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  1. SugarCoated

    Can't convert XP

    Thanks evanr1940. Thanks everyone. I researched the C hull and the upgraded torps and the ships are now elite. Problem fixed! Have a great day and great games.
  2. SugarCoated

    Can't convert XP

    Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure they help very much but I appreciate your time. Farragut and Nurnberg are fully upgraded except for hull C. Do I really have to get a hull I don't want? Same with Podvoisky. It is fully upgraded except I did not get the torpedo upgrade. I don't see the point as it adds almost nothing. There are no branches in those lines, so that is not a factor. I researched and played the following ships in the tech tree. The only think I can think of is I did not obtain a new captain for some subsequent ships. I don't remember which ones. I used an existing captain. Could that be a factor? If it is, what can I do about it now?
  3. I have some ships that I cannot convert XP to free XP. I have the higher tier ship from the tech tree but they do not have the circle of leaves symbol that indicates I can convert XP like on other lower tier ships when I get the higher tier. Does that happen to other people? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have over 50,000 XP sitting there for no known reason. I have sold some ships that would not allow conversion of XP but here is a list of those I have left and the higher tier ship I have. Tier II Longjiang --> Tier IV Shenyang Tier V Podvoisky --> Tier VII Minsk Tier VI Nurnberg -- Ther VII Yorch Tier VI Farragut --> Tier VII Mahan