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  1. Best in game $0 ways Doubloons: None, as others have said, WG is very stingy with doubloons and only gives them out in any quantity through grinding Ranked or Clan Wars battles. The best way otherwise is to always choose 'Try Your Luck' containers and hope to score a 1000 doubloon super container. XP: In contrast to doubloons, WG is pretty generous with XP boosters such as camos and flags. Look to complete missions and campaign tasks to earn a few here and there... but that add up pretty quickly (finishing all three stages of Gold of France gets you at least 45 Revolutionary camos for instance.) Also look to get your first day win bonus on ships you are grinding since it is at least +50% to that match.
  2. 1. Iowa / Missouri 2. Hood (WG spent real time on making her look good and its shows!) 3. Yamato / Mushashi 4. Rasputin (Halloween Nikolai), Magnu-S (Halloween Tirpitz), Igor (Halloween St. Louis), I really loved the look of the Halloween event and am looking forward to the Space event since those camos look badass too! 5. Aigle
  3. Thing is, even if they DID have a sale on permaflages it wouldn't incentivize many more people to buy them over those already buying them since the discrete sales for T8-10 ships they offer is 15%. 15% would bring T10 down to 4250 and 9 down to 3400 i.e. almost certainly still way too pricey for people who aren't willing to buy these camos at full price. Since WG is now willing to sell permaflages in the store directly for cash, what I could see them offering is something like the Armada Bundle, but with permaflages instead of premiums, but even at Armada's 50% off and full doubloon rebates for camos already purchased you'd be looking at buying 47.5k worth (and counting) of doubloons for money.
  4. Overall, I'm really enjoying the event Things I like: That the Aigle can be earned and thus I can get Gold of France with Honors for free if I work for it. Operation Hermes is very neat, if a bit buggy. Liking the French BB line itself a lot so far, got the T5 and 6 missions. Things I feel could've been improved: The lack of communication regarding French Crates in that Part 1 didn't contain nearly enough earnable crates to have any confidence of finishing the collection and it could only be speculated that WG wouldn't leave people high and dry. This was combined with the fact that the French BB missions have the first truly bad drop rate of any rarer item WG has put out in crates that weren't $1 Santa Boxes, I really like WOWS crates usually, but after reading the threads where people were buying $450 worth and getting 2 missions I passed on these. I feel the event would've been much better if the ship missions were for Tiers 3-6 with a far more generous drop rate and the incentive for buying crates was in pulling all four missions / completing the collection and otherwise being like Yamamoto and Bismarck crates in having the chance to get a 'double crate' (instead of having a chance to pull a Richelieu right off the bat balanced with the fact that you're not gonna pull it ). Tying in to this is making the BB mission for 'Gold of France' T8 and above (or even just T8 and above AND Dunkerque) when all the other missions are T6 and above. I have a Dunkerque and am loving the Normandie, it's a shame neither of those count for the BB mission even though you earn a Dunkerque perma camo for completing stage 1. Finally, you could cut the ribbon requirements for Stage 2 in half and it would still be more grindy than stages 1 and 3 combined. I pity anyone who doesn't have an Atlanta / Minotaur and don't realize it's far quicker to grind / freexp a French line to T6 than getting 10,800 ribbons in randoms.
  5. Premium time discount plus flags

    If it had been 100 of all 5 specials I'd have pulled the trigger on this, as it is though I'll probably wait to see what the Santa crates bring.
  6. The initial stats look weak, but then so did the Henry IV's and that ship turned out very good in the end. The only really off putting thing to me is the AX turret arrangement which means losing 100% of your fore / aft firepower in one fell swoop as well as quads being much bigger targets. The vulnerability of the front turret of the KGV was frustrating...
  7. That the 'basic stuff' in WG's crates are tied to the price you'd pay for those items in the shop or for doubloons (and that plenty of people have paid for) with the chance to get things that are much more valuable doesn't make it 'not gambling' so much as it makes WG look a lot better than EA, Valve and etc. who put out crates that are lottery scratch off tickets i.e. worthless unless you get very lucky and they aren't and all the while pushing you to either keep gambling because you're winning or because you're tilted... Those are the kind of crates that trigger crackdowns. With WG X-mas and Halloween crates it's as you said, you pay $50 and get at least $50 worth of 'stuff' which means even if you're completely without luck, you now have a $50 pile of very useful flags and 1x camos that will take you a good amount of time to burn through... and if you're lucky you get premium ships / permanent camos and such and still have a $30-$40 pile of very useful flags and 1x camos. WG crates are inherently self limited because of the piles of consumables you get in addition to any bigger prizes as well as none of those bigger prizes being anything remotely close to ridiculousness like TF2 unusual hats.
  8. Honestly the previews and teasers for the Pan Asian line have brought my opinion of them up substantially. Deepwater torpedoes are utter death to BB's and CA's and opens up the brand new tactic of DD teamwork in being able to saturate the water with torpedoes without worrying about positioning regarding any PA DD's torps. Most of the line are good gunboats and not having torps means the player has to focus on shooting the enemy DD rather than getting distracted with torpedoes that probably miss (or all hit the bow / stern that is already damage saturated) and thus losing the brawl.
  9. higher tier economy ....

