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  1. lloyd1701

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    I quite liked it and thought it was a refreshing change of pace. If it is implemented in the main game though it needs to be its own mode.
  2. lloyd1701

    20 Air Supply Containers Results

    IIRC only the X-mas crates have the chance to give duplicate ships for doubloons, so if you already have all 4 CV's you shouldn't buy any more unless you want the other things the crates can drop.
  3. A large majority of my assault games have seen the defenders win not so much because of the boosts but since each of the maps has a very 'unfair' generator, C in Ludus, D in Risus and unless the defending team is very out of place and/or all potatoes and/or the attackers are just that good/lucky I've seen plenty of 2-3 v 9's where the remaining defenders can run out the clock since their hp restoration when they're down to 1 generator and 1-2 other teammates is just that ridiculous especially accompanied with needing 5+ minutes for any attacker to get into position to hit those two generators.
  4. lloyd1701

    Space assault mode

    Just achieved it myself, you really need so many things to go right to get it, in my case it was through being on the defenders weak side, having single launch torpedoes and two great random teammates who allowed me to get into a perfect position three times.
  5. lloyd1701

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    I've been enjoying Space Battles so far even with the MM usually putting the potatoes on one team and multiple purple clan divs om the other. The new capture models for epicenter and especially standard should have a chance to go to the live game, they make gameplay far more dynamic and force new strategies that might be interesting.
  6. Atago's a great choice, stealthy, maneuverable, good torp angles and gun alpha both HE and AP, has a heal. Her only downsides are her IJN AA, squishiness despite the heal (but then no T8 CA is particualy tanky aside from the Eugen) and slower main battery reload. Graf Spee is a nice quirkly T6 which honestly shares a lot of the Atago's strengths and weaknesses. Finally, if you have the FXP/coal and/or are feeling particularly spendy, the Alaska or Salem (can get 40k coal with the space battles directives) are both great ships for their tiers.
  7. lloyd1701

    Is space camo coming with next patch?

    Space Battles is temporary, but will be testing new game modes that, if successful, will be making their way into the main game in some way, shape or form.
  8. Subs need to be tested a lot further in co-op and then outside the main game PVP scenarios before being added (such as Space / Twilight Battles), but things are settling down with CV's in the new meta that frankly I massively prefer to the bad old RTS days where you couldn't dare to practice in randoms for fear of going up against a better CV player and thus handing your team an autoloss with the accompanying getting reported into oblivion.
  9. lloyd1701

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Z-46: The one T9 I gave up on trying to grind through and FXP'ed through the last 3/4. Torps that seem fine on paper, but never landed in practice due to being perfectly spread for that BB/CA/DD to slip through every single time and/or being .1km too short in range, HE fished out of a dumpster that has never been on fire, maximum troll AP that will gives you 1 brilliant salvo... and then you die even if you're not a fool and switch back to HE immediately since your target's HE is strong enough to make up the difference and then some. The Z-46 also seems to come with potato teammates that think the objective of the game is to intercept as many torps lit by me (hydro or not) while they are 5+km away from them as possible. The game that saw me give up on this grind was memorable for that in being gunned down from full health+SE by an Asashio (not much you can do when you're hitting for 600-1000 per salvo after the first two while your opponent is chunking you for 2k+ per salvo all day with multiple sticky fires) who then proceeded to land 10 of 16 torps on our BB's that had formed a perfect line such that a pushing Missouri (that was still 5+km away when I spotted the torps) took 4 and got devstruck (granted it only took the first 3 torps to kill him), then a Mid Range Kurrywurst took 4 from the second salvo and sank because he'd repaired a fire (guessing a single fire) earlier, and to cap it all off two torps from the first salvo detonated a Sniper Yamato who was absolutely sure he was out of range because he was 18km away and all Ashashio have Torp Acceleration... that was literally his reasoning for not making any attempt at evasive maneuvers... And since it was a 200% weekend, the red team looked at the throwing our BB's were doing and said 'Challenge Accepted', soo... yeah... my contribution to that win was 12k damage to a down tiered DD... and if you guessed that was enough for me to place 7th on that team, you'd be right!
  10. lloyd1701

