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  1. I started playing on the Mac but eventually the client became more and more unstable, I had to reboot every couple of games and the higher the tier the worse it was. So I bought a cheap gaming desktop PC and a KVM switch. I'm still occasionally using my wife's MacBook pro while away from home to play a couple games here and there. I suspect a lot of other Mac users just boot into windows to play these days. I get why it's difficult to support the Mac, especially with Apple silicon coming soon but the declining number of Mac users is not just from a lack of interest from Mac users.
  2. TAM_OH

    WoWS on macOS options

    I started out playing on the Mac but after awhile the game just got to unstable and I bought a cheap gaming PC and a KVM switch. I have played on my wife's 2015 MacBook while away from home but it looks like those days are over. I'm thinking the way to go is an external ssd drive with a MAC OS / boot camp / windows install along with the wows app. I know there are also game streaming services that let you run PC games on their servers but I'm concerned with the latency. hopefully someone who's done that will comment. I think once the Macs with Apple CPUs are out, game streaming will be the only option for those machines.
  3. Whatever it takes to keep the servers on.....
  4. TAM_OH

    Paola Emilio for RP

    Yes and it's easy to do... 1. reset a line 2. research all the ships with FXP (you can repeat step 1 and 2 as many time as you have FXP) 3. play each ship one game in co-op to collect all the RB points 4. turn in points for RB ship.... easy
  5. More likely the pizza showed up and it was time to eat.... I'll just suicide.....
  6. The PA line is one of my favorites for research bureau re-setting, I bet I've played through the line 5 times now. The Gadjah Mada and Chung Mu are my favorites, and nobody expects radar Hsienyang.
  7. WG says they are trying to fix it
  8. when I was a young lad I collected stamps, my mom asked a neighbor if they had any old stamps. She asked a relative that eventually gave me a collection of naval covers from the 1930's. Here's a few. go here to learn more.... https://www.navalcovermuseum.org/wiki/Naval_Cover_Museum
  9. TAM_OH

    Don't Forget To Sell Your Moose Caca today.

    If you have any special modules on your Moskva (like the radar mod). Make sure you demount it before you sell the ship.
  10. Durning one of the snow flake events I repurchased the Kagero and threw a 3 pt captain on and went into co-op to get a little steel... except I forgot to switch to co-op. So there I am with a bone stock Kagero being out spotted by all the red DD's in randoms. When it was over I had survived the whole game and got a game winning Kraken Unleashed. If an idiot like me can do it, I expect no less from you... GLHF
  11. TAM_OH

    T-61 It's me. I struggle.

    My advice would be to go back and play the Isokaze and Clemson again before the T-61. Maybe go down the German DD line so you get a good captain for the T-61. You really want a 10 point captain for the T-61, and the early German DD's are really fun. After a bit of that, you'll figure it out.
  12. TAM_OH


    If you can get to Buffalo NY (someday), check out the museum ship USS Little Rock. It's a Cleveland class cruiser that was converted into a missile cruiser, but it still has some of the old 6" guns.
  13. TAM_OH


    This is the case for a lot of the models in the game. During their lives a lot of modifications were made to the ships. So I suppose compromises had to be made in the game. Hull numbers only go on the premiums, where the tech tree ships are supposed to represent the class, and not a particular ship. What I would have preferred is that the Fargo class (modified Cleveland class) be the T9 instead of the Seattle. If anyone cares, here's a photo taken by my friend USMCGal
  14. TAM_OH

    Admiral Makarov

    I got one a couple years ago around Christmas, If I remember right it was in the tech tree, on sale for doubloons.
  15. TAM_OH

    One Simple CV Question

    yup, and we've already had that mode... it was really fun