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  1. Alsace nerf? What nerf?

    I got some more NERF for you right here:
  2. Alsace nerf? What nerf?

    This is my first ever-attempt in an Alsace. What's this "nerf" I've been hearing about?
  3. kitakazi

    I know it's only been three battles so far, but JESUS this is broken.
  4. Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    Umm... whoever said the Z-52 is bad needs to delete the game. Z-52 is the BEST T10 destroyer, HANDS DOWN!! Grozevoi is the worst T10 DD. What a pile of crap.
  5. T-61: RIP

    My Z-39 stands ready to consume the T-61 for lunch:
  6. I'm convinced they did something to the base XP calculations. I've been STRUGGLING in DDs to break 2k base, no matter how outstanding the round was.
  7. Z-39 is BEAST

    With the release of the Haida, I just thought I would remind everyone not to forget about your Z-39s. In my opinion, it is still the far superior ship! The proof is in the pudding: WTR stats don't seem to be working on Warships today, but the rest of the stats are there. Check out that win rate. Here is my captain: Here is my build:
  8. T-61: RIP

    I was the first to say it! Mark my words. The T-61 is dead. That being said, the Z-39 has proven to be remarkably awesome at Tier 7.
  9. No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    Trust me, don't you worry about it. It's not worth a dime to spend. If they want to give it to me for free I'll take it, but for now, I'll stick with my Z-39.
  10. Is spotting and capping XP bugged?

    I've noticed something seems to be wrong with base XP after the patch as well. I'm getting much lower numbers than I did prior to the patch, and I play mostly DD's.
  11. Am I dreaming or did they do something to reduce the amount of base XP per round? I was playing part 17 of the Indy marathon and I STRUGGLED to get 1750 base XP even in wins. Example, I played a Z-52 round and had a great round, a win, did 130k damage, and barely squeeked out 1500 base XP. Prior to this patch, the round I had would have EASILY cleared 2000. Anyone else noticing this or am I just playing like crap right now?
  12. How many parts to Indy Marathon?

    Thanks for showing me the schedule. After crunching the numbers I believe I can still earn this ship with one or two missions to spare. This is a ship I would like to have for free, but something I would never pay for.
  13. I have yet to receive a single ship mission. I really want the Kidd!
  14. Cleveland wants to live

    Putting the Cleveland at tier 8 without more HP or some sort of heal was a terrible idea. It is NOT a survivable ship to play in Tier 10 matches, which is always sees.
  15. I am leaving for vacation on the 22nd and will be gone for 1 week. How many parts are there to the Indy Marathon? I haven't missed a part yet. Will I get enough done in time to get this ship even though I am missing basically a week's worth?