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  1. lloyd1701

    End of the Forum

    I have not engaged in a single post on the discord, only joined for the CT. Discords a rather worthless platform if you want to do anything more than shoot the breeze.
  2. lloyd1701

    End of the Forum

    Just popping in here to say that of all the BAD ideas WG has had and implemented over the years from Graf Zeppelin 1.0 to the PR Disaster to the CCpocalypse to subs to now minefields.... this might not be the worst of them, but an argument can be made that it is. Discord is f'ing AWFUL as a 'forum,' it's like trying to make a forum out of a damned stream chat...
  3. lloyd1701

    Battlepass Free rewards nerfed?

    I posted the answer above, but here's the actual article, remember though that this first BP was five weeks rather than four. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/battle-pass-play-and-earn-rewards/
  4. lloyd1701

    Battlepass Free rewards nerfed?

    The first Battlepass was a five week update and so offered the five week reward of 15k coal for free. Looking through the archive seems to show that WG has been pretty consistent for the free BP in terms of total awards, 12k coal 1200 steel 1200 RP and so on for a 4 week update bumped up to 15x if five weeks. Maybe they rejiggered when awarded though. What is different is the Premium BP, which has gone from 25k coal and 1800 steel / RP from the first BP to just doubling the free and subbing things like eco boosters for the signals flags.
  5. lloyd1701

    how horrible is the italian BB line grind?

    Horizontal dispersion sure, but then there's the V. Veneto experience where at 3km half your shells dunk in the water while the other half hit the superstructure / turrets.
  6. lloyd1701

    how horrible is the italian BB line grind?

    My experience? Got up to the T7 from the EA and never had interest in regrinding the line so can't tell you about the 4-6. T7 was honestly pretty fun for me, take that with a huge grain of salt since pretty much everyone else on my contact list utterly loathed it and I saw firsthand divved up how I'd somehow get 100k dmg 3 kills while my div mate couldn't do squat even though they were better than average / better than me. T8 replaced the Monarch as my most hated T8 for awhile until the Albruhmarle topped it... as said above, Veneto makes the Roma look like a sniper. T9 was not great, not terrible, 12 guns definitely helps a lot and honestly I prefer her over the Colombo.
  7. lloyd1701

    Poll - Average User Spend

    ^This, I also used to spend a lot more, but you also got a lot more for your money back then.
  8. lloyd1701

    Commander reached lvl #21. What now?

    This isn't correct. Premium Time 'only' does the following: 1. 1.5x base credits and 1.65x base SXP/CXP/FXP (which is pretty huge) 2. Ability to complete 3 campaign missions at a time instead of two. Elite Commander XP can only be used for the following things (regardless of whether you have a premium account or not) 1. Boosting other commanders up levels. 2. Instant retraining between tech tree ships without using dubs. 3. Resetting commander skills again without using dubs. 4. Using dubs to convert to FXP much like 'elite' Ship XP (the exchange rate is horrible so don't do this unless you feel you REALLY need to.)
  9. 2135 Patch 999999999.9: Bhutanese Alternate CV's Early Access, Drydock is IJNintendo 64, a T9 BB with 4x2 410mm guns, 12.34km range torpedoes and Harugumo guns for secondaries that are a trap to build into since they have no special buffs to dispersion or range...
  10. TBF, depending on whether the exchange is a joke or actually reasonable, trading an absolute dog of a premium for a ship that might be fun would be worth it even if you get the ship you'll never play back later.
  11. lloyd1701

    Is Congress good for operations?

    Big positives are she's tough and has a heal so you're not beholden to heal auras if the OP even has them. She also has the hardest hitting AP of any cruiser by a good margin so if you can get that magic slightly angled broadside on most of the bot CA's / BB's you'll be facing, ship deletions will follow. Has most all the utility consumables, which is still useful but not the massive plus it is in PVP. Big negatives are the worst fixed cruiser reload for OPs other than the Toulon, low barrel count combined with sus dispersion at times and no torps to improve the deficiency in offense. On the balance while she can do fine, she'll probably lag behind other cruisers in damage dealing potential unless you can position yourself to broadside bot cruisers, which is situational to the OP and spawn. She'll also struggle to carry more than most other cruisers if things start to go south. ===== My recommendations for good OPs cruisers start with Weimar or Mainz tied for first, Bayard second, Boise / NdJ third, then most other CL's. I'd put Congress in the lower half of the pack of heavy cruisers.
  12. For you to 'break even' on this mission chain you basically have to own none of the ships in the crates AND get lucky enough to pull all of them... otherwise you're paying $230 in dubs for a $77 (less if they offer the -B version ala carte again) ship. They really needed to put all the French premiums, including Carnot and Marceau / Kleber CLR in these crates.
  13. lloyd1701

    Quick Question for clarification on Neil Chesters

    I dunno if WG is just being inconsistent in this where two are real people and the third is as fictional as Cap or if Neil Chesters is a real life commander who is obscure and WG just hasn't put out his biography yet.
  14. lloyd1701

    Quick Question for clarification on Neil Chesters

    No commander is supposed to portray a real life person unless they are deliberately added like Halsey / Yamamoto or Jingles / Ovechkin.
  15. lloyd1701

    What flat-out counters subs?

    If the sub is in a friendly ship blob or maybe an AA build T10 CL like the Wooster/Colbert or Halland which also has DFAA up... yes.