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  1. Ens_Stovall

    Adding CV's back to Co-op was the worst decision of 0.8.6

    At first I was glad to have the CV bot in the game until you are the only DD on your team. Those who play CO-OP a lot know how the red tends to head for the DD or lowest HP threat. Its always fun to have a big old BB chasing you and you lead it broadside in front of a team member and there is one less bot in the match. But I notice one strange even last night when I was the only DD on my team. The CVs plans flew straight at me. If you drew a line on the mini-map when they where spotted it was a direct line to me. Tried to use speed boost and move at right angles and while not being spotted the planes started to change course. Now may be it just a was just a perspective where I felt like it always know where I was. And Yes I always start out with my sec/AA turned of. Then when you realize that the BOT CV could not hit the side of a barn from the inside, no problem. The problem is trying to hide or speed boost of to some other place and the next squad of planes are already making a B-Line flight to your location passing by 1-5k HP ships just to hit the shinny DD.
  2. Ens_Stovall

    Vell Vell

    I pasted the 160 mark a while ago, and still filling in some of the T9/T10. Many are a 10 point or better. It is fun when I have the chance to stat out with a lowest tiered ship type in that line and walk up the link to the T10. Not there to do seal clubbing, just having fun, till you get a win and then move on to the next tier.
  3. Ens_Stovall

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Saying thank you is not enough LWM for all that you have done and keep on doing to help out the community as a whole. Thank You. What I find amazing is that a game about warfare and entering a battle that all guns are not primed. OK, I get it a dual purpose gun does not know if it is firing at a plane or a ship, but a gun type that is dedicated to AA should be loaded. But that argument on ship verses plane can be fixed/answered. If your commander has "Manual Control of Secondaries" then the guns should be loaded for ships, if you take "Manual Control for AA" then your guns are loaded for planes. If a they have to swap out then you pay a penalty in a reload time. If your commander does not have ether then your dual guns sit empty. If one looked through all of the forum post both positive/negative I sure several solutions could be found. I'm a firm believer that CVs should be in the came (no I'm not a CV main) they played a pivotal roll in the change in navel combat. What is disturbing is that WG did not have full plan. One would have thought that it would be a tweak on one side then the other till a balance reached. It looks like WG is just worried by one side of the equation, and half of the variables in broken.
  4. Ens_Stovall

    terrible rewards for spotting as DD

    One would think that spotting/scouting would be rewarded, but sadly it is not. WG puts a counter on the screen so you can feel good, but at the end all you get is your team [edited] that you did nothing, and you owe for an other 4 years of college. WG need to put a counter on the screen tracking the damage you did with the help of your team, so all of those spamming, rock hugging, CA can see that they useless with out someones' help. They also need to give you credits, and not a token some. 50% should go to the ship firing and 50% to the spotter.
  5. Thank you @Ensign_Cthulhu I was in a boring weekly meeting trying to figure out how to farm the achievements and keep on thing of the Nelson but I do not have it yet, close. But the Cruise and DD detonation is one I did not think of.
  6. There is a setting that enables AA when target is selected, it is enabled by default. Sorry the details are not 100% clear don't have the game client in front of me. It should be under: Game Menu Settings Controls tab Enable AA & Secondary guns if target is set
  7. Ens_Stovall

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    So, I'm here waiting for the 4th stage of the "Exeter's Last Stand" to begin tomorrow and look at "part 1" Part 1 In battles, earn 7 achievements. Reward: 5 India Delta signals. Ship restrictions: Tier VI–VIII U.K. cruisers, destroyers, and battleships. Battle type restrictions: Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles. I seen a few of these in the FSW lately. Can someone at WG tell me how you get an "achievements" In CO-OP?????? (I'm being sarcastic) but I love how much proofing WG are doing. At some point I need to stop being baited in to these missions, or at less spend a little more time working out the task and the math as it is not a bait and switch, just a little case of not reading the fine print on my side.
  8. Ens_Stovall

    Overpen Counter

    I would love to see in the post battle screen when you hover over the each ship to get more information. the counter should be like the in battle counters, with the addition of shell sent to target. Like you I shoot at everything, more when I spinning my BB around and watching where the guns are. If I can take an opportune fire at a target it helps the team. Then when it is all over you are wondering what and how you where shooting paid out. More information should help those who are wondering why they are struggling in game.
  9. Been on both sides of the coin. This pass weekend playing mostly DDs it fun to whittle down a DD to 1-2k HP and then a salvo comes in from a BB or CA. Yup, do I get upset, for the moment, then I think of the other shoe. While dodging I fired on a BB while dueling with on of ours. Caused two fires. Our BB had a nice salvo and too it down to 1K. My fires too out the BB and the player was all up in arms about Kill Stealing. How many times have we seen a ship about to take three torps and we open fires from our BB and blow it out of the water. Even now with these post events scoring, where Kills gain you points. One match this weekend had a Fiji in the last spot of the team list with 5 kills. What WG needs to add is levels to a kill. If you kill with <33% HP left you get a ribbon, If you kill it with 33-66% HP you get a Ribbon with a Bronze star, and if you kill it with >90% you get a Ribbon with a Silver Star. Then way the kill/xp accordingly. The player who believes one less set of guns firing on the team is very important gets there ribbon, and that Russian BB that takes a ship form 100-0 in two salvos, get there ribbon.
  10. Ens_Stovall


