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  1. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    It depends. Do you like the ship? Not all T9 are just nerfed versions of the T10. The Don has torps, the Moskva does not. Plus, you sometimes get to be top tier when MM is kind. They may let you keep grinding a mission that requires a certain nation/class/etc. while waiting for a battle to end after being sent back to port. Do you need the slot, reused the skipper? Then selling is probably best.
  2. Special Event End Warnings

    They did give notice, but seems the rules are changing and the sovereigns are not being given out after the next patch This is the first time I am feeling cheated by WG if that is true. Busting a grind to get rewards and then have them cancelled during the event sucks. Hope that the change was a typo or they reconsider. Esp after screwing up the first round hall of fame and shorting me 3 containers--until and unless they fix the glitch.
  3. Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I sent in a ticket last week and was told "they are working on it." An update would be nice. I screen capped my level just in case something like this happened.
  4. This is becoming my favorite ship in the game...here is an example of why
  5. Servers down?

    Every update the same thread. Use the Server status info on the WOWs main page to check. If it says down or there are only a few players the update is still in progress.
  6. What to spend free xp on?

    The Mo is a money-maker and The Kronshtadt is a really good ship played to its strengths. Both are worth the grind. I've been farming free XP and am back at 724K and counting to get the Alaska. Full premium, slot, camo and no out of pocket cash.
  7. Clan DD214 is recruiting players who want to take part in team play and the next round of Clan battles. We are a fairly relaxed ground, most military veterans-though that is not a requirement. Preference given to those that like division play and have reached at least T9.
  8. Only one I've found worth the effort is the Henri IV. That said. lots of goodies grinding for them.
  9. Khaba or Groz

    Khabarovsk is one of my favorite ships. It plays more like a light cruiser, even more so since the torps were nerfed. It is hard to kill and very nimble as long as you use every rudder mod available.
  10. Clan DD214 has opening for new members who enjoy division play and taking part in Clan battles. We recently gained the expansion to 50 total players. Many of our members are military vets, but that is not required. We put a priority on good manners and a love of the game.
  11. Error connecting?

    Check the WoWs News page. Server down for 45 min for maintenance. Look at server status on the same page and when the number climbs back up from 118 or 122 or so then connect . Note this topic happens every time due to folks not checking status.
  12. I really enjoyed the Saint Louis. Then when I needed a slot, she was sold. The Henri is so strong and plays a lot like the Khaba with big guns. Hard to justify the port slot for the Saint Louis once you get the feel for the Big Banquette.