    World of Warships being on the Free 2 Play model means they put their 'paywall' gate on higher tier content, T10 has a 180k base cost per game (as you can see in your credits and xp screen), T9 is 120k and T8 is 75k with credit scaling per tier not remotely catching up. Compare that to T7 at 42k, T6 at 23k, T5 at 11.5k, T4 at 5k, T3 at 3k, T2 at 2k and T1 being free. First thing you can do is join a clan that has the appropriate shipyard building, this will save you a fixed 18k silver per T10 game. Also, premium consumables, especially at this level, can make you more in credits than they cost, especially relative to being 180k in the red from the moment you click 'Battle.' If you're not going to spend money on the game, you won't make much of a credit income on T10 games even with consistently good play and as others have said you'll have to grind credits at lower tiers to pay for the privilege of T10 games, if you are willing or able to spend money, though, the cheapest / best ways to break even to profit are as follows. 1. Flags: Reduce your repair bill is $1.99 and gets you 100 -10% off the base cost flags, which comes out to $6.53 / 1200 doubloons worth of silver over 100 games, 'It's Just A Flesh Would' is one of the easier achievements to farm, and will allow you to extend that $1.99 by a good margin. 100 +20% Credits flags are $3.99 but variable based on your gameplay so if you go that route you should throw those flags on your best performing ships. For 4 cents you would have turned an 11k profit that game. For the long game, 100 +300% Free XP flags is $3.99 and will net you a heck of a lot of free XP to put towards the Missouri (which really is all that and a bag of chips when it comes to grinding out credits). 2. Premium Time: 1 day is $1.49 and multiplies the credits earned by 1.5x, as you can see that would have resulted in you making 62k credits rather than losing 23k. Just as with +20% credit flags it is variable based on your gameplay, though so it won't save you from a game where you got 'fun and engaged' or deleted by a Hakuryu / Midway before firing a shot. 3.The T10 permaflage is $23.56 in doubloons and has both -50% to the base cost and +20% credits, so you both limit your downside and increase your upside. With the permaflage you would have turned a 101k profit that game. Drawback is, of course, that the camo is ship specific and is what it is aesthetically (without modding the game).
  10. Are the USN BBs THAT bad?

    My experience, much of it is 'invalid' since I started the game in June of 2016 and a lot has changed since then, most notably protected MM and all the ship lines introduced. The pre T8 slowness forces you to play a more deliberate game and I appreciated that. South Carolina: Ground it with the Kawachii pre KM BB's and non protected MM and found it pretty fun, but it has been powercreeped into oblivion and I've gotten worse results in recent games trying to take it out for a spin for nostalgia's sake than I did as a newbie. Wyoming: Not fun at all against New Mexes and Fusos. Sold when the grind was done and haven't played it since. New York: Had fun back when T5 and 6 were the MM sweet spot. Sure if you picked the wrong flank you were screwed but back when the Kongo was your only competition your tankiness meant you could deconstruct them if their speed got them in trouble. Haven't played it for a long time though and while the Kongo's speed has kept that ship relevant the New York is just a punching bag nowadays as well as being MM screwed. Texas: The prevalence of low tier carriers keeps Texas relevant. New Mexico: 12 gauge loaded with buckshot, a great ca and dd killer. Unfortunately T6 is screwed by MM and that highlights the New Mex's relative weakness fighting against other bb's. Arizona: 12 gauge loaded with slugs, is even weaker vs bb's but is the best ca and dd killer tier for tier in the game. MM screwed like the New Mex unfortunately. Colorado: A lot has changed since I ground through what I considered the 'brawlerado,' the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau laugh at that and the MM shift to higher and higher tiers means you'll be stuck with T9 maps where you'll be going nowhere fast with the many games won or lost without your input. North Carolina: Much of the reason you've ground up this line, the NC's main battery is the best in the game tier for tier if/once you get used to the floaty shell arcs and since a bb's main battery is its bread and butter that makes the NC an awesome ship. Alabama: Gives up some main battery awesomeness for much better stats in most other areas. Haven't played it so I'm not gonna say if that balances it out. Iowa: Ground through it before they lowered the citadel. It was painful. Sold it when I got the Missouri. Missouri: An Iowa with radar instead of a plane and Midas shells. The radar is infinitely more useful than the plane and being able to take advantage of tech tree / module sales even starting from 100k credits just by grinding this ship for a few hours is so satisfying. Montana: I held off buying until after they lowered the citadel and I gotta say it's the most fun of the three T10 bb's I have (working my way up to the Conqueror).
  11. I very much doubt they'll ever offer the regular permaflages for sale. The most I think they'll do are event permaflages (like the current Halloween camos) that might one day include T10's in its lineup.
  12. Yes, they'll be dismounted so you can put them on your next set of rentals (or not).
  13. I felt like throwing up

    Since the entire clan's rank is affected by individuals and teams winning / losing, the Stalingrad flag should be given to the entire clan once the first clan member attains it in that clan (subject to a minimum number of CW battles and/or time spent with and in the clan prevent freeloading and clan skipping issues) with maybe all the other rewards either remaining personal or split such that they earn some easily divided fraction of the highest clan member's rewards outright and then have to earn the rest based on their own play. So basically the competitive clans who want first place in Typhoon League 1 get to compete against each other for the bragging rights while the clans that don't want to / are unable to spend the effort can have their A-team(s) reach the pinnacle and then allow their B-team(s) to compete and probably fall down a league or two. While there are still obvious issues, making it so the clan's best players can carry the entire clan to the ultimate prize and not just an ultimate rank that only they can compete in would ameliorate the OP's issue to a large extent without having to radically rework the system.
  14. From 115 containers (110 bought + 5 star) on the first day All 11 Permaflages of course 92,500 doubloons: 15k from the first 55, 7.5k from the scenario, 70k from the second 55 200k Free XP 3 million credits (all from the second run) 360 Halloween + '16 camos 75 Blue Lagoon 165 Storm Wind 675 India Delta flags 600 India X-Ray 225 Sierra Mike