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  1. I have been playing this game around 2 years now and I really enjoy it. There have been periods of time when I haven't been able to play so I drop down to lower tiers to knock the rust off so to speak. I was playing the Japanese Tier II Tachibana Lima last night and fired a nice spread of torpedoes at an enemy BB. I had him dead nuts when all of a sudden a teammate's destroyer races in from nowhere and gets nailed by my torpedoes. If I didn't know any better I would say he turned into them on purpose. So of course he is destroyed and I get penalized and a purple/pink marker. I have never even hit a teammate before with any type of fire and now this. I thought the punishment didn't fit. I have tier 8's so I am not new at this. Any similar stories? I guess that is what I get for playing on a lower tier.