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  1. Ducky_shot

    what will WG ruin next?

    Shoot them with your BBs guns that overpen and citadel them from long range.
  2. Ducky_shot

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    I dislike not being able to wake up on the weekend and have access to those modes before lunch time nearly.
  3. Ducky_shot

    You know what ruins this game?

    I had no words, only laughter.
  4. Ducky_shot

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    Technically, the ARP i-401 existed in extended tech tree and then WG gave us that uboat with a snowman for their unfinished April fools event. So not quite the first sub in the game.
  5. Ducky_shot

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    Sufferin weeb kids. Get that junk out of here.
  6. Ducky_shot

    9/12 players in the red...

    Considering that you thought it meaningful enough to post about this one match, means it isn't a common occurrence.
  7. Ducky_shot

    A really annoying problem

    That's actually not a bug, if you are looking at your max range with your reticle, it will show you your max range with the spotter plane. It's just more pronounced with spotter plane because of the viewing angle compared to normal zoomed in view.
  8. Ducky_shot

    Farragut, Pensacola or Dallas?

    What have you like playing so far? If you enjoyed cruiser or dds more than the other, then go that way.
  9. Ducky_shot

    Coal Ship

  10. Ducky_shot

    You know what ruins this game?

    If you want one to laugh and shake your head at, skip to the Buffalo at the end of this game I had last night. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1060831734
  11. Datas all there, but people don't want to find it. People just want to believe what they want to believe. Back when the GC uptier was being tested there were people spouting that premium ships never got buffs. I actually searched every patch note ever and posted a comprehensive list of premium ship buffs.
  12. Ducky_shot

    You know what ruins this game?

    While I don't understand my team mates a lot of time and get heated occasionally, I try to be indifferent and realize I can only do so much. The mentality you have to get in is adapting your play style around your team mates. If they are doing something stupid, figure out how you can exploit that. Find the cracks and patch them on your team. Find the cracks and widen them on their team. That's the secret to winning in this game, figuring out what everyone is doing and adapting to it, there is not a single strategy that you can adapt to, it is fluid every game. Sometimes you'll be shaking your head wondering how you team threw it, other times laughing uproariously at how you pulled out a win.
  13. Ducky_shot

    How do I delete my account, completely?

    Account management Data protection
  14. Considering I relish games where I can play against other dds without a cv interfering, I accept your congratulations. Have a nice day.