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  1. tfcas119

    Marco Polo for coal

    A: play every day, get all three daily containers, picking resource each time, and getting lucky coal drops from event containers or super containers B: Have every T5-7 silver and premium ship, yielding truckloads of coal every December C: Have no interest in many of the currently available coal ships, so instead of spending they stockpile it hoping for something good to come around
  2. tfcas119

    Bronze few cvs why?

    Probably because with T9 being involved, everyone will play the stronger T9s, and since T9 CVs don't exist, you'll almost never see a CV unless its somebody in an Enterprise who ranks out in 12 games, because Enterprise
  3. tfcas119

    ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships

    German 150 DDs: We took player concerns and feedback into consideration, and as such we made it look like we did something, but in actuality we did nothing and made them worse. Also, am I the only one who finds it sad they promised improved bounce angles on all of them, but the T7 and 8 didn't have them? Then again, seeing how in many recent lines the T7 and 8s are garbage level throwaways and the T9 and 10 actually good, should I be surprised? ZF-6: damn, a very good dockayrd ship? Please don't screw this like the other German DDs Hyuga: Hard to say it needed nerfs, but at least Deadeye is almost useless on it now Agincourt: a nerf that might backfire. I'm gonna guess her AP is now the garbage level pen that is Bellerophon and Dreadknought's 12in guns, but the HE still has 76mm of pen, which HEcitadels most T4 and 5 cruisers, so why bother using AP? Also good gunpower, armor and accurate secondaries, RIP Oklahoma. Vampire II: What in all the holy hell did this ship do to deserve that level of firepower, hydro, crawling smoke, and a 5.8km concealment? Just for some numbers, this gives Vampire 266k HE DPM base with no modifiers, with 5km cruiser hydro, crawling smoke, and DM bounce angles on AP. Daring has 218k base, with a heal, 200m worse stealth, worse(scenario dependant) hydro, just as good smoke, and a heal. Smaland has 247k base, with 600m worse stealth but a heal and 7.5km radar Marceau has 253k, and goes 55knts Haragumo has 240k base, but has stupid pen for guns her size
  4. tfcas119

    Simple fix to deadeye

    I thought about if changing Deadeye to how you mentioned, but then thought about... This, good idea, but might backfire horribly
  5. tfcas119

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    Only ships built in reality are allowed. So anything Soviet doesn’t count then?
  6. Ran out of room in the turret to store the pizza oven, so they put it on top. In all seriousness, it’s probably the fire control for the A and B turrets.
  7. They haven’t announced anything about that (kind of surprising since they usually tell us what resource upcoming ships will cost.) Also Pommern was available in Kreigsmarine containers as well as being available for coal A busted clock is right twice a day
  8. 1: Kind of agree, what's the point of bringing T8 ships when most T9s are far better. Unless you don't have any T9s or your only T9s are an Ibuki or Fat Freddy, that may be the only reason why I would run T8s 2: Congrats, you tried to strike the only T8 or 9 ship with any AA good enough to fully stop T8 planes. Also I've never even seen a CV in Bronze, which is about the only good thing
  9. T9: Mogador (if played correctly) Jutland, Kitakaze, Friesland, Ostergotland T10: Daring, Marceau, Smaland, Kleber (if played correctly)
  10. tfcas119

    Shades of Puerto Rico grind?

    14million credits in 3 days pales in comparison to 80million credits, One Friesland and one Nelson in almost the same timeframe
  11. tfcas119

    Change to Top Grade Gunner

    First of all, Balti and DM have almost useless secondaries, and Hipper's engine gets knocked out far too often to use her decent secondaries and the only Cruisers that could really go into secondaries are Aegir, Siegfried, and Roon, but Roon is too squishy to use them, so the Secondary buff to TGG could just be removed and no one will notice
  12. tfcas119

    Marco Polo

    Part 1: most likely, seeing she and Leone now have Legion perma camos for them from the 10.2 dev blog Part 2: we will not know until the day before the patch most likely. Will probably be either Coal or Free XP (been a while since we've had a Free XP ship, longer still since a Free XP BB, so this could be likely)
  13. tfcas119

    Dante Alighieri SCAM (yes, precisely)

    When 10.3 hits, and you suddenly find your current captain on ITL BBs no longer have their skills working without retraining, don’t come back here and complain
  14. tfcas119

    Italian Tokens Broken?

    Working as intended, you have to get Dante first, have it or not. At least you get credits and the port slot Now that one you can send to CS and see what they say