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  1. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    1 million fxp can be obtained pretty easily these days. Probably 50 narai operations would get me 1 mil fxp.
  2. Lexington_MuseumO7

    The Sound of Silence

    So you've never been on a team with higher average winrate? There are ways to rigging MM to give you teams with higher average winrate.
  3. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    WG sees a problem with ranked participation for sure. Why else are they lowering the stars required and lowering the team sizes? It isn't because of increased participation. When a scrub like me can go from ranking out in 160 games to ranking out in 70 games, that's because the playing field is a lot shorter.
  4. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    Sounds like the forums where some people do nothing but gripe, whine and complain on pretty much every thread they enter.
  5. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    I smile at people
  6. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    What about the kawachi? Higher winrate and damage. 5 tiers lower.
  7. So there are many many complaints about ranked that float around every season. I'm going to delve into most of the complaints and see if we can figure out if they are valid or if there are any solutions. 1. Ranked is all luck and is dependant on the team that MM gives you. This claim does have some validity. For ranked to be the ultimate test of individual skill it would have to be 1v1. However, ranked is not about 1v1 skill, it's about skill in a team setting. It is about each player working with the team that mm gives them and getting the W. You might be able to 1v1 any ship on the enemy team and win, but if you ignore everything else and you win a 1v1 in a pointless area of the map while your team gets flanked or outcapped, you'll lose. So, no ranked is not about individual fighting skill, it's all about tactical skill and working with your team to a win. The better a player is at that the more his team wins. The worse a player is at that the more they lose. 2. Ranked shouldn't have premium ships. The argument here is that not all players have access to premium ships, with some of them being very strong in the meta. This is somewhat disconcerting in a game that is billed as F2P and tries to stay away from P2W. However, the game does need to make money and premium ships and selling them for events such as ranked is a big revenue generator for WG. That's why they are in ranked. Also, while there are very strong premium ships in each tier, there is usually some extremely strong tech tree or freely obtained ships in each tier. This season alone has extremely strong tech tree ships in the Jutland, kitakaze, mogador and a bunch of freely obtained ships such as the Musashi and Alaska. In tier 8 Akizuki, kievs, vlads, and Edinburgh are rampant in the meta. 3. Save a star promotes poor team play. How bad do you think play would be as soon as your team goes down a ship or 2? We've all seen epic comebacks or throws in ranked. That probably wouldn't happen as often without save a star. Players would give up to try and get into another battle faster. The lack of hope on a losing team would lead to many players getting frustrated and giving up. The chance of them ranking out with a losing record keeps people playing ranked. 4. Ranked is toxic So are randoms sometimes. Human beings gonna get mad and tilted no matter what. But when losing actually means something, people care a little more. Losing in randoms doesn't hurt as much as losing in ranked. 5. Ranked shouldn't have such exclusive rewards. Who would play ranked if it didn't have a pretty good carrot? You kind of need something exclusive for people to want to do it. 6. MM should balance radar evenly. MM actually has to balance quite a few things already. They did add in equalizing ship types and nations and that works for radar to an extent. However that can lead to one side getting a RN cruiser with radar and the other side gets one with smoke, while a black gets paired against a fletcher. It has its inconsistencies, but it evens out in the long run. 5 dds have better winrate than the Black this season, so there is more to it than a simple consumable. Azuma has a higher winrate than Alaska... There are 3 BBs with better win rate than Missouri. Seattle is below 50% and neptune has one of the worst win rates in ranked this season. What are some of the other ranked complaints that we can debunk?
  8. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Someone switched poor #3 kiosk to randoms

    Which is infinitely better than 0
  9. It's not been going so well for Lexington_Museum03 the past little while. I mean he's definitely getting the battle numbers up, but I think the shock of random battles is getting to him. I hope that he is OK and doesn't do anything drastic. I think that his damage numbers are artificially low though. I don't think that its reporting the damage he's getting on his team mates. He's probably doing OK damage wise if it was reporting that. It'd be nice if someone could come to the Lexington museum and walk over to #3 kiosk and give him some love!! I think he just needs some encouragement.
  10. Lexington_MuseumO7

    World of Cruisers!! It's a thing!

    oh, thats a co-op, my bad.
  11. Lexington_MuseumO7

    World of Cruisers!! It's a thing!

    I guess that's thanks to the new 40% t8 mm
  12. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Toxic Ranked

    For sure there are going to be a few stat lines that can be made to intersect higher or lower. Increase damage rate while also lowering survival. And it's going to be different for each player. If at all interested in how I was playing my Black in ranked here are my last 5 games from last night. I did get super lucky and it was a solid batch of players, nobody that really stuck out as really bad or really good. Those are the matches I love in ranked. Things are more predictable that way. http://www.twitch.tv/ducky_shot_/v/470948743?sr=a&t=1s
  13. Lexington_MuseumO7

    My Preliminary Opinion on Somers

    Seems easy to kill when beached. ;)
  14. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Toxic Ranked

    I would tend to disagree with that. Most players that rank out with low game count have great survivability rates. They stay alive longer and influence matches more. There is something to be said to risking a lot anf getting good trades, but stay g alive and getting better trades is the name of the game. I have a 56% survival rate in ranked this season. Only around 1 kill/g, but I was content to push enemies off of caps or let my team kill them. I play pretty passively in ranked and let enemies push into me and put themselves into bad spots while preserving my health.
  15. Lexington_MuseumO7

    Toxic Ranked

    I had a very enjoyable season this time. I think I might have gotten salty in chat once... Managed to get through it with only 17 losses and only lost a star on 11 of those. The 6 v 6 format was really nice and easy.