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  1. Hercules_C130

    Higher Teir Grind

    Boomer, Rawhide has an excellent point. I have been playing awhile now and have never purchased a premium ship or special ship with money out of pocket. I had a hard time building up enough silver to rush up any line. Sometimes I would have multiple ships researched and not able to purchase them. I was able to get the Missouri finally (I stopped using free XP when they announced the ship would be available for it). I did not get it when it first came out because I felt that 500K free XP should do it, boy was I wrong, but I just kept at it and was able to get it before it was gone forever. When I got it (it is really good at making silver), I was able to move up faster. Unfortunately, I was not as ready as I could have been as a player to move up like others have pointed out to you. A friend of mine eventually convinced me to purchase premium time (that and winning a 30 days of premium time Super Container). Especially if you take the deal at Christmas time usually of half price for a year. Works out to around $4 a month. All of a sudden I was making money (even though it was not a lot) even on higher tiers where before I would lose money in a loss if I was not close to the top of the leader board. Since that time, that is the only money I will spend to WG. Even the special events that they do like the Soviet cruisers currently going on, I will most likely spend my tokens on premium time rather than on any of the ships. I will be getting the Kirov as a special ship at T5 why would I also want the T5 Miko just to have two of them. Now, I know there are players who want every ship and have kept every ship they have ever purchased. Good for them, but that is not me. I do not mind having one ship of every type and tier per country, but do not understand having multiples. For instance, I received the Warspite in one of the contest or special events that WG had. Therefore, I got rid of the equivalent tech tree ship that was in my port. Same with the Texas and the New York in the American BB line when I won the Texas in an event. So after a long winded response, the only money that I recommend spending to WG is for premium time. Rawhide once again hit the nail on the head! C130 signing out
  2. Hercules_C130

    Whats everyone spending your tokens on?

    To all: Do not have 300 tokens yet even though I have finished the previous two directives (No 300 token drop yet obviously). Not really interested in Miko so doubt that I will use them for it unless I feel that I have a chance to get the Tallin ship not just the camo. So if I do not have enough when all is said and done to get the Tallin ship (I refuse to spend money on containers or tokens), I will just get as much premium time as I can and the rest can be turned into silver. A previous poster stated that they do what they want to do rather than what WG wants me to do. I may not be that care free (I want to finish the directives to get what I can for free), I also do not worry about getting tech tree ships early. I remember the French Destroyer event with the Mogodor available early for some. While the Mogodor is a very good ship and I have her in my port now, I did not have to kill myself or spend lots of money out of pocket to get her. I would rather have the premium time to help me boost up all the lines to T10 rather than worry about getting there quicker than everyone else in this one. C130 signing out
  3. Hercules_C130

    R.I.P. Centarina

    Condolences and RIP
  4. Hercules_C130

    Never Give Up!

    Soshi, This is way too common especially today. I even tell people not to rush into the enemy team, defend and make them come to us. I get told to "stfu", "play your own game", and any number of other things with lots of salt. We have lost a lot of games or barely held on for the win because of it. No one seems to understand how easy it would be to win, they just keep rushing into the enemy. One person even told me they do not care about winning they just like playing. I am guessing they are a different generation than I am. Probably got participation awards when they were growing up just for playing. We were told "Winning is not everything, it is the only thing!" I believe that is attributable to Vince Lombardi. C130 signing out
  5. Hercules_C130

    I Can’t Get the Russkie Three-fer Bundle In Armory

    Thanks Hap, You have always been honest and straight forward. I may have been Air Force, but I respect you, your service, and your honesty! C130 signing off
  6. Hercules_C130

    Research Bureau, Who reset a line and why

    To all: Not in any big hurry, but I am resetting lines that I did not enjoy the first time through that I think that I could learn to play better. So far I reset and got the points for the Russian DD line ending in the Khab. I just recently reset the German cruiser line. I really enjoy playing the Hindy, but I had difficulty playing the rest of the line except the T5 and T6. I will probably get the Ohio first and then get the Colbert. I am going very slow, taking my time and trying to learn how to be a better player. I do not understand the comment a player made about playing for free being a consideration. I am not spending any money out of pocket for doing this and learning a lot. I am still not the best Russian DD player, but I am much better than I was after resetting and reworking my playing style with them. C130 signing out
  7. Hercules_C130

