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  1. DracosTalon

    Why people that dont play get rewarded

    I stand by what i said. You are a troll that has the time to waste belittling others. As far as you being a success that is your word only i have to go on. You ARE the one i was angry at for your talking down to people. I doubt a truly important person as your self would have time to TROLL and degrade others. Nice try on the counseling routine. And lol good try on trying to flip the crown of the fool to me. But no ty you are king so keep it! One should never insult and degrade others unless they wish to be. Have a nice life ;)
  2. DracosTalon

    Why people that dont play get rewarded

    You ARE a joke ! Go back to your irrational and safe place and stop belittling people for there opinions. Your a big shot that negotiates LOL No your not you are a troll that has nothing better to do then belittle others to make up for your sad made up life. LOL And if you are what you say you are then you are part of the problem in the USA. Trolling WG making fun of others in your safe place !
  3. DracosTalon

    Why people that dont play get rewarded

    Yep wows.wot and wop ! It dont matter what i say or any of you. The fact is i am annoyed and frustrated with it all. GN
  4. DracosTalon

    Why people that dont play get rewarded

    TY for showing me all your free premiums.Yes that marketing LOL SO SAD!
  5. A friend of mine received a email to return to WOWS. In the email he received 100,000 free xp , 7,500,000 silver, 5 Freedom containers and a mission for free Stars and Stripes Texas! He has the game but never plays it. What a joke makes me wonder why i purchase premium and try so hard. Jealous NO just wish WG rewarded players that play and support them! Not those that have had the game for years but never sign in. I have been working my rear off trying to get enough free xp to upgrade the hull on Alsace. This is CRAZY!