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  1. Like all the ships in WoWSs, you have to learn the tricks for THAT ship. Only had her a short while, pushed to get her since I had the fancy paint already. She is a major improvement over the P'cola and a lot of fun.
  2. Have had reasonable luck with New Orleans, the Henri IV and her T-8 and 9 sister ships are better at it. They don't have the conceal or RADAR though you do get torpedoes.
  3. It is a great reward, and just ground into the NO boat and use the new 2nd camo on it as well :))
  4. That's good luck. The Fr cruisers have finally gotten me into really playing the class, edging into my mostly destroyer mode. The T8-10 are fantastic.
  5. Got mine took four more battles, thanks and thanks for rounding up. Looking forward to the new stuff this year, the dev team is outstanding. Cheers
  6. Have played three games since the time it should have been fixed, still no signals. Can you please check and advise?


  7. Stuff happens, and who can complain about the price. Happy Anniversary, hope there is an update soon.
  8. And this is the final build, got the 19th point today....
  9. not enough information. What have you played, what should you have gotten?
  10. All XP earned in battle on premium ships and elite ships can be converted into free xp, which can then be converted into elite command xp. Command XP is more often obtained by being earned in battle or as an award in a campaign.
  11. Guess there will be an other patch tomorrow...no answer on my support ticket yet.
  12. Got the camo, no flags, 11.5K battles 5 T10 ships.
  13. I put in a support ticket.
  14. Good ship, even better with the free premium camo. Great gift I was lusting after premium paint of both the Kiev and Charles Martel. Now I have and some for three other boats when I get them. Really nice missions.
  15. same thing, that's why I visited the forum to see if there was any info.