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  1. Can we have the option to skip the cut scene for opening containers? Also be able to open any containers we have all at once?
  2. Whats your computer set up. If you have two hard drives or SSD's clear one, un-plug the other. So its like a fresh reset. Download any system drivers/updates, then download the game with out any other anti virus or malware software. If that doesnt work I have no Idea. Its a blocked connection.
  3. Ive had the same problems starting with earlier updates. What Year and model iMac or Mac book do you have list CPU. Most crashes come from the computer not being able to handle the game. Since a great deal have weak processors and graphics. The Game could simply be over powering your CPU at this point. What are your game settings set too?
  4. Data.... if you would like, ill start a poll and get some numbers you can see. Why would people start a match then just leave? from your comment i gather real AFKers are widespread, wheres your data? Thats not something easily proved and why would they do that? They lose credits/flags/camo/ being AFK and gain nothing. Think on this....let say 10,000ish player's / 24 in a match = 417 matches (+/-) 1 AFK per side every other match =417 AFK/417 matches played 4.17% presumed to just quit. even at 52AFK's per 417 games(0.52%) its doesnt take much to affect everyone. 0.52% would put an AFKer on your team every 16 matches . So taking your 7860 battles on the low end you experienced 491(+/-) AFK matches on the highend 3,930. It only takes 4.17% of players having an issue to basically affect everyone if you played 2 games. Bad connection is a more likely issue then people just quitting considering you stated how often it happens.
  5. I dont know just passing on information. Not all AV is made the same. Avast Anti Virus and Malwarebytes allow Clan page to load
  6. No problem. its are hard one to solve because even turned off it still wasn't working. Bitdefender is highly rated but it might block stuff it doesnt need too. Im sure others are having the same problem. Im gonna see if WG can make a sticky or see why Bitdefender is blocking those connections.
  7. It seems Bitdefender Anti Virus blocks the Clan page from loading also causes connection issues when installing the game. Simply turning it off wont make it work it needs to be uninstalled from windows. Will also help with slow or dropped updates and disconnects during matches.You'll notice updates or a reinstall of the game goes alot faster. Avast Anti Virus and Malwarebytes allow Clan page to load
  8. Bitdefender will block clans, inventory and news from loading uninstall it if you want access. It will also cause problems with server connection when downloading the game.
  9. Can you make it so we can sell modules/flags/consumables and camo by just right clicking them while in port?
  10. Will Divisions be expanded too 4-5 players?
  11. most people arent AFK its just the connection to WG servers it terrible and it disconnects them
  12. British BB ships have weaker AP armor. British CA have only 150mm AP guns no HE but have smoke because their armor is weak and have no AA. where other CA have hydro and radar bigger guns,HE and much better AA defense. its just a different play style. British ships are dangerous just like any other if you dont know how to handle them.
  13. Can we have the option to skip the cut scene for opening containers? Also be able to open any containers we have all at once?
  14. How are players matched in battles? Is it by ship or skill or both? I think everyone can agree more times then not battles are always one sided. You either lose horribly or it feels like you just played a Co-op match. Any plans to change this to skill based matches or improve upon if it already is
  15. Why don't you post all the stats of new premium ships( reload times, damage, turn times, how about the armor layout you know the important stuff)? Would you consider a 15 match or 1 day trail period on premium ships before purchase? Its like a car salesmen saying "yeah it has an V10 engine, black tires, Big brakes, some kind of leather seats, gets down the road alright. But you have to buy it first before you can drive it, oh yeah and no returns"