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  1. Don't have Plymouth or Austin so no comment. Bourgogne is imho the most fun steel ship and actually fun to play since the ship is essentially a buffed Alsace. Stalingrad can be important in competitive but isn't so fun in randoms. Thiccshima is basically a Yamato after the secondaries nerf. FDR if you really like CV play or need her for comp modes... otherwise there are better options.
  2. lloyd1701

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    Kearsarge is either going to be OP as all get out at T9 or so compromised by her release she'll make the Marco Polo look like the next Musashi. Honestly would be better as a T10. Rochester: Wichita is even sadder. Would've been nice at T9 with full consumables and a heal as a return of the old Baltimore. Carnot: French Agir. Interesting. Conn: What the VT line should've been? Hope this means this line is being revamped somewhat.
  3. lloyd1701

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    The threshold for the FF penalty is 40/50 main armament hits in a single match. The odds of reaching that by mere negligence / bad bots is so low it's not worth considering.
  4. lloyd1701

    Are you a Whale (or how does this game make money)

    Yeah, I'm somewhat into EA's Plants vs Zombies 2 and the P2W and RNG is on a whole different level AND kind from this game in that you can pretty easily spend the amounts of money the guy is talking about as oppsed to, say, the recent early releases where you can only spend $240 worth of undiscounted dubs and then you have the Elbling / Vermont / etc. permaflage and that's it. Even Santa Crates have a limit of "well you have all the premium ships..." Or that you can only mount one set of dragon flags instead of 100x and spend hundreds on a single match to make a million FXP and a billion credits.
  5. lloyd1701

    Trouble with new underwater world

    Yeah, underwater stuff is fine so long as it's clearly marked for surface ships and is as easy to get unstuck as islands have been traditionally i.e. get rid of the 4 minutes stuff Flamu illustrated.
  6. lloyd1701

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    They actually aren't giving compensation, they're just redrawing so if you already have all these ships this event is Not Applicable for you.
  7. lloyd1701

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    On the one hand, WG did clearly listen to the player base wrt captain transfers and such and imo implemented a fair solution. OTOH... skinflint much? WG's not even giving Friesland owners the option to exchange for the Groningen, just pay again.
  8. Marceau is imo heads and tails the more fun boat being a combination of the Kleber and Colbert. The Neustrashimy is basically a gimped Grozovoi with slow loading torps that don't hit that hard individually and anemic gunpower such that you rely on your gimmicks of 5.4 concealment and the super heal to eventually probably prevail in a fight vs other DD's while it's not enough to do much vs cruisers and BB's.
  9. lloyd1701

    Choice of Steel: Shikishima or Bourgogne

    If you want competitive, the Bourgogne is the better pick since the Yamato is arguably better or at least equivalent to the Thiccshima im competitive... the Thiccshima is imo the more fun boat though since you can hit people like hitting them with Shima torps every 27/24 seconds or so.
  10. lloyd1701

    Unannounced nerf to Somers?

    There's one DD captain skill that has a 5% reload debuff, I think it's swift in silence but not 100% sure.
  11. Considering the skills rebork the 4th crate would be 200k xp and a 5th at 500k for the 'PR disaster was actually fun!' players that don't exist... and to murder the OCD / completionist players who do exist.
  12. Did anyone bid on the captain or the flag? If so, what was the winning bid?
  13. Considering the straight up $ price for coal when WG's sold it directly... and 9k dubs for a captain or 1.5k for a flag, a 25 million minimum bid is imo quite reasonable.
  14. You get your bid back if you don't win so unless you have a pressing need for the silver shortly there's no harm bidding the minimum.
  15. As I've found out, a well played FDR is basically the worst opponent you can face in this game right now. A poorly piloted FDR, OTOH, is a lot of free plane kills and their team would probably rather have had the player in literally any other CV including T8's.