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  1. Seamus_44

    Un Nerf the Khab

    Would love to see the torps buffed to a good range 8-10K. The heal (better) and smoke still make her a more survivable contender vis a vis the Kleber.
  2. Seamus_44

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    Excellent review and as always a fun read to boot. I opted to add the Smoke Gen 1 and the Hydro 1 upgrades om the build. She is in interesting beast and fun to play. Maybe the reason she passed the final QA is a hidden agenda, it does tend to make the other team develop focus fire skills.
  3. Seamus_44

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Training room with 5 ships on each side loaded in Big Race the green team appeared on the top of an island and all burst into flame and died at the start of the game. Used the same team in Straight and all loaded and played properly WGCheck.exe 20191013_074127_PBSA210-Audacious_10_NE_big_race.wowsreplay
  4. Is the replay still in the replays folder or a subdirectory of that folder? Doing that fixed the hung client for me.
  5. Seamus_44

    Cannot Load Replay

    I just was able to record after having the same problem. The replay ahs to sit in the original replay folder to actually run. It seems the client can't load it on the server now if the file is in a new location.
  6. Seamus_44

    Cannot Load Replay

    I used to be able to save the replay to a new folder, and have a mod that creates subfolders. I'll try running from the replays root. Thanks for the idea.
  7. Seamus_44

    Cannot Load Replay

    Up until two or three updates ago I could drag a replay game file on the appropriate version exe of the client (current, past saved in a separate directory) and the game would start and load the replay. Now the game loads and the anchor symbol appears and the replay never begins. I have tried it on a clean install, run the WoWs repair, disabled firewall and virus tools, cleared out mods, all to no avail.
  8. Seamus_44

    Cannot Load Replay

    I have had the same problem for the last three or so updates. Really a bummer. It occurs with current and past versions that I have kept copies of the client. That used to work.
  9. Seamus_44

    Friesland for 19$?

    Buy the doubloons first, do the conversion to FXP and then use the coupon.
  10. Seamus_44

    Submarines are Coming

    Here we go, for some players the salt shaker is full and the sky is falling---while WG is working hard to make the game more engaging for seasoned players and more interesting overall. Adding features and balancing is part of life in WoWs. As a (mostly) DD driver I learned to deal with radar and adjusted game style when the Khab was nerfed and the Isokaze crippled. This week the salt is running on the OP nature of the Smolensk--and will shift to a new target when enough people adapt. The subs look like neat addition and I plan on both using them and hunting them as soon as they are released.
  11. So, do the folks still upset with FR since the Bush II era call them Freedom Flakes?
  12. Seamus_44

    Mistakes of Guadalcanal

    Neither side was initially really ready and able to respond to the demands of modern amphibious warfare. The IJ forces allowed the US marines to come ashore without first fighting for the beachhead or port. They then engaged in a mixed war of attribution broken by fierce assaults against entrenched Marines that decimated their manpower. The Navy had neither the will or resources at hand to keep the Marines properly supported or supplied, thus prolonging the total capture of the island and securing the area of the airfield. Both sides adapted and the result was seen in the logistics and carnage of the battles between the Marines and the IJ Army.
  13. Seamus_44

    Next Free XP Ship?

    very funny
  14. 10 NOV 1775 is US Marine Corps birthday, hope that patch is in the works.
  15. I willingly take part in the test to help make the game better. I do not do it to provide broad marketing data. How does knowing if I eat fast food, or my ranking of popular toy contribute to the game or the development team. I did not complete the survey and will not as long as such information is more important that thoughts on the game, play, and the issues I wanted to alter the team about concerning performance and the user interface.