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  1. Taxciter

    Playing with TOBII eye tracker.

    I have the TrackHat Clip Head tracking kit on the way to me. It's for DCS and other flight sims that support it. That said, I'd like WoWS to implement head tracking. Not for aiming, just for looking. I'll try mapping to right mouse button hold, as if I have a second mouse dedicated to panning the view, but I'm not expecting it to work in WoWS.
  2. Taxciter

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm an average player who has not played much CV. I thought the new CV play was fun.
  3. I just solved a problem with in-game system crashes. APC PowerChute (UPS software) would generate a power fluctuation alert during WoWS gameplay. For example, a power fluctuation would occur causing the PowerChute software to generate a beep. Immediately the system (Win 10) crashed, with no events written to the Windows event logs. This was happening ONLY when WoWS was being played. I've stopped PowerChute from running on system startup, and no more WoWS crashes. Just a tip in case it applies to someone else. It took me many crashes to guess the cause.
  4. Taxciter

    Multiple monitors support

    I play with 3 monitors - all Dell SP2309W, native resolution 2048x1152 each. NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Windows 10 Pro 64-bit "Span displays with Surround" is selected in the NVidia control panel This allows WoWS to run full screen at 6144x1152. The game treats this as a single screen. My most important game mod is the MiniMap enlarger. My greatest complaint using this setup with WoWS is the horizontal scaling, i.e., the view gets stretched out more and more the closer it gets to the outside edges. Not the markers, lists, minimap, and all that, just the ships, islands, etc. - "the battle scene". Still, the view of the battle scene is wider overall, so I use it. It would be great to have this wide view with no horizontal stretching, just a wider battle scene. After a bit more research, I find: Game designers generally design for a FOV (field-of-view), or range of FOVs, that is smaller than that of a 3 monitor setup. The side screen stretching is also call fish eye, after the fish eye lens. Software is available to even out the fish eye side screen stretching, but it does not increase FOV. Only the game maker can increase FOV. I'm now searching these and other forums for the terms "FOV" and "fish eye". If I find good info I'll edit again.