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  1. Is my name cherub_shot? Who cares about the cherubs? Lol
  2. Best camo in the game, hands down. IT HAS A DUCK ON IT!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I think he's trying to speak to us. Wish we could understand him.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug?

    AS stated earlier, replays or it didn't happen.
  5. Nothing unserious about this. Some of us do spend time talking about WoWs without complaining about every game mechanic under the sun. I wasn't aware of the belt armor being removed. Beyond that, it would have god-like aa at t4. And if it got mostly the same stats as, say, an Atlanta, it's dpm would be insane for t4. Though its speed and ability to affect the battle would be hard to make that dpm felt in some games.
  6. CO-OP penality is a terrible idea

    Anyone who sync drops 2 cv accounts to rig matches should be banned to coop permanently.
  7. task manager/end process..... easier than pulling the plug.
  8. I have a couple clear skies in Texas. one of them came in a single cv match. He tried hard....
  9. Please balance consumables in MM

    We just about got to see it this go around of KOTS, but it got pulled to mirror the SEA rules for their tournament. It would have been interesting to see
  10. I would love to see this in the game, either as a premium or as another hull for the Wyoming. It was refitted as a Naval gunnery training ship during WW2 and redesignated as AG-17. It had its main batteries removed and had 4 2x127/38 DP guns installed on it as well as 2 single mounts. My question would be whether it would be balanced at T4 if it got the same range but a little less alpha than the Atlanta? I think it would be a blast to try out. It has a turret layout issue, in that 4 of its 10 guns can only shoot at targets on its starboard side. It did not have mirrored setup on the port side. It would be a monster AA ship at t4, perhaps putting it at t5 would help balance it out? Or would it work at T4?
  11. Please balance consumables in MM

    Yeah and the same mino replies affirmative when you ask him to go to C while sailing to A.
  12. No more sync dropping (latest Q&A)

    Knowing MM, it will only look at the division leader. Easily exploitable when you have subclans.
  13. Please balance consumables in MM

    That would involve random team mates actually conversing with each other... We both know that would never happen.
  14. Wargaming growing lack of quality

    But you say that WG is growing?? That is a good thing! Better to grow than not, no matter what area.
  15. Please balance consumables in MM

    IFHE feels good on the Des Moines.