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  1. I am using IFA on legendary Des Moines...early in the test but if your ship is responsive to throttle and rudder you can dodge better...this is the ONLY ship I have IFA on..
  2. The_Old_Dog


    Well,, everyone has a bad day.. not everyone has the class to apologize..nicely done..
  3. The_Old_Dog

    ussr bb

    I bought 7 of the crates and got ZERO missions for a BB... used the coins from the crates to get more crates ...after a total of 14 crates I got a mission for the T5..RNG..
  4. The_Old_Dog

    Naval Battle issue

    you can check how many players the other clan has...within naval battles...under "clan rating" enter the name of the clan and it will show you haw many accounts in the clan.. I was a one man clan too... found some coop players who contribute and share the benefits
  5. The_Old_Dog

    Bot Richelieu's = the epitomy of the cheating bots

    I see both great and poor bots..like in randoms? Some dodge torps, some dodge your artillery, but not all....I have no idea how many levels there are but I think there are at least good bots and potatoes..
  6. The_Old_Dog


    Yo! I had a similar issue, I was reusing captures, sources, from past installs..deleted them, made new, and the magic happened..
  7. The_Old_Dog

    CO-OP players tried Space battles?

    It is all good with me..just thinking that some fellow coop players might have fun and earn the new currency to get the T10 legendary upgrades,,,a LONG grind in coop.. see you in coop!
  8. The_Old_Dog

    CO-OP players tried Space battles?

    Hi. I have become a coop main because I dislike rudeness in general. I have played about 12 space battles so far and I have seen much better teamwork and no real rudeness... the rewards are better than coop.. give it a try? Once I figured it out, I am enjoying it.. have fun out there..
  9. The_Old_Dog

    game freeze lag after patch

    lag as to be unplayable this morning after the new patch... ships freeze for 10 seconds .. then it clears.. ping went to 99... ( from 34) ...
  10. The_Old_Dog

    Creating a new clan - is it worth it?

    Well, I have done exactly what you are thinking about, started my own clan, a few months ago..I think it has worked out well. I focused on getting the bonuses gained with every match, free xp, commander xp, etc... it is very difficult to gain oil by yourself in enough quantity , so you need to recruit,,, I did recruiting by “invite to clan” with people you see in battle who are not in a clan, play well, or.......I found about 10 others I was able to recruit.... we are all coop players mostly....we have been able to gain a lot of the bonuses... itis tough to get enough players for clan battles,, but the Naval battles event has yielded LOT of oil.. good luck with your decision, you are welcome in our clan anytime...
  11. The_Old_Dog

    Improve chat and karma

    I think that the karma system lets players blow off steam..and it is meaningless..I got reported today for being top of the team but I did not play the way the whiner wanted me to but we both felt better, reporting each other...
  12. The_Old_Dog

    How to DD in Coop mode

    Coop is destroyer heaven in the current game..no enemy CV to hunt you down...and very few bots use radar... i find that DD’s with hydro are a LOT easier to use in coop.. I also try to have rpf, not as valuable as hydro... i rush up to the closest edge of a cap..getting into the cap is not important. Don’t shoot until you are smoked up...try to kill the dd that is rushing you with guns..when it gets within your shooting in smoke detection range..don’t shoot, torpedo one launcher only.. while smoke shooting get turned around so you can exit if things don’t go your way..
  13. I am struggling with telling the clan about the new NAVAL BATTLES..great source of oil for a small clan.. I have been using the clan message of the day area to no effect..when I change the message in this box, it would be helpful if there was an onscreen indicator that it is a NEW message..my guess is that no one has EVER seen anything I have put in there.. how does your clan inform other members of events? I could pm each one... thanks and have fun out there!
  14. The_Old_Dog

    AA gun upgrade

    I also have open slots for every ship that had an aa upgrade...and I don’t see that I can replace them without spending credits...assume that this is an error and hope it will be resolved
  15. Wargaming put out some videos on how to stream recently...check them out..