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  1. Ladies, gentlemen and officers of the Royal Navy: I am Yuzral, one of the D-list EU CCs. This Saturday (27th June), I will attempt to go from Rank 10 to Rank 1 and the entire fiasco will be streamed for your amusement. So why do I care what some loser nobody is doing this weekend? BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A TON OF LOOT. Metaphorically. The prize pool, courtesy of Wargaming, will be 10 camo packs, 3 of the legendary CC crates, 3 Imperial promo packs and 3 Chaos promo packs with each promo pack containing one of the relevant 40K crates and the appropriate commander with 3 skill points. So yes, I will be giving away those...metal bawkses. Where and when? https://www.twitch.tv/Yuzral, starting at 1200 UTC (0700 EDT, 0400 PDT) this Saturday. And if that start time seems a little...early...don't worry. I'll probably be going for hours and there'll be goodies up for grabs later on.
  2. Hello everyone! More livestream action from 1800 GMT tonight as I head into some of the operations and give away some camo packs and a CCT crate or three. Have the Mermaids got any more surprises in store? Drop by https://www.twitch.tv/yuzral as I find out!
  3. Yeah, they're test captains. 19 point universal captains with free respecs...but we can only use them on test ships. And I just use the voice pack. But speaking of that, I heard the "intercepted Japanese transmission" in Raptor Rescue for the first time tonight. Well played, sir. Well played...
  4. Yuzral

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Thanks Meatshield! Also, Avenge? I'm blaming you for this:
  5. Yuzral

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    No Graf (boo) and no Deutschland for me, although I'm still in the low-60s for the most part and couldn't get into B1, so that's neither a huge surprise nor a massive loss. The panzerschiff, not the carrier. Also, how the blazes were you meant to find Akashi's quest without being prompted and are there other similarly hidden missions?
  6. Last stream of the year for https://twitch.tv/yuzral kicks off tonight at 1700 GMT* and it's a Monday Night Mayhem...where the viewers get to pick the ships. Halp. *: That's 1200 EST, 1100 MST and 0900 PST.
  7. Yuzral

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Similarly noob question - what's a reliable source of T2 retrofit parts? Need to get Leander her smoke screen...
  8. Hello all you lovely people! Busy week this week. We'll kick off with an excerpt from last week's streaming, featuring a Bismarck that can shoot straight. I know, I know, heresy... This week's schedule for the channel at twitch.tv/yuzral for your enjoyment. BST is UTC+1: Monday 1900 BST - World of Warships. Last look at the current round of test boats. Tuesday 0015 BST - Assassin's Creed Odyssey first look! Tuesday 2200 BST - Assassin's Creed Spartan murder-hobo action Wednesday 1900 BST - World of Warships. Random battles Thursday 2200 BST - Nimbatus (keymailer stream). Friday 1900 BST - World of Warships!
  9. Nope! Codes (and the Massachusetts) are cross-server!
  10. Ladies, gentlemen and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri! I am Yuzral, one of the EU CCs and this Friday, 20th July I will be hosting my first birthday blowout stream1! Featuring testbotes, divisions, V-25 jousting and whatever insanity comes to mind on the day! Come and join me for what promises to be a spectacular afternoon, evening and quite possibly night of exploding ships! When: 1600 BST (1500 UTC) to 2200 BST. But if I've still got the energy and the viewers, the party might well carry on past that... Where: EU server for the games (so you'll need an EU account to participate in the torpedo jousting, operation divisions and any other insanity that comes to mind) and twitch.tv/yuzral for the stream. What ships might I need?: A V-25 for the torpedo jousting, without a doubt and a Tier 6/7 CV will also be useful. I have new and interesting game in mind... Goodies?: Oh, so very yes. As well as the last two of July's CCT crates, Wargaming have donated a boatload of subscriber camo packs - and the boat that brought them. I have a Massachusetts to give away! 1: That's the first stream, not my first birthday. Despite what some people say about how I play...
  11. Yuzral

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Worcester's not even the beginning of the fun. Try "Magdalene". Specifically, in Cambridge.
  12. That's right, ladies, gentlemen and officers of the Royal Navy! On July 4th, I will be virtually heading across the Atlantic to the US World of Warships server with a few boats, a sack of CCT crate codes and a thermos full of tea. The time: 4th July, 2200 BST / 1700 EST / 1400 PST. The place: twitch.tv/yuzral The action: Random Battles and Operations (mostly Cherry Blossom) The giveaways: CCT crates, as graciously demonstrated by LittleWhiteMouse (and Moose!Lert) below: So make a note, warm up your ships and prepare to celebrate Treason Independence Day by swapping ammunition with a Brit in the time honoured fashion!
  13. Two twitch excerpts for your enjoyment. One game that came down to the wire and one that...didn't:
  14. Yuzral

    The music thread

  15. Yuzral

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So the wa...sorry, new Hoxton didn't impress then?