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  1. Agree with overheating.. maybe clean the air filters...and the cpu fan
  2. How is the team you are on decided?

    Welcome to the game!!! All good replies above. Have fun, ignore the player crapola
  3. There is no announced PTS,,as of Tuesday am.no new code for test....I think that this means the spilt is imminent..guessing 3/16..just a guess...
  4. Is USS Arizona worth the price

    I won her in a crate in 2016..sold her in2017...I just did not like her much..slow, long reload..
  5. Upcoming Light Cruiser Line?

    In the developer video, they said,, just like the Russian dd split.. i researched a bit and there were a lot of credits as a bonus for having two of the ships...this would sweeten the deal ..if you have them all I think they should give you the new t10 too...welll..
  6. I don’t think that Hermès was changed,,same as always.. the final frontier has much changed bots.. dodge incoming shots, ,, fire from smoke, turn in when targeted... i think that space battles dilutes the pool of stronger players in operations battles....thus the losses... destroyers are very hard in the t7 battles..most die early..
  7. ship XP over 1 million?

    Thanks...I like the Cleveland..obviously..
  8. ship XP over 1 million?

    What will happen when it reaches 1 million? will it roll back to zero?
  9. The Atlanta is great in the tier 7 operations...you can try out both ap and he against a big variety of ships..but it recommend ifhe and AFT for the captain..
  10. Missouri BFT & AFT ?

    The next time the capt re skill is free...try a match with BFT and then one after...if you are trying to gain the strongest AA or secondary...BFT and AFT are my choices.. good luck
  11. Credits in co-ups

    give the OPS Scenarios a try.. rewards are better than coop..( I think compare with random) half the bozos to deal with..
  12. best bote for operation hermes

    Atlanta, Fiji, Belfast, Lyon, Pensacola...I played this on PT...cool thunderstorm..AA is good..
  13. Captain Dunkirk BB builds?

    I respectfully disagree about Warspite secondaries...have both Warspite and Bismarck..the upgrade, BFT and AFT..make Warspite very strong ina brawl. She is tier 6..they fire forward mostly... nose in to the DD, half speed...,the 560’ turning circle makes this easy...the best tier 6 , maybe 7 secondaries I have used..
  14. Belfast

    Personally, I prefer the Fiji...never really got the hang of the Belfast