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  1. lloyd1701

    Free XP Economics

    ^^^^^ This. Aside from stock modules, FXP premiums and thinking back to all the times I'd seen the Seattle get utterly wrecked no matter how well played it was and going 'NOPE!', I have no use for FXP since it is literally 'too valuable to waste' on captains and I like to grind my way up the tech trees. If they instead had a FXP => ECXP exchange mechanism of something like 1:5 as you say if free or even a doubloon facilitated exchange of 1:10 or something, WG would drain a lot of FXP pools really quickly, return a lot of its value and even make a quick buck. And if they were worried about 19 point captain seal clubbers infesting lower tiers, they could restrict captain skills to something like only 1 point skills working at T1-2, only 1 and 2 points for T3-4 or only the first 10 points working and etc...
  2. Honestly, they should have kept the flags system for steel ships (maybe unified since Ranked is grindier than CB) in that Ranked and Clan Battles players who get those flags can straight up trade them in for ships and new steel ships are kept flag exclusive (maybe at a discount or something such that you have to use at least 1 flag and then X steel) for a period of time (6-12 months) before they become purchasable with just steel. It would allow the best and most diligent competitive PvP'ers to enjoy each shiny new steel ship to come out without worrying about events like this 'devaluing' their reward while also staying true to why WG moved from flags to steel in the first place (a move I generally agree with).
  3. lloyd1701

    Dev diary is out

    I think that's just a reposting of the earliest iteration of the Xmas event, the official postings including this dev diary state that there will only be 4 directives for 2000 total steel, T8 Premiums + T9-10 TT and Premiums will have steel snowflakes... although considering all T8's apparently have a steel snowflake on PTS and absolutely no one would object to that change and yell at WG for the discrepancy, hopefully those snowflakes 'stick' and the Steel Monsters campaign has been datamined at 5000 steel.
  4. lloyd1701

    What WG could give me for Christmas

    I'd love macros for flags and consumables so I wouldn't have to spend 3 minutes mounting / demounting them to switch between random and co-op.
  5. lloyd1701

    Dev diary is out

    WG EU: "Okay, the new requirement for knocking off a snowflake is as follows: Random only win, survive, earn 1500+ BXP, and earn any two achievements."
  6. lloyd1701

    Dev diary is out

    I was in agreement with you until I thought about it a bit more in that although the slippery slope of the F2P campaigns getting crowded out and going byebye in favor of all P2P campaigns. The WG team has done a decent job so far of balancing the earnable crates with the for pay crates and that's not something that can be said for the requirements in 100%'ing the permanent campaigns considering it took flambass (one of the best players in the game) 11k battles to complete one task of the Halsey campaign. The thing that is unsettling most of us is the reward for Steel Monsters being... steel... I'd have rather had the campaign be a way of getting previous years tech tree rewards ships + camos and including maybe the Graf Spee, Duke of York and Tirpitz Tarnanstrich camos.
  7. lloyd1701

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    Big crates have the best bang for your buck when it comes to the chance to drop ships since they have around a 10% chance as vs a 12-13% chance for Megas while you can get 3 Bigs for 2 Megas. OTOH, Megas have literally double the amount of doubloons and dragon flags so they do provide the best value when it comes to those pulls
  8. lloyd1701

    Warships only premium value

    Warships premium is the same price as regular premium and regular premium will still offer the same benefit in Warships, so if you buy regular premium with gold in Tanks/Planes, you'll still get the same benefit. The only gold leveraging you can do is to either spend your Tanks/Planes gold on premium now to take advantage of the 1:1 conversion or to buy both kinds of premium after .7.12 hits and get some doubloons back in recognition of the overlap.
  9. lloyd1701

    Just opened x80 mega crates

    You can look at the camo in port before buying, which is what I'd do to see if you can stand having the Roma turned into the Arizona Iced BBea. It's something of a shame that Kobayashi phoned that camo in when, IMHO, he did a really nice job with the others. Otherwise the Kronstadt will grind credits almost on par with the Roma + Koabyashi camo.
  10. lloyd1701

    Is the Kronshtadt Worth the gold for 150K EXP?

