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  1. Are we getting name tags? how will we know if a friend is there to meet?
  2. FantomF4

    enough cv op

    in a tirp almost half health I get salvo from midway and boom in dead...ENOUGH OF THIS [edited] OP CVS.
  3. FantomF4


    just had a frikking awefull t 9 game 239-1000 loss I don't know wth the team was doing hiding .islands of ice they got all 3 caps and everyone was hiding behind rocks on b.....omg these teams
  4. FantomF4


    there are better players at t 5 than t x ...I play tirp and mass for the free xp ..plus im from mass and like the ship when I don't get an all t x mess.
  5. FantomF4


    for the millionth time,I do not like being in an all t x battle in my t 8 ships,somethings got to be done!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. FantomF4

    Massachusetts vs tier X

    I had to put on range and lose aaa...thought I had it on.
  7. FantomF4

    Massachusetts vs tier X

    the mass range in real life was 32k,for what reason did it get nerfed to 18?in t x battles if u get close u get pummeled
  8. FantomF4

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    I can use the steel..I didn't notice any from Clan battles last night..when does that come in?
  9. FantomF4

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    is it only once a week? the ones I got didn't replace today..
  10. FantomF4

    Ranked what a joke

    well u can go play outside too..imagine that!
  11. FantomF4

    Ranked what a joke

    I have been fighting 10-11-12 since this started,cant get to nine with BBs yolo against their whole team,we have 3 caps and lose..this is so funny..kids go to school.
  12. FantomF4


    i dont like it .
  13. FantomF4


    yes it is..
  14. FantomF4


    Moriarity complains 'It's a piece of junk! The fuel system leaks all over the place. It's a piece of junk!'
  15. FantomF4

    when will this end

    most of the games i get are only 2 dead on other team and my team wiped out..still.