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  1. Shark_Silent1

    Bring back Enterprise

    What you don't understand is that a lot of people spend A LOT of MONEY to get a "RARE" boat in a Christmas container because the only way to get that "RARE" boat is that now they clean their hands and put it for a fixed price is a deception for me their business is respected anyway that is why I no longer play the game because many times they play with people and making money in passing that is not done greetings
  2. Shark_Silent1

    Bring back Enterprise

    A lot of people spent a lot of money to get that "rare" ship in the Christmas containers, they would have decided long before that. Regards.
  3. Shark_Silent1

    Bring back Enterprise

    "We decide to bring her back we will announce it", why better not decide that before? so people didn't spend so much money on Christmas containers? and now they want to decide? What a bigger scam with all due respect.
  4. Shark_Silent1

    Simón Bolívar Day

    Wikipedia is not a trustworthy source, anyone can edit the topics and add information to their liking, the thing about the flag may be because Bolivia was founded inspired by the name of Bolivar, one that does not have much relationship with that country and Bolivar was clearly born in the country. captain general of venezuela which at that time was Spanish territory.
  5. Shark_Silent1

    Simón Bolívar Day

  6. Shark_Silent1

    Simón Bolívar Day

    The video does not have much historical reality since the map shown is wrong, the Spanish empire never had control of southern South America
  7. Shark_Silent1

    Día de Reclutar Amigos

    Si claro, uno gastando mucho dinero para poder obtener un "barco raro" y luego wargaming-wows anda regalando los barcos, no pienso jugar mas este juego es muy injusto y aleotorio, en un supercontenedor lo maximo que me a salido con casi 10.000 batallas en este juego es un huanche mientra a otro le salen un benham etc, y te venden los barquitos como un juego completo triple A, andaaa, bye wows wargaming disfruta el dinero que gaste en este juego por estupides mia, regale lo que yo gaste en DINERO REAL adios jueguito injusto con respeto claro.
  8. Shark_Silent1

    Recruit Your Friends Day - Win USS Missouri

    one spending a lot of real money to get a "rare ship" and then wargaming-wows is giving away the ships for free, I plan not to play this game anymore, it is unfair, random, with much respect, greetings.
  9. Shark_Silent1

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    steel is equal to coal, as a resource it is not rare, the research bureau is for the most experienced players in the game, regards.
  10. Shark_Silent1

    Upcoming Ships - Slava, Ludendorff, German CVs

    Slava if you continue op most likely it will be a research-bureau ship since it is for the most experienced players it will be blocked for the masses discarded for steel and coal remember that steel recently added a new battleship x
  11. Shark_Silent1

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    Free xp is as difficult to achieve as any other resource per battle, you earn very little free xp for a normal player who does not even reach 500 free xp at most and to convert you need REAL MONEY (Doubloons) to convert to those exaggerated amounts of 1 million 2 million you have to spend a lot of money only a person with real resources can give himself those tastes for a game, this free xp (premium) should not be confused with xp silver which is also difficult to get greetings.
  12. All those who want to play clan battles and are active in the game are invited to the GROVE STREET clan, regardless of the language they speak if they are active in the game, join me, just send me a message to Shark_Silent1 and ready greetings to all.grove.thumb.jpg.6d344931f6b20dfc8fd7a941caeb5e08.jpg

  13. Shark_Silent1

    Slava cancelled?

    It was not easy to get free xp and it is a resource just like carbon point steel and it is also a payment wall to convert with doubloons to free xp minus 1 million 1000 free xp costs to imagine a million haha, 750 thousand free xp That cost the missouri musashi kron etc is a lot out of place imagine 1 million, respect.
  14. Put an option to convert coal to steel and steel to coal, an idea.

  15. Shark_Silent1

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    How much did it cost me to get 1 level x to start from scratch and receive nothing but flags? there are even people who spend a lot of money to convert doubloons into free xp to reach the last ships, the minimum is that all those people for the first time automatically convert all the xp that made an effort to reach those ships and all the experience at level x in doubloons and MINIMUM xp free, do not clean your hands and send all that effort to the first level and stay there, I will not restore any ship, it is a great effort to destroy me, besides nobody has given me anything, maybe I left the game is a lot of effort To litter