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  1. What the hell is your problem that made you dropped all of your torps to team kill me 10 seconds before the match ended?

  2. Good luck ive had in total 4-5 super containers from daily chance 2- were 250 flooding flags 1 was port slots think the other was a modification. Ive gotten 6 from the Yam collection and got 1-30day 1-7 day premium 50 dragon flags 2- 50 camo's 1- gun fire mod . I can say in the last 300+ containers opened i haven't gotten one. I have since switched to not picking "try your luck" Yes WG im confidently saying 300 daily containers and not one super container. From today i will screen shot ever one i open. Because even though its"free" it still needs to be fair for every player. right now im sitting at .33% chance of receiving one anything below 3% isn't reasonable for most of the play base. Or heres an idea make one a guarantee where you get one every time you reach 100,000 base xp ?
  3. well the 100% xp boost doubles your free xp return. And people like playing T-X too turn the Xp into Free xp with real money. As with T-8 and 9 but 10 has the best for it. But in all actuality they should fix the credit return for T-VIII-X. because unless your a great premium player your losing credits every game. I have to crack 300,000 at T-X to make it even worth while. I didnt work that hard just to have to go back and play t6-7 matches because my loses out weight my gains.
  4. True but a separate multiplier for Commander xp is what im asking for. Xp earned affects free xp and commander xp too. As it sits Tier-X camo gives 100% to research XP, 20% to credits and -50% to service cost. I think adding 150% commander boost would better reflect the cost of the camo. and make it worth buying
  5. I think at 5,000 DB the camo should come with Commander XP too. 150% seems reasonable.
  6. Arizona needs an accuracy buff desperately or an AP shell speed boost. It really is quite terrible unless angled within a small firing window. Even then ive completely missed a broadside of other BBs from 15kms where the shells landed on either side of it. ,NM has higher velocity and better AA. The Arizona needs to be good at something. Take away the AA and buff the guns to be a least on par with the New Mexico. I can barely shoot down a spotting aircraft let alone torpedo squadrons
  7. Why is it ....?

    Because reasons ....
  8. I understand the nagging around smoke and why it changed. And honesty ive had few games where i noticed i needed to change my play style. But theirs one thing that needs to be addressed. Thats the shadow fire of ships into smoke. Lets say im in smoke as a Cruiser, i have a 7km detect after firing and theirs a DD in that 7kms that spots me. Now everyone on the map can see me but i cant see any of them. even if the DD starts firing on me from 5kms. Because his detect from behind or in smoke is 2.8kms. I wont be able to respond till i move out of the smoke on what ever side hes on. This was never a problem untill the new smoke tweeks because everyone's detect was 2kms both ways. Here what i think would be fair: 1. I think being in smoke should function as a typhoon or storm would for detection purposes. Only those within the ships detection range should be able to see them. everyone outside of that gets a ship position on the mini map. 2. Or make Smoke a 2 way street and anyone outside of smoke firing in is spotted If within their detection range. technically thats what happens to the person inside the smoke.
  9. Can we have the option to skip the cut scene for opening containers? Also be able to open any containers we have all at once?
  10. Whats your computer set up. If you have two hard drives or SSD's clear one, un-plug the other. So its like a fresh reset. Download any system drivers/updates, then download the game with out any other anti virus or malware software. If that doesnt work I have no Idea. Its a blocked connection.
  11. Ive had the same problems starting with earlier updates. What Year and model iMac or Mac book do you have list CPU. Most crashes come from the computer not being able to handle the game. Since a great deal have weak processors and graphics. The Game could simply be over powering your CPU at this point. What are your game settings set too?
  12. Data.... if you would like, ill start a poll and get some numbers you can see. Why would people start a match then just leave? from your comment i gather real AFKers are widespread, wheres your data? Thats not something easily proved and why would they do that? They lose credits/flags/camo/ being AFK and gain nothing. Think on this....let say 10,000ish player's / 24 in a match = 417 matches (+/-) 1 AFK per side every other match =417 AFK/417 matches played 4.17% presumed to just quit. even at 52AFK's per 417 games(0.52%) its doesnt take much to affect everyone. 0.52% would put an AFKer on your team every 16 matches . So taking your 7860 battles on the low end you experienced 491(+/-) AFK matches on the highend 3,930. It only takes 4.17% of players having an issue to basically affect everyone if you played 2 games. Bad connection is a more likely issue then people just quitting considering you stated how often it happens.
  13. I dont know just passing on information. Not all AV is made the same. Avast Anti Virus and Malwarebytes allow Clan page to load