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  1. admiralsexybeast

    The FDG

    There are definitely some bad ships in this game. I think in most cases though a ship is only really as good as the person playing it. Its actually kind of funny how often I've seen people totally scrub out in boats that are regarded as OP.
  2. admiralsexybeast

    Yes Yes At Last Finally Its Here

    Congrats man, its an upgrade for sure. However, at the same time, I've never understood the hatred towards the FDG. I just play it like a "super Bismarck."
  3. Hitting things at 23k is made even harder when you only have 6 guns. Sure Yashima has Yamato's sigma, but still 6 gun BBs don't make amazing snipers.
  4. admiralsexybeast

    Yashima? You thought about it and made it, right?

    Up next, H-44 class BB with 8x 508mm guns. Guess every t10 BB will be getting "lol pens" now.
  5. admiralsexybeast

    Release the Slava already please

    They ought to, since they want to keep nerfing the Kremlin into the ground.
  6. See you guys on Sunday!
  7. True, and when running premium account it takes no time at all. There isn't always a game mode available to earn steel in and you only get a little bit at a time when you can be earning it. That's why after playing every t8 and 9 I had in port, I bought back and played every other t8 and 9 I have unlocked. I got the Bourgogne at the end of October, but thanks to snowflakes, Im already 60% to the Stalingrad.
  8. admiralsexybeast

    An Interesting Comparison

    Since I own both ships, this is my comparison in a nutshell. My Bourgogne is one of my absolute favorite ships. Getting her 3 months ago was one of my happiest in game moments in my 3 year ships career. I feel she gets looked over by most people, because her "powerful features" aren't blatantly obvious like the Stalingrads. Her quirks are more subtle and you don't really get a sense of how good she really is until you experience her yourself. The PR by comparison, I would rate ask good to ok. She has some moments where she will shine "especially when shooting AP at broadside cruisers and some BBs," but she has quite a few cons too. Big, bad concealment, slow rof, BB flood and burn times, monty dispersion, etc. Long story short, I feel Bourgogne is the superior ship by a large margin. If I had to get rid of one or the other, I'd instantly trash the PR without even having to think about it.
  9. Yeah, I just bought mine. No way I had that kind of time.
  10. admiralsexybeast

    I can take a hint.

    Its also still in the last part of the holiday patch so a lot of "seasonal scrubs," are still online making gameplay take a dive, particularly in randoms.
  11. admiralsexybeast

    Next Clan battle season

    TBH, I'm pretty disappointed. The 8 player format and the 2 BBs made the gameplay a lot more interesting, at least imo.
  12. admiralsexybeast

    How do you like your Ohio so far?

    I really enjoy my Ohio, its a nice twist to Montana and I think she's better in competitive than montana. On the other hand, a lot of people will like Montana better due to her range, and being easier to get more hits at long ranges.
  13. admiralsexybeast

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    I liked your post as well. This is why I typically don't jump straight to arguing with people who critique my posts. Sometimes taking in different view point allows one to open their mind to different ideas or views they may not have considered otherwise. I really didn't consider the skill level of F2pers or the contributions to server population I guess really, F2pers and paying players mutually benefit each other. Its just frustrating these two factions are always at war with each other "this PR fiasco is as great example of it." I doubt it'll ever happen, but wouldn't it be nice if all players came together on common interests instead of fighting all the time?
  14. admiralsexybeast

    Wargaming - Let’s start 2020 off right!

    Here's a likely unpopular opinion regarding the Steel ships. I will say to begin with, I do think it would be a good idea to have steel events "similar to the snowflakes," an additional time or 2 a year more to give non clan players a few more chances to stack steel. However, steel ships aren't meant to be something that is easy for anyone to acquire. They are there for unicums who can easily get them, but also for players like me who are average players, but are willing to make the commitments and sacrifices needed in order to earn them. I had a negative opinion towards the steel system once too, until I got my first, "and currently my only" tier 10 steel ship. I very badly wanted the Bourgogne ever since she went into the armory. The first almost year she was in game, I just stared at the wall of steel in despair feeling that an average player like me could never get that much. However, about 8 months ago, I finally decided I was going to work my butt off in ranked and clan battles until I finally had that big stack of steel I needed. I gave 110% in every CB session I could and endured hundreds and hundreds of frustrating and even rage inducing ranked battles. RB past rank 6 are not fun and enjoyable for average players like me. They feel like a job, and its highly irritating dealing with incompetent idiots who make silly mistakes and end up costing you stars, "and ultimately steel." I still vividly remember the clan battle I played that gave me just enough steel to get my Bourgogne "with the coupon." Finally getting to hit that exchange button was one of my happiest in game moments in my over 3 years of playing. I proved to myself that even an average player like me can get a tier 10 steel ship if I just buckle down and work hard. The pride and excitement I feel when I load into a match in Bourgogne is still there and doubt it will ever fade completely. I'm currently about 60% to the Stalingrad now. Making these powerful and unique ships easy to get now would seriously devalue them, take away their "prestige factor," and honestly be kind of a slap in the face to players who worked hard to earn them. I know I would be angry if I worked really hard to earn something and suddenly other people could get it for doing almost nothing. Also, I'm sure making things like the Stalingrad easy to get wouldn't be healthy for the game. I know I wouldn't want to play t10 games with teams just stacked with Stalingrad's over and over, and I'm pretty confident that would happen.
  15. admiralsexybeast

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    Glad to see somebody else gets it. Businesses don't give goods or services for free. That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of being in business. Sounds logical to me. Particularly F2P players. They don't really contribute anything meaningful to the game compared to paying players, at least in regards to contributing to making the game profitable and therefore giving WG reason to continue investing in and developing the game. I know that sounds cold, but paying players "like me," are the ones that generate the revenue to keep the game running. It really makes me laugh to know that a lot of F2Pers think that WG would dump a lot of time, resources, and money into developing a game, just for them, out of the kindness of their hearts. They're goal is to make a profit, and F2Pers aren't going to be the ones that make them those profits. Agree with you 100%! When a good performing premium ship is released, especially if it can only be acquired with real money, its stats should be absolutely final and nerfing it and therefore devaluing it shouldn't even be considered. The only thing that should be done is just heavily limit its availability, which is what they did with the GC, Belfast, Gremmy, etc. When a game sells goods for real money, and then devalues said goods later on, that will always make a lot of people angry, and in the future could very well end up causing them to lose revenue.