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  1. 32bit vs 64bit

    Ok, Thanks for the heads up. Was just curious. -JJ`
  2. Ok, Please move this if it's in the wrong forum. I just reinstalled WoWs last night thinking I could choose between 32 and 64 bit versions. Nowhere in the documentation or anywhere else is there a choice. Does the installer just choose for you and you end up with that version or can you switch or install a different version. I'm running win10/64bit on a fairly older system. i7 920 with 16gb ram. -thanks for any assistance, -JJ
  3. A bote that's got seriously underrated AA is the Huang He. There, I said it. With a full manual AA build (plus flag), you rock an 81 rating with manual at T6. So far, my record is 53 planes. Shreds t5/6. Makes t7 planes run away and t8, well, if I really wanted to kill planes, I'd have brought a Kidd..... -JJ
  4. Close-Mindedness in DD Builds

    Have to agree with Seniorious. I just got the Shima, rounding out my 6 t10 dd's. Most played is Gearing followed by z52. I play Groz' usually only when in a division. Team up with a sneaky dd like Shima/YueYang or a cap bully like z52 and it's troll as heck. Add a high dpm cruiser like Hindy and you got some serious try hard going on. Comparing Groz' to Gearing is no comparison. Groz' torps may be the worst at t10 simply based on reload/range. At least I can spam with the 52 and I can flush any camping radar cruiser out of hiding with a Gearing/Shima/Yue. It is more Gun centric but only a little. The fact that you have to sometimes torp oncoming ships from farther than 10k just to avoid the 3-6 radar boats in every damn match these days makes you rely on guns a lot more. I look forward to repair party. Makes my Kidd and Khaba very fun to play. -JJ
  5. Thoughts on farragut

    Played a match tonight in the Farragut for the first time in a long time. Forgot how much fun that boat can be. Same style as the Nick when torping approaching BB's. Just fewer torps. AA wasn't bad either. Just need to buff it a bit. -JJ
  6. Thoughts on farragut

    I play the entire U.S. dd line a lot. Except the Farragut. The affection I have for a full AA spec Nicholas is difficult to measure. It beats down t-4/5/6 planes and will discourage t7 drops with manual AA and proper use of the F**k off button. It's one of the easiest boats in the line to do a full AA spec on due to the fact that it doesn't really detract from any of the ships other superlative skills and you almost always see cvs. The fact that this leaves you with a Full AA spec captain to put on the Kidd is just gravy. I never gave the Farragut much respect. It doesn't have great torp reload, the detection is a little hairy and the HP pool was a couple grand less than the Nick. Clearly, it's a high skill boat and i need to get gudder in it. I'll get on that and return with my results. -JJ
  7. Attempted to figure out how to post in the PT forum but it appears to be devs only. I'd like to have a dev chime in on this. One of the achievements was to acquire the t7 and t8 French BB's. The language was a little convoluted but it said they would be awarded on the main account. Is this true or just a mistake like a Khab with 15k guns in the last PT. Thanks in advance, -JJ
  8. *chucks in 2 cents* Played my Blys a few times recently. It was my first premium and will always have a place in my heart. WG straight up advertised stealth fire back in the day. Look up the intro advert for the Akizuki if you can find it on the EU server. RIP that feature kids. It's gone and not coming back. Something I think a lot of players either don't know or dismiss is the fact that the Blys' got 4x2 100mm dual purpose, replacement guns, during the war, significantly improving her rate of fire and aa defenses. They're what's on her right now in Gdynia at the Blys museum. WG is surely aware of this. Why not just sell a hull upgrade similar to the (fictitious) Harakaze and let players implement Akizuki like rates of fire and improve the AA at the same time. Give it DF and you get a needed fix and yet another cash grab for a company that isn't afraid to sell stuff like that, at the drop of a hat (cough, Gremmy, Anshan, the entire PA dd tech tree, Massachusetts....cough). Buffing the an established premium boat like the Blys' would be frowned upon by the leaders in the ivory tower but adding value to an already established boat with another way to have us say "shut up and take my money!" would probably make much more sense to their accountants. -JJ
  9. How do you build your Gearing?

