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  1. admiralsexybeast

    Sweeeet (North) Carolineeee

    Still the best T8 BB! IMO anyway.
  2. admiralsexybeast

    100 games in a West Virginia '41

    She is a very good premium and I don't regret buying her. She served me quite well in ranked sprint, even better than my Mutsu. That being said, I would still very much like to see a late war variant of a Colorado class. It doesn't have to specifically be USS West Virginia either. I would be perfectly happy with a hypothetical variant of the Maryland or the Oklahoma, had they gotten the same late war refits as WV. Either that or give the tech tree Colorado the late war refit as a researchable "C hull."
  3. admiralsexybeast

    MM is NOT 'random' high win percents stacked on same teams

    True! you cant base your opinion of a player going off of just 1 stat. However, looking at all their stats as a whole can give you a baseline estimation of whether or not they will be a teammate you'll be able to count on or not. This is something I can say from experience, as I do the bulk of accepting/ declining applications for my clan. Generally, I will look for people who have a 50% or higher WR, 40k or higher damage average, kill to death ratio of 1.2 or more, played at least 2k battles, etc. However, If someone applied that had say a 49% WR, but also had a 50k damage average, and is still on their first 2k battles or so, I would in many cases still accept this player into the clan. He might actually be a good developing player that's just had bad luck streaks with teams or something, and just needs a chance to get to play in divs and get some actual teamwork. I've let several players in like this, and over a 2 month period or so, their stats improved a lot. I'm personally and example of how being in a group that works like a team improves everybody. Since being in my clan, my WR has went up 2%, my damage average went up about 15k, and I get quite a bit more xp per battle than I used to as well.
  4. admiralsexybeast

    Why is Edinburgh/Baltimore Radar 10km?

    You're part of a rare breed then my friend! ;) Some people do, but its not something you see on a very consistent basis, not me anyway.
  5. admiralsexybeast

    Why is Edinburgh/Baltimore Radar 10km?

    How often do you honestly see an Edinburgh running radar in random battles? I virtually always use smoke. Unless its a competitive mode like ranked divs or clan battles, the smoke will almost always give a RN CA player more value for their consumable slot.
  6. You really don't understand why this game is free for you to play, do you? Its free for you, because they're are enough players like me on here. I don't want to even think of how much I've spent on this game since I started playing back in 2016, but I know its well in the thousands of dollars. Just a brief rundown: I always run premium account, I currently have 35 premium ships in port, I paid to convert xp to get about 60% of my tier 10 ships, I paid to convert xp to get Missouri, Musashi, Kron, and Alaska, I also frequently buy things during events, lastly, I purchased about $200 worth of Santa crates, in addition to buying a year of premium for $100. The premium ships I have good stats in are not because the ships are OP. Its because I know how to play them. I'm one of the reasons this game is still here, and when I purchase something, I expect a good return on my investment. By completely changing something I purchase, they would've basically ripped me off and honestly stolen my money in an indirect way. I love this game, and hope it will thrive for years to come. However, if the things Ive already paid for start getting taken away, or changed to where they are no longer worth the price I paid for them, Ill take my disposable income elsewhere, and so will a lot of other players. You guys keep que times short? Well, here's a good one for you; Paying players are the reason you even have a game to play at all!
  7. admiralsexybeast

    Wargamings biggest mistake yet?

