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  1. The Atlanta is great in the tier 7 operations...you can try out both ap and he against a big variety of ships..but it recommend ifhe and AFT for the captain..
  2. Missouri BFT & AFT ?

    The next time the capt re skill is free...try a match with BFT and then one after...if you are trying to gain the strongest AA or secondary...BFT and AFT are my choices.. good luck
  3. Credits in co-ups

    give the OPS Scenarios a try.. rewards are better than coop..( I think compare with random) half the bozos to deal with..
  4. best bote for operation hermes

    Atlanta, Fiji, Belfast, Lyon, Pensacola...I played this on PT...cool thunderstorm..AA is good..
  5. Captain Dunkirk BB builds?

    I respectfully disagree about Warspite secondaries...have both Warspite and Bismarck..the upgrade, BFT and AFT..make Warspite very strong ina brawl. She is tier 6..they fire forward mostly... nose in to the DD, half speed...,the 560’ turning circle makes this easy...the best tier 6 , maybe 7 secondaries I have used..
  6. Belfast

    Personally, I prefer the Fiji...never really got the hang of the Belfast
  7. Elite Commander XP Question

    I agree that the this seems to work...and not lose xp unless you spend it
  8. Unnecessary Hate

    the hate runs deep in this game..it is not just cv players..noobs are scorned,,, the you tube community contributors contribute mostly this bad attitude...today I saw a caster , from the king of the seas thing..tell everyone on his team to uninstall the game in a random battle on twitch.. really? Must be a nice business where you can drive away new customers/players. Even the most popular one had a video last week where all he did was make fun of other players bad play.. we should find a way to welcome new players, not spit on them..
  9. In scenarios, I think that they shoot at the enemy with the lowest health that is in range...this how they focus you
  10. Destroyer Streamers/Players to Watch

    Check out flambass. He used destroyers , A bit too much making fun of the disabled for my taste...but he seems like a strong player...
  11. Operation Narai Feedback

    That, and they shoot the lowest health target in range....lose 30% of your health in a cruiser and every bot on the map shoots at you..
  12. Operation Narai Feedback

    For me, Nari is the most fun I ever had in the Atlanta ...the bots don’t seem to think “focus the Atlanta”....
  13. I get the same error, when I login..3times in a row this am after the new patch..no crashes once I get logged in..
  14. Critical error on startup

    I am getting this intermittently also.since the update.. l log out of windows, back in,, and wows works launches fine..I tried changing from full screen to windowed...has not done it since but the problem was very intermittent,
  15. Purchasesd 5 each of the mega and the BIG.. got a gallant and 2 boxes with 2000 gold each..some Camo in the mega.. ohotonilk. And 2boxes with 1000gold each and camos in the BIG boxes... remember that this stuff has ZERO real value