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  1. lostinspace1121

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Did anyone besides me get locked in the armory when you clicked on the link in the news of the new german battleships?
  2. I agree, it was a mad dash to the portal once it opened most of the battles that I was in.  However when it first starts it's kind of a dog eat dog situation so everyone is your enemy.  Then out of no where someone requests for you to be in their division and that's great as long as you don't run into someone who is in another group.  By the time Aurora spawns the crowd has been thinned out and now it seems, unless you have some cool heads, and panic doesn't set in you can organize, sink Aurora and maybe manage to get to the port before it closes.  Alot of "ifs" in the Hunt mode.  

    Another question...did you find where you can redeem the Battle Points for rewards?  I looked everywhere in the Armory and didn't find a thing for those.

    1. lostinspace1121


      yes, I did. you can exchange them in the armory under the "Big Hunt" tab above the Italian Battleships where you get a free daily item. scroll down to the robots and any one of the Three you can exchange at. 

    2. Carackas


      Thanks for the tip.

    3. Carackas


      One more question...an unrelated question.  I want to leave the Clan that I'm in (live server).....how do you do that?

  3. lostinspace1121

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    Is there a way to also do clan battles with lower-tiered ships? I think that a true test of skills is in the ability to effectively use any ship in a battle. fewer options mean more skills of the commander. this will also allow for all members of a clan to have a chance to operate in clan battles.
  4. lostinspace1121

    PTS 0.10.2

    I did not run into any problems on the PT server. I did notice that with the big hunt the idea was to get everyone together to hunt the Auora, but it seemed that all anyone wanted to do was get out while they could. I really like the idea of working as a group to accomplish the goal. is there a way to make it a clan affair and provide the ships as a reward?
  5. lostinspace1121

    Armada: Leone

    12.5 klm. and only 3 ships in her class built by a company i cannot pronounce or spell lol