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  1. Musashi Variant

    so the IJN only ever planed to make 2 yamato class bbs?
  2. Musashi Variant

    I ask if there would be a "variant" coming out. considering Wg likes paper ship
  3. Musashi Variant

    Any word or rumors of a Musahi variant ?
  4. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    the problem seems to be bad sigma. everyones knows it and just laughs at your 2-3 shell hits every 18 secs. Then when they do show broadside your left in awe as your shells OP or hit the water. This ship doesnt stand a chance vs any t9 cruiser
  5. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    Good lord fix the damn Accuracy... that is all. Bare bones cruiser and they strip it of the only thing i has going for it. Stalingrad gets cruiser accuracy so should kron. take HE away I could care less, useless shell as is 1386 HE damage what a joke
  6. Say your clan was in Typhoon league group 3 but dropped into contention. Are you considered typhoon or storm if you finish CB in contention?
  7. That is another topic for discussion that i agree with. But the fact is the difference in coin between 80-200k damage isnt a hell of a lot. Capping gives you a lot of credits so I dont know where your going with that. But lossing the game will cut into any coin and XP you think your where going to get.
  8. GK secondaries only do on average 180hp damage with IFHE as a skill. youll be lucky to get 25hp average per shell hit without it, all the 128mm shells will shatter over (32mm) and 150mm (38mm) So all your damage is from fire or superstructure. It could take well over 12 mins to sink a BB if they use damage control and repair at all in a 1 vs 1 with just secondaries at 9-10kms range. Without manual secondaries and IFHE good luck even getting over 30k damage in 20 mins. Even in a full secondary build they aren't even that potent vs a average player. I swear you DD captains moan the most. DDs arent supposed to be concerned with damage. Your role is a deterrent,scout and base caper. If your main goal in the game is damage your not playing the objective nor the ship correctly and are being selfish. 60k damage in a DD is 3x you base health anything over your base health pool means your already carrying another ship on your team. landing 2 torps the whole game would mean you carried another ship. DDs are the most OP ship on the map and all you need is dumb luck to hit something with 13-16km torps. thats why when 3 DDs get nuked at the start of the game the team has such a hard time even moving around the map let alone winning. BB's on the other hand are the least contributing ship in the game because they have the lowest damage output/healthpoint on the team. A BB on average could have 150k-180k health pool with repairs. getting 150k-170k at T10 in a BB is pretty good. but its not even breaking their own health pool or at best 1.5x- 2x base if no repair is used
  9. training room

    Make the AI move and shoot back. remove count down timer at start of the battle. make the interface simpler to use
  10. Looking for skilled players 18+ that want to be in the top leagues of clan battles and king of the seas. Were a growing clan looking for new additions to jump into the top leagues of wows. We have a consistent group of 6-9 people online everyday and another 10-15 that come on a few times a week. Requirements minimum: 53% WR/PR 1500/ 1500 battles and at least 1 Tier ten. Must have discord with mic. Above are guidelines . stats and ships will be looked at to determine acceptance. We know how messed up MM can be As for SPF Port benefits (all upgraded): - 10% discount on T5/6/7/8 ships. - 3% XP bonus on IJN, KMS, HMS, USN, FMN, RU and Pan Asian ships. - 10% reduced Service cost on Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers. and about 70k oil from 50 member clan hall PM for application or questions, ask for discord link to talk with our commander.
  11. cant you guys make a cache for these in a game file so there not deleted
  12. no need for ! but i would like to have the option to select the target other wise they fire at will that picture hahaha this is needed turret traverse speed can go to hell wouldnt that create stress fractures?
  13. a bright idea. something along those lines. Because 60% less desperation for 50% less potential is uneven. Unless they want to make that 150%. Since when are secondaries OP? Better question why are you 10kms from a German BB thats not being focused fired