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  1. tfcas119

    Searching for clan wars clan

    come to SUCIT, we are actively trying to become a competitive clan, we can really use some help.
  2. tfcas119

    Next Battleship Line?

    nope, just speculation.
  3. tfcas119

    Next Battleship Line?

    Most likely Italian BB line. Although they could pull out a Pan-American BB line if they wanted to. You can easily get to T5 with actual ships, and T8 with serious designs, and unlike the Swedish DD line, can be populated with more than one nation. T3: Minas Greaes (Brazil) T4: Sao Paulo (Brazil)/Rivaderia (Argentina) T5: Almante Littore (Chile)/ Argincourt/Rio de Janerio/Sultan Osman (RN, Brazil, Ottoman Empire) T6: Richiaulo (planned but never made Brazilian Queen Elizabeth)
  4. tfcas119

    British Heavy Cruiser AP Angles

    nope, normal 45-60 bounce angles
  5. AA skills haven't changed since 8.7, when they replaced Manual AA with Massive AA fire. As for speccing into AA, save your points, AFT was ruined with the CV rework, and Manual AA was ruined when they replaced it with Massive Fire, and AAM1 was ruined when they changed the upgrade this patch. AA does absolutely nothing.
  6. tfcas119

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    the new UI no one asked for isn't very good. DD icon is too big and it no longer accounts for your armament reloads with AR and Expert loader perks
  7. tfcas119

    yashima is going to be broken

    Yashima is a worse Yamato. So by saying Yashima is overpowered, you are saying Yamato is even more overpowered. Try again. Also, with a fuse arming threshold of 170mm, you aren't going to pen anything other than BBs and supercruisers.
  8. wouldn't of mattered because Narai wouldn't of been in rotation this patch anyway.
  9. tfcas119

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Brief summary: none of these cruisers have uncruiser like dispersion at their max range, and Stalingrad pen angles on those big boys, wow. Already hope most (all) these ships get some changes in the future Talinn: stealthier than Chappy, with bigger guns, wth? Riga, Petro: even better than Moskva railguns, makes Moskva look bad Nevesky: this seems like a good idea, perfectly fine Kotovosky: why 8km torps on a tech ship when the ships above have 4km torps? Myokian: worse Kirov with stealth, ok 180mm Kutozov: do we really need another Soviet cruiser? 152 Smolensk: do we really need another Soviet cruiser?
  10. wow he looks good. AR bonus, great, AA bonus, nice, no mention of getting him for European Tokens, meaning 175k coal, boo.
  11. 9.1 is coming Wednesday, 9.2 is in March, and 9.3 is in April. I'm confident that we have an extra month from what you're saying. As for the removed ships: Smolensk: I agree they should of done something, whether that was remove its smoke or remove it entirely. Although, if it is to be removed completely from the game, I would like a refund of coal, Jean Bart: on the surface, this looks like a headscratcher, as it is among the more balanced T9 premiums and isn't in every game you play. However, on a deeper look, she has been around since Nov 2018, and will be removed April 2020, making her available for about a year and a half. Other T9 premium BBs that have been available were Missouri (Dec 2016-Feb.2018) and Musashi (Jan. 2018-Jan 2019) have been around for about the same amount of time. From that perspective, it makes sense Jean Bart is removed to allow another T9 BB to take her place. With this in mind, don't be surprised if Georgia is removed between August and December of this year, and Bajie will replace Jean Bart in the armory this April. the other steel ships becoming coal and Moskva becoming coal: Flint and Neustrashimy kind of make sense. Flint is too low a tier to really use steel on and Neustra isn't good enough to be a steel boat. Black, otth, is very strong, perhaps too strong, and should still be gated behind a steel wall. Also, I'm pretty sure no one saw RU cruiser split coming, nor Moskva being removed.
  12. tfcas119

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    its actually somewhat of a buff. Flak does absolutely nothing against non-potato CVs, its the continuous DPS that really matters. Both London and Devonshire got slightly more AA DPS in exchange of something easily avoided.
  13. tfcas119

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    so because it was too strong, you basically kill it. Now I really see no point in this thing as long as Kleber exists. aww, it was nice to see 5km mid range, but at least you got a total of 11 DPS from it so now your engine boost is more an oh sh*t consumable the one thing Yashima has over Yamato was her secondaries. Now its even worse than Yamato's. I wouldn't even spend coal on this, let alone steel. Just grind for awhile and you can have a much better version in the tech tree. so Cheshire went from real garbage, to garbage, to not bad to now bad. kek Hey WG, you do not need to nerf ships that do not need nerfs. You also don't need a T8 BB that doesn't overmatch any plating have less health than most T6 BBs and even some T5s. Revert this instantly or give Odin a Warspite/US BB heal hurray for AA buffs, even though AA is only for show.
  14. tfcas119

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    I have some questions (granted these may be answered in advance of this line hitting early access) 1. If we have Kirov, I'm assuming whatever is replacing her we get, as well as a premium Kirov 2. Moskva becomes a special ship for coal. Question I have is which ship is replacing her, Nevesky or Petrovpalvosk? 3. why an RU cruiser split, seems odd to do this before some other lines like finishing the IT tech tree?