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  1. Hull__Balsey

    Benson Question

    It shows i can put the Defensive fire upgrade on the Benson, but it dont see the defensive aa consumable. Running the B hull, but i switched to the C and still doesnt show.
  2. Hull__Balsey


    Does this count or do you think he was just shooting blind. I think he might have been shooting blind. I will try for more examples. Not talking about the torps. World of Warships 2019.09.18 -
  3. Hull__Balsey


    Replays through in game like in Tanks? I can record my matches also.
  4. Hull__Balsey


    Anyone else having an issue with detection while in a dd? Twice today I have been while not detected. I was cruising in my Yugumo, not detected and had no ships within 8k and got hit from a CL out of the blue. Second time I was sitting in smoke in my Akizuki. I popped it before I was detected, AA was off and I hadn't even fired a shot and started getting hit by a French CL. No detection icon, no sonar or radar icon. Only thing that had happened up till that point was pan asian torps passing under me.
  5. Hull__Balsey

    AFK in Ranked

    Can something be done about this? Maybe like a 24 or 12 hour ranked ban for each offense? It's complete [edited].
  6. Hull__Balsey

    New Game Mode Glitch?

    I haven't played very many battles, but the few that I have issues with ships being invisible. A few times ships have moved just beyond the fire circle when i went after them. Usually around 3k away. They vanish behind the fire, but are able to shoot in at me. The damage rate offers no real penalty for staying outside the circle for short periods so they jump in and out. I wont be playing this mode. Not for this reason, I just think its dumb. Its like Ships had sex with PubG and this abortion spawned. Thanks for the effort though.
  7. Hull__Balsey

    Time for CVs to shift to support?

    One thing I would like to see them change is the fighter mechanic. I really do try and use my fighters to defend the ships on my team, but its near impossible. I would have to stay close enough to try and intercept enemy planes. If I do that then i'm useless for attack and additional spotting. If i am lucky enough to be close and can call my fighters to a ship about to be attacked, the cv will just fly the planes around the circle and/or switch targets meaning my fighters were wasted. I have, on rare occasion, seen them actually chase attack planes out side of the circle, but usually they have to engage in the circle. Ones they engage then they will chase them down. To be hones, after this last update I am running out of planes much faster. I have squadrons getting deleted attacking just one ship that is typically not known for quality aa. I think fighters should be able to be deployed anywhere on the map they are needed, not just where i happen to be flying. Open the map, and click on a spot. Make there zone a little bigger also.
  8. Hull__Balsey


    You need to stop having 2 cv's at all tiers. Rocket planes are back to killing destroyers with ease.
  9. Hull__Balsey

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    I play cv's and I hate them. Two cv's is toxic for sure. I stopped playing in T10 for just that reason. Now im getting swarmed in 6's. It's really not worth it to play dd's anymore against two cv's. It seems to be no longer harder to hit dd's with rockets. I was hammered relentlessly until dead from an Enterprise. Everyday I find more and more reasons to just cut my losses on this broken [edited]game. CV swarms, T10 economy is [edited]. Just cant seem to bring myself to want to play for more than 30 minutes.
  10. Hull__Balsey

    T10 Matches

    New Coke sucked. Thats why they got rid of it. That being said. I really dont have to many issues with the current state of gameplay. I feel like they have made more changes in the last couple months for the benefit of cv's, but it hasn't been to bad. I think the Midways ability to bomb a Jutland out of the water in 5 minutes needs to be looked at. I also came up with a conspiracy theory the other day. I played around 8 matches in a non AA spec CL, my Krohnstadt. Of those rounds all, but one of them had cv's in it. I played 7-8 in my AA speck Wooster. Only one round had cv's in it. Is WG having MM keep cv's away from AA spec boats or limiting the number of AA spec boats in a round with cv's? lol, waiting for congress to appoint a special prosecuter.
  11. Hull__Balsey

    T10 Matches

    I'm still done playing at T10 for now. Between to many cv's and the economy being [edited]. You should not have to loose credits in this game. If i get a crapteam in my T10 BB I will loose 150k despite having signals on for credits.
  12. Hull__Balsey

    T10 Matches

    Sweet. Is there any talk about the bombing accuracy? I know they made it harder to hit dd's with rockets, but I think there is more that needs to be done. No lie, I was bombed out of the water by a Midway in the first 5-6 minutes. I had just enough time to Cap a point and I was dead.
  13. Hull__Balsey

    T10 Matches

    Is there anyway to cap the cv's in T10 matches to 2 instead of 4? No one ship should have that much influence on the games outcome. Several battles I have been up against 2 T10 cv's. I understand that they are part of the game now. I'm fine with that. I have seen to many games where 2 good T10 cv's dominate the game. Between spotting and attacking. I just played a match in my Jutland and was bombed out of the water by a Midway. I was dropped on 4 times. Dead in the first 6 minutes. I tried evasive moves, turns, cut my throttle to turn faster, nothing helped. Twice, despite the visual of almost all the bombs hitting the water, I still lost 1/4 HP, rudder and a turret. Why would anyone want to play at T10 now? I will be staying at 7 and below and hope like hell WG see's there is problems and fixes it.
  14. Hull__Balsey

    CV Advice

    Thanks guys. For sure a good starting point.
  15. Hull__Balsey

    CV Advice

    I have a Lexington and the T4-T6 UK CV's. Im not a fan of the rework,, but im looking to play them a little more for a change of pace. Wondering how cv players have their captains skills set up. Advice, Screenshots, whatever. Thanks