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  1. We understand that Wargaming needs to balance the game and prevent OP ships from dominating. Case in point, the recent CV rework and what it is like to play a T10 DD currently. I mention this only to point out the necessity for continued monitoring and adjustment, not to criticize the ongoing CV rework which I believe was necessary and done well. Historically, Wargaming has made changes like nerfing the Minekaze and absolutely butchering the original Fubuki - to name only two. The later example created a lot of confusion and some bad feelings. As a suggestion, the idea of taking any ship, changing the tier and capabilities is more difficult to deal with than leaving them as they were and creating new names for these reworked models as was done with the Pan Asian line. In order to keep this balance stable, I see three possible tools which can be implemented. 1.) Buffing and nerfing the individual ships or classes of ships. 2.) Adding new capabilities with radar being an example. 3.) Using power creep to devalue any OP ships with the Belfast and Atlanta as examples. My main concern is that when a major reshaping of the game is introduced (and this CV rework is a prime example) it's possible that the event will cause so many players to leave that we may hit a tipping point from where the game can not recover. The more complicated the learning curve becomes, the more likely it is that new users will become easily frustrated and leave. Who knows, maybe we have a large enough player base where groups of players rage-quitting isn't a problem. Let me be clear. I think what Wargaming has created is nothing less than a work of art. At the same time, history is littered with the shadows of games which had a huge following and are now all but forgotten. Please don't let that happen.
  2. KenD2

    Great Upgrade

    To be clear, when I used the word refund, the idea was that this would be granted using in-game currency. And yes, I have hundreds of hours of time building up enough Free XP to get both the Kron and the Musashi - so I feel your pain.
  3. KenD2

    Great Upgrade

    Weighing in on this discussion seems to be a no-win decision but this is what my experience has been like so far. I played around a dozen matches today. Roughly about a quarter of these matches were played in a DD, Kamikaze and Asashio, with the remaining ones using my Kronshtadt, the Musashi and a Fiji.Only one match had no CVs, two were single CVs per side with the rest being two CVs per side. I suspect that this will normalize given time. In two of the DD matched, I killed a CV, one with the Kami and the other with the Asashio. I did manage to do serious damage to CVs in both the Kron and the Mushasi. What was unexpected was how reserved many of the players were, with a noticeable portion barely moving out of spawn. This is completely the reverse of what I had been lead to believe in that WG was working towards gameplay which contains serious brawling. Another aspect of the gaming experience that I had difficulty with was the amount of time I was forced dealing with the AA when I would have preferred to have spent that time engaging enemy ships. The flak was somewhat distracting but I suspect that will diminish in time. From my perspective, change is difficult with adapt to and that does tend to cause frustration. As has been mentioned previously, when radar rolled out we had much the same discussion - but I digress. The bottom line for me was that I expected the matches to be far worse and was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. On the downside, it does seem that a few of the ships which used to be my "go to" choices may lose their luster and other will need to be found to take their place. Where this becomes an issue for me would be ships like the Mushasi, Kronshtadt, and Asashio given that a fair amount of money or effort was put into acquiring these ships. One possible suggestion would be to offer refunds to players who feel they have had their investments diminished, in much the same way CV captains are being treated.
  4. KenD2

    Clan battles season

    We're seeing some confusion as the Clan Battle button says "Ended" underneath and when you click on the Schedule, it also shows tonight's battles as having ended. Any idea what's going on?
  5. Interesting question... With roughly 1,500 matches in my Kami, I average about a 54% win rate. In the 177 matches I played in Ranked, I averaged about a 30% win rate. It's pretty obvious that I just played like crap during Ranked, right?
  6. Okay, I did not understand that my rank 1 would last for two weeks and then I could slog my way through the process again. Nope, not happy about that. First battle, one DD comes in with no camo and announces he doesn't have the concealment. He lasted about as long as it took for the rest of the team to realize we would be carrying him. Quite honestly, we would have been better off with an AFK given the grief he caused in the short time he participated. I played several battles and am done. I honestly don't care if I ever see another Ranked season again. As a buddy of mine put it, I am one potato team away from losing my mind. For a suggestion, how about if we change the name to Carry Season - because that's what this really is, how many potatoes can we carry. Thanks for reading, now I feel a little bit better.
  7. I had mixed feeling about the Ranked Sprint but overall thought it was quite enjoyable as well as a marked improvement. The six ship limitation meant that one AFK or potato player would be hard to carry and that did seem to happen often enough. I can't tell you how many times I saw players show up without camo or ships that they admitted to having recently purchased with low captain skills. One teammate of mine suggested that it might be a good idea to set a minimum number of games played to qualify for Ranked (per ship or player) even though I understand the idea of getting relatively new players involved. All in all, tier five was a good, solid call and it was interesting to see which ships people chose. In my opinion, reducing the number of ranks was also a welcome change. In two consecutive matches, there was a player, first on our team who randomly opened fire on teammates who then did it again the next match when he was on the other team. This type of griefer needs to be dealt with in a more timely manner. My suggestion would be instead of the pink to orange penalty, once a limit of three of four intentional hits per match is reached, that player has all the damage reflected back on them and HP returned to the players he damaged. Still, this leave a six member team with the equivalent of an AFK member not to mention redirecting their efforts away from the opposing team. I know this is a difficult issue, one that War Gaming has been constantly paying attention to, but in this one case, it was severe enough to cause a loss on each team this player was on.
  8. I received one of these emails and in all honesty, I deserved it. At the same time, the abuse of the compliment/report system is out of control. One clan I know of compliments each other in synch drop matches and asks all of their players to report specific people whenever they see them. Yesterday, I sank a ship and the player immediately screamed the "N" word in chat. I asked everyone in all chat to report the guy because none of us wants this in the game. Three people on my team said that they had reported him, none on the enemy team admitted to reporting even though they may have. And here's the thing, I had a reasonably good game, said very little in chat but found I had a report when I returned to port. I wonder who reported me... Then we have the absurdity of being able to use misspellings of a "banned" word which is probably acceptable (who knows, right?) and words that live in a gray area. Is it okay to call someone a slur for being same sex oriented? This, in spite of the fact that section 2.02 states, "Typing in such a way to bypass the censor filter is prohibited." How about political trolling? I read the rules and section 2.19 clearly states, "Discussion of social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to negative portrayal of religious and political figures." Isn't it amazing how many players have names which include blatantly obvious trolling by using the President's name or the candidate who lost? Now, with all that said, Wargaming gets to set the rules. And while I understand this, when you provide a game where your recent survey includes asking whether a player "gets angry" maybe there is something inherently wrong with the game, not the players necessarily. Truth be told, I believe that Wargaming has listened to the community and is reacting to the issue of caustic chat. We should all be supportive of that action. The stories I have heard about the EU server, not to mention the Asian server, are horrific and it is my hope that the NA server won't degrade to that level. On the good side, I will do my best to keep my comments on the clean side of thing but I reserve my right to tell a player who is not contributing to the effort in exactly the same way I would expect another player to tell me if I was not carrying my weight. It's all about balance, right?