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  1. Error Connecting Server

    Update download ability is now active. Not surprised it's running a bit long...full number version change. 0734 EST
  2. DD214 is looking for players who enjoy division games. We have several very active members who div every day. The clan is has one open slot now and will be adding 10 slots in a week or so. We have developed all the base resources and now very close to building the Squadron HQ. Sent a request if you'd like to join us.
  3. Error Connecting Server

    When an update is underway there are a couple of things you can do track progress and get in as soon as possible: 1) The WoWs website will show ~ 119 players online while they are updating the code. Close the game client-you have the old version. 2) Run the game launcher and made sure auto-update is enabled. Then you'll be able to see and track the download. Once it is done, load the game. It may still take a few minutes to got live. 2a) Any mods will have to be updated and probably won't be ready for a while.
  4. New to the Des Moines

    Here's my 19 point build, with Steven in the con she can change shell types in 1.5 seconds. Vigilance to help with the Pan Asian fish. Don't ignore crafting upgrades has a big role in ship performance at high tiers. The special radar mod is a real plus if you have one, AA mod helps melt planes, and gunnery distance makes more sense to me than rate of fire. works for me, local results may vary.
  5. When you want damage, kite away and burn. When you help at caps it's time for cover and smoke
  6. Idea for Henri buff

    I play the Heni like a big Khab with awesome AP. and BBQ quality HE She is fast and can really do the dance.
  7. The DM is well worth the grind and the range is the way to go. The rate of fire on her is already very good and you want the ability to reach out and touch someone at a distance.v
  8. I'd finished the grind to the Final Task unlock ~ midnight with an incredible series of game in the Gallants, which I bought (in part) to the bug. Have found a solid torpedo boat, once the feeding frenzy is over. Here is the final round :)
  9. When server won't load and the number of players shown on the WOWs website drops to around 120 or 118 (the two I see the most often when the update is near) close the game client and make sure the Launcher is running and able to do updates. When the players on the website goes over 1000 the game is back up and you can sink ships again. The update this morning is to fix the bug in the awards for the North Cape Campaign. The update started at 0612, should be good to go.
  10. 75k xp mission bugged

    Ran into it this morning after getting 8000 xp and feel the pain. I'm also waiting to see what the offer as a total fix before passing judgment. Run enough programing contracts to know "stuff happens". Given the nature of the beast, looking to see some form of modification of the tasks or time-lines to allow handling both events. If not, then I'll join the chorus.
  11. yep, found out after having a 7500xp battle with a first win bonus :(
  12. When you get good with the Khab the Kiev will sing for you. If the Khab is a sports car tank, the Keiv is a skateboard with 20mm cannon. Then t's time to work on unlocking the Henri VI. It is like a big Khab; fast, punishing, and nibble for it size and role. It can dish out both fire with HE that prints Witherer medals like the Khab, and brutal AP that can punish battleships at long range, cit cruisers, all while dancing at range.
  13. Are the Servers down?

    One way to check is look at the number of users online on the WoW website mainpage. If it is 12, 121, etc users, then it is not open for regular gaming. Then close the game screen and let the update run.
  14. Stuff happens, we don't have all the fact, know the why or how yet. Given the number of variables, including possible mods, user hardware and drivers, game source code, etc. I'm not ready to point fingers or pass judgment. Shutting down the severs? How many times has this happened? Not to jinx myself, 25 games in various tiers in dds and have not see it. Let's revisit the topic once they ID the problem.