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  1. lloyd1701

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    T5's golden times are long past and as such aside from a handful of strong silver ships like the Furrytaco, removed from sale OP premiums like the Kamikaze and GC, and minmaxed boats whose max is coincidentally optimized for the meta like Texas, it's just not a nice tier to be in. It's something of a shame that even 'would be fine if not for T7 MM / 3x T4 CV's' boats like the Exeter don't get much sunshine. As for Boise and July 9, I think a big reason you aren't seeing those more is probably burnout since if you bought one there was a big grindy mission you could complete to get the other. Saw a lot of them while that mission was going on.
  2. lloyd1701


    Admiral's Bounty is a discounted item.
  3. lloyd1701

    Salem a "Special Ship"?

    If the Salem is designated 'special' then all the T10 coal ships should be designated such as well.
  4. Got the only one I could get, WV'41.
  5. You were looking at the Pan American mission, not the Pan Asian one.
  6. You can't get duplicates, it rolls into a different award.
  7. It's 2 CVs until enough time has elapsed, then it's three and T4 is jammed with CVs even after the Hosho nerf. I don't think I've seen 3x T6/8/10 outside of RIGHT after the REEEwork went live.
  8. lloyd1701

    Sov.Soyuz - Worst T9 BB by far?

    Soyuz was good in the last T9 Ranked, which is what I used to grind to the Kremlin, but I do agree that it's a pretty rough experience in randoms where the laden supertanker turning circle and prevalence of torp boats and HE spammers exposes and magnifies the major weakness of VMF boats of all classes in having weak sides with little to no defense once they're exposed. As for dispersion, while you do tend to have far more 'Kronstdadt' salvoes where the shells splash the bow, stern and straddle and you're luck to get one overpen than either the Vlad or Kremlin for some reason, the next salvo you get 2 cits and 5 regular pens on a bow tanking BB somehow...
  9. lloyd1701

    Smolly weaknesses

    Honestly it could use thicker armor... such that large caliber AP will actually arm in the ship rather than overpenning for days...
  10. lloyd1701

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad?

    I have both ships and would absolutely recommend the Bourgogne over the Stalingrad for randoms. The Stalingrad is unarguably a meta defining ship in competitive modes where its combination of guns and tankiness make it an 'off flank BB' anchor point in CB and possibly in ranked (if there aren't 3-4 actual BB's on each team...) but in randoms it has all the flaws of the Moskva only magnified since it is even more visible while being even less maneuverable... while also being far more hated and focused by the red team. Stalingrad excels when you're part of a coherent group that you know will support you while you also support them... and even in a 3 man div, this does not describe randoms. Bourgogne, OTOH, is a pre nerf Alsace but buffed even more and given arguably the strongest gimmick in the game with MBRB. And what it gives up in raw tankiness, it gets back to an extent in having T9 maneuverability. Equip the Speed Boost mod and flag and you're zipping along faster than a majority of the cruisers and even some of the DD's you'll be facing for 4 minutes 30 seconds at a time. In the Bourgogne you also have a proper BB hull that can take a hit or two that would be sending the Stalingrad back to port.
  11. lloyd1701

    How about some new coal ships?

    Some more mid tier coal ships (they can be old reward ships like the current ones) would be nice, unfortunately it's doubtful they'll be doing that considering they just dumped most of those into the armory premium shop.
  12. lloyd1701

    $142.49 down the toilet

    Mission crates have had horrible odds since their debut with French BB's (still remember one poor beached whale who spent $450 on the things without getting the Richelieu mission), my rule wrt buying crates is to go for ones that either outright give you the ships / camos / etc. like Xmas / Black Friday crates since they seem to have an order of magnitude better drop rates (so far at least) or ones that have event currency where they is no RNG whatsoever in getting the 'big prize'.
  13. lloyd1701

    Wargaming premium vers WOWS premium account

    Wargaming premium gives a 1.5x modifier for both XP and Credits. Warships premium gives a larger 1.65x modifier for XP and a 1.5x modifier for Credits. So the only difference is that +15% XP, but in return you lose the 'universality' of the premium time if you care about Tanks or Planes.
  14. Found a big trigger yesterday, divved up with a clan mate for some ranked. Had the game mode set on ranked when I made the division... and it defaulted back to randoms. Got sunk, went back to port, battle wasn't over and my div mate was still in battle, set it to ranked, div mate came out of battle, readied up, clicked battle button... REVERTED TO RANDOM AGAIN! That and the horrible sound issues related to this patch and that the hotfix... didn't. Seriously WG, go back to the old sounds and reintroduce when the sounds aren't either deafening or what sounds?
  15. *Puts on fireproof suit* I'm a player who enjoys the grind and has so many ships that playing even some of my favorite silver ships in randoms feels like a 'waste' when the line is done because it has a 1 point filler captain / no captain, I have other grinds to do, I could earn so much more with a premium ship and etc. etc. But with the RB I can regrind my favorite lines and have a reason to do so, so even though I never weighed in on any 'feature request' threads, I'm one of the players who likes the regrinding of the RB. What I'm not a fan of is the way WG has implemented the rewards in basically turning the RB into the way to earn / buy T10 'FreeXP' ships (and I was with the 99.9% of the community opposed to importing WOT 'Bonds' into ships) rather than making it a way to, say, distribute old event rewards, swag up your favorite silver lines and such with the top rewards for grinding / paying not being two completely non sequitur T10 ships (that they then release roughly equivalent coal versions in the Thunderer / Smolensk) that ticks off both the 'as intended' audience as well as those who hate the whole thing, but rather being in line with the 'regrinding' purpose in, say, RP being used to buy the 'gold' / 'prerelease' version of a silver ship.