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  1. admiralsexybeast

    Mecklenburg Worth Picking Up?

    So last week, I got my whale certificate from the PR regrind and opted to get the 33k steel. This had me at just over 60k in my inventory. I used the coupon to grab Incomparable as she offered the Shikishima like firepower I enjoy, but the more challenging and dynamic playstyle I was looking for. Right now, I currently have enough steel remaining to get Mecklenburg as well. Being a BB main, she is the only other thing left for me to get in the steel category. I wouldn't be getting her right now. I will wait until Christmas for the coupon to come back as I view steel as a delicacy and don't want to spend any more of it than I have too, especially since my clan is no longer highly active in CBs. Anyway, she has been grabbing my attention. I have asked a few folks who own her, and they seem to like her pretty well. I think for me, she would be one German BB I would actually play regularly since she actually has consistent guns, which is what really kills German BBs for me in general. I think I would like her as well since she seems to follow a similar concept to Bourgogne, my favorite steel ship in that she is a low HP BB with a large number of small guns, but a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and decent speed. If any Mecklenburg owners out there see this thread, please leave me your honest opinions!
  2. admiralsexybeast

    Is "Railgunning" illegal?

    Just dodge bro ;) sound familiar?
  3. admiralsexybeast

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    Thanks for the info. I didn't realize she had this many drawbacks, or I did at least think the guns would "make up for everything" like they do on Stalingrad.
  4. admiralsexybeast

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    So I found myself in a pickle this morning. I looked up Sevastopol on youtube to see if we had any updates on her. To my disappointment, I learned via Potatoe Quality, that she will be going in the RB instead of steel, which was my original prediction. This is a Delima for me in this way. When the new patch drops, I will be whaling the PR again since I already have her, sorry if someone takes offense to my job blessing me with disposable income. That being said, I'll be getting the PR coupon so I can pick to get the 33k steel or 63k rp. I would not recommend using it for coal or doubloons since you can buy doubloons anytime and you get coal just for playing the game. If my clan was still highly active in CBs, I would get the RP, but since they're not, and likely won't play this season much since it's not T10, getting the steel would actually make good sense in my case. I don't have much trouble getting steel in ranked, since I almost play ranked exclusively now, but it takes a long time. I also badly want Incomparable, and being a BB main, my instinct of course is to use this PR coupon to get her now. Plus, this would have me at 55k steel, so I would already be able to get another steel ship in just a few months, if one that comes out piques my interest. However, I think the Sevastopol has the potential to be a real game changer in competitive, similar to Stalingrad, so in that regard, I really want to get her for competitive. I think she would also be well worth it as I love Stalingrad and I think her unique bag of gimmicks will make her equally powerful in her own way. Whichever one I don't get this patch, I will end up getting within the next 2 months. Even as much as I've spent on this game over the years, I can't bring myself to spend nearly 1000 dollars on the game all at one time. I want them both badly, but I can't decide which one I want to get now, and which one I can wait a little while on. I want to hear what you all think! Should I use the PR coupon to get RP for Sevastopol now, or get the Steel and get Incomparable and have enough steel in reserve, ready to go when they release the next steel ship I want?
  5. admiralsexybeast

    Upper tiers have lost their appeal

    Also OP, this little video tells you pretty much everything you should know when it comes to CVs. As obviously broken as they are, they are WGs little darling and won't be going anywhere anytime soon....sadly CV Imbalance Is Not An Accident - YouTube
  6. admiralsexybeast

    Upper tiers have lost their appeal

    He's not in a clan and not running premium account. I've bought so much premium account over the years I still have like 4 years remaining. I actually forget that premium account is something that you have to buy lol!
  7. As a quick disclaimer, this is my own experience. If anyone is having a different experience, please share it here. I would like to hear how other players are handling this new system. So I was initially skeptical of this economy rework. I sort of figured WG was more or less trying to copy the economy in World of Tanks, where you basically have to spend money to afford to play. Honestly though I've not been having any issues so far. I've been primarily playing ranked, so maybe it's harder to make a profit in randoms now? I seldom play randoms much anymore unless I have some clanmates to div with since randoms are such a massive dumpster fire these days. So far from friday when I first logged in post patch, I can only find 2 games that I lost credits on. Both were instances of me making noob misplays I knew better than. Every other game though, I managed to make a profit victory or defeat, and still make a good profit for an above average game. Granted, most of the T10s I play are either premiums, or they automatically got the permanent 50% credit bonus since I had the 5k doubloon perma camo on it. Basically, as long as I stayed alive as long as I could and did 100k plus damage, I've had no issues making a profit in any of my T10 BBs and CAs so far. The only issue I really see with this new system is that its going to further drive T8-T10 tech tree ships into irrelevance since the premiums will come with a perma credit boost, where you will have to pay for them on your high tier tech tree ships if you didn't already have the perma camo for them. Let me know what y'all think.
  8. admiralsexybeast

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    CV Imbalance Is Not An Accident - YouTube
  9. admiralsexybeast

    Is Yamato worth grinding to in todays WOWS?

    This is why in addition to the current meta, why I think she's a good 1st T10 BB. My other pick for someone new to BBs would actually be Montana. Since they buffed the USN BB heals, she is actually a pretty tough ship as long as you aren't a total Potatoe. Granted she can't overmatch like Yamato, but she does have the improved pen angles, and that 12-gun salvo is still devastating when it hits a broadside. You can still get good damage saturating superstructures at medium and close ranges as well since her guns have good accuracy, and obviously this makes her a decent long-range sniper too. She's essentially my second recommendation for a 1st T10 BB because she's pretty resilient, has punchy accurate guns, and she's basically a jack of all trades. She may not be the best at any one thing, but likewise, there isn't any one thing she is particularly bad at either.
  10. admiralsexybeast

    Is Yamato worth grinding to in todays WOWS?

