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  1. Ens_Stovall

    Sorry for being trash

    I will have to confess that I have at times in the past I have gotten a little to vocal towards players. That old saying "do not judge until you walked in there shoes", Was not in to DD or CV until late. Have had a change in opinions on why some do what they do, and it has improved my game play. Many of the players do not realize how to help one an other. I wish that WG would put in the team list for your side only the Commander point or name (Lt, Capt, Adm. etc) so as a player I can judge the capability of that ship (not the player). If it is a low tier DD with a "Lieutenant Commander", then the it only has a 5-6 point and does not have CE. There is a reason that DD is keeping its distance and spotting. I will always help out a ship that at the start of the game say, First time out, or new ship. Learning to best help one an other leads to victories.
  2. Ens_Stovall

    Is Land of Fire too big for tier 8?

    The maps are big enough, or a little to big. The problem is most players get tunnel vision and only worry about the targets in front of them. If you look at most maps when you are sitting there bow tanking you have better advantage to other targets to your left or right.
  3. Ens_Stovall

    Binding the Gun Locks commands

    Thank you both for posting and suggestions. I first took @Quaffer suggestion and looked at the Logitech software and I could not see any way to make a single mouse button have a double click. I could set macros for regular key strokes. So I took @17L20 suggestion for testing it out with a non game key bindings. Making the "L" key the second control/command for firing. Then I made a macro of the L key in the Logitech software as a double key stroke. Long story short it work great. From my limited testing last night my alpha strike and shell grouping look wonderful.
  4. Ens_Stovall

    Should WG go forward with the CV rework?

    To think that a company is going to spend 12-15 months in development time and just flush it down the drain is not going to happen. I wish WG would take a different approach as they release the "improved" CV play. Convert the current AA to the new model. Let WG get some data and make tweaks before the plane rework is released. Then release the plane/CV reworks. I understand 100% that the PTS does not produce enough data for balancing AA. From a current player, I just hate that for 2-3 months my non-CVs are going to be the lab-rat in this rework. But WG has said that this rework is to get "NEW" players in to the game. They want new money, its not like we have gold ammo. Worst case is, if I get to frustrated with WG deployment, I will take my 17-19 point commanders and put them on my tier 1-2 ships and use my premium time down there. Maybe others should do the same.
  5. Ens_Stovall

    Binding the Gun Locks commands

    I have been using the Windows control panel to set the double click. But during game play the arthritis kicks up and it through off the timing off. So getting it a key bind I'm hoping will improve my game play.
  6. Ens_Stovall

    Binding the Gun Locks commands

    Thank you for the help. I will try it out tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Ens_Stovall

    Binding the Gun Locks commands

    Thank you, this will help. I was wondering if you know how to set a single "Key" to perform a double mouse click??? I been finding myself having issues with getting the double mouse click to fire a full salvo. It is usually one turret follow by the remaining turrets. I mess with the windows setting to try to get it to work. It does for a few rounds but then I get sidetracked and never get the click right.
  8. I was wondering with the soon to be release CV "fix" that US DD with AA focused builds be more of a benefit to the team? There was a Scenarios, think it was the second Dunkirk where having her built as an AA focused ship proved very helpful.
  9. Ens_Stovall

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    I would be glad if WG added the "damage I caused in game" as one of the counter to the three counters that we now have. Maybe some of those who leverage others ability to move up and take the risk may get the point. When they see 3/4 of the damage that they are doing relies on your team mate they may wan tot help out and protect that asset they need to get there high DMG count games. Matches need the back row / island hugging / smoke hiding team mate just as much as the scouting ships. They just need to realize that when the scout calls for help, they stop lobbing shell a easy target and help out the DD that is getting in to a knife fight.
  10. Got the Tirpitz B and Asashio B from the X12 container sales. Was disappointed when the first ship that popped out was the Tirpitz B as I have the Tirpitz. The Last container had the Asashio B in it. This morning decided to take it for a spin, and the new personal mission showed up. Played a game and did not see it on the summary screen. Read the fine print and yup, grab your ankles. At less I will be able to use my plain Jane Tirpitz to deal with the Tirpitz B, but why would I even want to spend money out fighting her. I doubt that this was an oversight from WG, they have been planing this for a while. I can tell you right now I usually spend a lot on the Santa Creates but at this point I I'm planing on spending $0.
  11. Ens_Stovall

    Thank You Wargaming

    Swap port over this morning, and it is a nice holiday port with out being hit your self over the head..... Thank you WG
  12. Bought the 12 creates for $54. 4 x 20 Shadow Lurker Camo 4 x 10 Type 59 Camo 1 x 14 Day Premium time 1 x 35,000 Free XP Tirpitz B +10 Point Commander Asashio B +10 Point Commander If you look in the shop the 14 Days is $9.39, the Asashio with out a commander is $42.35, and the Tirpitz with out a commander is $54.85. So for argument I calling it $120 in value. Not a "bad" haul. My only issues is I already have the Plain Jane Tirpitz, now I have 2 ship the same. Who is going to run 2 of the same ships. I would have been fine if I got a Tirpitz B permocamo to use on my Plain Jane Tirpitz. So right now it about a break even for me.
  13. Ens_Stovall

    Thank You Wargaming

    Now that we have animated camos in port/game it would be nice to your AA batteries working, and see if that fat jolly old man can dodge some flack... Yup, all ready know my stocking is going to be filled with coal, might as well fill it up, its going to be a cold winter.....
  14. Just logged in and received my 50 Doubloons with out any issues.
  15. Ens_Stovall


    On Game site new feed there is now a message that says Due to maintenance work, players may experience difficulties when entering a match from 0:00 UTC to 0:30 UTC on 8 November.