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  1. Twas fun meeting a lot of people I knew. Still bummed I somehow missed realizing that gamefilmguruman and Niko were there. There was a decent number of O7 and OO7 guys there, so we grabbed a clan group picture. Kids had a great time going through the ship. Overall a great time.
  2. Ducky_shot

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    You get your account back to NA and let's do it. Ummm, some do and the majority regard them with much derision. Like why would anyone run survivability on a GK.... The average player specs for secondaries and thinks it's the best build and they aren't going to be told any different. I have a few guides written in the guides section on what I do and how I play. No one cares.
  3. Ducky_shot

    great stats does not make anybody an authority.

    I like you.
  4. Ducky_shot

    The Benefits of Stat Shaming

    Why is this thread still open @Chobittsu?
  5. Examples of low win rate ships getting nerfed?
  6. If I'm playing a weak flank, I'll choose to kite and delay the enemy team as long as possible. As long as I am alive and keeping the enemy wary or occupied, the longer it takes to flank them. Once they flank my team, then they would have broadside targets to shoot at. If I delay them long enough, my team might breakthrough on our strong side first. Also, I might wait until a good support ship is in position to help me cap. Or I might set up in Ambush if the enemy team thinks they are unopposed. It can be construed as static, but if I'm playing in a well balanced div, absolutely I'll contest a cap, because I know I have 2 ships to count on for support. I'm not saying I'll never cap, just that I won't throw my ship away at the point I realize that it's pointless. Solo win rate is a person's win rate when not playing in a division. Pretty much the stat I look at as truly indicative of a players individual skill. That coupled with ship selection and tier average are what I look at when players are applying to my clan. I'd rather see a 60%wr t9 player than a 70%wr t4 player.
  7. The kremlin is a very strong ship, however the people I am asking that, do not believe that winrate means anything and they look to other stats, like damage, not realizing that the damage from a conqueror is very different than that of a kremlin or Yamato. The same people that think smolensk is overpowered Because of its high damage (and despite its average win rate) also say that the Russian bias kremlin is overpowered despite it having the 4th worst damage in the tier (but good win rate)
  8. My philosophy is to pattern my play around what a team is doing or will allow me to do safely. It's impossible to get a team to listen to what should be done most of the time, so good players adapt their tactics to what the team is doing, not barking at them what they should be doing. The biggest epiphany to me in this game was that my ship is valuable. When I realized that, I had a 26% survival rate and a 52% solo win rate. After realizing that, I have gone to 47% survival rate and 61% solo win rate. My best example that I like to give is this: if a dd thinks it is his duty to cap the cap in front of him and he is stubborn in doing that to the point where he tries to do it against overwhelming odds and dies, then the team has neither the cap nor his ship. It is much better to stay alive and let the enemy have the cap temporarily.
  9. What is inconvenient to my position? Winrate is indicative of a ships ability and I'll stick to that. Where am I inconsistent on that? I'll ask you the same softball question, is kremlin strong/overpowered?
  10. My ship, captained by me, in my view is more important to the team than 99/100 ships/captains out there. As such I will rarely take a 1/1 trade. My point is to stay alive. And if I can somehow nullify the destroyer from doing his job I will do that. That can be done in various ways. However if in a certain point of the game it becomes advantageous for my team where I trade 1v1, I will do it. Situations where teams are close to even and they only have a single dd left and that dd would tip the balance if our team doesn't have any dds or limited dds, yes I will. It is all situational. At the beginning of a game if there is a single dd and I am with a couple div mates who would be able to farm damage all game long without fear of repercussion if that dd was gone, yeah I would consider it. But by myself, at the beginning of a game, not a chance. My ship is more valuable to me than pretty much anything else.
  11. Ducky_shot

    Why was this locked?

    My exception was that the mod that locked it wouldn't put their face to it or give a reason for it. That's not how I was led to believe that moderation happened here.
  12. Great non answer. You don't even have the guts to engage in this debate OK, here's a softball for you. Is the kremlin too strong/overpowered?
  13. Ducky_shot

    War Gaming Fix the Shell Rendering

    That's months old and does not address WG fixing it. Unless it's further on in the thread where the "PSA" is.
  14. That's considering average performance on all other 23 ships which is achieved throughout a huge sample size of battles. The problem with statistics is trying to explain them to people that have no comprehension of basic concepts.