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  1. Seamus_44

    Server instability issue

    Seems to be back up now
  2. Finding T7 ranked sucks. Most teams I've seen don't work together and the match becomes a yolo mess.
  3. Seamus_44

    Where is the Flint?

    Flint did not show up in any window until I searched by name, then it showed. Not sure why my available options lists didn't show it w/o the search.
  4. The Z-44, Flint, and Neustrashimy were all supposed to appear today as a coal ships. Only the Z-44 is available. Is that a glitch or a known delay? I was hoping to get the Flint.
  5. Seamus_44

    I cant claim my PTS rewards.

    The reward ship may take longer than the other rewards and come as an in-game crate.
  6. Seamus_44

    Solo Warrior

    It's a real thrill, congratulations. They do creep up. I got one Friday and their were eight ships in the game, then in a minute or so only two on out side and four on theirs. If a red had died first, no award and then they caught my team mate a minute before and we had lots of cap points. Those last few seconds are a rush.
  7. Seamus_44

    No cxhat window in game

    Update or disable the mods you use. had the same problem and also lost the lineup list in the game. New mods all good now.
  8. Seamus_44

    Des Moines vs Moskva?

    Moskva, it will soon be a special premium and the DM will still be in the tech tree to grind.
  9. Seamus_44

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    Push and use any flags and special camo on the Don to speed things up. Also run the scenarios when the ship tier matches (like it does right now) Its a good place to practice the ship and pays well. Use the FXP when possible to upgrade the hull and guns. GLHF
  10. Seamus_44

    Smoli RU Super fire starter

    Do it! The ship will be removed in 9.03
  11. Seamus_44

    Current update issues

    Have had locked UI in port, ship acted like it was run-aground in open water (near land mass), bounced from server, and late battle reports. Assume a patch may be in the works.
  12. Seamus_44

    High Tier Soviet AP

    First time I saw it was in my Kiev, 12 cits in three salvos on a broadside Neptune. Eye-opening.
  13. Seamus_44

    DD Commander Skill points question..

    Depends. Some have very fast reload, and/or need the extra consumables more. TAE usually comes as a later skill for my skippers, even on ships that focus on fish..
  14. Seamus_44

    DD Commander Skill points question..

    Almost all dd capts should start with PT, (some might like PM) , LS (always), then SE or BFT, and CE. If the boat gets a lot of bang of out IFHE, then take that after the basic four.
  15. Seamus_44

    Neustrashimy, Anyone?

    have the Black and he Benham, the Benham is the far better boat. Got the Neutrashimy a couple of days ago and love it. Check out Kuro's videos and experiment. right now about a 75% win rate and top two or so on the losses. Have mostly played him (Russian boat) like a Gearing with heal, and an experimenting with more Khaba captain runs now. Also a good boat for getting dreadnoughts.