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  1. It sounds like the RN DDs have both staying power and the capability to contest any situation they come across. That would be a deadly combo against any other DD line. The only potential opponent would be the Russian DD line. The top tier 9 and 10 US DDs would definitely give them a run for their money, as well as that demon Harugamo.
  2. I am currently doing a paper for a military history course in college and have decided to write on the Caribbean naval campaign during the Spanish-American War. However, I am having trouble finding information on the defenses of Santiago de Cuba. I have found information on the different batteries that were in use during the war, but not where they were located in the bay and harbor. There seems to be distinct lack of maps of the fortifications of the city in the 1890's time range. According to https://www.northamericanforts.com/Latin/cuba.html there existed one primary fortress named El Morro Castle, which was located on the eastern side of the entrance to the bay, and five outer defenses scattered either near El Morro or in the bay itself. The provided link also states what guns were located at each battery. What I really need is the locations of the five batteries and, if possible, the extent of the minefield that also played a part in the defenses. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I am well aware that this is not the best location to ask for help. The map below is marked to show roughly where El Morro is located. Feel free to use it.
  3. I’m doing some research into the navies of various countries during the late 1800’s for a pet project and this keeps bugging me. All the sources that I can find basically state that sometime between the American Civil War and the year 1900, there was an invention now called the gun stabilizer, that utilized a gyroscope to stabilize the gun and keep it balanced despite having the ship move up and down from the waves. The problem is that none of these sources go into any more detail about the device, such as when it was first used, who used it first, who invented it, and how it works. Any further searches I have done pulls information on tank gun stabilizers from WWII and beyond. The things I’m looking for are from around 1880. Any help?
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    I know this gets asked a lot but....

    They really shouldn't release the details, because then DDs would be prime targets. They get enough crapas it is.
  5. I find the Atago to be quite fun, as it embodies what the IJN cruiser line is: stealthy, evil, flamethrowers.
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    Why you like your username?

    I enjoy history, often to the point of ostracizing myself from those my own age. I also enjoy reading, something that very few of my fellow classmates or friends bothered with (really, in senior year I had a kid saw that he hadn't read a book since elementary. He was nowhere near a reasonable reading level.) I finally got a reliable computer (the same I use now) when I went off to college. Having suffered through not having internet on my old desktop, and having Vista on it, I was overjoyed to get a real working laptop for 'school use'. Naturally the first thing I did was install Steam and start download my compatible games. It was about at this time that I started watching YouTube videos on WoWs and was interested in the game because of the historical background of the ships. I decided to download it and start playing. When it requested a username I decided to create a new one. Having just finished a book on Okinawa, I opted to use the name Ie Shima, since no one would have heard of it. Ie Shima (now Iejima) is a small island to the north of Okinawa that served as an important airfield for the Allied forces after it was taken from the Japanese. The now famous war reporter, Ernie Pyle, was killed on the island during its capture, much to the dismay of the marines he was with. It was also the spot where the Japanese delegates stopped going to and coming back from the initial peace talks with MacArthur. My profile picture is an old recon photo taken by an Allied plane flying over Ie Shima during its capture. The island is as flat as a board with only one notable feature being Mount Gusuku, or The Pinnacle, which served as the HQ and last bastion for the Japanese defenders.