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  1. JochenHeiden

    Where are my free camos?

    Ok, I see them now @Bear_82 thanks for pointing that out!
  2. JochenHeiden

    Where are my free camos?

    https://i.gyazo.com/9c5942f781e5dd6155bf210c07df9d4b.png Game keeps telling me I have free camos but I can't find them. Where are they?
  3. JochenHeiden

    Cossack is.. kinda meh?

    The main problem with the Cossack is that it's T10. Sorry, but there aren't many ships that are competitive at T10 when they're at T8. The Cossack is impressive when top tier, but at T10, it's just trash and not competitive.
  4. JochenHeiden

    Alsace nerf? What nerf?

    I got some more NERF for you right here:
  5. JochenHeiden

    Alsace nerf? What nerf?

    This is my first ever-attempt in an Alsace. What's this "nerf" I've been hearing about?
  6. JochenHeiden


    I know it's only been three battles so far, but JESUS this is broken.
  7. JochenHeiden

    Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    Umm... whoever said the Z-52 is bad needs to delete the game. Z-52 is the BEST T10 destroyer, HANDS DOWN!! Grozevoi is the worst T10 DD. What a pile of crap.
  8. JochenHeiden

    T-61: RIP

    My Z-39 stands ready to consume the T-61 for lunch:
  9. I'm convinced they did something to the base XP calculations. I've been STRUGGLING in DDs to break 2k base, no matter how outstanding the round was.
  10. JochenHeiden

    Z-39 is BEAST

    With the release of the Haida, I just thought I would remind everyone not to forget about your Z-39s. In my opinion, it is still the far superior ship! The proof is in the pudding: WTR stats don't seem to be working on Warships today, but the rest of the stats are there. Check out that win rate. Here is my captain: Here is my build:
  11. JochenHeiden

    T-61: RIP

    I was the first to say it! Mark my words. The T-61 is dead. That being said, the Z-39 has proven to be remarkably awesome at Tier 7.
  12. JochenHeiden

    No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    Trust me, don't you worry about it. It's not worth a dime to spend. If they want to give it to me for free I'll take it, but for now, I'll stick with my Z-39.
  13. JochenHeiden

    Is spotting and capping XP bugged?

    I've noticed something seems to be wrong with base XP after the patch as well. I'm getting much lower numbers than I did prior to the patch, and I play mostly DD's.
  14. Am I dreaming or did they do something to reduce the amount of base XP per round? I was playing part 17 of the Indy marathon and I STRUGGLED to get 1750 base XP even in wins. Example, I played a Z-52 round and had a great round, a win, did 130k damage, and barely squeeked out 1500 base XP. Prior to this patch, the round I had would have EASILY cleared 2000. Anyone else noticing this or am I just playing like crap right now?
  15. JochenHeiden

    How many parts to Indy Marathon?

    Thanks for showing me the schedule. After crunching the numbers I believe I can still earn this ship with one or two missions to spare. This is a ship I would like to have for free, but something I would never pay for.