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  1. I would go for a 3 strike policy. Say if someone is afk for more than 3 games per 48 or 72 hour period? These of course wouldn't be permanent bans either, at least until the account had an extensive history of chronic inactivity in battle.
  2. I heard a CC say a couple of weeks ago that there is supposedly an Italian "super cruiser" in development. I can't remember which CC it was and can't find the video in my history. Anyway, just wanting to see if anyone knows if this is true or not? If so, is it going to be more like a regular CA or more like a "super cruiser?"
  3. admiralsexybeast

    Any Research Bureau BBs on the horizon?

    Slava is the anti Kremlin. The closer Kremlin is, the better her dispersion gets. Slava is the exact opposite. The further away she is, the better her dispersion gets. Despite that, her vertical dispersion is still so pin point, you can hit things hard at close range too, provided they aren't nose in to you. You have to play her pretty passively the first half of the game to look after your hp to push in later if needed. Really not a playstyle a lot of players seem to enjoy. I quite like it myself though.
  4. admiralsexybeast

    Best top tiers coal ship to buy?

    The only thing I think Pommern is good for is if you want to yolo in randoms, or if there is a T9 clan brawl going on. Its a top pick for that mode. Aside from that, I personally can't stand it. I prefer BBs that hit things I'm aiming at instead of completely missing at sub 10km ranges. Like I said, its a good push/ yolo machine, but pretty terrible at everything else.
  5. admiralsexybeast

    Favorite ships?

    I basically love all things BB. If I had to pick one favorite, which is hard for me to do, I think I'd have to go with Bourgogne. Aside from the fact that she's one of the best BBs in the game, if you know how to play her correctly, getting her was one of my proudest moments in my 5.5 year WOWS career. Back then, I remember having enough steel for Stalingrad, but not Bourgogne. I almost got Stalin first, but my clanmates at the time told me I should wait for the steel and get Bourgogne instead being that I'm a BB main. Stalin is a great ship, but looking back, I'm really glad I waited for that last bit of steel. Bourgogne is a pretty unique experience and can do things other BBs would struggle to do. I'm no unicum and don't carry games all the time, but I would say most of my carries have been in Bourgogne, especially in competitive.
  6. I think it depends on the class, and the specific ship. For me as a BB main, I pretty much expect a minimum of 100k out of myself if I'm playing T6 or higher. Any less than that, and I feel like I didn't pull my weight.
  7. So yeah, as crazy as it sounds, being a 5 year seasoned player, I've never bothered to complete the "Honorable Service" campaign. I always knew I would get a free t6 premium by doing so, but up until recently, there has been plenty of other stuff in game to keep me occupied. Anyway, I just found it kind of odd that I just now got around to picking up the Shinonome. I assume its a pretty generic IJN torp boat playstyle as it looks pretty similar to the Fubuki and Akatsuki? If she has any sort of special quirks, please fill me in!
  8. admiralsexybeast

    Axis v.s. Allies goes into ST

    This is sort of like the Confrontation mode they had in WOT.
  9. admiralsexybeast

    French and Japanese secondary builds

    We had to lose non German secondary builds in order to get deadeye. How else are we going to encourage already passive BB players to camp harder!?
  10. admiralsexybeast

    Steel ship to get first

    I would recommend getting the ship that's within the class you play the most and or perform the best in, especially considering this is your first steel ship. I got Bourgogne first since I'm a BB main. I also have Black, Stalin, and Shiki now, but Bourgogne will always be my first love as far as reward ships go.
  11. I tired a few things at first, but Jutland ended up being my go to. She is pretty good at going after other DDs, she has the rapid reload smokes, and its a lot easier to torp bow in BBs with her since her torps can be fired in singles. IDK how she worked so well for me, considering I am NOT a DD main, but hey, I can finally play T10 ranked which was my main goal this weekend.
  12. admiralsexybeast

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    If you want a T7 Conqueror, the yes.
  13. admiralsexybeast

    New Ship Ideas

    1. An H-43 Class with its actual proposed main armament of 8X 480mm guns, "19inch." They could more or less use the GK for this as the GK is the H-43 with a fantasy main battery. Just replace the 12X420mm guns with 8X480mm guns. WG already broke the 460mm rule so why not!? 2. British N3 Class BB 3. Tosa Class as a t8 premium. 4. The Slow BB 61 design proposal. Unlike the Ohio, slow BB 61 was a real design proposal by the USN, which ended up losing out to the fast BB61, which became the Iowa class. It would've had 9X457mm guns and would have looked like and enlarged South Dakota Class. 5. Late war USS West Virginia "post pearl harbor refit." 6. ISE class BB "before CV hybrid conversion" this would make a nice t6 premium that would be fairly comparable to the Fuso. 7. An Alsace class BB, but with 9X406mm guns instead of 12X380mm guns, also with Bourgognes AA, secondaries and consumables. This was an actual design proposal during development of the Alsace class. Probably a t10 RB ship? Since the Alsace and Bourgogne are named after French wine regions, I think I would name her either Bordeaux or Rhone.
  14. admiralsexybeast

    offensive screen names

    Frankly, I'm just tired of all these little snowflakes being offended by everything. It was nice and peaceful for a few years. Now though since they have their daddy Biden in charge, I guess they feel emboldened again. I'm a young guy, but I was raised by boomers and I learned the reality that in the real world nobody cares about your "feelings." I'm quite embarrassed to be a millennial TBH. Most people my age need to learn how to grow thicker skin and deal with stuff they don't like.
  15. admiralsexybeast

    Stalingrad - New Player Question

    My recommendation would be to start looking at her as more of a battlecruiser than a proper CA. She is my favorite CA in the game, which is probably because I'm a BB main, and my playstyle translated quite well with her. You NEED to stop HE spamming with her! Her AP is god tier, and is what you should be using 98% of the time. The AP shells are lightning fast and have improved pen angles. No joke, you can consistently pen BBs at max range with those guns with little issue. I would only use HE if you know you are about to radar a DD, or have nothing to shoot at except a bow in kremlin, petro, etc. The AP can still get pens on their superstructure with no issues too though. The generic way to play her is to go bow in and lock down a section of the map. However, a more lucrative way to play her is to go on a flank and set her up to get crossfires on the enemy team. You will DEVASTATE any CA or BB that is broadside to you with your AP shells. Don't be afraid to push either as long as your sides aren't exposed. Your sides are made of tissue paper and you will get blown up in short order if any CA or BB catches your broadside. If you are getting overwhelmed, you can kite with her if you managed to get turned around. Just make sure to pay attention to whos looking at you and be ready to tuck your side in when you see BB AP coming your way. She is still a top pick for competitive modes as well, and I'm sure your clanmates are happy to add another Stalingrad to their roster. TBH, Stalingrad's strengths seem to shine through more so in competitive, at least that's been my experience. I use Kuznetsov on her, and I'll post a pic of my captain skills and equipment. It won't be a build just for Stalingrad as I like using Kuznetsov on my Slava and Kremlin as well. I'm sure some of these other guys can give you a dedicated Stalingrad build if you want one! I do have the radar mod 2 in the second equipment slot. It is bought with coal. I like it because it gives the radar a 36 second activation time, which gives team mates more time to shoot what I have lit. Happy sailing, and welcome to the Stalingrad club!!