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  1. Do you have to murder someone to dislike murder and murderers?
  2. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper


    Did you buy it last April fools event or whenever they offered them for event tokens?
  3. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    I'd almost welcome a T1 ranked season just for that reason
  4. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    and no carriers this time either!!
  5. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    On the KOTS stream today they made the next ranked season annoucement and its starting on MAy 20th and it will be T7. I am super happy to se a ranked season on anything othre than T10 and T7 is one of my favourite tiers. I am so happy to be able to take My Haida and Mahan out in a ranked season finally. I'll probably take out my old favorites Atlanta and Belfast as well. Thank you so much WG, for finally listening to the player base!
  6. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Not all attention is unwanted. BB's aren't the only ship that can tank. Evasion tanking is a things as well. But if you are taking your Akizuki out as a torp boat, you might as well take out Kagero or Harekaze.
  7. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    [-K--] Kraken is expanding

    Are you a good player looking to get better while shooting boats with good, easy-going players? One of the oldest formed clans in the game, [-K-] Kraken has maxed out its membership. Kraken is pleased to announce the formation of a second clan. This new clan will take a special focus on teaching and training good players to get better and compete in competitive game modes. While [-K-] Kraken is primarily made up of "purple" players, that is not a strict standard for this second clan. We are looking for players that have a good understanding of game mechanics and the ability to put that knowledge to use. We definitely would like to see "blue" level stats but most importantly we want easy-going players knowing they have room to improve and looking to improve and have stats that are trending upwards. This is kind of full circle for me to be asked to be part of this. As a new, improving player to the game several years ago, Kraken was the first place I looked to improve and learn from good players. I learnt so much from some of those original Kraken players back then. The skills and mechanics I learned from those guys are what helped me to become a half decent comp player. Now 3 years later, I find myself in the reverse spot looking to help other players along. Even though this is technically a new clan, we were able to secure a mostly upgraded port, all the buildings are built except for the steel ports and the 3rd coal port. We provide a pool of good, easy-going players to play boats with. Mature professionals, parents, college students, etc are welcome. Nobody is going to babysit you, stroke your ego, or "manage your personality". We believe that while winning is fun, winning together is better. We use our knowledge of game mechanics and awareness of our own abilities to find ways we can improve each other at the game. We use Discord for voice communications and chat/messaging. A link will be provided upon request.We do not have a website or forum that we require you to be active on; Discord chat channels currently suffice for keeping up with the clan. To inquire about joining, please contact either myself or Kraken's main recruiting officer, @wadavid. Applicants will need to be on Discord and play with members for a few days while we get to know each other.
  8. each win is 2500 base XP..... stack every econ flag and camo you can and farm hundreds of thousands of FXP and commander XP in a single evening. The earning rate is insane.
  9. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    The Pan EU dd's would be OP if they had smoke or stronger torps. I can't imagine how broken they would be. I don't get why people have a problem with using guns in dd's. Torps are typically an after thought for most of the dd's I play.
  10. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    General changes I'd like to see I guess

    Not a "short" list in any case. Unlike other things.
  11. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    If you don't care about stats, why are you complaining about your win rate? If you truly don't care, then go Yolo and die and have fun and who cares if you win, right?
  12. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    2 wins 12 losses tonight

    See his other posts lately. He charges in to brawl with his Monty as he dislikes the meta.
  13. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    grind smaland or keep free xp?

    It's a niche ship that fills an anti dd role quite well. If there are no dds to hunt, then it's relegated to second line damage farmer using distance or islands to mitigate damage. It's not a great randoms ship, but worked really well in ranked.
  14. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper


    If you like rushing in and brawling, perhaps co-op would offer exactly what you are looking for.
  15. TheLastRollOfToiletPaper

    T4 CV Fighters

    No aa, no fighters and 3 cvs per side. Perfectly balanced according to the spreadsheet.