    The right way to fix OP ships

    The problem was not the retiering per se but rather WG putting the GC on the 'chaser ship' list to sell more Santa Boxes (i.e. so more than a few people had just spent money to acquire the ship) and then announcing the ship was going to be retiered basically as is... and at the same time as the mess of the CV reee-work was just getting started. And no, T6 GC was not nearly as strong against T8's as current GC is against T7's since that was the whole point of the retiering. The most charitable spin I'll put on this is that their timing was monumentally poor and there were probably more than a few lost emails between the marketing and dev teams on this. And I agree with you that it is incredibly unfortunate WG screwed the pooch on this since widely distributed brokenly OP ships (premium and otherwise) definitely hurts gameplay...
  11. lloyd1701

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    First week we stomped our poor RU server competition 57 - 31, second week vs an EU clan was a narrow 49-44 win that was only won late on Sunday.
  12. lloyd1701

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    The problem with Wichita's strengths over the Baltimore is that, as you say, they only come into play with particular situations and IF you are adept/enjoy at a particular style of play... while at most every other time the ship is a Baltimore that has given up American for average Piercing and comes pre-penned by a Yamato in trade for gold ship status. Worse, with the radar 'equalization' the Baltimore now has a huge radar advantage in her radar reaching a whopping 1km further as well as only a 200m window of detection as opposed to the Wichita's almost 800m window. It probably shouldn't get a heal, but it needs something... like maybe giving her the consumable suite of the USN CL line so now while you've still given up penetration, health and radar range, you don't have to feel sad that you chose hydro vs 2 Midways or the grim prospect of trying to shoot down that triple Shima div's torps with DFAA.
  13. lloyd1701

    A way to fix GC that will appease most:

    Honestly the best thing for WG to do at this point with the GC is to do one of the following. 1. Dropping it like the WoT team was forced to drop ending preferential MM since the poison and rancor this is producing FAR outweighs any good it will do now in balancing gameplay. 2. Offer a cash refund to those who paid cash for the ship and doubloons for everyone else in addition to replacing it with the T6 version when they release it PLUS the option of selling THAT ship for its full price in doubloons if players don't want to keep it. I'd honestly be a lot less harsh on WG if they hadn't just put the Gulio in the Xmas box chaser ship category. If it was just a regular premium for Xmas box purposes OR they'd announced the rework before Xmas and removed the ship from the shop and Xmas box pool entirely like they did with CV's I'd have been far more willing to accept the 'standard' premium compensation scheme. But as it was WG took the scummy route and used the GC to sell more Xmas boxes by putting it in the chaser pool which meant more people bought boxes in the hopes of scoring one AND selling more boxes to those who were bound and determined to get a Mighty Mo or other particular chaser ship but got the GC instead.
  14. lloyd1701

    Are Russian BBs Over Powered at the moment?

    My .02. The 'Always On CA accuracy if <15km' ability of these BB's looks like it's amazing to play, but considering every CC I've seen have been unanimous on its OP'ness (which is honestly rare to see) compared to the line's drawbacks/'drawbacks' it looks like it's going to be either nerfed into oblivion before launch OR go live, break the game as badly as .8.0 CV's and THEN be nerfed into oblivion with the Nelsonski being removed from the store early to become the next Xmas box chaser ship. But it possibly doesn't have to be this way, you even have the tool to keep powerful enhanced accuracy in the game as the VMF BB gimmick along with Deepwater Radar in giving VMF BB's a more normal BB dispersion and moving the +Accuracy as is to a consumable slot (either combining it with DWR or giving it its own slot) and as such bringing the Twilight Battles Leviathan '0 dispersion shot' to the main game. This would allow VMF BB players to taste the OP'ness of accurate shots while not introducing VMF counterplay as the Monty Python 'How Not To Be Seen' sketch.
  15. lloyd1701

    I want your opinion on a Shop Name: A Poll

    I like the current name of the in game store as the Arsenal. Not a fan of renaming it the Armory. Of the three choices though, Shipyard is my choice.