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  1. Make sure the Roku TV is set to HDMI 2.0. If not, you won't get full FPS. Also, make sure your physical HDMI cable is 2.0 compliant. I moved to a Roku 43" and I have GTX 1070 as well, and I can normally game in 4K at 61 FPS (the recent patch has screwed that up).

    The setting for the Roku is like 4 layers deep, so make sure you get that set. 

    1. JochenHeiden


      @RevTKS THANK YOU!  I did purchase a proper HDMI 2.0 cable when I got the TV, and I checked into the settings of the TV and discovered I had HDMI 1.4 set up for my input.  This was 100% the problem.  I just played a battle in 4K and it was ROCK SOLID 61fps at maximum settings.  I OWE YOU!!

      Anything else I should know about improving the picture quality on this Roku TV?