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  1. Since the latest update I have had multiple times when I force myself to hold fire because I cant see the target (and how it's oriented). The splashes literally obscure the ship. Have to give it a second or two for them to subside. The update did not correct this issue if it was intended too. Lastly who cares about real bombs and shell splashes, we are playing a video game.
  2. Above average player looking for a clan.

    OSG may fit your needs, check us out.
  3. OSG fits your needs, check us out.
  4. I certainly don't claim to have the answer but MM has been terrible lately. I have never paid to much attention to stats and play all levels and types of ships. Overall my stats are average or above, except for wins. I usually find myself on teams that just get blown off the map by the other team. I absolutely agree with the comment about not facing ships 2 tiers up from mine, that is always a mismatch. Talk about increasing the population of the game, I can tell you that having them lose 8 out of ten matches with crushing defeats does nothing toward keeping players around long term.
  5. Because I have played every ship all the way through and never had such a big POS to try and go around before. Thanks for all the answers everyone.
  6. I researched and bought the BB Kawachi, I noticed when I researched it that it was more than indicated on the tech tree. Now I am ready to get the Myogi, the tech tree indicates it will be 8400 to research it but when I click on it to get research it the charge is 10400.