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  1. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Overpen disables?

    Playing Atlanta during the Narai scenario, and on two separate occasions, something weird happened. Shot on the port side hull with AP, however, the wing gun on the starboard side gets disabled. Can overpens through the hull still disable modules?
  2. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Triple 25mm AA guns on Mogami with Octopus Halloween camo are normal gray instead of rust brown.
  3. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    what tech tree tier 7s would people recommend?

    *slams the Scharnhorst button*
  4. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Sinop vs Gneisenau

    Got a friend who believes Gneisenau can destroy Sinops the most. Pretty sure that person has a screw loose and honestly I don't argue too well so I need info on how Sinop v Gneisenau is one of the most unfair battles ever.
  5. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Dark Lore in WoWs

  6. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Dark Lore in WoWs

    This new game mode about the post apocalyptic game mode got my gears REALLY turning about the lore behind it. WoWs isn't the kind of game that should have lore (for obvious reasons) but we still see it during events, and I appreciate that. This game mode however flips the script ENTIRELY; it suggests there is a much darker side to WoWs that I don't think anyone expected. Now let's do a bit on analyzation. In the first picture we can see the loading screen, we can see many destroyed buildings and a wrecked train bridge. Now I thought at first this was a nuclear strike (Mad Max style), but then a friend pointed out the water and I realized that wasn't the case. The most likely cause for this destruction is tsunamis; the increased water level is a big giveaway. Now, if any of you have seen the movie San Andreas, this carnage would look similar to the buildings in the movie after the tsunami strikes. So some of the leaning, partially destroyed buildings were also hammered by an earthquake. Some more clues supporting this would be the minimap. The terrain is very spotty would be a bad spot to pick in order to build a city; BUT, what if this beyond those large three islands in the 3/4 line was a large, flat area. Here is what I think happened: earthquake hits, some buildings partially or totally collapse while others lean and/or smash into others. Then a megatsunami hits which not only floods the city but submerges parts of it but completely covers the land, that may have shifted downward in the quake, in meters of water. There are many historical cases of ancient civilizations being submerged in water due to disasters so this isn't an absurd idea. Next we move onto the port: Now in this pic is what appears to be the remnants of the people who survived the initial onslaught of nature's fury. There were probably evacuations for people who survived but officials deemed it too risky due to aftershocks or other calamities and those who missed the transports were left to defend themselves. Now they regrouped and live on the (new, look at the cliffs, they look like large sheared off pieces of dirt caused by the earthquake) edge of the city. Something to wonder about is the ships. Now why would these people have old, rusted, tetanus filled warships to fight each other with when a more pressing matter would be surviving? I believe everything that what Wargaming has to offer are sports in a world similar to ours. Think about it, what if the Wargaming Universe was actually a place where historical ships, tanks, and planes fight each other in competitive battles with no casualties because they are automated (think High School Fleet). This sport is so loved that everyone around the globe watch and/or participate. These people have these ships so they can at least hold onto something they loved in the past before their lives were shattered. It may also be a way to get along with other refuge cities across the destroyed landscape. Now pay attention to this statement: "I believe everything that what Wargaming has to offer are sports in a world similar to ours". If the Wargaming Universe is actually a world that is similar to ours, that would be a major problem. We have a large problem of increasing sea levels and global warming, so massive warships, tanks, planes, and factories producing these machines burning fuel 24/7 would crank up their global warming problem to 11. The destruction of this city is just the tip of the iceberg, many more costal areas will be flooded and destroyed. It would also intensify current natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. So in all, this would affect all three main games at once. In conclusion, what this world is, is a world we could very well be on the road to becoming. But hey, this is just a theory... A GAM- Sorry So let me know what you guys think about this. Oh and don't forget to upvote!
  7. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Does anyone else suffer existential panic attacks?

    Um, just play WoWs.
  8. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Don't make me bring out HMS Trenchant.
  9. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    ST: New YAMATO Camouflage

    HSF or Makoto Kobayashi? Hmmmm.
  10. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    ST:Soviet Battleships Changes

    So no deepwater radar? Shame...
  11. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    ST: Icebergs

    This...makes...no...sense... An iceberg could easily take a Yamato round and not care. In fact it could take a torpedo and it couldn't care any less. Despite how it is shown i movies and video games, ice is not an easy to break material. Icebergs, especially the ones of this magnitude we are talking about, are incredibly tough. Remember Titanic?, yeah that iceberg ripped through a few layers of steel and guess what...it's still floating in the Atlantic. The fact this one was not only broken but completely shattered by 6 inch AP rounds is completely absurd and unrealistic. But then again this is a game where radar and hydro goes through land so...
  12. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    World of Warships Premium shop GIVEAWAY!

    Oh hey Cubed
  13. XX_Emeraldking_XX

    Tirpitz Tuesday!