless you rolled a GZ / GZ-B in a free Super / Xmas / Black Friday container previously AND have enough luck remaining to get all three EA CV's... 5. You can buy 600 tokens outright in the shop: price and whether you can buy in increments or one lump sum not disclosed because sekrit dokuments. 6. You can buy mission chains for each of the existing KM lines for 7,500 / $30 each i.e. 2.5k more than the regular T10 perma but 500 less than the Blue Aster / Century Hawk / Alldestroyer. Included are 15x bwr camos and 3x15x fixed dragon flags. For reference, WG values 12x randoms dragon flags (Yamamoto containers) for $3 / 750 dubs worth. So if you value all the flags + 1x use camos it's a discount over the regular permaflage, but if you value only the permaflage then you're paying an extra $10 for the cosmetics.
  10. I'm of the opinion that you should only buy these bundles if you get a first pull ship or you're completely okay with all the contents of the non ship bundles and assume 120-131 are the ships. For example, I got wyvern flags revealed with my first bundle, have more than enough of those so hard pass.
  11. lloyd1701

    Kitakami is Making a Return....

    With Kitakami you get to play a 2x Shima, 1x Hayate div in one boat!
  12. lloyd1701

    More Azur Lane stuff revealed by WG

    Almost certainly a $$$ / RNGcrate only T9 Premium like the Bajie.
  13. lloyd1701

    AP Bomb Nerf Refund for Camos?

    The only refunds they're willing to give are for Enterprise / GZ / GZ-B if you submit a ticket.
  14. lloyd1701

    ST 0.9.7, Naval Base update

    The activated treasury idea looks good to keep from having to design more and more buildings. RB is incredibly stingy for the oil you have to put into it, kinda wish the prices were reversed i.e. upper level treasury upgrades are insane while RB is between coal and steel. Last but not least, Art Dept. flexing is always nice.
  15. Hate to break it to you but there were 10x token buttons for the 50 tokens announced.