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  1. Operation Dynamo XP

    I mostly play operations. With the new Dynamo, it seems to me that whatever magic calculates your XP has been changed/improved to not be based upon damage. I have been top or 2nd more than a few times with less than 3k damage...(different ships, not many plane kills)... what I AM doing is circling back to the civilian convoy and making smoke tunnels for them..AND,pretty much staying with the convoy..race out and then back.. one game I expected to be at the bottom of the team list but was first...(also see other players with a lot of kills below me) has anyone else had this experience? What do you think?
  2. Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    ‘I like the sims in this op also...without BFT and AFT I am getting about 35 planes ,,with 3 defensive fire activations..getting the last few captain points on my fletcher capt...don’t want to re-skill. RPF locates the fast boats early..a waste.
  3. Incredibly high Ping

    I had the same issue about 945 am eastern today...got a “server change” message and all has been fine since. 1015
  4. Clan screen shrunk after 0.7.8

    I have this also,, this screen is not scaling correctly after the new graphics change,.i assume that you have an larger screen also..there is a setting in the settings...
  5. I like the new version a lot..time will tell if it is possible to get a random 50% win rate.. I see a lot more dd’s being successful..not with torps but with guns..some bugs with Raptor stopping unexpectedly, One key to a win is to stay ahead of Raptor with a few ships to suppress torps... and it seems like it was built for the Dallas..
  6. Is Tier X supposed to be this angry?

    You turn chat off by , open the chat window, see the x on the chat window...you can guess the next step... i do this frequently..
  7. Revamped Raptor Rescue

    I was able to win for 5 stars finally this morning..took 7 games to get a team who got it... I started switching between Warspite and Dallas... Dallas is pretty good in this op.... and I watched a match with 3 dd’s where the dd’s did pretty well... i like the new version better than the original...one warning.. the CV will torp you if you you stop in the end circle, waiting for Raptor...
  8. Revamped Raptor Rescue

    I am enjoying the new Raptor Rescue..some day, I hope to win it...(I have played all the scenarios many, many times). Tried it 4 times today, so far, in the Warspite,, first game, I was out of position..the remaining, in position but raptor keeps getting torped..ending the game in the MID segment... I am confident that this will even out, like everything..and I will get a win by tonight but I sure wish I had my Cleveland
  9. Congrats,, I got mine in a crate also..a forerunner to the current light cruiser line,, a lot of fun in the t7 scenarios and a credit earner too..
  10. Agree with overheating.. maybe clean the air filters...and the cpu fan
  11. How is the team you are on decided?

    Welcome to the game!!! All good replies above. Have fun, ignore the player crapola
  12. There is no announced PTS,,as of Tuesday am.no new code for test....I think that this means the spilt is imminent..guessing 3/16..just a guess...
  13. Is USS Arizona worth the price

    I won her in a crate in 2016..sold her in2017...I just did not like her much..slow, long reload..
  14. Upcoming Light Cruiser Line?

    In the developer video, they said,, just like the Russian dd split.. i researched a bit and there were a lot of credits as a bonus for having two of the ships...this would sweeten the deal ..if you have them all I think they should give you the new t10 too...welll..