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  1. Yeah, that's blind dispersion, once you are targeting someone your shells dispersion drops a lot. This guy is trying to say he can get close enough to another ship in smoke that he can shoot over them while they take most of the damage...
  2. I have a hard time seeing you pulling this off by getting close enough to a big enough ship that it would hit them while still firing over them, especially with dispersion centered on you when you are targeted.
  3. So what would the advantage be? You still have a dead ship... Also, you are no more effective with your shooting whether there is a friendly ship next to you or not...
  4. Invisible ships in smoke have always taken damage if the shells hit them..
  5. That's awesome!! I was grinding the Mahan and hit battle at the moment I realized I needed 30 xp to get the Benson and would have free xped it had I realized it... Congrats!
  6. When I go to coop I smack talk the bots just to see if I can get any reaction from my team. Great fun!
  7. Must be lonely never playing with friends. Divisioning does not mean piles, it depends on who you division with. I've divisioned with really good players and I've divisioned with really bad players. The common denominator is that I enjoyed playing with the people I division with. One of the reasons I don't like ranked is the long grind with no friendly faces in sight...
  8. You guys that are complaining about the mods know they changed the slot where they are used right? Most are now in the 2 slots with most useless stock mods. Smoke mod is really useful on Perth, pretty much useless on anything else. Speed boost is handy for Russian dds and French cruisers. Radar mod is good for Russian and US cruisers. Hydro boost is especially handy for lo yang and German dd's in particular, also good for other German ships. Spotting plane mod is OK, I put it on my Arizona during ranked for extended plane time to spot torps and ships.
  9. Basically, if I had the micromanagement skills and quick reflexes needed to fire off main guns and both sides of secondaries in the middle of a brawl, I'd just play carriers
  10. Hood and Warspite are just 1/6 are they not?
  11. I got my first 200k game over the weekend as well. Found a good spot to citadel the group of milling cruisers and bbs that were not pushing our cap with regularity. Finished it up with a losing duel to an fdg with my Iowa. Killed 2 and spent the reload times trying to take sense to the dead admirals who said we were too far back and not doing anything. We ended up winning it though it was close as the other flank melted.
  12. yeah comprehension is overrated and not noticing the cruiser icon next to the tier requirement, but you have posted this twice now?
  13. Typically tech tree ships go by the name of the lead ship in the class, so if THere was to be an SD class BB in the tech tree it would be named South Dakota...
  14. I've used it a time or 2, it is not a tool I use for focusing players down, good or bad. It is a tool that lets me know how careful I have to be around other players, such as enemy dd's. If I see a Fletcher with a 65% WR, am I going to get into an extended gun battle with him at the beginning of the game?? Probably not. If he's 45%, I'll sit and wait for them to make a mistake and take advantage of it. Focusing good players down is hard to do. That's why they are good. They typically find the spots and tactics that minimize spotting and damage for themselves. If you focus them down at expense of better targets, you will lose likely.
  15. So on any battle that that mission is applicable for, if you win and sink a ship, you get an xp boost for that battle towards your commander. So you get 125% of the commander xp you would have gotten normally