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  1. yeah, I missed "have". I owned 2 of the ships on the short list, did not own Vanguard or Ochakov. I did get Vanguard first out of a regular box, then got Marblehead L and Poltava out of substituted SC's.
  2. Well that correlates with the theory that you must have at least one short list ship and continues to dsiprove the theory that you must have all of the short list ships for the box to start getting the other ships.
  3. Ok, now you are putting words in my mouth that I absolutely did not say. In fact, I said pretty much the exact opposite in my OP: I was implying that the conjecture currently is that, but until there is a pile of data from a pile more players, that is not extensive proof of that happening. Furthermore, there is no proof that that isn't how it worked in the past. The words you are now twisting was in direct response to your unequivocal statement here: That statement is completely and utterly FALSE. I know that from my own experience. Quit putting words into other peoples mouths instead of owning up to your misinformation.
  4. Absolutely not fact. You do not have to have everything in the short list to get a different ship. I do not own the ochakov, but in the crates that ochakov on the short list, I pulled Poltava and Marblehead lima. Stop spreading misinformation.
  5. Yeah, the duplicate rules in the past were extremely generous. They have gone the other way now imo. And getting a duplicate did not always guarantee a reroll if you were missing other ships from the list. In 2016 it was really bugged.
  6. I am currently opening the crates they provided to me for shilling. JK
  7. **I neither condemn nor condone the WG handles loot boxes. My purpose here is to only provide factual information. Do your research before buying** Short lists are NOT new. They have existed since the beginning of the Christmas crates in 2016. However, here is the interesting thing, in my research for this post, I had a terrible time finding an article for the 2016 containers, the original article appears to not exist anymore. However, one from January is still up and gives the details of the short lists, It also advertises a "slim chance" at pulling one of the other premium ships. And the forums are filled with people talking about pulling Emden's and other ships on the short lists: Small: Warspite, Molotov Medium: Indianapolis, Blyskawica, Emden Large: Ishizuchi, Atago, Prinz Eugen https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/suspiciouspackages/ in 2017, this trend continued, short lists with the same advertised "slim chance" at the other premium ships: Small: De Grasse, Mutsu Medium: Okhotnik, Scharnhorst, Leningrad Large: Lo Yang, Alabama, Gallant https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/we-are-many/ Now we come to 2018, where things seem to be a bit different. Nowhere are there listed any short lists for any of the boxes. It simply gives the list of all ships available in the boxes. But it seems like there is some data in the pages that could have been removed as they changed some elements. However Jingles talks about in his unboxing video about there being short lists this year in his unboxing video. Looking at some videos of crates being opened, I saw Huang He, Perth, Krasny Krym, Dunkerque and LOTS of Monaghan's dropping from the Christmas crate, while other ships dropped from substituted SC's. My memory of that year seems to recall a lot of talk about Monaghan and Huang He and Perth being pulled by a lot of people. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/santa-claus-postman/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/premium-shop-december-2018/ 2019 appears to be the same, no mention of any short lists, just a chance of pulling any ship from the list. Same thing, there appears that there could have been some data missing from the articles now that some elements are removed from the article. However, same thing with unboxing videos: I saw ships like Exeter and Haida being dropped from Christmas crates and other ships being dropped from substituted SC's. I do recall there being a lot of talk about Exeter being a standard drop for the Christams crates. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/time-of-gifts/ So that brings us to 2020 and again the article has no published short list, however, we can be sure that the article is accurate as its newly posted and nothing has been changed. And everyone is aware of the discussion surrounding these crates and the "short lists" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/a-time-of-gifts/ So in conclusion: 1. Short lists have always existed. They have never gone away. This is not new 2. It doesn't appear to me at this time that they have always been published (2016 and 2017 were, it doesn't appear that 2018 and 2019 were). (And if they are in effect, I DO believe that WG should publish them along with the odds for drops in all containers) 3. While it appears that if you don't have any of the short list ships you must pull at least one of them before moving on to any of the other ships listed, whether it worked this way in the past is unclear. I do not know if the published "slim chance" was in effect before having any of the short list ships in previous years. I do not know why all of a sudden this year, people decided to make this an issue. It has ALWAYS existed. The only real problem I have with WG in this is them not publishing those short lists as they used to do. Don't kid yourselves, they are a for profit company and don't expect them to follow scrupulous business practices... But the amount of effort being used on this, the 5th year of Santa crates, is mind boggling to me.
  8. DuckyShot

    Any official response yet?

    In my case, I had 2/4 in the short list already. I got 1 of the short list and then rolled 2 completely different. I did not have to have the entire short list to get random ones. The first one that dropped was, though.
  9. DuckyShot

    Any official response yet?

    Honestly, I'm not sure. Short lists for the Santa crates have been in existence since they came out in 2016. I remember specifically Ishizuchi being a main drop in those ones. 2017 had De Grasse and Mutsu, IIRC. The only difference I can see this year is that they don't list this short list for each crate. They list that you have a chance of getting 1/107 ships. So if a player has none of the short list, they will get at least one of the ships on the short list initially. After that, then you have a chance at all the other ships. But it seems much ado about nothing.
  10. DuckyShot

    Crategate - this fiasco has a name

    CrateGate rhymes better
  11. DuckyShot

    WG - What did you think would happen?

    The first year of Santa crates everyone was getting ishizuchi. There has always been a short list. For some reason, this year, the short list is not in the article. That's the only difference I have seen this yearm
  12. DuckyShot

    World of Warships Advent Calendar

    I complain enough, need to throw some praise out when they make things better and fix what we complain about.
  13. DuckyShot

    World of Warships Advent Calendar

    I was able to open today's before the reset time. It looks like the reset time was adjusted. Props to WG for putting the fix in!
  14. On the flip side, we should only have 1 thread for people to post their results.
  15. DuckyShot

    More word game from wows

    So you already own Atlanta and can fulfill the mission parameters?? I can understand the people that don't own it and don't read it thoroughly, but I see no point at all to your rant if you already own the Atlanta.