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  1. The Isokaze was the pick before the nerf, it printed High Calibers as boats sunk to her fish and caps were taken. The Clemson is very good, and the I-170 is close with a good skipper. Still, the seals are safer with the Iso weakened.
  2. Am is spot on, then play with the lines and see what fits your playstyle. I love all the high-tier dds from T8 to T10. Each is special. The Gearing is the jack of all trade, with good conceal, and solid guns. I play her to contest caps and kill with fast 13.2KM fish (16Kms modded with boost). The Shima excels at long torps and ambush. The Germans have solid guns and hydro makes them great cap raiders and dd hunters. The Khab is really the best light cruiser in the game. I could never really use cruisers until I got good with the Khab. Am's last point is also worth repeating, have fun and keep exploring.
  3. Each DD has its own quirks, and set of techniques for success. The trick is discovering the weakness when the boat is stock and then being able to push the strengths as both you and the ship improve. Don't rush the cap, spot opposition, make them waste smoke and fish, use the hydro and the faster rate of fire of the smaller guns to even the match.
  4. Sort of like the regular debate about the Fletcher and the Gearing. Many like the Fletcher, but the Gearing has more muscle. In some respects it's a matter of personal taste. Agree that a T-10 is well worth premium camo. Add a premium account and you can make quick work of many combat missions and rack up the rewards.
  5. On target. The premium camo not only turns an upper tier ship into a credit farmer, it speeds up captain skills and helps support the game.
  6. So, with the new posting on the WoWs website, the flag may be a way to enter a set of new missions. It seems to have something to do with the Halloween portal that was been on the edge of the Sea of Fortune map for several months. I'm mounting the flag to see what happens, since that's what the tip implied. Post if you learn anything more.
  7. As a fellow SGT of Marines, hang back? I find a good choke point with solid cover and good lines of fire, then make them try and dislodge me and send them back to port. Just be careful to not get flanked. Semper Fi, And I join you in remembering always all our fallen. LCPL Jimmy Leland Crouch KIA 26 SEP 65 Quang Tin.
  8. I love both the DM and the Henri, and both can be solid parts of the team. It is like a big Khab, and they are never boring. As for the AP, I've done cits on a Yamato with it--not just an HE spammer. That said, it can generate Witherers on a regular basis if HE is your style.
  9. Did a change happen that removed replays? I just went in and the replays folder is gone.
  10. The last bit sounds of a ditty I had to recite each night at tap, Ode to the Marine's Rifle....
  11. It is a fun ship, and with the anniversary camo it prints free and skipper XP
  12. It's a great boat
  13. I still enjoy the Kiev, the Khab is a much stronger boat once you get used to him. Personally I found IFHE was not worth the points, nor was CE. As you said, it is built for speed. With that in mind my build includes the special Engine Boost Mod 1, and both rudder mods--they mostly off-set the rudder nerf. The captain skills focus on ROF and staying alive.
  14. Run another ship that will produce a positive credit (one hopes), usually a T4 will give credits and work off the debt. Consider premium camo of your favorite T8 and up ships. That, along with some premium time, can make them very profitable. It will also support all the elves that build and run the game.