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  1. and bested by first attempt
  2. tfcas119


    They increased the AP shell velocity from 800m/s to 840m/s and improved the AP Krupp from 2100 to 2400. Still not sure if that can counteract horrible firing angles and a lack of smoke or heal.
  3. tfcas119

    Italian Battleship Guinio Bruto

    Pretty sure it is the T6 Cesar, just renamed so there will be no confusion between T5 Cesar and the new T6 version.
  4. tfcas119

    Any word on Azuma Buffs?

    A concealment rating around that of Zao/Minotaur on a ship with 12.1in guns on cruiser dispersion will never work out in terms of balance. She's already the stealthiest of all the supercruiser designs.
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