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  1. admiralsexybeast

    Trading Steel for coal

    I think they are, I think its called the FDR.
  2. admiralsexybeast

    Trading Steel for coal

    It can be done if you have enough steel and coal combined to make the purchase. I personally never do this though because steel is so much more work to get, and I can get coal just for playing everyday. I'd rather wait a little longer to accumulate coal than have to wait longer for a steel ship because I exchanged steel for coal. Same reason I always save my resource ship coupon for steel ships unless I know I wont have enough steel before that coupon expires.
  3. admiralsexybeast

    A call for civility...

    I don't get to stay home. Im "essential!"
  4. admiralsexybeast

    Advice on which steel ship to choose?

    The thing with Bourgogne is you always need to remember that she is "fragile" compared to other BBs at her tier. That's not to say you can't make aggressive plays with her because I do it all the time. You just have to be good at looking at the situation unfolding around you and be able to know when it is or isn't favorable to make an aggressive move. She's actually a great brawler, but she can't do it for very long because she simply doesn't have the HP to take a prolonged beating. Generally, you'll want to stay out at longer ranges in the beginning and then start pushing up when conditions favor it. A lot of people like to use the speed boosts early to get somewhere fast. I prefer to save them to get out of trouble or to get distance between myself and an enemy faster when I need to break off. You also need to be good at knowing what ammo type you should be using. TBH, you'll use your HE a decent amount to do damage just because your AP wont penetrate a number of things that other BBs would. Catch anything broadside though, that AP really hurts, especially if you have a reload boost ready to go! She's really not that hard to play, at least IMO. Also, I really enjoy Stalingrad in either ranked or randoms. I got enough steel for her when I hit rank 4 last season and then used her almost exclusively to rank out, achieving a 60% win rate if I remember correctly. This is strictly just me, but I don't like using her in CBs. Only tried it like 3 times but it was rough going for me. It seems like every time a team loads a Stalingrad into a CB, the enemy teams #1 goal is to kill it, which means you get focused down hardcore if your clanmates don't support you or you don't position well.
  5. admiralsexybeast

    New Coal Ships

    True, I got smolensk about 2 months ago and my coal is stacking again. Guess I'll get Yoshino if something better doesn't come out by the time I've got enough saved. But yes, I wouldn't have gotten her over basically any other t10 coal ship.
  6. admiralsexybeast

    Advice on which steel ship to choose?

    I have; Bourgogne, Stalingrad, and Black, "I don't recommend Black." Being a BB main myself, I would have to say Bourgogne is my favorite, but by a pretty small margin. If you get well acquainted with her strengths and play to them, you can have some monster games. Just had this one yesterday. On the other hand though, if you want a CA that a BB player can easily get used to, then Stalingrad is a great choice. I've only had her for about 2 months now, but she's already my favorite t10 CA because she's very "BBesk," which made her easy for me to learn. As long as you play her to her strengths, she can totally dominate a battle. As far as Yashima goes, I'm saving for her now, but Im in no huge hurry. Just a Yamato with bigger guns. Those guns also don't cross any meaningful over match thresholds, which to me makes them sort of pointless. Also add in the fact you have a near 35 second reload on 6 guns, and also still have all of Yamato's weaknesses. I have 2 clan mates who own Somers and they describe her as "good, but maybe not as good as you would expect a steel ship to be." Basically, she has low hp for her tier, and despite have 8 guns, they reload slower than gearing's 6 guns and they aren't dual purpose either. She basically sacrifices in multiple areas to get 2 whole extra torps than the gearing. Doesn't seem worth it to me. Just had this Stalingrad game today, damage isn't quite as impressive, but still a good game overall. Like I said, she's my favorite t10 CA.
  7. admiralsexybeast

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    As far as Yamato V Montana, I think that one really has to come down to player preference. Sure if she's bow in, Yamato is better at soaking up damage. Get around her side though, and she's usually dead. You can also do a lot of damage to her from the front if you know where to aim to hit the flat "cheeks" on her front citadel. Montana's citadel is even with the waterline, which means that at anything other than close range, most people will have a hard time hitting it outside of getting lucky. I'll mainly take Montana over yamato any day because of versatility. Montana can be effective in multiple circumstances, where Yamato is only really good at going bow in and sniping. Even at sniping, Montana is still great if you're used to USN ballistics. Also if you do the math, despite having smaller guns, Montana's maximum potential alpha strike is just under 30k higher than Yamato "162000 hp V 133200 hp." Don't get me wrong, Yamato is great at what she does, but I just find her play style to be very stagnant and boring. I'm the kind of BB player that likes to be more involved with the game and not sitting back at long range and sniping all game. Like I said, it comes down to player preference.
  8. admiralsexybeast

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Stalingrad ( THE REPOST )

    Well, I'm not a unicum player, but if that's what they all say, then I agree with them.
  9. admiralsexybeast

    Skadoosh Inc. [SKDSH] Seeking Active Players of Clan Battles!

    Time for the weekly "bump" lol.
  10. admiralsexybeast

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Stalingrad ( THE REPOST )

    As I've said many times before, the only people who whine and cry about Stalingrad are players who don't own her and therefore have never played her. I used to be of the exact same opinion as those players but now after earning her, I can say through my own experience that Stalingrad is powerful when played correctly, but absolutely not OP. As with any ship, if you don't know how to use her properly, you're either going to get deleted, or be useless to the team. Most people complain about Stalingrad, or any steel ship for that matter, because they are butthurt that they don't have "special ships," so that must mean they're, broken, op, or for unicums. I'm not surprised of course, because they'll always be someone who thinks they deserve a trophy if they came in last place, or weren't even in the race at all. I'm just an average player "my stats are public" in an average to above average clan "player stats wise anyway," and I've earned 3 steel ships so far. Honestly, if I can do it, just about anybody should be able to. Its all about priorities.
  11. admiralsexybeast

    Finally did it Happy Dance

    Im saying this from personal experience. The Majority of Unicum players are actually pretty friendly and helpful. Often, they give good solid advice that people should consider taking. For example @Lord_Zath will actually review replays and give advice based on what he sees in said replays. Don't be quick to assume all unicums are the same because you had a run in with a toxic one.
  12. admiralsexybeast

    Finally did it Happy Dance

    Don't sweat it right now man, you're not even at 500 battles yet. You're still learning and it takes time. This game has a higher learning curve that it gets credit for.
  13. admiralsexybeast

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    Oh yeah, 100% true. My point was that most players have it in their head that steel ship = op, when that just isn't true. Now, owning 3 of those ships, I've more or less concluded that each steel ship has a sort of niche that when played to, it is very powerful. However, when not played to that niche, you either end up having little effect on the game, or die very quickly. Bourgogne, which I honestly prefer over Stalingrad, is the exact same way. Typically I do end up making an aggressive play with her at some point in a match, but I have to pick the right moment and time it right, or I'll likely get killed because she just cant take hits like other BBs at her tier can. And yeah, like you said, that ROF on Salem and DM is brutal. IDK why more people didn't get Salem? I think she's a pretty solid ship myself.
  14. When almost all of them Lemming to one side of the map, and then are scratching their heads wondering why they got steamrolled.
  15. admiralsexybeast

    Finally did it Happy Dance

    Running Divs with your clanmates is another great way to get stats up. It helped me a lot especially the first year I so I played the game. I still set realistic "stats goals" for myself because the better I get, the more I will enjoy the game.