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  1. HottieHotPants

    Too many selfish Community members

    I only read this forum, I never ever post.
  2. HottieHotPants

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    Your anniversary is the first battle played on your account, not when account was created.
  3. HottieHotPants

    New Coal Ships

    What and when are the new coal ships coming? I have a quarter mill coal and a coupon, I wanna go shopping.
  4. HottieHotPants


    I need opinions of all flavors....conspiracists, professors, trivialists, psychic mediums.... Is it more advantageous to 'batch open ' crates or open crates singularly?
  5. HottieHotPants


    What is "NTC "? How about i7 as a salute
  6. HottieHotPants

    Kami's Learning the Basics Guide

    Thanx, and jealous
  7. HottieHotPants

    Kami's Learning the Basics Guide

    Where do I find your torpedo tutorial? I seriously suck at giving torpedo, but I can absorb them like a sponge.
  8. HottieHotPants

    Inventory for Fleet

    UPDATE: Did the WGCheck for game integrity.....still get the message "service unavailable due to optimization in process" when I try to get to my inventory to sell junk modules. Oh well, I'll just keep letting the inventory junk pile up.....let it be kinda like my retirement fund. When WG pulls their head out and actually fixes something.....I'll have a beautiful chunk-O-change.
  9. HottieHotPants

    Inventory for Fleet

    Never have run mods......too lazy to figure out where to get them then how to install, or to use or whatever you are supposed to do with mods. There is NO WAY on God's green earth am I going to torture myself by contacting those melon-heads at what many refer to as support. Done the restart several times.....however, never thought of the WGCheck. I'll give that a try TY Kizarvexis, as for the rest of you.....if u r going to troll --- don't phone it in, put some effort into it or leave the trolling to the experts.
  10. HottieHotPants

    Inventory for Fleet

    What are the details for the "Inventory" being unavailable......for ?? optimization ??
  11. HottieHotPants

    Why so angry non cv drivers?

    What's needed is a "gentlemen's agreement " like in the old days of WoT. At beginning of battle let opposition DDs pass to sink CVs. Then everyone go on to have fun for the remainder of the battle.
  12. HottieHotPants

    New Russian BB Line

    Thanks! Wasn't sure how Russian business works. L
  13. HottieHotPants

    New Russian BB Line

    The four new Russian BBs that we can obtain through gifted orders.....are those just rentals?