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  1. dirt_mcgirtz

    Question regarding detected icon

    Switched my resolution and seems to be all good appreciate all the help everyone
  2. dirt_mcgirtz

    Question regarding detected icon

    Ok that sounds like it is likely my problem I just switched monitors recently I’m gonna give it a shot and see what happens. Appreciate the advice comrade.
  3. dirt_mcgirtz

    Question regarding detected icon

    No I’ve only ever played vanilla client
  4. Hey folks I’m having a slight issue and was hoping somebody here could help me out as I can’t seem to find how to fix this. So my problem is I’m playing DD right now and once I get a bunch of ribbons on the top right corner they block out the detected icon. I can see it says I’m detected but the ribbons block the icon to tell me if it’s a plane, radar, hydro etc. I’ve just recently returned from a rather long absence due to a broken finger and it seems we have a lot more ribbons cluttering up the screen and eventually it seems to block out how I’m being detected. Sorry if this has been asked before I searched the forum and can’t seem to find the answer. TYIA for any help!