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    The Critical Error Fix

    Hello, I would like to tell all you players with bad graphics cards that... I found the fix to the critical error since 0.8.5 that bothered everyone! All you need is a USB drive and windows ready boost! So, I discovered that low RAM is the cause, which halted my progress from June 2019 until today. First, Rename your USB into something like "Ram Drive" Format your USB into a NTFS, then go to windows ready boost. The recommended settings are already set for the ram, but you have to click a check circle that says "Use This Device" and click apply. After that, click "OK". Restart afterwards. I really hope this works for all of you guys and solvesall your problems! Oh, and if you want to disconnect the USB, you have to tick "Do Not Use This Device." Thanks for listening! UPDATE: I Think you need to these steps again when you turn off then turn on your computer. UPDATE 2: Frick, it still critical error... Just ignore this now...