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  1. Nothing would surprise me at this point.... But they would have to seriously be stupid to go against all logic. TY, I see a lot of pausable single player games in my future for a while. Which is perfectly fine.
  2. Hard work being wasted..

    yep, 24 hours!!!! Congratulations!!! /s
  3. yep, it's nice. 5yo is the proudest big sister you ever saw. 3yo is happy too, but not the same....
  4. Hard work being wasted..

    Because they are likely scared that someone will buy crates at the last minute and not open them until after the tokens are converted to credits. I mean, they could have just kept that arsenal section open LONGER THAN A SINGLE DAY AFTER YOU EARN YOUR LAST LOYALTY, but that just makes too much sense for WG, I guess?
  5. Well its not me.... unless WG really wants to screw it up: Think about it logically. You don't get loyalty rewards for the previous day until the server restart happens. How can a player spend the loyalty they earned the day before if the arsenal closes the exact moment they get applied to your account? Don't worry, I'll wait for your reply.
  6. Yeah, that's when you stop earning loyalty and tokens, but the tokens don't get exchanged fro credits until 0.7.8 actually drops, which would be Wednesday morning. I'm not waiting for anything really. I'm short because our baby decided to come several day's early, that's not WG's fault. But I have no opportunity to top up my tokens with the crates because they never told us they would remove the crates earlier than the event ending. I'm not even sure I would have purchased the crates if I had the opportunity still today. So I either win enough crates to do it or I use them up tonight on other stuff. But this whole debacle is one of the first things that has given me serious misgivings about WG and their information. Other times you had to pay attention and be on top of things to realize dates and such, this time, you could have paid all the attention in the eworld ans there was nothing to tell you the crates were getting removed.
  7. Yeah, another 30 some hours by my count. lol
  8. And the stupid thing is, we can't wait too long for a response from WG, because we get screwed into credits if we wait too long.... Someone has told me some stuff about why, which I will not post publicly because it was gotten through back channels, but WG seriously needs to post an explanation and own up to this.
  9. so is this a sitcom or soap opera now??
  10. Hard work being wasted..

    Hey, you obviously were supposed to know that WG was going to pull them from sale separately from the end date of the event despite them not noting that anywhere in their advertising and marketing. Right??? Because I certainly DID NOT realize that either.
  11. He just wants to troll and inflame people, facts don't matter to him.
  12. Quit trolling. The end date has not yet occurred, we are 2 days before the next version of the game and the end date is being noted as the day before the next version.
  13. I don't understand the need to use such derogatory commentary personally, but I do understand some people using it. But there is a difference on how you talk with close private friends in voice comms and what you are saying in public and its not that hard to control yourself....
  14. And by snoozing, you mean perform mindreading on WG to guess when they were going to remove the crates?? Because no where did it say when they would stop selling the crates. They were included as part of the Go Navy event page which says that they end: So tell us how we were snoozing when the event has not ended and the containers were a part of the event and were not noted to have a different end date. @Pigeon_of_War Why has WG stopped selling crates when the event hasn't ended and no date was given for when the crates would stop being sold separately from the event??????????
  15. @Gneisenau013Did you guys figure out who gets the rewards yet? Is it indeed who gets the killing blow like in past corgi events? Or like radar posted yesterday it is indeed damage based?