    You still have over a month to build up FXP since the Xmas event will be 5 weeks long and I'd bet dollars to donuts they'll be having a 1:35 conversion sale before they take the Mushy and Kron off the market, so I'd hold off spending the doubloons now if unless you really want the Kron right now. FWIW I've enjoyed the games I've played in the Kron, the ship is honestly one of the best for grinding missions in co-op since she's fast, hits hard consistently, has decent reload and the bots don't know how to aim for weak spots.
  11. lloyd1701

    Just opened x80 mega crates

    Even discounting the Kronstadt (which is $80-$120 worth of converted FXP you don't have to grind/spend and can instead put towards the Mushy / Alaska / Skipping almost 3x T9 TT ships and etc), those 10 ships add up to $323.14 in RL$ by themselves. And you did get a special ship drop in the Kron, which is a pretty fun boat to play.
  12. lloyd1701

    Containers - Are they Gambling? My thoughts...

    WG's lootcrates are Schrodinger's dice. If you have a newer account and can use pretty much everything in them, they are not gambling in the Belgium sense since WG has sold dragon flags, 1x use camos, doubloons, ships and even coal (through the Go Navy! crates) stand alone and these crates offer a much better discount on those stand alone deals in return for their grab bag nature. OTOH, if you have a well established account like most of us on the forums and have plenty of everything aside from Missouri's / Nikolai's / Kamikaze's and so on and so forth well... it's the very definition of spending a lot (and getting a lot of things that are of little value to you) going for the rare prize... Of course TCG both paper (compare MTG: Jace the Mind Sculptor with a basic Island) and online (Hearthstone) have this feature 'built in' as well. Honestly I think WG's approaches to the first run RN crates melded with the Black Friday crates would be the best. Have the lootcrates give a good return on the 'top prizes' just as almost everyone who bought BF crates in the 6 / 12 packs pulled one or more black ships and most who got the 24 pack got 3-4 i.e. they got them for cheaper / much cheaper than the guaranteed 4 pack BUT also with the BF limitation of not being able to pull dupes so there was a built in limitation. And if there's a pool of 'super prizes' like the otherwise unavailable ships, have a currency like guineas that allows you to buy a crate that drops one of the super prizes guaranteed, but like coal in the Go Navy crates, only the blue whales will go for buying them outright. Maybe make it a permanent currency that works for the event of the patch so you could spend it on these crates, spend it on guaranteed missions for the next line, hoard it till next Xmas and etc. I do like the option of being able to roll the dice to possibly get a discount on top shelf stuff in addition to the basic pulls (I'm swimming in paint), but I think WG went too close to 'bad' lootcrates in pushing the otherwise unobtainables with this run of Xmas crates. They also made a mistake in not giving a usable quantity of super special camos in the $5 crates... How much nicer would it be to get some super special drop of 50 of them (i.e. a quantity you'd actually use for grinding silver ships) but few if any people would be super chasing that 1% drop.
  13. lloyd1701

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    HMS Mongrel: You'd think a BB with 9 15" guns that reload in 25 seconds, has a 10.9km min concealment and can't be citadel'ed would be broken OP AF and nerfed into the ground a long time ago, right? NOPE! Mediocre HE, horrible AP, 32mm or less armor everywhere, a literal T7 HP pool with normal heal plus a whole lot of hp in the exposed sections of the ship to take damage from everywhere, an abominable rear turret angle, looks like a bad kitbash of an RN BB and out of place along the entire line AND last but certainly not least, being what should've been the never taken alt gun layout of the King George V while the Nelson was the T7 and the Rodney the FXP premium all combine to make a grind more unpleasant to this BB main than the Izumo + Freddy + Iowa pre citadel lowering grind combined.
  14. You have a lot of things to weight. If you want to 'avoid regret' and grab ships that are readily available now but might never be readily available again, get the Mushy for coal and try to amass another 300k FXP to get the Kronstadt before 0.8 drops a month and a half from now. Mushy is also the way to go to get the most credits right now rather than later, she's a great spotter plane / smoke firing trainer. As much as people complain and their complaints are valid regarding T8 MM, at least you can still see T6's-7's and even in T10 matches, the T8 is rarely the juicy / needs to be taken out NOW target unless they work for it. The Salem, OTOH, is always going to be considered a top threat that the red team will go out of their way to take down. Since you're only up to T8, I'd hold off on the Salem. The Nelson is a good and fun ship, but she's a standard T7 premium wrt economy and as such you'd have to make up for the deficit and then some to get more credits / xp than Atago. Preliminary reports say the Alaska is 1 million FXP, so if you get any FXP ship now it's gonna be a long grind to get the AK later.
  15. Yeah, looking at all the threads of the results it's either Shipsmas or Saltmas, no 5/10okaymas. I mean I'm very glad it was Shipsmas for me but man some people spent $47-$75 for basically all frosting and no cake.