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  1. DuckyShot

    Battleship Agincourt Lil Tidbit

    I've been waiting a super long time for the Pokémon collab. So excited!!! Not!
  2. DuckyShot

    WG's Pay to win business model

    That is an excellent point. While I think bans or restrictions of some sort are necessary for certain tiers, they should be announced well before the season starts and not change.
  3. Mbm3 in slot 6? Mbm1 is slot 1 where you have aam1 But I've probably gotten 6 or 7 people giving me their builds. Every single one of them is running the reload module in slot 6 and AR on their captain.
  4. DuckyShot

    Commander Exchanges - UPDATE

    So instead of losing your xp, you just lose more money if you take this option.
  5. What's your captain builds and modules on each?
  6. So @Hapa_Fodder this is why people do not trust WG to dig into things very well or even want to bother sending reports on things. I sent in my report with the replay attached and timestamp of the issue and the CS agent is asking ME to provide Him video Why do I have to provide CS with video after providing them the replay? Since I have it on Twitch, I'll probably be nice and send him a link to it, but if I didn't already have video of it, that point of the ticket is where I would "nope" out out of it. Why can't he play the replay and make video of it? I mean, yeah WG replays suck, but to the point that CS only can deal with video uploaded to them by the player rather than deal with the replay themselves? And if I was unable to provide him video, we players have no idea whether they would even dig into that replay until the player provides them the further information they ask. At this point I have had it, and like the player base had to prove and point out the likely culprit of the underwater pen bug a couple years ago when WG denied that they made any changes that lead to the bug that was happening, I guess we have to go find the commonalities ourselves. It involves a combination of the following skills, consumables or modules that speed up reload of a ship: MBRB, adrenaline rush, expert loader, and the reload module.
  7. What's your build for modules and captain? I'm seeing a trend with the few I've seen. My Venezia has reload module, AR and El, same as @Herr_Reitz. It is some combo of those skills or MBRB that affect reload time that is messing up in the game.
  8. For curiosity sake, what's your captain build and what modules are you running on that?
  9. DuckyShot

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    As long as you are good with that awesome. I know some people who are playing ranked for their their normal gaming time and have no time for randoms. So already they are balancing whether they should grind regular lines and such in randoms or get rewards in ranked where they were able to do both before.
  10. 1v1 me? Jk. It was a joke on a well known stereotype. That's why I put the smiley face at the end of it. You've even been known to make jokes at my expense in the past and I'm more than OK with that. The replay is sent in, but the purpose of posting in the forums and on reddit is to make more players aware of it. There are already many replies to this thread and my reddit thread from players who have experienced something similar but until now had no clue it was a bug. The more people that know it's a bug when it happens, the more chance of legit replays being sent in.
  11. Those 3 are the only ones I can think of it happening to by my own experience.
  12. DuckyShot

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    The amount of grind getting to R10 before is about the same as a single run through bronze now. Without double checking I think the amount of stars unprotected by irrevocable ranks are +/-1or2
  13. DuckyShot

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    As long as one is OK with having to play more games and repeat those games every week, that's fine. I just like to make sure that people know it isn't easier or better for the casuals that just went to R10 or R11 previously. And if you are being signals with credits, I think it's about 29M worth of signals that you are missing out on. WG didn't do this for the benefit of their playerbase. They did it for 2 reasons: to help reset the economy and to suck people into playing more games. And you are already sinking more ranked games in than you did and are OK with getting lesser rewards forbit. I'm not chastising anyone about that. I'm just warning people that WG is only in it for themselves.
  14. DuckyShot

    Allow me to derank out of Gold

    And you've played 60 some games to get that, a couple seasons ago you played 17 games to get to rank 10.