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  1. Question regarding detected icon

    Switched my resolution and seems to be all good appreciate all the help everyone
  2. Question regarding detected icon

    Ok that sounds like it is likely my problem I just switched monitors recently I’m gonna give it a shot and see what happens. Appreciate the advice comrade.
  3. Question regarding detected icon

    No I’ve only ever played vanilla client
  4. Hey folks I’m having a slight issue and was hoping somebody here could help me out as I can’t seem to find how to fix this. So my problem is I’m playing DD right now and once I get a bunch of ribbons on the top right corner they block out the detected icon. I can see it says I’m detected but the ribbons block the icon to tell me if it’s a plane, radar, hydro etc. I’ve just recently returned from a rather long absence due to a broken finger and it seems we have a lot more ribbons cluttering up the screen and eventually it seems to block out how I’m being detected. Sorry if this has been asked before I searched the forum and can’t seem to find the answer. TYIA for any help!
  5. Cannot log into main website?

    Same here wanted to actually pull my wallet out and buy something, oh well
  6. Can't play in space

    Weird cause as soon as I unlocked them I changed battle modes and all 8 ships I have unlocked were on the left side of my carousel
  7. Can't play in space

    My bad it’s just that I always tend to get my news from the website, it clearly states win one battle in respective ship type tier 6 and above to unlock said ship type for space battles.
  8. Can't play in space

    Reading = OP
  9. Wrong! Just played three battles in coop, one in a dd, one in a ca and one in a B.B. and unlocked 8 space ships
  10. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    I'm sorry it looks like 25 hits over several games? the discription is pretty vague Edit: by 25 I meant secondary hits
  11. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    Hi guys I just received "aiming? To much effort" and I'm almost positive it happened on my 10 th secondary battery hit of the match