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  1. Thank you, I got them to link and received the reward(s).
  2. I already have an ID.Me account but the directions are confusing to link the 2 together, need some help.
  3. woody428

    Question about USS Georgia

    When is the Georgia coming out and is a FXP or purchase ship?
  4. Is the Graf Zep coming back? I thought I saw a post about that.
  5. I enjoy playing Emerald, mainly due to the amount of fish you can put in the water at a time compared to Exit-er. On the positive side of Exit-er, being able to switch between HE and AP is nice at times too.
  6. I have the Exeter and it should be renamed Exit-er because you exit the battle fast in this POS. I was really looking forward to this ship but now, I am only playing it to complete the combat mission to get a super container. Every time, I have a decent battle, I have 3-4 terrible ones, especially if I am bottom tier. Top tier not bad. I agree with some of the other comments, you have to be able to play both random and coop to complete certain things.
  7. woody428

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    I have a 10- point captain and was using AR but will switch to last stand. Thank you.
  8. woody428

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    I don't agree with the overpowered rating. Every battle, I get my steering or engine knocked out and or both. I too was excited for the Exeter but right now it is average at best.
  9. woody428

    Premium Ship Review #120: Plus Sized Baltimore

    Good review. As everyone has said, 1 million FXP is a lot and I really don't see what would be so "extra" special about the Alaska, so i would say the cost vastly outweighs the reward. Don't get me wrong I really enjoying playing USN cruisers, but I will focus on other goals instead of acquiring her.
  10. woody428

    I Got The Des Moines!

    As many have said, DM was my first T10. Then the Hindy, Wooster and then the Monty. My fav is the DM, but enjoy having the Hindy's torps in a tight situation. It seems like I always draw a lot of attention from enemy players in the DM, that is the level of respect held for the bote. Enjoy!
  11. I had just started a battle and while it was loading, the power went out as well as the internet. I was not able to log back in until after the battle was over. I got a 3 game team kill penalty. I guess this was automatic WoW. I did not intentionally do this yet got a penalty. Any one else get this before and were you able to notify WoW about it?


  12. Thank you, cause I was stressing a bit trying to complete 2 by the end of December. I was also holding off on getting Worcester thinking I better wait until I finish the DM and Hindy UU.
  13. So the missions for the UU's doesn't end? The ones for my Hindy and DM say 12.31.18.
  14. woody428

    Musashi or Jean Bart with coal?

    I opted for the Musashi, got her yesterday. Since I am new to Japanese BB's, I have only played Co-op. So far, I am enjoying the hell out of this ship. The only downer is she likes to burn, and all reviews are dead one, it is CV bait. Once I feel confident enough I will play random. Only have a 10pt captain so work there to be done. Thanks for everyone's advice and input.