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  1. Jimijaz

    Aslains trojan issue

    I figured it was a false positive but better safe than sorry. Not trying to be alarmist. Just never saw this happen before. -JJ
  2. Jimijaz

    Aslains trojan issue

    Please move if this is the wrong area to post this but I was downloading the latest Aslains last night and upon checking routinely for viruses, it pinged two instances of a trojan that is particularly malicious. I can't post in the modding section and wasn't sure where this belonged but wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issue. I re downloaded the file and it shows no issues today. Did this for all three downloads. Both last night and today. If nothing else, it's a warning to scan that file before opening it. -JJ
  3. Jimijaz

    Server issues

    Just dropped into a t5 match with my Nicholas. Went from 38 ping to 2500 ping and all pings in between. Hilariously, I missed out on a close quarters drive by on two cv's when my torps went wide from less than 1k away. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  4. Jimijaz

    DON"T buy the Black

    Blys and Akizuki were both promoted as being able to stealth fire. Most of the time in randoms, with stealth fire gone, it doesn't matter. You're either fighting a dd who doesn't want to be detected in the first place or kiting one who wants to pick a fight. Everyone else has a hard time hitting you. As for the Black, I've never sailed one. I have, however, killed quite a few. Especially in the Z52. I just charge and wait to paint them with hydro. Mine outlasts theirs by quite a bit. You get a dead red dd and their superlative smoke. With the exception of the gimmicky radar, it's a bit of a nerfed Fletcher. If you want that experience, get a Kidd and wreck planes across every tier you play. Way more fun IMHO. Of all those steel ships, the Flint looks like the most fun to play. Won't have enough steel for a year now but will probably pick one up then. -JJ
  5. Jimijaz

    Thinking on Leningrad

    I've ground two 19 point captains on my Lenny. Damn fun boat. It's got the god awfully slow turret traverse of the lower tier Russian DD's but greasy turrets fixes that to an extent and the recent buff to traverse on the lower tier dd's helps. Lenny or Gremmy didn't get that buff btw. Posting my build. -Cheers, -JJ
  6. Jimijaz

    Garbage boats you like...

    One of the most unassuming cruisers you will come across is the HuangHe. That is, until you run a full manual AA spec. (right around an 80 rating). It freaking shreds up to t6 planes and keeps t7's off you very well. The guns are good for hunting dd's and the rolling smoke is troll to anybody trying to torp you out. I should add that my current plane kill record of 53 is shared between my Fletcher and my HuangHe. -JJ
  7. Jimijaz

    Seeking counsel for a soviet DD player

    Comparing USN DD's to Russian DD's is like comparing apples and really damn fast, flat shooting oranges. With very few exceptions, they play very differently. Russian DD's are all about 'I'm HEEEERE, KiLL MEEEEE'. USN DD's are the best hybrid of torpedo boat and shooty shooty boats, in the game. More for fleet support, cap contesting, spotting and occasional torping. You don't want to be in a Russian DD, 5k away from a USN DD's in a knife fight. It usually doesn't end well for the Russian boat. After that, the gun arcs are very floaty and hard to land but it is possible on BB's and cruisers that aren't maneuvering much. The entire line gets the longest lasting smokes in the game. Very helpful for fleet support but I tend to only use it to disengage at higher tiers. Hybrids are much better at playing the objective in a capping game, as opposed to Russian DD's, which are better at finding where all the boats are, that wanna take pot shots at them, in a Standard Battle. Due to this difference, I kinda have to warm myself up to play Russian DD's. The only thing you have is speed, your wits and the flattest firing guns across all navies. It's sorta like walking up to a table saw, knowing you can chop your fingers off at any given moment, if you aren't careful. Once you get past that anxiety, it's easy. The stress/fun in USN DD's is in stalking big game and having the guns to get out of trouble if you need them. -Hope this helps, -JJ
  8. Just found this. Nice writeups. FWIW, I have three captains for my Kidd. One is a full bft/aft/MAA build from my Nicholas. Yes, it works down at t5. Next is switching to Superintendent and AR for my Fletcher captain, for the heals. Third is my Gearing cap with Torp reload, buff build, RPF and Concealment. A true dd hunter. My fave is to keep AA off till planes (even t10's) are within 4K. Blam. #NOMOPLANES -cheers, -JJ
  9. Jimijaz

    32bit vs 64bit

    Ok, Thanks for the heads up. Was just curious. -JJ`
  10. Ok, Please move this if it's in the wrong forum. I just reinstalled WoWs last night thinking I could choose between 32 and 64 bit versions. Nowhere in the documentation or anywhere else is there a choice. Does the installer just choose for you and you end up with that version or can you switch or install a different version. I'm running win10/64bit on a fairly older system. i7 920 with 16gb ram. -thanks for any assistance, -JJ
  11. A bote that's got seriously underrated AA is the Huang He. There, I said it. With a full manual AA build (plus flag), you rock an 81 rating with manual at T6. So far, my record is 53 planes. Shreds t5/6. Makes t7 planes run away and t8, well, if I really wanted to kill planes, I'd have brought a Kidd..... -JJ