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  1. We used to main the gangway and the brig and for some reason the squids felt "unsettled" by our presence. Of course, I really enjoyed being with a Marine Detachment on a Navy base. Less mickey mouse and had our own little world. Better liberty too, many of the local ladies liked us better. :)
  2. Seamus_44

    About the CV rework

    I didn't say radar left the game, I said that play and tactics adapt. As for a ship you may consider more of a DD...here you go. Overcome and adapt. I for one would rather see innovation and a chance to try new modes than just the same old thing. WG adjusts as they see a need for tuning, that's why the Khab no longer has 10 KM fish and the Wos got radar nerfed. 8.0 and cvs are a big changes and I expect to see adjustments all around.
  3. Seamus_44

    About the CV rework

    Gibe it all some time, the players have to adapt and WG work on fine-tuning the new model. Same thing happened with radar. I'm seeming some games with 4 dds on a side and others with 1. Just player one in tears with only my Khab on our side as a dd and the reds had 1 Gearing. Here is what happened, 2 solo caps, 3 kills and 13 planes down as I came in 2nd for the win. Most of the game I was in knife fights with several reds. Working on posting a video of the match soon.
  4. Seamus_44

    Alaska will not be available: confirmed?

    I was being unusually reserved, and refrained from noting Patton was Chesty's wimp relative. Of course, Patton went to West Point and Chesty to VMI inaddition to the variation of branches. Advantage Chesty--plus Chesty was a Mustang.
  5. Seamus_44

    Alaska will not be available: confirmed?

    Patton was Marine General Chesty Puller's cousin. Chesty got shot at a lot more in both WWII and Korea and is best remember for two incredible battles Chosin and Tearnu River.
  6. Seamus_44


    Had been saving 750 fxp for her, and am now over 1million, now just need the release. Glad I didn't spend the "extra"
  7. Seamus_44

    Nerfed Yueyang - quick initial WR analysis

    Seems we have this discussion every time a nerf or buffed is announced to a popular ship that is loved by its players and ranted as OP by those it sinks. Any noticeable nerf requires adjusting play style. If you can do that and still enjoy the ship, great. If not, move to another ship and wait. One day WG will once again "re-balance" the ship and/or line. I stopped playing IJN dds after that line was nerfed. Today many of those ships leave my port on a regular basis. If win rate, or damage, or kills is the only reason you play, then play another ship. If mastering the game, the challenge of unlocking ship's best playstyle, or having fun in division is the goal, maybe the same ship will still work. Let's consider some examples and the Yueyang. The Khabarovsk got nerf and now has a slower rudder and snub-nosed fish. I missed the long fish and reworked the boat to minimize the rudder issue. I still enjoy running, gunning, and burning ships down. The Isokaze was once my favorite seal-clubber. It got nerfed & my collection of High Caliber awards went down. I don't really play it anymore and have moved her 19 point skipper to another boat. Yesterday I started grinding the Yueyang and admit I noticed the effect of the nerf. I not choose my gun-fights more carefully and do more stalking than capping. I also came in first and third on the first two games with solid damage. Today I'll be grinding her for the unique upgrade and may revise my remarks.
  8. I'm taking a wait and see. Each time a new major shift is brought into the game some players claim the sky is falling and that X is being nerfed out of existence or that a class of ships is now obsolete or unplayable. Over time the playstyle and tactics adapt and the developers tweak the balance. Once potent seal-clubbers become targets for a bit and players adjust configurations to improve performance. I once clubbed T4 with the Isokaze, now it sits in port. The Khab got reworked to limit the nerf effects of rudder time and still can wreak havoc. The list goes on, point made. Subs may or may not come into random. If they do, expect depth charges and spotting mechanics that make it possible to hunt and kill them. U-boats ran rampant in two world wars, and with new tech and teamwork most settled on the bottom with their crews. Change is a vital part of life and the game.
  9. Seamus_44

    British DDs too fragile

    Seems to be the same with each new line, and DDs maybe the most. I used to think the US and Russians were worthless. Then I ground to T8 and started to understand and like them Now the Khab and Gearing are joys and I can go down to T7 and have fun. It takes time to understand and master a ship--then it gets nerfed or buff or a special mod and it's time to rework the skills.
  10. Seamus_44

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Hopefully they will also give us time to spend the sovereigns from the HOF crates if they come in that late.
  11. Seamus_44

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    The new UK missions are not up- yet either, probably linked
  12. Seamus_44

    Should I sell tier IX ships?

    It depends. Do you like the ship? Not all T9 are just nerfed versions of the T10. The Don has torps, the Moskva does not. Plus, you sometimes get to be top tier when MM is kind. They may let you keep grinding a mission that requires a certain nation/class/etc. while waiting for a battle to end after being sent back to port. Do you need the slot, reused the skipper? Then selling is probably best.
  13. Seamus_44

    Special Event End Warnings

    They did give notice, but seems the rules are changing and the sovereigns are not being given out after the next patch This is the first time I am feeling cheated by WG if that is true. Busting a grind to get rewards and then have them cancelled during the event sucks. Hope that the change was a typo or they reconsider. Esp after screwing up the first round hall of fame and shorting me 3 containers--until and unless they fix the glitch.
  14. Seamus_44

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I sent in a ticket last week and was told "they are working on it." An update would be nice. I screen capped my level just in case something like this happened.
  15. Seamus_44

    Kitakaze — Japanese Tier IX destroyer.

    This is becoming my favorite ship in the game...here is an example of why