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  1. ryo5678

    North Carolina bot with torps?

    I believe the red name is from the priority target. The NC has the red circle around it marking it as your target. The speed and torp indicator is probably from the mod misplacing ship data.
  2. ryo5678

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    I have used WGC for a long time now. I do not own a high-end computer and the only issues I have ever had were slower updates. I don't see what everyone else's issues with it are. It is running in the background right now and only using an average of 32 MB. There are also 2 error monitor processes running with it at around 2 MB each. Steam and all the Windows processes running use far more memory then WGC.
  3. ryo5678

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    I just got the same thing, killed an allied aircraft in the Yueyang during ranked.