    My current highest damage game ever was in a Gearing and it was with Flamu's torp centric build. I'm starting to be disenchanted with RPF, as it's only really useful at the beginning and end of a match. The full AA build is strictly for lulz. You see so few cv's, it's not worth the wasted captain skills.
  10. I specced into rpf on quite a few of my high tier dd's from all navies. After literally a few thousand games, my opinion is that it's only really useful at the beginning or end of a match. Everything in between is all about positioning/torps and not being radar detected. FWIW, it was very useful for ranked play but for the pubs, I'm not so sure. If WG offers cheap re specs down the road here, I will eliminate it from my U.S. line but will keep it on my Z-52 and IJN boats. The Z' is a straight up DD hunter and when you can, it's possible to just delete a dd in short order (including Khab's). On IJN boats, I use it to avoid a gun fight until it's on my terms. I'd like to use some other skills on my Gearing and RPF isn't one of them. Maybe with the new rules about IFHE, it would make sense to get better HE pen with my high tier dd's. -JJ
  11. What is the best AA DD?

    Beg to differ on t9/10 dd's being able to kill t10 planes. When I had my Gearing fulll aa specced late last winter, it would flat eat anything that came near it. Select manual aa and bye bye plane. Same goes with drops. Didn't eat as many as it would t8/9 but it still killed them. Got my Fletch full aa specced now and it still defeats drops and eats planes aplenty from t10 CV's. -JJ
  12. Gearing gunboat - is it worth it?

    What Kurosh said...., With the exception of the Shima', I own and operate all the t10 dd's. The Khaba's micro cruiser status puts it in a special category that I'll talk about in a minute. My first t10 ever was the Gearing. Took a while to get it to where it needed to be (torp reload/rpf via Flamu Build). It's a beast now and I can pick the fights I want to get into with that boat and usually stay alive to cause damage for the entire match. I've only killed a couple of Khabas with it. They were in close fights where I had him within 4km and deleted him win 4 salvos with AP broadside. Any other fight will fall in the Khabas favor. Now the Z-52 is a different beast. The HE pen is ok (currently at the 4x pen factor, I think) and I now won't chase a shima or outright gunfight with U.S. dd's. I will however use it's hydro and AP to unzip any dd that gives me the opportunity. There's a reason it's such a cap point bully. Unless you have radar cruiser support, you can't fight one who knows how to drive it. My Khaba kill count with a Z-52 currently sits at 4. If you smoke up and park in a cap, and I'm in my Z', it's lights out baby. In a straight up gun fight, the Z suffers from AP pens more than other dd's. Smart gun fighters will use AP against me. Especially if I'm giving broad side. Using a Khaba as anything other than a incredibly fast micro cruiser is ludicrous. I can only cap if I survive till late in a match. Those things are meant to burn down capital ships. Never engage one unless you're parked in smoke next to one with torps, radar or hydro at your disposal. Good luck and I'm happy to div up with you if you ever want to take out a boat. -JJ
  13. Does anyone run RPF on your Z-52?

    I run it on mine but honestly, it's only really useful at the beginning and end of a match when you're hunting dd's. It lets me know where to line my guns up and sometimes I can actually rpf torp someone to get them to leave a cap. I basically run the Flamu 19pt build on my z-52. It's one of my favorite dds for contesting caps. I put the hydro and speed boost boosters on mine. Works great. -JJ
  14. Advice on Final Skill for Fletcher

    FWIW, I use Flamus high tier U.S. dd build for my Gearing and Fletch. Fletch is currently full AA spec for the campaign but will return to torp/rl build after it's over. I'm not a fan of RL but if they're going to leave it in the game, I'm going to use it. I've gotten some of my highest scores ever (234k damage) in warships with this build and stand by it. That said, I do like superintendant for my low tier dd's for the extra smoke. -JJ Flamu's 19pt U.S. DD build is: 1: PT 2: AR, LS 3: SE, TAE 4: RL, CE
  15. C hull?

    I own almost all the U.S. dd line and run DF on all of the boats that offer it. It will break up a drop and acts basically as a f**k off button for carriers. I'm usually divved with bigger boats and they need me around longer for spotting. To say it's useless is not the most team oriented approach, which I think is what they had in mind for those boats. FWIW, full spec AA and DF on a Fletcher or Gearing is god tier and shouldn't be dismissed. 51 planes with the Fletch' is my current record.