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  1. Ducky_shot

    WG please fix AA

    But according to the CV apologists AA is strong and a deterrent to all CV players. They even post screen shots of their games where they lost a significant amount of their planes and were unable to get much damage. Are you suggesting that it might not as OP as they say??? Color me shocked.
  2. Ducky_shot

    New Player Question @ Teams

    Most skilled players don't bother with early game strat beyond refuting poorly thought out strats. Trying to get 12 people on the same page and following someone else's direction is an exercise in futility. Most skilled players instead see how the team is deploying and then deploy their ship in the manner they think will be best for them and their team.
  3. Ducky_shot

    I was asked a question about HE

    salvoes don't require you to constantly aim. If using a ship with higher arcs, the steady stream of shells is harder to adjust than using full salvoes. If you know you have 3 salvoes in the air, its easier to adjust your shots knowing what you are watching land was 3 salvoes ago.
  4. Ducky_shot

    I was asked a question about HE

    Each shell has a set percentage and each ship hit by it has a set fire chance reduction. That doesn't change whether they are fired singly or in a salvo. However, you technically should be able to fire your guns off faster by holding fire button and firing singly than the split seconds you lose by firing in salvoes after they are loaded. So you technically would get more shells down range firing singly if you hold the fire button down. More shells means more chances to start fires. But then there is the amount of shells you shoot in your initial salvo that firing singly is trying to catch up to each split second at a time. You would have to hold the fire button down for quite some time to be able to catch up and pass it with singly firing turrets.
  5. Ducky_shot

    New and existing players DL Modstation

    For an OP having an agenda against advantageous mods, he sure missed some of the really good ones.
  6. Well the rework hasn't seemed to increase the player base at all. The only thing that has increased game population is the 'rona.
  7. Why are you scared about a no CV option. If CV's are best for the game, obviously no one would use it, right? Also, why would this thread get locked? I thought only purple players reported threads? All the purple players here are in full support of the OP.
  8. You don't have to pay for that right now, that cancer is completely free.
  9. But what would the potato BB players shoot at broadside cruisers?
  10. One of the best "destroy the other sides argument completely and totally" posts I have seen on this forum. Funny, none of that crowd is trying to refute it. They have absolutely no way to stand on both arguments at the same time.
  11. Ducky_shot

    Help prove navigation mod is not a cheat

    Report someone using the mod to WG. If they are banned, it's a cheat. If they aren't its not a cheat. That should be sufficient proof. We will await your findings. In fact, I'll give you someone to report, me. I use navigator all the time. I will await the ban for using what you call a cheat.
  12. I can't look away from train crashes. They enthrall me.
  13. Ducky_shot

    Hardest 57,000 HP I ever earned

    Puerto Rico is worthwhile
  14. Ducky_shot

    I like the teamwork submarines bring.

    Why do you assume this? Did you perhaps get a warning from the thread? That's the only logical reason I can see why you would think this.