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  1. Wargaming put out some videos on how to stream recently...check them out..
  2. The_Old_Dog

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    Massachusetts, 14 days premium, free xp,,,and too many camos
  3. The_Old_Dog

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    I have been farming XP, commander XP, and free XP from the ops since they started...they are a good use of camos and bonus flags due to the high win rate you can get.. you get a little commander xp from the subs .... my main complaint is that the subs play is one dimensional, and BORING
  4. Still up for another week...it has really reduced my playing time, consumable usage, etc....are you tired of it too?
  5. Thanks for reading this! We are currently a new, one person clan.. hoping to add a few players who like the game and are hoping to improve..We don’t care what your stats look like, won’t even check them.. we don’t care who you are, we treat everyone equally and with respect.. the items we DO care about: we don’t trash talk anyone! The goal is to be friendly to all. we hope to improve our play.. When I started, I was terrible, maybe still am...I used coop and operations missions to improve my understanding and skills..I enjoy all of them, except the submarines..hoping that we can have enough players to division and play operations.. The clan has only a couple of perks to date, a boost to free XP and captain XP..happy to hear feedback..my thought is to discount and boost the items you get every game.. Clan battles are fun...if we get enough interested players we can organize a team..but no pressure to play Just want to get the clan benefits and never interact with anyone..no issues reply with interest or catch me in game...all friendly players are welcome.. dog..
  6. I find the sub play boring and not challenging at all...combined with the poor rewards,,,no camo,flags to boost them...they feel like a waste of time..perhaps others feel the same..
  7. Have both, use Warspite on all the T6 operations...never use Gallant..so no comment on her..
  8. The_Old_Dog

    Operation Dynamo XP

    I mostly play operations. With the new Dynamo, it seems to me that whatever magic calculates your XP has been changed/improved to not be based upon damage. I have been top or 2nd more than a few times with less than 3k damage...(different ships, not many plane kills)... what I AM doing is circling back to the civilian convoy and making smoke tunnels for them..AND,pretty much staying with the convoy..race out and then back.. one game I expected to be at the bottom of the team list but was first...(also see other players with a lot of kills below me) has anyone else had this experience? What do you think?
  9. The_Old_Dog

    Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    ‘I like the sims in this op also...without BFT and AFT I am getting about 35 planes ,,with 3 defensive fire activations..getting the last few captain points on my fletcher capt...don’t want to re-skill. RPF locates the fast boats early..a waste.
  10. The_Old_Dog

    Incredibly high Ping

    I had the same issue about 945 am eastern today...got a “server change” message and all has been fine since. 1015
  11. The_Old_Dog

    Clan screen shrunk after 0.7.8

    I have this also,, this screen is not scaling correctly after the new graphics change,.i assume that you have an larger screen also..there is a setting in the settings...
  12. The_Old_Dog

    Motivation Monday - The New Raptor Rescue

    I like the new version a lot..time will tell if it is possible to get a random 50% win rate.. I see a lot more dd’s being successful..not with torps but with guns..some bugs with Raptor stopping unexpectedly, One key to a win is to stay ahead of Raptor with a few ships to suppress torps... and it seems like it was built for the Dallas..
  13. The_Old_Dog

    Is Tier X supposed to be this angry?

    You turn chat off by , open the chat window, see the x on the chat window...you can guess the next step... i do this frequently..
  14. The_Old_Dog

    Revamped Raptor Rescue

    I was able to win for 5 stars finally this morning..took 7 games to get a team who got it... I started switching between Warspite and Dallas... Dallas is pretty good in this op.... and I watched a match with 3 dd’s where the dd’s did pretty well... i like the new version better than the original...one warning.. the CV will torp you if you you stop in the end circle, waiting for Raptor...
  15. The_Old_Dog

    Revamped Raptor Rescue

    I am enjoying the new Raptor Rescue..some day, I hope to win it...(I have played all the scenarios many, many times). Tried it 4 times today, so far, in the Warspite,, first game, I was out of position..the remaining, in position but raptor keeps getting torped..ending the game in the MID segment... I am confident that this will even out, like everything..and I will get a win by tonight but I sure wish I had my Cleveland