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  1. RumplyTiger

    Alaska in Co-op

    Yeah I am sorry. I realized that we were in the PVE section. My bad.
  2. RumplyTiger

    Alaska in Co-op

    I found out over the course of a fair number of battles that Alaska is a jack of all trades and maximizing abilities can leave you high and dry. So I live by the rules when playing the Alaska. 1. You are a Scharnhorst with accurate guns 2. If you are in a division a. If there are BBs ensure one is a secondary build so they will be in the thick of it with you or stick with you at standoff range. b. If a Destroyer is your group use your radar to flush enemy Destroyers and serve as bait, pushing minor flanks. Bonus if the friendly has Hydro. c. CVs it is a roll of the dice 3. Your radar is important. 4. Expert Loader is a must for snapshot moments and will save you from that Des Monies that is trying to get away. 5. Rudder Shift mod 3 is good to juke enemy shots 6. Add an extra 0.5s to your lead time.
  3. RumplyTiger

    What is the conclusion on T-61?

    The T-61 is a good jack of all trades and will perform adequately when placed in T7-T5 matches it is up to how well your team performs. When up tiered to T8 it creates havoc and confusion among most players and will force the enemy to divert key resources in order to try to kill you. When you are top tier have fun killing everything in sight, just don't get too overzealous with your guns. With the current missions in place if you do a kraken shy performance you can end up raking in if outfitted properly 20k base xp and free xp with the current mission. On average it has been 10k
  4. RumplyTiger

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    My question with the advent of the go navy event. What about players that were able to get the perma-freedom camo from the go navy event? Would that change the opinion of the economy gaming for those that managed to grind for T10 Camo and not pay the 5000 gold for it?