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  1. tfcas119

    Cherbourg and Cherry Blossom

    Yeah, looking at Cherbourg again, it appears Cherbourg still has improved secondary accuracy.
  2. tfcas119

    Leningrad Gone

    Many people wanted the containers back, just because you could farm all the T5 containers and get doubloons from it if you had all the ships. But WG brought the crates back with the caveat that it would be credits, not doubloons, you will be compensated for if you had every ship that could drop. Also we knew this was happening almost a month ago now
  3. tfcas119

    Cherbourg and Cherry Blossom

    Cherbourg in Cherry Blossom will almost entirely depend on how well her guns behave. If they are good, she’ll be an easy grind. If they aren’t, oh boy she’s gonna suck. Plus, I’m not even sure if her secondaries are improved, as WG only mentions the 139s of Brest and Le Nelson having improved accuracy, not Cherbourg’s 130s. However, at one point datamined stats showed Toulon and Cherbourg having improved secondary accuracy, but it looked like Toulon lost it in testing, but I’m not sure if Cherbourg did too.
  4. Well extra health on a DD is always great, especially with those with heals since the amount of health a heal brings back is tied to the ship’s health pool. on the other hand, Confederate is a fairly easy heroic achievement to get (in randoms at least) and coupled with Sherman’s immense damage farming potential, getting one won’t be too difficult. Even double strikes can be easy to pull off too. And yes, a Halsey Confederate Sherman is the purest definition of minigun. Add in near full AR bonus and a couple Arms Race reload buffs for even more hilarity.
  5. tfcas119

    Can WG End the Russian Bias

    I only see Nicholai, Sinop, and their CVs defining Russian Bias. Every other really strong Russian ship has something non Russian at the same tier that’s also just as strong
  6. tfcas119

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    1: German cruisers except 150 armed ones have always penned 50, and every BB pens 50mm plating, so this does nothing for them. 2: 40mm allows the following to pen: Henri no IFHE Gluten Glue Johan De Witt Napoli (both main guns and 152 SAP secondaries) Gusieppe Verdi (152 SAP secondaries) Audacious Carpet bombers Zeppelin Rockets 203 armed cruisers with IFHE (questionable to sack fire chance against one ship though) German 150s and 128s with IFHE Soviet 220s with IFHE
  7. tfcas119

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    Imma guess either you have no clue how to play that busted thing or actually think AA does something.
  8. tfcas119

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    French cruisers: Cherbourg being free is a good sign that she’ll be junk, Brest looks eh, and Le Nelson may be worthwhile. Also for those interested, this pic came from thedailybounce.net. 62 bundles, 62k dubs, and if you want Toulon, it looks like this is the only way to get it. You can’t even get Toulon with her flag and amazing event camo included. Honestly, if the first bundle isn’t Brest or Toulon, don’t bother opening anything else. The Saipan returning to Aegis is a sign that the old ops are returning, now if only they can replace the BBs in Newport with a Hosho, Rhein, and either a stock or upgraded Shokaku, to make that op easier.
  9. tfcas119

    USS Halford (Fletcher class DD)

    On one side, it’d be funny to see, on the other, you’re basically looking at a gimped Fletcher losing 25% of its gunpower and half its torps. Not to mention that unless they give those 5in/38s the San Diego treatment of better ballistics, good luck hitting anything with those things above 10km
  10. tfcas119

    Armory ships, coming and going.

    Nothing announced yet, but by year’s end I wouldn’t be surprised if Marceau, Pommern, and Bourgogne are removed from sale
  11. tfcas119

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    Considering Haida is not available and Yukon is never seen partly because she’s not very good and partly because her development left a poor taste in everyone’s mouth and even became a catalyst for the CC exodus, I think you could say the Commonwealth could use a T7 premium.
  12. tfcas119

    Odds of Erich Loewenhardt Returning?

    Chances are she’ll return only in a lighthouse auction for far too many dubs than she’s worth. Other than that get really lucky with a supercontainer or Santa crate.
  13. tfcas119

    New season of Ranked! My concerns and Opinion

    Well most of the time there’s only about 3 tiers that can work really well for a balanced ranked season. T1-4 are irrelevant T5 is just “spam Cesares, ORs, Gremys, Nicholas, Hills, and Kamikazes and everything else is garbage T6 could work really well, just remove CVs, subs, and then The only outlier is T-61. T7 has similar issues to T5 T8 just remove CVs and subs, and the outliers include Balti, Massachusetts, Lenin, and Akizuki T9 is good, if you pretend that T9 tech tree cruisers don’t exist T10 is the same as T8, remove subs and CVs and you’ll have a fun season. So out of 10 tiers, only really T6, 8, and 10 work the best for a ranked season, with the caveat that CVs and subs have to be irrelevant or not allowed
  14. tfcas119

    Agincourt: Worth it or don't bother?

    Don't have one, but during PTS last Christmas I got one on PTS from a santa crate, and played a few co-op games in it. Seeing all those secondaries going off, hitting (something like 600-800 times) and starting many, many fires was one of the most fun things I've ever witnessed. Luckily, next patch brings T5 and 7 premium containers back for Community tokens, and Agincourt is in the T5 one. So if Agincourt is the only T5 premium you don't have (which is also true for me) you wouldn't have to spend any money to get one.
  15. tfcas119

    HMCS Huron's Initial Performance

    Would need to sack the heal and hydro, gain saturation, super speed boost, reload booster, and better ballistics to become French Canadian. Right now, Huron looks more like a Canadian Ragnar that can't instantly spot back and doesn't have an oh s*it button