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  1. What are you grinding out?

    I'm finishing off all 3 IJN lines, they are all at t9 right now. Also have been grinding Cleveland to be able to go straight into Seattle when it comes out and grind Worcester easily. After that I will be left with RN BB's as my last non CV line that I don't have at t10.
  2. Are there ANY alternatives?

    What I do if I am in a dd: First determine how many radar ships are in the game Then determine where those radar ships could be in relation to the cap. Certain maps have huge caps and hard to radar DD's on the other side (Islands of Ice comes to mind) With that knowledge then I decided what I am going to do, if there are large caps, I will try to cap. If they are small caps, I will not attempt capping until I know where the radar is. If there is a good spot where I can get out of range or behind an island if I am radared, I will sometimes go in to bait the radar and then get out. I will sometimes flank known radar ship spots to get them spotted or launch torps into those spots. Complacency gets you killed. If you are aware of what could happen, it makes it easier to survive and win.
  3. I learnt how to play a DD passively in ranked in season 8. I played LY and got to know exactly how to use it. This season, I used those skills to take the Z52 to rank 5 and then learnt how to play flanking BB really well while playing the Republique. I like the format of ranked. I think like most of the player base, we disliike the heartbreak that each loss brings. I'd play 7v7 same tiier all the time if I could. Lots more strategy and a good player is able to utilize their ship better to affect a win.
  4. I'm already confused by that.
  5. The higher the tier the premium ship is the more it typically earns. Obvioulsy a couple stand above the rest, Missouri and Kii with the Kobayashi camo are the best in the game. On your list, typically the t8's should earn more. So I would go with the Alabama, LY, or Tirpitz as the best answer. DD can be hard to sometimes get good games out of consistently, so Tirpitz and Alabama would be my choices. However, you've thrown Atlanta in the mix and Atlanta is long suspected to have a XP booster built into it. How this translates to credits I don't know (according to LWM, XP does not translate over exactly to credits, similar XP amounts in same tier ships does not equal roughly the same amount of credits...), but if you are able to make an Atlanta perform well, I would put it up alongside the T8's. You don't play piles of DD and you seem to be better in a BB than a cruiser, so I would suggest the Alabama and the Tirpitz for you.
  6. If someone gets really salty unprovoked, I'll typically report them. It doesn't bother me, but there are kids that play the game etc.... and best if they don't see that junk so I don't mind contributing to salty players getting banned. Fun experience in ranked this season, came across a person I knew as an extremely toxic individual. I had even seen him advocate on a discord server for a good player to kill his father (who was not a great player). He ended up getting booted from that clan for his toxicity. Just not a very likeable person and always crude and a jerk. Anyways, He played his DD very odd and I wasn't able to support the side I wanted to in a good way because of it, he pulled out some choice words and phrases for me. Easy decision to send in the replay. Had him in game the next night twice in a row and I carried those teams with high caliber 2k+ base xp games while he was reduced to f commands only. It was fun to tell our team that he was chatbanned....
  7. What he said, Too much information is bad for the player base according to WG.... These are the people that say that LOS radar would be too confusing for the player base, but has just announced their 8th and 9th in game currency......
  8. Konig Albert available again?

    KA was never going on sale again according to Pigeon of War, yet there it is. So its just a sarcastic poke at WG not doing what they said they'd do.
  9. Konig Albert available again?

    Sometimes it's funner not to.
  10. Konig Albert available again?

    Nikolai goes on sale next week.
  11. I told you gg in chat on Saturday and didn't get a reply, so.... I might have even given you a compliment, can't remember, I give them out all the time so...
  12. Wow the Izumo really is terribad

    I kinda thought that too until I played the Turenne and Courbet for the first time on Saturday. They have an amazing gun sound https://www.twitch.tv/videos/274025973?t=00h30m44s
  13. You've never permanently lost a main battery turret?
  14. Motivation Monday - Decisions

    I hold my guns for the DD. I know that wasn't an option, but it is valid.
  15. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    It still is, you have to play a pile of ranked and cb to get steel. I doubt we will see much steel drop in containers..