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  1. Hull__Balsey

    NA server down?

    That's what I have to do to kill it so i can try again. I even repaired the install.
  2. Hull__Balsey

    NA server down?

    Still unable to get in? Is there not enough people having the issue to where it will be discussed? Might have to open a ticket.
  3. Hull__Balsey

    NA server down?

    I had the same problem that day and im currently having it.
  4. Hull__Balsey

    Problem with reporting Players

    Thanks for the support guys. Just pisses me off when that happens. Especially after having a game like I did.
  5. Is there a way to implement some sort of merit check when people do malicious reporting? I like to think of myself as a decent player that supports his team to the best of his ability. I'm seriously getting tired of getting reported for playing a cv by people that hate cv players. I can only assume that is what happened here. It's always when I find that one bb off by himself and focus him. Maybe list the name of people that report you for bad behavior or have the complaint vetted by someone from WG. I said nothing in chat. Gave my team fighter cover and spotted for them when I could. Seriously getting pissed about this. This has happened 8 times. This is the battle report from when I got reported.
  6. Hull__Balsey

    Need Some Cit Tips

    I FINALLY DID IT. Tried the Weser, Yoshi, Krhon, and the Stalingrad. It was finally the Weser that delivered. Had a few 8 cit rounds. Was in a battle nearing the end sitting on 7 cits and I hit a triple Cit on a leader. Ended up finishing with 13!!
  7. Hull__Balsey

    Need Some Cit Tips

    I do not.
  8. Hull__Balsey

    Need Some Cit Tips

    So far 3 battles. 5 in the Kron, 5 in the Yoshi and another 8 in the Weser!!
  9. Hull__Balsey

    Need Some Cit Tips

    Thanks for the tips. Its set for Ranked or Random battles only. I just had 8 in the wesser. I will try the Des M or the Krohns next.
  10. Hull__Balsey

    Need Some Cit Tips

    Trying to do the 10 in one round. I know RNG has a bit to do with it. Closest I have come was 6 using the T6 German Cv rocket planes. Any tips on ships to use from those that have been able to complete it?
  11. Hull__Balsey

    Missing an Upgrade

    Thats [edited] lol. Took me forever to do that one.
  12. Hull__Balsey

    Missing an Upgrade

    I have the T10 mission on the Midway for some time now. Finally finished a bit ago and I can't seem to find it to put it on the ship. I have looked in every slot and I dont see the enhanced protection for attack groups. I thought maybe they got rid of it since they sell them in the research place, but they don't offer that one for research points. Can any one help me with this?
  13. Hull__Balsey

    Captain Tips

    Thank you for the Tip.
  14. Hull__Balsey

    Captain Tips

    Hello all! Starting the IJN CV grind. I have the T10 US and UK cv's. Just looking for some feedback on Captain skill for the IJN. I have a 10 pt Captain waiting to go on her. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  15. Hull__Balsey

    Question on Unique Upgrades

    Thanks. I was curious because I never got a mission when I got to the Daring. Cheers