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  1. BBs: Georgia can hit 40knts with speed boost for up to 4:30secs. Iowa can hit 33, the fastest BB in the game without speed boost. Cruisers: Moskva, Stalingrad, Smolensk all hit 35. the Italians vary from 35 to 37 depending on tier, except Zara which does 32. DDs: Podvoisky, Leningrad, Minsk, Khaba, and Kiev are capable of going over 42knts without speed boost. Also, Shima, Minekaze, and the Kamikaze sisters hit 39.
  2. tfcas119

    Scenario awards

    kill 4 ships of the same type as your ship or 8 kills of any class (support ships like the tankers/merchant ships in Narai and Killer Whale don't count towards this)
  3. tfcas119

    Aim for Achievements - 18th - 25th

    unless you play your first game in another league, that is the only way to get an achievement in Clan Battles. Unless it was supposed to say Scenarios?
  4. tfcas119

    Achievements Lists

    I think that is unlocked by either sinking a ship of every ship type in the operation while in a port, or sinking ships with main guns, torpedoes, and secondaries (only Newport, Killer Whale, and Narai can do this)
  5. tfcas119

    Puerto Rico Dispersion

    the last patch notes stating actual test ship changes gave her a 1km stealth buff best guess: how they attempted to balance out the extra gun by less accuracy and longer reload. From the looks of it, it feels ready to go, so we won't be getting a complete turd called a premium ship this year. Will it be for everyone, no, is it a free T10 you can get for a month, yes.
  6. tfcas119

    ST, peculiarities of Günther Lütjens

    Interesting: he is by a long way one of the easiest ways to activate all his talents, and I find it not impossible for each ship class to activate two of them (BBs-easy secondary hits, maybe spotting, and main gun hits on a good day. Cruisers- main gun hits and spotting are possible. DDs- spotting and main gun hits easily.) PM is nice for everything. Expert Marksman isn't exactly needed for German ships, but a little extra turret traverse helps in close quarter combat (especially seeing German BBs don't have fantastic firing angles)
  7. tfcas119

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    if a DD is stupid enough to have his AA on and get spotted by a catapult fighter, he probably deserves to get blapped. I also have to ask, does the reason why you want Jean Bart buffed involve the ship, or the person commanding the ship? Every piece of evidence says Jean Bart has no issues dealing with the current meta, so I think that only leaves the person commanding the ship.
  8. tfcas119

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    yes. even ship launched aircraft.
  9. tfcas119

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    Jean Bart has the best AA of T9 ships, no need for fighter. 22km range on 8 guns with German dispersion, no need for spotter planes no longer spot torpedoes, it its really not as useful as it could be Jean Bart is probably a little too good in the hands of people who know how use the reload booster, and its WR is good (middle of the pack in terms of everyone and behind Alsace in winrate, ahead on damage in terms of the top 5%) Conqueror, Thunderer, Bourgogne, Republique off the top of my head.
  10. tfcas119

    Raid Failed

    I've definitely had games where all members of a team die, but we have a successful raid pop up. Unless it should only pop up if no one on a team survives, and somehow nobody on that team gets any filth. Only reasoning I have in how it could pop up
  11. tfcas119

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    Also having the same issue. Most of the ships I've played (noticed it in Blys, Trento, Le Fantasque, and Kleber, interestingly I said the same thing about Kleber's guns being quiet during the PTS) also have muted gun sounds.
  12. tfcas119

    ST, New Year's celebration.

    no. T9 premiums have a baked in credit bonus compared to tech tree T9s and a bigger bonus over T8 premiums. Ex: a game in a T8 premium that nets 100k credits will yield about 115k in a T9. T9 premiums also have a noticeable reduction in service costs over T9 tech tree ships. T10 premiums do not have a baked in credit bonus, so a 100k credit game in a T10 tech tree ship will yield 100k credits in a T10 premium. T10 premiums get a baked in reduction in service costs, 90k for a T10 premium versus 180k for a tech tree premium. Added to this is that T10 premiums also get a T10 perma camo to go with them, so their service cost now becomes 45k credits. a T10 will not bring more raw credits than a tech tree T10, but will bring more take home credits once service costs is counted. Overall, the chain of highest earning premium ships from lowest to highest are: T2 premiums T3 premiums T4 premiums T5 premiums T6 premiums T7 premiums Warspite, Graf Spee, and Shinonome with National camos T8 premiums Ashitaka w/Koyobashi camo T10 premiums Prinz Eugen with Addler camo T9 premiums Kii and Roma w/Koyobashi camos Missouri I hope I explained that well enough.
  13. tfcas119

    Losing money on games

    impressive seeing this game went into closed alpha, the first time anyone could play this game, in Jan 2015, almost 5 years ago. What tier, what battle type? T10 co-op is basically impossible to make credits without either a perma camo and/or premium time. it doesn't matter if your ship finishes the game with 1hp or all of it, you pay the same service cost. looking at stats, are you sure you added another 0 to that 100k? What I'm thinking, you are playing a T10 random battle, not doing very well (stats back this up) and then losing money because doing badly at T10 is not good for money making.
  14. tfcas119

    How are you doing in Italian cruisers so far?

    after experience with D'Asota, I can confirm LS is basically mandatory once you get 12 points. I'm pretty sure I've seen an HE shell hit the bridge, do no damage, and kill the rudder. Also earilier today, I took out a Brindisi's rudder with a Jean Bart... which I'm pretty sure the AP shells that hit only hit forward of the bridge.