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  1. Nero_Wolfe

    CV Insane Damage

    While I do not expect nor want a ship immune to planes I do not want planes immune to AA either. Against a good CV player it's just take your beating and be done with it. It's like AA does not matter anymore. I am learning to play the game all over again.
  2. Nero_Wolfe

    Just opened x80 mega crates

    I bought 80 crates and got no ships. Same thing happened with the British DD crates. No ships or even missions. Needless to say I will not be making that mistake again.
  3. Nero_Wolfe

    So decided to try the Nobilum

    The opportunity to soak up free commander xp to use any way I want and lots of it makes this an excellent operation. I am loving the silver credits too. Playing the CL in this game is a CL players DREAM.
  4. This is why you play as a team. It's hard to set behind a rock and not die if you have a friend in a DD sneak up from behind.
  5. Nero_Wolfe

    British DD Mission

    So I opened 15 Royal Navy crates in as many minutes and 25 or more in the last two days. Are you sure there are DD missions in the crates? At one time I wanted the Icarus but at this point all I want to do is sink them. I will not be buying anything else for a while till I can recover from this. As far as the British DDs go I am over any desire I had to own one so grateful for that.
  6. My personal experience is some days I can't win if my life depended on it and some days I feel like I can't lose. Use the losses to improve your credit count and compete against your self. If you are third shoot for second etc.
  7. Nero_Wolfe

    Hitting the wall

    Joining a clan with people I enjoy talking to helps. My brother got me in and I play with them as well. As far as the chats go I don't even read them because I am to busy driving my own ship.
  8. Nero_Wolfe

    Why should I play ranked? Honest question

    I enjoyed the T8 battles after that not so much. My server may be different but after I got to 15 all I got was a a bigger silver credit bill.
  9. I know at least three people who have gotten doubloons or 10,000,000 silver credits. I wish I could say l was one but alas such is not the case. When I asked why they said they did not know they just showed up.
  10. Nero_Wolfe

    Did U NOT get a Free T-61....HUNT THEM DOWN!

    It's all in the skill of the Captain sailing said ship
  11. Nero_Wolfe

    New incoming commander

    I am hoping it's Dasha