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  1. A clan mate and I managed to finish the 6th directive. Neither of us is going to be close to finishing the 7th, but here are the steps we used to finish 6. 1. Buy the Gorizia to get the first 3 directives done a lot quicker. (or the free way, have someone buy it for you, a lot of that goes on in our clan) 2. Schedule a lot of vacation time, I'm an idiot and failed to take all my vacation time when the weather was nice so for most of December I only worked 2 or 3 days a week. 3. Ranked sprint was great for getting Directive 4 done. 4. For 5 and 6..... just play co-op until your head is ready to explode. - It's all about getting the most tasks done in the shortest possible time. So play solo and grind multiple boats at once so you're never waiting for the game to end. I bought 2 boosters but it ended up that, I only would have needed one, My clan mate finished the 6th quick enough to get the PR for free. (but he was gifted one booster by a clan mate concerned for his safety so he got it a bit early). Along the way I got doubloons out of some of the "free" Christmas boxes you get grinding the PR, so I figure I spent 11-ish K doubloons. So it wasn't for free but I'm ok with what I spent, you do get a lot of nice rewards besides the PR. If I could only remember my kids names... and they've gotten so big since I last saw them.
  2. TAM_OH

    47 Million Potential Damage they say

    Co-op with spotter plane Alaska. Push forward with spotter plane up and keep shooting until they target you. You’ll usually get over one million potential damage in 4-5 minutes. Rinse and repeat. Yes, yes it is boring but it’s the quickest way I know of. I like the take two BB’s in a div idea but I think it would be faster to solo this mission. I did almost all of directives 5 and 6 in co-op... my brain has turned to mush, so there are side effects you should be aware of.
  3. TAM_OH

    Anyone trying to do part 4+?

    Ranked sprint was great for the 4th directive, I did all the German part and finished up both Japan and the French ships. Now the fifth directive, that's a time sink, looks like lots of yolo co-op grinding to get some of the tasks done quicker.
  4. TAM_OH

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    good luck with the new job
  5. TAM_OH

    Submarines cancelled?

    yup, I think if done right such a game mode could be a bridge between the PVP and PVE player base too
  6. TAM_OH

    Submarines cancelled?

    I want subs in the game if they can be made fun to play and play against. I think to do that there needs to be a special mode with special matchmaking. I'm thinking of a PVP / scenario hybrid where human sub players can hunt bot merchant ships while human DD players defend their merchant ships and fight the human sub players. Subs also would need to be able to fight the DD’s. CV’s could be in this mode too, maybe this would be a way to get the old CVE’s back into the game. It would also be a way to get Destroyer escorts, sub chasers and Q ships into the game. Winning would be a mixture of preventing the other teams merchant ships from delivering cargo and sinking your opponents. What I don't want is making the game even less fun by adding hard to balance ships.
  7. I have a couple suggestions for special skills for Jingles - 1. Torpedo acceleration.... but but, that’s not very helpful on Royal Navy ships I hear you say. Well that’s the point. - 2, Enhanced Priority Target.... with this skill the detection indicator displays the number of opponents aiming at you +1 the Russian guy should get a couple aircraft skills no need to thank me....
  8. It’s a social experiment to see if we’ll actually do it ..... I did it in co-op..... sigh...
  9. Here's my quick guide for optimizing the RB grind. I've got both the Ohio and Colbert and did it without spending real money buying free xp. I did have a lot of free xp saved for "just such an emergency" Free xp is the grease that makes RB tolerable. I believe RB was intended to drain free xp and credits out of players like me, but I'm back up to 2/3 rds of the free xp I had. - I Only picked lines I enjoyed playing - Free xp'd to T6 on every regrind - Always free xp'd all the upgrades (B hulls) required to get to the next ship - I did not buy upgrades that were not needed to progress - Used lots of xp/free xp flags, camo, and yes... premium time - Got the first win on a ship most days (and didn't over play it) - Free xp'd the ship if the grind got boring (playing with lots of free xp flags gets you a lot more free xp to use) - Div'd with like minded fellow nitwits doing the same thing don't hate me, I know I have issues.....
  10. I did not like the Seattle... but I kept it anyway for flake harvesting...… sigh
  11. For the light cruisers I kept and still play the Helena and the Cleveland. But, Lert is correct whatever you enjoyed you should keep.
  12. you need a win in all 5 ships to get the 20K, so you have to get back to the T10
  13. If I’m reading the rules correctly there would be a big advantage to resetting both lines when there was a line split. You would get the points for two T8, T9 and T 10 ships but only have to grind one set of low tier ships. Is this correct?
  14. I'm sorry it's all my fault. I have a lot of free xp and silver, but I want the Ohio. They know that to get the Ohio I will regrind a bunch of lines, and that I'll use that free xp to get my ships back quicker. I may even use doubloons to move some captains around. I have clan mates that will use $$ to buy more free xp to make the regrind go very quickly. I think for WG it's a "profit deal" and a way to get a lot of free xp out of the game.
  15. Except for a couple CV's I have all the tech tree T10's, all the free xp and coal ships. I also I like playing all the tiers, so I'll be resetting lines. Sadly, I think I'm one of the nutballs this thing was designed for. So I'd like to apologize to everyone.