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  1. Kronshtadt! i got her finally

    And a Kraken...
  2. Kronshtadt! i got her finally

    Love this boat, here is why....
  3. A GUIDE for citiadel ships

    There are several variables and there are some good videos from WoWs and contributors that can teach the basics. Here is a summary of the items: 1) your shell type and penetration (if you can't punch into the vitals hitting the armor won't be enough) 2) Distance-too far away and the shell may still lack punch and too close it may go all the way through, 3) angle of deflection-too much and the shell may ricochet off target 4) relative movement and speed -the shot may miss because of the shift in location from the point of aim. Knowing your ship, shell, target, and game mechanics all help and then there is practice and more practice.
  4. Clan DD-214 Expanding

    Clan DD-214 is reaching 100,000 oil and expanding to 50 members. We are an active clan that fosters division play and a friendly, polite atmosphere. Most of our members are military (active, reserve, and veterans), and we also welcome non-vets who enjoy the game. We are looking for regular players, and seek to expand our clan battle teams. We also have a YouTube channel warships DD-214. If interested, please request an invite. See you out there :)
  5. Server Issues: July 1st

    Looks like it may be fixed, but the results of the past games during the problem and the "lost flags" persist. Hope WG will make it right, they usually do offer some form of compensation/remedy.
  6. Server Issues: July 1st

    On the third server since the problem showed up. Hope it gets fixed soon and more time for the weekend Indy missions.
  7. It may be up and down over the hour or so. When it's back, the game may not be. If the Number of Players counter in the sidebar shows around 120 players the update is still being tested.
  8. Probably not, the rudder shift is too important when living for the dance.
  9. How to Push and Play in a Battleship

    OP, very well done.
  10. Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    The DM is a fine ship that takes some getting used to and in the right situation is magnificent. Played well she is a real contender even in difficult situations. As a result, expect lots of hostile intentions.
  11. Clearing Up Steel

    Looks like it will take some time to tune the impact of adding steel and oil. Nothing new there, the same was true with Super containers and even new line of ships. Personal experience has taught me to take the time to learn and experiment with new game options. When the German and Russian DDs came out I played them on the test server and didn't see any benefits over the USN and IJN ships already in port. Once the nuances of their individual play styles were discovered the Khab, Kiev, and Z-23 gained Primary Ship status. The same was true for the Pan-Asian DDs. In short, the dynamics of the interplay between the ideas of the developers and action of the players, coupled with the variables of the game is a major part of what keeps WoWs fun and engaging. Keep up the good work on both coming up with new ideas and listening to the community dev team.
  12. Zao or Moskva

    Moskva is getting better plate soon, so dynamics may change. She is a neat boat and fun to play in division. Don't own the Zao. Or you could grid to the Henri , big guns, fast, good HE, wicked AP, and 9km torps. No radar, but with flags and boost you can chase and run down dds.
  13. There is room for both. CA is sometimes used to denote any type of cruiser, and CL is also a useful designation. So is battler cruiser. Of course, the Khab is in a class by itself :)
  14. Impossible for me to do the clan battles, as I set up a clan and made myself cmdr and can't leave. Shifted to Deputy and now don't have any way to leave the clan with the current controls so I can join another with enough members to play.
  15. It's random in the award and the contents. I have noted they used to hold better goodies overall, but still am happy finding one on the dock. It's been a while since I saw on-until two days ago when the first two in the Halsey Campaign arrived. The second was very welcome, 50,000 free xp and then I got another as the 3rd daily with 25 Orboros flags (777% free xp). Very happy since I'm grinding for the Kronshadt