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  1. Hercules_C130

    Appreciation for the Forum Staff

    To all: I have not had any dealings with the staff since working with Hap, but when I did prior to that and can second what the OP says. C130 signing out
  2. Hercules_C130

    Mouse is a Dirty, Rotten, No-Good Thief

    Congrat's Mouse! I am shocked that you only have three of those. I actually got my fourth last week. Unfortunately, also lost one to a solo warrior on the enemy team in the last week too. C130 signing out
  3. Hercules_C130

    Newer Player - Snowflakes??

    To all: I can only speak for myself, but I think they should be called Frosted Flakes because twice a year THERE GREAT! C130 signing out
  4. Hercules_C130

    What's going on?? Seriously!

    Heavy, You forgot the person in red on the away team that in the first two minutes says: "Captain AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" C130 signing out
  5. Hercules_C130

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    Thanks Duckman! I will try that in the future. C130 signing out
  6. Hercules_C130

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    To all: I am not that technologically savvy so I will just list them: Don't Pay the Ferryman by Chris De Burgh Come Sail Away by Styx C130 signing off
  7. Hercules_C130

    Has Agincourt been sold outside the containers?

    Wind, I just read the Long statement talking about a number of topics from the person who runs WG and if I remember correctly WV44 is scheduled for 2023. C130 signing out.
  8. Hercules_C130

    Most defense ribbons

    Not to sound like Harey Carey but, HOLY COW! C130 signing out
  9. Hercules_C130

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    OnociTsalk, I am completely confused as to why you would even think of spending money on loot boxes to get a ship that you already have. I have seen maybe twice where someone shows how spending a certain amount of money gets you more return in game currency than buying the game currency directly, but I have not seen anything about that with the MO. In fact the amount of money for MO unless your very lucky is very high based off of posts like this one. Sorry maybe I just do not have the whale mentality, but this makes no sense to me at all. C130 signing out
  10. Hercules_C130

    List top 3 WOWS " Guilty Pleasures " (Fun)

    To all: 3) The player who all game long berates the team in all chat. That player lasts until close to the end of the match sounding like he knows how to play better than everyone else. This great player ends up at the bottom of the scoreboard. 2) Sailing in my Mino or Smolly when out of smoke while firing away and dodging incoming fire and surviving. I am getting better at it, but when I am able to do it, it is very satisfying. 1) Personally being told to "uninstall", "quit playing", or "git gud" and then getting solo warrior. Just got my fourth one this last weekend. Time ran out with 46 hp left and we won on points. I was in a DD perma spotted by the enemy CV and fired at by the three enemy surface ships and dodging bombs from the CV. The feeling at the end was "Priceless". I really like some of the others that people have replied, but these are my favorites. C130 signing out
  11. Hercules_C130

    Boycott the Huron if it ever comes out. (Poll)

    Default mode for me too Gamer!
  12. To all: I have believed that for some time giving money to WG was not very smart for pixel boats that can be lost when the company goes under. Not saying it will go under any time soon, but you just do not know what may happen. I will not claim to be a completely free to play person. I have purchased some premium time during the sale at the end of the year a couple of times. That is it. I save up the resources that I receive from premium containers and the monthly give aways to purchase anything in game. That is where I got the dubloons to buy the starter pack for D7. I will grind the other 21 (bought the 3 pack). I have been playing for almost 6 years and I would definitely not be called a whale by any means. I believe that they have received $99.98 from me total in those 6 years. I have enjoyed some of the videos from Flambass and Jingles. I really feel for LWM though. Her reviews were very well written and very informative. While she may have expressed her opinion, she also told you that if you enjoy this or that the ship would fit you. I will truly miss her reviews. I wish all of them the best. I also hope everyone enjoys the game while they can. I have no idea when the game will end and I am not making a prediction. The only hope that I have is that the whales will stop spending, but I know that will probably not happen. Happy sailing to all! C130 signing out
  13. Hercules_C130

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    LWM, Just in case you are still doing this since your resignation: These are all random battles. With just the stock camo. The first three are wins: This last one is a loss, random battle with just the stock camo: Wishing you well in whatever future endeavors you may undertake LWM. C130 signing out
  14. Ensign, I am the same as Lert. Well if you do not count the fact that I am not Dutch, will have but do not go out of my way for all Dutch ships, Captain does not speak Dutch, etc. etc. Oh Heck, I am keeping Friesland and spending the free XP on Groningen. I guess I am doing the same thing as Lert, but I am not exactly like Lert. Man, my brain hurts now. On a side note, I cannot believe that someone actually gave you and down vote. Well I should not be surprised. Oh here I go again. I am giving you a +1. Well written and thought out post! Better than mine for sure! C130 signing out
  15. Hercules_C130

    Pick ONE ship?

    Why Prophet, Are you a Monty Python fan? I was waiting for a lumberjack reference. Maybe Yukon? It wears suspenders and a bra. It wishes it was a girly just like its dear "MAMA"! C130 signing out