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  1. Again, you are speculating about numbers and have nothing to back it up with
  2. That's a shame, my 7 year old brain was having trouble Ok lets go through start to finish shall we. 1. Obviously everyone is not running fire prevention. Anyone can figure that out.... 2. I played Conqueror as a corgi and had a hard time setting fires with it. My biased opinion against yours. 3. Yeah, when I can't set fires, I notice too. But if its all going good and fires are set everywhere, I don't really remember those as I'm not frustrated. Here you start talking about Atago... 4. Tin foil hat time and you are unwilling to show or get any data to prove your tin foil hat theory. 5. You still have not talked about anything since you mentioned Atago and you are telling WG to stop doing something that you have refused to prove. You would also be very foolish to think everyone is running it, but your emphaticness on this point that anyone with a brain should be able to logically figure out confuses me.
  3. Well your posts are as confusing as all get out then, you really should try writing clearer. I think that RivertheRoyal has a great guide on writing comprehensible posts as you did not mention Lion anywhere in your post. You talked about Atago and you whined about the baBBies, so you obviously inferred that you are using a cruiser....
  4. So then you are arguing conspiracy and unwilling to back up your argument. Yeah, I read it. You talk about your Atago with 52% fire chance.................................................. I would have stopped reading after that, but it was the last sentence so I was forced to stop reading it
  5. It's funny you seem to know what I did or didn't do over the internet
  6. So, go collect some data.... I call confirmation bias. I respecced a lot to fire prevention and I know a lot of people have.
  7. Oh look, tin foil hat man
  8. Note this article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/assistance-delivered/ Stay tuned for a future charity announcement involving USS Texas -- we're always open for more ways to give back!
  9. You'll have more luck with this by posting in the clan recruitment section of the forum
  10. Likely we are locked into whatever cookie cutter shape they think we should be in. I don't mind them having some limitations as long as there are ways for clans that want to to get past those limitations.
  11. So Team Battles 2.0 Clan Battles started last night and was a mess at the start. The most anticipated clan content which already has a narrow window, was not working for a good chunk of that window. Thanks WG! However, I digress... Due to that pathetically narrow window that discriminates against players living in the western part of North America, half of our officers either cannot participate at all, or cannot participate until quite a bit later in the window. But we cannot run a battle without an officer in the division. Our first thought was to make everyone an officer, but having everyone available to send invitations, approve applications and kick people would possibly end up being a mess. But we as a clan have no problem with any 7 of our guys going out as a team in clan battles, officer included or not. I can see that maybe some clans want to keep tabs on things in clan battles, but we do not want the restriction of a clan battle having to have an officer. So, there are 2 solutions: First, either give the clan commander a toggle on whether or not line officers can lead the clan battle divisions or Second, give us a new type of officer that's only function is to lead a clan battle division.
  12. You are just realizing this after 5500 battles?
  13. each person gets 30 oil for a clan wars win, repeatable 3 times daily.