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  1. Ducky_shot

    The problem with universal rule sets

    It took me around 3 hours to run through 27 ships. So slightly more than 6 minutes a piece.
  2. 50k FXP. 50 super econ flags is way batter. If you stack them together in Narai, 50 super dragon flags should net you closer to 180k FXP.
  3. Ducky_shot

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    sound is overall good, mixing is bad. But some things like the constatnt engine, wind and waves gets annoying
  4. Ducky_shot

    [ALL] ModStation

    @MedvedevTD Hey, is there any explanation as to how this mod works or is set up?? I played with it in one game and it was showing 0% for everyone. I got a critical error mid game so I uninstalled it, but I'm curious about it.
  5. Ducky_shot

    My Anniversary supercontainers haul (27)

    Nice, my directive super container gave me another 1500 steel as well.
  6. So here is a quick video opening all my supercontainers. https://youtu.be/JobGxQp78nM
  7. Ducky_shot

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    THat's why we are asking you
  8. Ducky_shot

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    so this is a clan embassy for only TNG and its subclans then. Not sure why you needed to publicly post that.
  9. Ducky_shot

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    So a TLDR for everyone else: 1. OP was kicked from the more or less official clan embassy discord for poaching other clans members. 2. OP was butt hurt over losing this avenue to poach members 3. OP makes his clan discord a "clan embassy" to hopefully trap people into thinking its actually legit so that he can continue to poach other clans' members. 4. OP then advertises this fact everywhere
  10. Ducky_shot

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Oh nice!!! on nm, I thought you said competently managed.
  11. Ducky_shot

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    Funny, I didn't ask you the question and you actually didn't answer it
  12. Ducky_shot

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    If you got a good 4 years out of a game, then I would say that is better than pretty much any other game. What other game have you played for 4 years to this extent?
  13. Ducky_shot

    The hypocrisy of WG and "historical accuracy"

    You can perceive the OP however you want. But I'm seeing a 10/1 ratio of likes to hates and a little heart above it that say a lot of people saw it funny and ironic like I did. It honestly wasn't my observation either, someone else pointed it out to me (same guy that would like to play clan battles but finds it extremely difficult to do so on the west coast with a job and family and limited time slot) Is it a serious take on the gameplay of suns? Not at all. Is it a take on how WG markets and a funny irony? Yes. Now, you have your data that says people want subs in the game and that it will be good for the game. I hope that data is correct. I hope subs are good for the game. I hope I like subs. It's extremely hard for some of us players to accept that. I've been playing for over 3 years and I like what the game is and drastic changes like this or the cv rework threaten my being comfortable with the game and enjoy it how it is. Worse it threatens my friends/clan mates, etc being comfortable with the game. I'm more long-suffering than a lot of people in the game, but if all my friends stop playing or play less, then as a domino effect, I'll stop playing less or at all. It's a F2P game, and you pretty much always have to have new content coming out to keep it interesting, I get that. But everything else has been so stale for years that it seems disingenuous. You need subs for new content but have an extremely hard time going away from t10 for ranked or CB. 3 out of the last 5 rank seasons were t10 and the other 2 t9 and only now have you tried something different for CB. It's very disheartening that the only thing new and fresh is submarines, while everything else has stagnated. You gave us hope with arms race for one ranked season, clan brawls are only a 1 day thing, and ranked sprint is fun for the sub 20 battles it takes. So yeah, I know why you guys are going to subs, but I think there are lots of other areas for good fresh content. And do you want to keep a player like me (higher end skill and most everything completed) super engaged? Bring 3 marking or something similar to warships. I am a guy that for the past 9 months has been pulling every sub 50% win rate ship I have and been playing then until I get them all up to 50% just for something to do and challenge myself and keep me interested. And I know I'm not the only other player that would like to see 3 marking. Granted it's probably something only people in my niche would appreciate it. Those mastery badges just didn't cut it
  14. Ducky_shot

    Excellent CV Buff

    Citations please I love people that toss out numbers and stats that they have no intention of backing up and are unverifiable.
  15. Ducky_shot

    Excellent CV Buff

    But WG wants experienced players playing lower tiers.