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  1. The_Old_Dog

    -OPS- Clan needs more players

    Title says it all... we are a new clan, a couple of us want to plan in clanbattles… hit me up on the forum or in game... we play on NA.. thanks! woof
  2. The_Old_Dog

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    As a coop main, the number of coop “live” players rises and falls like the tides depending missions, cv’s , and the current crisis.. it is all good.
  3. Greetings, I reset my US battleship line, to see.....I got the Montana back tonight, played the Winning Battle,,and I have 20k more research points than I did...Not something I would repeat considering value of 30k research points..there were a lot of flag, Captain, etc costs along th is road... I regret my decision to reset the line..did I miss something.
  4. The_Old_Dog

    Co op Bug

    A similar thing happened to me, I played a string of T10 games, coop , all humans on green side, then. T9 game drew 2 humans and all bots.. it is the new matchmaker..
  5. The_Old_Dog

    RPF doesn’t work

    RPF is always points 11-14 on all my DDs. ...it seems to be working fine for me...it also tells me where the reds are NOT..
  6. The_Old_Dog

    We won?

    Thanks for considering,,,I have never had that happen before..it was minutes...too long for floods or fires,,but good thought...or maybe I am crazy...
  7. The_Old_Dog

    We won?

    Just out of a coop game,, The green team all died except for an Izumo, who was caught in the map border, guns pointed back towards battle..the bots captured all the domination circles and the red score passed the friendliest..minutes passed while the single remaining bot sailed around ....the Izumo player never returned but we WON....we were losing ...but we won....... now..glad we won but am confused as to how....anyone else seen this?
  8. The_Old_Dog

    More cross hairs need

    Have you seen the recent ichase vid? While I am used to the current dynamic reticle I see the value in the one that ichase shows.. it would be great to have that one in game..without a mod
  9. The_Old_Dog

    Faster exp, credits and coal

    If you join a clan you get increased xp,freeXP, etc for every game also..a clan with no play requirements like OPS, Helps you grind faster...
  10. I am using IFA on legendary Des Moines...early in the test but if your ship is responsive to throttle and rudder you can dodge better...this is the ONLY ship I have IFA on..
  11. The_Old_Dog


    Well,, everyone has a bad day.. not everyone has the class to apologize..nicely done..
  12. The_Old_Dog

    ussr bb

    I bought 7 of the crates and got ZERO missions for a BB... used the coins from the crates to get more crates ...after a total of 14 crates I got a mission for the T5..RNG..
  13. The_Old_Dog

    Naval Battle issue

    you can check how many players the other clan has...within naval battles...under "clan rating" enter the name of the clan and it will show you haw many accounts in the clan.. I was a one man clan too... found some coop players who contribute and share the benefits
  14. The_Old_Dog

    Bot Richelieu's = the epitomy of the cheating bots

    I see both great and poor bots..like in randoms? Some dodge torps, some dodge your artillery, but not all....I have no idea how many levels there are but I think there are at least good bots and potatoes..
  15. The_Old_Dog


    Yo! I had a similar issue, I was reusing captures, sources, from past installs..deleted them, made new, and the magic happened..