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  1. tfcas119

    IJN Gunboats don't need TRB

    Handles like a brick, poor shell arcs past 8km, and has horrible concealment, so it really can’t work in open water or be effective against DDs past 8km
  2. tfcas119

    Hatsuharu's model is wrong

    Hatsus had that single turret removed in place of more AA mounts (not that IJN 25mms did anything except be a minor inconvenience to allied aircraft though)
  3. WG gonna WG. The amount of jokes that could write themselves from those two names would be enough to fill an entire bingo card
  4. "The Tiers IX and X ships feature eight and ten 457mm guns, respectively" Typo or you cockblocking these from Yamato guns? Not that accurate 30 and 32mm overmatch are exactly what T9 and 10 needs right now.
  5. tfcas119

    Monthly Supercontainer

    Good news: It was a ship. Bad News: WG has to be laughing right now
  6. tfcas119

    PSA: WoWs Player Trends with Graphs

    If the number of players who have played at least one battle in the last month (all battle types included) has according to you, gone up, then we need a part two of this graph. Of these active players, has the number of PvE (co-op, ops) matches gone up while the number of random battle matches have gone down, and would it be interesting if said graphs correlate with some of the fantastic gameplay decisions that WG believes are universally loved being released (subs, superships, hybrids) Considering I haven’t played a random battle in almost 6months but still play co-op and ops, (ranked, some special PvP modes on occasion) I would want to know.
  7. tfcas119

    Do you like the "new" Random Ops

    Random ops have grown one a little bit, but I’d rather know what op I’m going to be playing. Or at least as a compromise, you will play through every op in rotation once before you start getting the same ops again.
  8. So Spanish cruisers get an overall buff? Interesting. Edit: they lost the AP pen buff as well, so it is more of an overall nerf Yes, Vermont penning Napoli guns need to overpen less. Did Schill really need a reload nerf? Jager getting sort of kind of deservedly molested. WV’44. Worse guns, better heal, concealment, acceleration, 9km miniguns on either side, useless consumable. I still have no idea if a secondary ship works on a 21knt brick. Halford: why does this need sub 6km concealment and a squadron engine boost? Soviet subs: why do subs need a buff? Petro’s UU needs to have its consumable penalty removed before it becomes interesting, or those numbers doubled.
  9. tfcas119

    DevBlog 444 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.5

    Same gun caliber, same dispersion, same improved heal, cannot angle against it. It literally is a Thunderer with SAP.
  10. tfcas119

    Tier 3 for clan battles

    So a clan battle season of Suvorzovs with no superstructure or overmatchable or HE penning armor, Charlestons with Halsey, and Vampires, and everything else explodes if winked at and no other BB can hit anything. This would get real ugly real quick.
  11. tfcas119

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier VII Cruisers

    I highly suspect 1v1 T7 cruisers will turn into “if you don’t have Belfast, Atlanta, or Weimar don’t bother”
  12. At this point if the Art department stops giving a f*ck this game is screwed.
  13. tfcas119

    DevBlog 444 - New Ships – Closed Test 12.5

    British triple, Italian doubles, Conqueror bridge, German planes, 8km concealment, Emerald hull. Basically you pop up at 8km, shotgun someone, then you explode because you are essentially an Emerald with no heal or smoke. In all honesty, a SAP Thunderer going 35knts is among the last things this game needs.
  14. tfcas119

    T9-10 Ops

    Most ops are small, brawling maps, and seeing how subs and CVs push against brawling in PvP, T9-10 ops maps make sense. Plus it makes sense include Pan-Am, Italian, EU, Dutch, and Spanish ships in these ops, or do something like OG Hermes and Cherry Blossom where some ops are designed around certain battles involving these ships (Matapan for example, or a Sapnish Civil war naval battle) or something that could have been (WG has fallen in love with that phrase as of late) based on historical events (Ex: EU and/or Dutch ships have the escape the German Navy to friendly British waters)
  15. when there is a KOTS they release new ship and patch devblogs during the last day of the tourney.