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  1. DuckyShot

    Very High Win Rate Question

    I'm about 50/50 between solo and divved play over 10k battles. I'm 61% solo and 65% overall. Obviously divisions with other good players help. But I've done some digging into stats to see what is possible as a solo player. The worst accounts I have found were the Lexington museum accounts. Some of those accounts were around 30% and most of them were no better than being afk and probably a lot of team killing as well. The best solo accounts I found were around 70%, they are very few and far between though. Those 2 numbers corroborate each other, approx 60% of the battles are not able to be influenced by a solo player, 30 will be wins and 30 will be a loss. What does this mean? About 40% of battles are influenced by a solo player. Just how much is determine by the skill of each player. Someone like me is able to convert 31/40 to wins. Other players can convert 40/40 Now imagine 3 players divving together That are able to convert 35/40 or better. The effect is compounded even more so. That's where players are able to easily run up 80-90% win rates.
  2. DuckyShot

    Alaska Going away? Next Free XP Ships?

    But what about Drake?? I'll see myself out.
  3. I knew I should have gotten the FDR and just gone mercing with it, instead, I'm stuck in the Halland....
  4. DuckyShot

    Player's clan history?

  5. DuckyShot

    Ship stuck on island glitch is repeatable

    Yeah, the spawns for low tier ships are messed up on that map. Been around for a while
  6. DuckyShot

    Smolensk catharsis

    If you needed to see some vengeance being carried out, I can help you. https://clips.twitch.tv/SteamyFunnyGerbilMrDestructoid
  7. DuckyShot

    Is This Even Possible?

    You want to try and attract a lot of fire from battleships. They are easiest to dodge and their salvoes have the highest alpha.
  8. None, unfortunately. Shoot, I'll have to rectify that.
  9. DuckyShot

    stupid is as stupid sails

    You are either a troll or the most obstinate team killer out there.
  10. I think I'm probably good there.
  11. I've been playing a lot of high tier DD lately. Udaloi, Friesland, Z-46, Halland, Akizuki. Been chasing my silly dreams of having purple PR to match the WR. I played way too many seal clubber ships in an earlier life. It will be a while before my Kamikaze is surpassed as my most played ship. But in a way it was the start of my DD journey. I intentionally played it on a knife's edge and honed my skills with it, at that point I was only 8 months or so in the game. Yeah, pretty much. It's mostly what I play the last year or 18 months or so. I started off using them in ranked a bunch and just got to where I started fitting the role and realizing how high of a skill ceiling there was.
  12. I knew this day would arrive sometime.
  13. DuckyShot

    Please fix Bismarck vs. Hood cinematic opening

    People watch that?? I have it modded so it skips it asap.
  14. I would say that 2.5M damage is doable in 3-4 games in key battles.
  15. DuckyShot

    Campbelton torpedoes only work on allys?

    Not really, canned response.