    Just Missed a Solo Warrior

    Prophet, I learned it from another battle where we won, but were trying to find the CV and failed miserably. At the end the enemy CV told us where he was just before we pointed out. We knew he was not at the spot his planes were flying because we had a DD get there and realized that he was not there. Good trick to use if you are in a CV. C130 signing out
  8. Hercules_C130

    Just Missed a Solo Warrior

    To all: My first solo warrior was in my Hosho. My team had capped two out of three zones and the enemy team kept coming after me instead of trying to cap. We won on points. I kept sending my planes to the far corner of the map before getting spotted and then did not attack and just went back to the same corner. They all headed for that corner and I got the solo warrior for it. I really did not have that great of a game either. Just smart enough to fool the enemy team. I almost had another the other day playing my Lexington. I killed three of the enemy ships and the last one was their CV a Shokaku. It was almost dead when time ran out in the game and they were ahead on points. That would have been the first one that i had gotten where I believe that I actually deserved it. C130 signing out
  9. Hercules_C130

    LOL, I Can Barely Believe it Myself

    Wow desmo, I was in my Mogodor this morning before going to work playing a match. I charged forward not going into a cap, got spotted by a red DD and my indication showed 5 people aiming at me. Of course I turned tail to run and fired off a shot at the enemy DD. I got 1,872 damage and when I was no longer spotted a DM Donskoi lit up radar. All five shot at me again and I was dead and the first blood. I went on ahead and hung around because the team was not doing well at all and I wanted to get my bonus on the Mogodor for the day completed. It did not even last 7 minutes before we were at negative points. I was number 3 on the leader board and 7 people survived below me. The level of play recently is really bad. Before anyone asks, I do not know how to record the matches so I do not have a replay. The 2 players that did better than me also sunk. C130 signing out
  10. Rabbitt, Great article. Thanks for posting it! C130 signing out
  11. Lert, You are many things. I personally would not call you a troll. Opinionated, definitely, but troll never. C130 signing out
  12. Hercules_C130

    Karma & Why?

    To all: I can only speak for myself. I regularly give positive compliments to the top of a battles board at the end including the opposing team. I will also give negative comments to people who are or go AFK and at the bottom of the board. When I ranked out, I specifically told the whole team that I would give comps to everyone starting from the top down to everyone until I ran out. Got all but 3 comped. C130 signing out
  13. Hercules_C130

    Are catapults a viable substitute for Defensive AA?

    Sophie, Everyone plays differently and has different playing preferences. Personally, I like using the Hydro rather than the defensive AA. It seem like I always run into torps, but it can be hit or miss with CVs although here lately there have been more CVs than usual. As for using the catapult fighter, I have the Musashi and use this to help it survive against CVs regularly. While it is not fool proof it definitely helps. Hopefully this is helpful. C130 signing out
  14. To OP, 9 wins in a row with Mino to rank out. Not as good as some on here, but not shabby either. C130 signing out
  15. Hercules_C130

    Never Thought This Was Possible, But....

    To all: tfcas has a good point. I have been playing DDs (Shima mostly), but getting support from other players who just want to hide behind rocks and try to kill the other team is impossible. I do not know how many games where we lost even though we had a lot more ships than the other team, but they capped and our team refused to get in the cap. I of course was dead by that time because I was one of the few trying to contest the cap. I decided to switch to my Mino and followed the DDs in to caps. As soon as they spotted an enemy DD, surprise there I was and the enemy DD was either running away as fast as possible or dead. I won 9 straight to rank out following this procedure and we did cap and get the majority of the buffs in each one of the matches. It took me a long time to get to rank 4 (40 matches) and when I started this run, I ranked out in a little over 2 hours play time. I guess sometimes the DDs are right when they say they do not get any support. In this mode it appears to be the quickest way to win. C130 signing out