    Like this is the one and only game where that happens? How do you think new world of tanks players feel when they play against a type 59? I still find it quite comical that you all seem hell bent on the theory that shes almost unsinkable or something. I wont lie, she is one of the better T5 bbs, but there are multiple situations where I would rather be in either my Texas, or Kongo. Sure, she is easily in the above average category,but you're never going to convince me she is "overpowered."
  8. See, people coming together to voice their opinions really does make a difference! Big thanks to WG for standing by their loyal, paying customers, and not giving in to crybabies that whine about dying to a ship they call "overpowered," when they instead likely died due to their own ineptitude. Remember folks, a ship is only as good as the person playing it.
  9. admiralsexybeast

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    Judging by this, I'm guessing you're not a "BB Driver" yourself. I often go on flanks with my fuso, and considering my w/r with her is 64% and also have a respectable damage average for that ship, I can conclude that in my case, going on flanks in the fuso is in fact not a bad idea. Not in my case anyway.
  10. admiralsexybeast

    Recording a Game

    I have no clue, back when I played WOT, it was as easy as enabling recordings inside the game, then you could find them in a game file. I use bandicam and each recording is sent to a file I created for WOWS replays, ones I want to keep, I move and rename, then delete the unwanted ones once a month or so.
  11. admiralsexybeast

    Instead of "fixing" premiums, why not start here instead.

    I think the Musashi issue is kind of taking care of itself with the cv rework.
  12. admiralsexybeast

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    I make sure to use all of my reports every time I play. Ill start off by saying, I'm definitely no unicum. I do like do think however, I do for the most part make a meaningful contribution to the majority of the games I play. I'm just a very joe average player that just wants to enjoy the game. I generally try not to call people out in chat unless they just do something Darwin Award worthy. If I'm playing in tiers 8-10, and we loose badly, I take a look at the team list to see where everyone placed. For example, if I was playing a t8 in a t10 game, if I see a t10 in the bottom 3 places, I report them for poor play. Im sorry, but If I was in something like an NC, playing a game with a bunch of 10s, and I place in the top 3 on the team while something like a Yamato gets last place, there's no excuse for that unless he got detonated or something. I know the reports don't really do anything, but its better than starting an argument in chat.
  13. admiralsexybeast

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    Yup, if we can't seal club at T5, then the unicums shouldn't get to do it at T10 either.
  14. admiralsexybeast

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    Amen to that! Sadly its too late to go back now, they're already here, and trying to nerf them will just cause one PR nightmare after another. Say you went and dropped over 100 grand on a new corvette zr1. Then a month later, the dealer comes, takes out the supercharged V8, and replaces it with a 4 cylinder because it "wasn't fair" that your car could go faster than your neighbors Honda civic. I know that's a big disparity money wise, but its the exact same principle. You had the disposable income to get something nice for yourself, but now you get to be punished by effectively losing your money because it "wasn't fair" for all the people who couldn't afford to or chose not to get that nice thing. I tell you, Im getting real tired of getting nice things in this game, only to see them nerfed to uselessness, or taken away just because some fragile little snowflakes get on here and cry about how something needs to be nerfed, or not in the game because its "unfair" to them. My response? Show me on the doll where the big evil GC wrecked you, then go cry about it to someone who gives a you know what, because I sure don't. Why would I want to pay money for a ship that was worse than what's in the tech trees? That doesn't make any sense. Sure there are situations where it will out perform other BBs at its tier, but Ive been killed in it many times by ships of the same tier. As with most ships, its only as good as the person playing it. Still say its unfair? Well, no matter what this game will never be 100% fair, just as life in never fair, but you sure wont make it that way by screwing over the people who spend money on the game and therefore keep it running.
  15. admiralsexybeast

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    This is 100% correct. Anyone can get tech tree ships, so nobody has room to complain about changes to them. As I said in another thread though, premiums are different. I paid real money for the ship, and I purchased a tier 5 battleship, which is a very good t5 BB. By moving it up a tier, WG has effectively robbed me of the money I paid for the ship, because the T5 BB "which is the product I purchased," is no longer there. If the changes are final, the real right thing to do would be to refund me my money, but as we all know, WG never gives monetary refunds. However, they should at least give me, and all else who purchased it, the option to exchange the nerfed ship for its value in doubloons. So in closing; when it comes to the ships in the tech trees that anyone can earn, who cares. But, when I've got money involved, and I stop getting what I paid for, then there's an issue.