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  1. Allthewayup


    When will Champagne be for sale again?
  2. Allthewayup

    Armada: Champagne

    Why isnt this is the premium shop it only came out 3 weeks ago?
  3. Over Boosting your GPU will freeze your computer while playing a game if i becomes unstable. You have msi afterburner so i assume your setting your own clock speeds. or just try a clean install of the game
  4. Allthewayup

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    The boat is a nightmare to play Same tier or bottom tier. t6 secondaries will never be a viable option because t6 and 25 mm bow, It just ant there. it has 8 of the smallest caliper guns at t6 yet the reload is only slightly better. Although the accuracy is one of the best on paper at t6 it doesn't show in game. In 8 random games i have 13 % wr 33% accuracy and 35k avg damage. Its a BB and theirs no big learning curve with this ship to over come. I can only conclude this ship is under powered in both the Armor and Guns. With 8 guns, questionable accuracy and small caliper ,this is not a viable cruiser hunter nor a viable DD killer. If you have no DD counter how can you possibly chase down cruisers? This is a shoot from the back, no carry, pray you hit something potato of a ship. even an angled in fuso will wreck you with enough time. The only thing good about this ship is you can make is immune to CVs. And seems to be the only logical build to go with
  5. Allthewayup

    Superstructure gives you a Citadel

    1 -Impossible Check 2 and Check 3 for sure
  6. Allthewayup

    Superstructure gives you a Citadel

    no once a shell ricochets its counted as a ricochet and doesn't continue to pen Armour. Once a shell pens armour it continues at the same angle. It either gets stopped by the Armour thickness and detonates or over pens. At no time does the shell bounce around inside the ship. The fuse timer wouldn't allow for that anyway
  7. Allthewayup

    Superstructure gives you a Citadel

    Des monies cant penetrate horizontal deck armor until 13.8kms at 67.5 degrees. in the 2 tests where i was 1.5-2kms away its 100% impossible to go through the deck armor. The effective thickness of the armor at that range, would limit the shell to only be able to pen 88 mm's. which is 13mm less then the superstructure deck and citadel deck combined. But it doesn't matter because the pen angle is 88 degrees at 2kms so it will always ricochet anything over 13mm. it is flawed
  8. I was just going to let this go. After being insulted by wargaming and wasting my time trying to help fix this issue. Im going to share this glaring flaw in the game for everyone to see. Wargaming thinks this is totally normal and sees nothing wrong with it. I like the Zao but i knew after getting into some CQB game play, there was something wrong. Getting citadeled out of nowhere being angled or just straight up running away. I took it to training battles to see what was up and sure enough. I could get citadels by just shooting the superstructure For what ever reason i was able to get a citadel by only hitting the Zao superstructure from the side and rear the front proved to only ricochet Des Monies doesn't even start to pen horizontal armor till 13.90 kms https://www.twitch.tv/spfxallthewayup/clip/GlutenFreeFaithfulPotItsBoshyTime https://www.twitch.tv/spfxallthewayup/clip/GlutenFreeBombasticKimchiKlappa https://www.twitch.tv/spfxallthewayup/clip/InventiveHandsomeAlmondItsBoshyTime
  9. Allthewayup


    Has gone through 2 ST revisions and that was about 55 days ago. No new dev blog post/ no new Community commentator videos/haven't seen one in live servers for a while. Obviously its ready. same goes for the french prem TX BB where is it? the german t6 BB?
  10. Allthewayup

    Musashi Variant

    so the IJN only ever planed to make 2 yamato class bbs?
  11. Allthewayup

    Musashi Variant

    I ask if there would be a "variant" coming out. considering Wg likes paper ship
  12. Allthewayup

    Musashi Variant

    Any word or rumors of a Musahi variant ?
  13. Allthewayup

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    the problem seems to be bad sigma. everyones knows it and just laughs at your 2-3 shell hits every 18 secs. Then when they do show broadside your left in awe as your shells OP or hit the water. This ship doesnt stand a chance vs any t9 cruiser
  14. Allthewayup

    USS Arizona reload times

    Now I've played many games in this ship, I do fairly well at 58% 62,250 . But with all its upsides the reload time just keeps leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Its painfully slow. This also adds on to the New Mexico. The reload is just to slow. Every other ship out guns it in shell size and/or reload speed. If the Arizona had good AA or great secondaries or 380MM guns it be more balanced but the way it is it isnt. No amount of angling is going to fix this problem. Its not a brawler or a tank ,being front line means death is near. you cant brawl with 60sec 180 turrets and 35 sec reloads. My queen Elisabeth crushes my AZ damage output. With Mutsu being released I feel the Arizona and New Mexico needs the buff to 30sec reload more then ever. Its out gunned at its teir and pitiful at t7. AZ may "lead" the charts but that's apples to oranges. its too influenced, most people never play below t8 if its not premuim. And sub tier8 can be researched in under 30 battles. So the learning curve and lack of capt skills really weights on those ships more. The Arizona stat's will continues to rise as the game goes on. same for any premium ship. Mustsu is early on but i see it topping the AZ rather soon. but that even has to be taken with a grain of salt because the same people may not be playing both ships.