    The Sims was may very first Premium ship and it is one that is still fun to play. The recent buff in 8.0 to its short range torps have made it a new boat. Dancing and ambushing is it game placing. It was always fun to help dropping smoke for your team and then scouting. After 2 years with it and seeing some of the other "new" DD. I do wish WG would do something to give it a little more of a kick in the fun. This is going to tweak some, but I would love to see an "EXTREMELY SHORT" Hydro added to the ship, 10 sec activation time whit a 60 sec cool down time. Ship Range 4km detect, Standard torp 2km, and not deep water torp detect. Many a times just as you are about to ambush a ship you not sure where it is. a short ping just before you round a island would be helpful. It would also give the tended victim a notice that something is after them.
  11. Ens_Stovall

    Pink assignment

    It does not matter. You fired a weapon and it caused friendly damage. I have had the privilege of firing my USN 127mm deck guns at the RED BB from behind the confort of an island (no direct line of sight) when a friendly BB went for the ram, missed, took a broadside, form the red BB, and one of my 127 hit him and took him out. At that point you realize you fired it your responsible for it no matter what the other play did or did not do.
  12. So after two days of frustration, and seeing more days like the last two it dawned on me. In the past when new lines are introduced you had to deal with the flood of new ships on low tier, and they would slowly progress up and every one had the time to adjust. Time to have the CC, Clan mates, and all of the paths of information dissemination to filter it way to you. When 0.8.0 came out we where hit broadside with the change. Up and down the tier all at once. We know how well we like a dev strike from a ship we never say in the came. Some of this is the players fault and some of this is WG fault. Yup WG did delay the release, so more players could try out the PTS, and they made changes and had several releases. I did not take the opportunity, so it is my fault. We all know how realistic the players are on the PTS compared to the releases game servers. I wish WG would have made a statement like, 0.8.0 will introduce the CV rework. 0.8.1 will have BB tweaks. 0.8.2 will have CA tweaks, 0.8.3 will have DD tweaks. 0.8.4 will have CV tweaks. That each drop will be 1 week apart. Setting realistic expectations and being up front would have gone a long way to help all of the players. It would have helped if WG put in place that you had to generate so much XP on your first CV before you could use you next one if you all ready had it. Yes you would have to make XP to unlock a ship you have, but they could have made a personal mission that would have given you free Commander XP to compensation. What make me most frustrating is the lack of delivered information from WG. Not trashing the CC but they are no consistent source. After almost 3 years of play it was not until last fall WG made some mechanic videos of there own.
  13. Ens_Stovall

    Sorry for being trash

    I will have to confess that I have at times in the past I have gotten a little to vocal towards players. That old saying "do not judge until you walked in there shoes", Was not in to DD or CV until late. Have had a change in opinions on why some do what they do, and it has improved my game play. Many of the players do not realize how to help one an other. I wish that WG would put in the team list for your side only the Commander point or name (Lt, Capt, Adm. etc) so as a player I can judge the capability of that ship (not the player). If it is a low tier DD with a "Lieutenant Commander", then the it only has a 5-6 point and does not have CE. There is a reason that DD is keeping its distance and spotting. I will always help out a ship that at the start of the game say, First time out, or new ship. Learning to best help one an other leads to victories.
  14. Ens_Stovall

    Is Land of Fire too big for tier 8?

    The maps are big enough, or a little to big. The problem is most players get tunnel vision and only worry about the targets in front of them. If you look at most maps when you are sitting there bow tanking you have better advantage to other targets to your left or right.
  15. Ens_Stovall

    Binding the Gun Locks commands

    Thank you both for posting and suggestions. I first took @Quaffer suggestion and looked at the Logitech software and I could not see any way to make a single mouse button have a double click. I could set macros for regular key strokes. So I took @17L20 suggestion for testing it out with a non game key bindings. Making the "L" key the second control/command for firing. Then I made a macro of the L key in the Logitech software as a double key stroke. Long story short it work great. From my limited testing last night my alpha strike and shell grouping look wonderful.