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  1. IMO, it was a pretty big mistake of them to introduce the Arsenal BEFORE the dedicated resource crate with the guaranteed coal drop. It was also a mistake to tie the retroactive coal reward to oil rather than achievements or # of battles played i.e. things everyone could get.
  2. Indianapolis Daily 24 - Kay?

    They come up every three days.
  3. Indianapolis compensation?

    I disagree that WG letting F2Players earn the Indianapolis 'devalues' the ship. For one you get the full credit compensation of 11 million for the duplicate if you already have her in port. Second is the 26000 miles in Indianapolis mission that allowed you to get a number of extra crates over those who earned her, which translates into more chances for America missions and 4x other premium ships and a T8 Cleveland. Third is that you had to be pretty diligent in completing the missions, if you missed six you can't earn her. Finally, the Indianapolis is an old and pretty unremarkable premium (unlike the Dakkalanta, Shiny Horse, Star Saver Sims or now removed Payfast) that probably wasn't earning WG much, if any money directly before this. I pulled her out of a 2016 Santa crate and never played a game with her until this mission arc, and while she's a much more solid T7 than I thought at first, she'll probably be going back into mothballs when the arc is over since I'm a BB main and have the Shiny Horse at that tier.
  4. The only reasons to keep silver T5's (outside of loving to play the ship, of course) imo is either you're a ship hoarder collector like myself or hoping for a line split.
  5. Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    Since you're already halfway there FXP wise, I would continue along that route since you can earn as much as you can get per game/day as opposed to relying on RNG and if you're willing to spend real life money you can either directly convert elite xp or buy flags that advance your earnings significantly. OTOH if you use up coal/steel, which can't be bought, you'll be regretting spending it all on the Musashi if you ever become interested in the Salem or want a special module right then.
  6. I'd bet steel will be earnable eventually through scenarios as one of the occasional 'repeat 5 star' combat missions. The game will probably be in version 7.6.0 by the time you get enough for a Stalingrad just through that method though.
  7. It would be easy as pie for them to limit the number of random steel drops you can earn to, say, 3x per day the same as they limit crates and CB oil though.
  8. Best SC you've ever gotten?

    Most RL money valuable SC I've gotten was 30 days premium time. Otherwise I've gotten lucky with speed boost mods and pulled 4 of them.
  9. 150 Hits and win: Minotaur, got it in 1. 30 Planes: Two painful games, one in a 3-1-1 Ryujo against a unicum Independence and literally 5 Clevelands and one in the Independence against an absolute potato Independence, but also literally 4 Atlantas.
  10. I pulled her out of a 2016 xmas crate and never actually played her until these missions, so in that way they are pure gravy for me, but if I didn't have her I wouldn't have felt any real desire to buy her for these missions unlike the previous two. French crates were quite good giving you 3x Revolutionary camo and 5 regular eco flags as opposed to 1 camo and 5 flags (I think I've gotten the 'supercontainer' of 3 camos and 3 specials once, which certainly doesn't make up for losing out on 2 guaranteed camos).
  11. Just like the October Revolution and the Aigle, if you already have the Indianapolis you get the ability to earn more America crates... although frankly the base American crates aren't nearly as good as the French or Crimson crates AND having only one mission every three days instead of every day is also janky.
  12. Outside of the Kitakami being removed and refunded for being a teamkiller nightmare, WG has never, AFAIK, blanket taken away any ship that people have bought or won. Even the Graf Zeppelin, which has oscillated between broken and broken OP is still available to those who bought her and didn't take the refund.
  13. If you're not going to offer 'fire sales' then don't offer them since you have ways to restrict offers to 1 per account and/or new accounts, don't change the ship discount doubloon policy to something that treads the line on shadiness (and I think I'm being generous in that assessment) in having a big red -20% (or whatever) tag in the corner of a ship bundle and then if someone who has the ship already 'falls for it' they get an amount of doubloons with no discount and would have been better served spending their money on a different product.
  14. This looks very 'bait and switch'y in terms of the clearly stated discounts that under the current terms actually exist in that if a $50 ship is on sale for a discounted $40 (i.e. 20% off) and I buy that package even though I have that ship, I'll receive $50 worth of doubloons. If I have that ship in my port then WG already has my money for that ship (outside of the absolutely minuscule chance of winning it in a supercontainer OR it's one of the very few premiums earned from an in game campaign). Now, however, if WG offers a 20% discount on that $50 ship I ALREADY PAID FOR, I instead receive ABSOLUTELY NO DISCOUNT and only get $40 worth of doubloons. This absolutely murders whale packages like the Armada deal where WG is going for your big chunk of change and understandably made the offer really tempting in paying $500/$600 for all the ships or their full doubloon equivalent. But if you already have all the ships, you're either so lucky you can actually make a living off of buying winning lottery tickets OR you already paid WG another $500/$600 for the ships beforehand. Now what do you get with the bundle? You get the ships to fill in your collection at 'half off', but then you get completely undiscounted doubloons so the supposed 50% discount is actually less than 50%, and if you already had all the ships in the bundle your $500 / $600 is no different from buying $500 / $600 of 'any doubloons' WITHOUT ANY DISCOUNT AT ALL. You've just gone full Captain Ahab here WG. And FWIW I plowed the doubloons I got from the Steam Sale (and then some) into Space Camos for ships I already had the Permaflages for.
  15. ST Legendary Upgrade Changes...

    Actually, moving the Moskva's module to the 6th slot isn't a nerf but makes it far more of a true 'sidegrade' since you don't give up concealment anymore, while in the 6th slot you give up MBM3 (presumably) for range and a big dispersion buff.