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  1. Ducky_shot

    Hate subs with a burning passion

    And how does a DD player deal with subs for the first 2/3 of the game?? Asking for a unicum DD friend.
  2. Ducky_shot

    WG: Karma System Abuse on Sub Players

    WG says nearly everyone loves subs in the game, so I don't see how this could be happening. /s Seriously though, is this a player base problem or a WG problem? I believe its a WG problem. If they can't implement a new class without it being so polarizing, divisive and infuriating, that's on them. The hate for subs across the game chat, discords, the forums, reddit, etc is pretty extensive, it is definitely not just a few people that don't like subs. I don't know how they have the gall to see that most players like subs when they won't even publish their data showing that.
  3. Ducky_shot

    WG: You are driving players away.

    I love how the most reacted posts the last few months that generate the heart on them.... are devoid of any response or interaction from CM's. Almost like they are purposefully ignoring them. It's almost like they have nothing to counter with or offer in response, which is extremely telling. The fact that their sub "FAQ" did not have any numbers of the player base and the want/like of subs and such was also very telling. If they had the numbers and proof that everyone wanted subs, it would have been trumpeted from the highest building in (checks map).... Serbia.
  4. Ducky_shot

    Submarine appreciation thread (non-toxic)

    The biggest plus about subs is the fact that I've been spending pretty much all my free time building models. Just about done a 1/35 Firefly that I started a couple weeks ago. Thank you subs!!
  5. Ducky_shot

    11.9 Questions

    I find that extremely unlikely. Over the past 2 years, WG has slowly been dismantling and discouraging the "play with friends" aspects of the game.
  6. Ducky_shot

    Ranked - Oh, the potential.

    It's called clan battles. Also, line breaks are a thing
  7. Ducky_shot

    Where did dasha go?

    Also, was she ever really a WG employee, per se? I assume she is just a contracted actress.
  8. Ducky_shot


    Wow, not sure I've ever seen that request made as a whole. So should detonations exist?
  9. Ducky_shot

    11.9 Questions

    Steel.... I have like 85K steel... I'm waiting to Spend it on the USS Johnston when they release it, because it should obviously be a steel ship. for popcorn.
  10. Ducky_shot

    Lookie what I got : )

    Depends on where you are at. You'd have some serious grinding ahead of you and would need to do very focused grinding, likely in Co-op for class specific missions and randoms or ranked for XP based missions. Also, it is impossible to obtain for free, you would have to purchase the last ~6 phases.
  11. Ducky_shot

    fix the indianapolis

    It gets 10km radar at T7.........
  12. Ducky_shot

    11.9 Questions

    Ranked unfortunately is an extremely broken game mode that continues to be butchered. There is nothing remotely competitive about it in the least. It's a shame, when they said they were going to rework it, I had hopes they were going to make it better, instead its much much worse.
  13. Yeah, I think returning accounts only get the referral link bonus. New accounts can rake in a bit more:
  14. Ducky_shot

    Does Perm camo do anything any longer?

    Some are still pretty expensive, usually those from collabs where WG probably needs to pay the collab partner a licensing fee from all merchandise sold
  15. Ducky_shot

    What's the point of the Vallejo?

    To me, it is only useful in the fact that I have a better chance of playing it than I do of FDR and Shiki, but its still a super low chance.