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  1. Sometimes the client crashes a second time and locks the system, others it looks like it is loading but has stall. Both can take a long to get past.
  2. That is a real issue/concern. I've had it happen several times, even with a fast and wired interest connection.
  3. Should a destroyer ever use AP?

    Depends on the ships, distance and positioning. Best example a broadside Neptune that died in two quick salvos with AP close-in from a Kiev-12 cits. Have cited a BB at close range with a Khab on occasion.
  4. Henry IV - Double Rudder or Concealment.

    Henri is a great boat and can be played a lot like a bigger Khabarovsk. It's very addictive to farm fire damage with HE and collect Witherer and Arsonist awards. Keep in mid that her guns are the largest for any cruiser and use AP on broadside targets. I've gotten a 24K salvo on a BB once with perfect rng.
  5. I have had it happen to me, to other players in division, and watched other players come in very late very often since the last couple of patches.
  6. Henri IV is much like a big Khab, which is only fair--the Khab and the Kiev play much like Fr Cruisers.
  7. That can still be a power-outage, dropped connection, or an background system update that forced a restart-reload. One recent windows 10 updates required over 40 minutes before my system was fully online.
  8. Will my account transfer to a new PC?

    The core info on the account is on the WoWs server. you can actually have more than 1 account on the local machine by using a different email and install a second local game instance..
  9. Chasing the 1750 base xp

    Just look at the value in the Team Screen listing for your ship.
  10. Many AFKs are really a dropped server or serious lag in entering the game. I have a hard-wired T3 connection and it's not the problem. It's the game server or its load. So please don't just assume and ding.
  11. Got Alsace. Looks fun!

    It's a random chance. I got 1 (T5) then a desert until the (what I though was the final crate when I got the T7. Grind followed to unlock the T8 and anther grind to T9--ten I get another crate with the T6. It's a metter of luck.
  12. enough free XP to get to Tier 8 :)
  13. French battleships.

    Seems we go though this with every new line. First, anticipation and people can't wait. Then people get the ships and those who can't figure out the proper play of the boat in the game [edited] that they are no good and those, that get creamed by those who do use the ship well claim OP and cheat. Finally a large number of players use the ship and figure it out. Then we are periodically "treated" to rants about OP or broken.
  14. How to use Missouri??

    Guess you have trouble understanding the finer points. He has player the IJN line all the way to the T10, so he has taken the time. Perhaps you should take remedial course on how not to be a troll in forums.
  15. Coming off Chappy, new to donskoi

    As far as IFHE, it's good on the ships up to AND including the Dom, it's not worth it on the Moskva