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  1. emmapulido

    CVs against DDs

    Oh well. Still not true, however.
  2. emmapulido

    CVs against DDs

    That's quite a backflip you did there.
  3. emmapulido

    CVs against DDs

    So, instead of using the average detection, you use the DD with the highest det range as an example?
  4. emmapulido

    CVs against DDs

    Nope, not always. Planes are spotted from very far away, except for maybe IJN planes with a conceal build. Adapt your play, adjust you heading to avoid them, keep your AA off and use the landscape to your advantage.
  5. emmapulido

    CVs against DDs

    You can upright delete anything in a salvo. So yes. Also, how in God's green earth is 3.0km "huge detection range"???
  6. emmapulido

    Can the Friesland do this??

    Congrats! You managed to kill 2 absolutely terrible DD drivers.
  7. emmapulido

    Smoke compensation is not right.

    I'm not quite sure how people are still complaining about French DDs not having smoke. Well after we've seen what they are capable of.
  8. emmapulido

    Did I miss a memo?

    Has anybody noticed the absolutely tiny amount of Cruisers in ranked? Or is it just me? Unless I drive my Ibuki, I may not even see cruisers in more than a handful of matches.
  9. Navalpride is a strange fellow, to say the least. But anyway, I've been looking for more info on the issue ever since I started noticing it. Not a lot of people are having this issue, but a few people certainly are. I've tried Windowed and Fullscreen-Windowed (borderless) on both machines, and have had the same effect: 100% GPU usage and about a 15fps drop on the desktop and 20fps drop on the laptop, due to windowed mode being more demanding to run.
  10. This right here ladies and gents. If it would erase the stats from my potato days, I'd do them in a flash.
  11. A big chunk of 'em don't even know what GPU they have :/
  12. My GPU is acting the same way. No other game does this to my system, just sitting in port or in the menus kicks GPU temps almost to 80C. It drops back to the 60s whenever I'm actually playing. Although this only started happening with the last few patches. Using the Azur Lane port and still getting less than 60fps and a bunch of micro-stutters at 4k (what I normally play at). Changing graphics settings does absolutely nothing. Also happens with my laptop, though I cant get any accurate temp readings from it. Just feels hotter and fans kick into high gear. Tried reinstalling drivers and the game on different drives, from my slowest 5000rpm hard drive to my 3GB/s SSD, no change. Both system's GPU drivers are up to date. Desktop: R7 1700x & GTX 1060 Laptop: i7-6700HQ & GTX 960M
  13. emmapulido

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    WG, please make the PR an NTC ship
  14. emmapulido

    Whatever happened to destructible maps?

    Yes. No. I've seen the opposite, everybody ignoring the installations and losing secondary tasks.
  15. emmapulido

    IJN turtleback - why even bother?

    Having turtleback doesn't make you immune to citadel hits. Anything can be cit. 376mm is a whole lot more than even some t8 BBs get. Other BBs might be able to pen it, but every other type of ship is gonna have an awful time.