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  1. Cannot log into main website?

    Same here wanted to actually pull my wallet out and buy something, oh well
  2. Can't play in space

    Weird cause as soon as I unlocked them I changed battle modes and all 8 ships I have unlocked were on the left side of my carousel
  3. Can't play in space

    My bad it’s just that I always tend to get my news from the website, it clearly states win one battle in respective ship type tier 6 and above to unlock said ship type for space battles.
  4. Can't play in space

    Reading = OP
  5. Wrong! Just played three battles in coop, one in a dd, one in a ca and one in a B.B. and unlocked 8 space ships
  6. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    I'm sorry it looks like 25 hits over several games? the discription is pretty vague Edit: by 25 I meant secondary hits
  7. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    Hi guys I just received "aiming? To much effort" and I'm almost positive it happened on my 10 th secondary battery hit of the match