    I guess I don't really see where you're coming from calling the 25mm an "ok" weapon. Its combat performance proves just how terrible it was. Its most widely accepted that during Ten-GO, Yamato shot down between 8-12 planes out of the roughly 400 sent against her. I don't think that's even 1%. On the other hand, had Iowa been in the same situation, essentially by herself with no meaningful escort, she still would have definitely went down. However, she would have likely made it a good bit further along that Yamato, and would have unquestionably taken A LOT more planes down with her. I'd say by comparison, Iowa would likely take down 50 planes at minimum, but I'd say even 100 plus would be realistic. Her AA was truly that much better than what Yamato had. The 25mm had many problems, most notably, a slow ROF, prone to jamming often, and the traverse and elevation was done by hand crank. They also had no range finding or fire control system to speak of, other than the gun captain pointing a stick at the plane he wanted the crew to aim at. Aside from the lack of a good fire control system, Yamato's biggest failing in the AA department was a lack of a good medium range AA weapon, as you said. I really don't understand why Japan didn't develop and mount a copy of the 40mm bofors, or failing that, I'm sure they could have gotten Germany's blessing to make domestic copies of their flak 37mm gun, which was also a good mid range AA gun. Don't get me wrong, I'm and IJN fanboy and I'll pick Yamato over Iowa and Montana any day in game. However, even I'll admit that in real life, she had several serious short comings compared to her USN counterparts. Truthfully, Japan actually sort of cheaped out on the design and construction of the class. They really could have built them to be the BBs the IJN touted them to be, but unfortunately, they were rushed during construction in order to get them fielded quickly, which is a funny twist of irony because once they were commissioned, the IJN never got in any hurry to use them during the window of time when they actually could have made a difference. In addition to the widely known and talked about flaws in the design, Japan didn't even put in the extra money or time to build Yamato or Musashi out of the best quality armor they could have. Japan had access to the recipe for krupp armor plating from Germany, which was at the time among, or if not the best capital ship armor in the world. Maybe if they couldn't have produced it in house, they could have possibly paid Germany to manufacture it for them and import it had they done so before the war in Europe really kicked off. Had Japan used Krupp armor in the Yamato class, they really would have been the most well protected ships in the world at the time. They opted instead to use WW1 era Vickers armor plating, which was obsolete by WW2, and Japan tried to compensate by simply making it thicker. However, despite being very thick and hard, this armor was actually fairly brittle and prone to cracking and spalling if hit. In conclusion, Yamato's biggest failing was she ended up being built as a symbol of the IJN rather than a practical combat ship. Its actually rather sad that in real life she nowhere near lives up to the reputation she has in this and other video games.
  11. admiralsexybeast

    Buff Iwami

    I agree. There are still several other way better IJN design proposals they could have picked from. I agree. There are several way better IJN design proposals they could have chosen from. I'd really love it if they'd take the A-140 G design and turn it into a T10. It was one of the design proposals for Yamato, but on that design, all 3 turrets would have been in front of the super structure just like the Nelson. That would be an awesome premium. Still has the Yamato guns, but you could fire all 3 turrets while staying angled.
  12. admiralsexybeast

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    Actually no, back in the RTS days, CVs were just fine because you had to know what you were doing to get results. CV players got punished for playing poorly just as players in the other classes do because AA actually worked, and CVs didn't have infinite planes. CVs weren't regularly doing 40k+ to BBs or devstriking full health CAs in one dive bomb drop either. Sure, BBs do huge damage when they hit citadels, but unlike CVs, they actually have to aim correctly and hit in just the right spot. All you have to do is fly planes over the ship and basically hit it anywhere. It doesn't matter if you lose planes now either, because you can just keep coming back with full health squadrons thanks to the onboard plane factory and the fact that AA doesn't mean anything anymore unless someone is just a super Potatoe.
  13. admiralsexybeast

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    LOL! tell us something we don't already know.
  14. admiralsexybeast

    Ranked Battles

    Just like with any class it depends on the player controlling the ship. Many would argue that Musashi isn't a top pick for ranked right now, but I've carried multiple games with it. BBs aren't the skill less class a lot of people make it out to be. If you aren't paying attention and making your salvos count, as well as sponging damage for the team when needed, then you aren't pulling your weight in the match. It's just the same as a DD that doesn't cap or spot for the team. I've been running into a lot of scrub DDs in ranked lately.
  15. admiralsexybeast

    Clan Battle Matchmaking

    CB participation really dropped off once they started allowing CVs. I still do it for the steel and it is nice having the teamwork aspect you don't get in other modes. Honestly though, CVs basically just straight up ruin CBs. They take away basically all strategy and tactics as well as any element of surprise. You're playing your DM, Moskva, etc and you're doing everything right and having a good match, well then, a rich or hak swoops down and dev strikes you or takes at least 50% of your hp in one drop and there's absolutely no way to counter it. Who wants to play against that, especially in a competitive mode? Luckily, they aren't allowed this season and hopefully will be banned next season as well. Another huge issue too is that there is always a meta every season. Basically, if you don't have these specific ships in your line up, you aren't winning. The issue on top of that is that most of those "meta ships" are usually premiums, which means you and your clanmates need the doubloons, coal, steel, or RP to acquire them. The other issue I will admit for this specific season is the super ships. I do love playing Satsuma in CBs along with a Conde, but I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't admit that its not fair to the clans that don't have them. I was perfectly happy playing Shiki or Yamato, but why would I play those when I can play a "better shiki" that has the ability to fire salvos with basically perfect dispersion and allows me to basically devstrike whatever I aim at. WG has really turned the mode into an unpleasant experience, which is quite sad, because CB players are among the most dedicated players.