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  1. Ducky_shot

    Karma finally figured out...

    I have over 1200 karma and get about 1.68 super containers every day as a result
  2. Ducky_shot

    Replace Karma

    So karma would then be as useless as before?? Got it.
  3. Ducky_shot

    CV's long repair time???

    Because WG, doesn't want CV's being able to kill each other with DOT. They want them to only focus everyone but, because that wouldn't be very nice if the CV's had to endure what the other 22 players endure....
  4. Ducky_shot

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Is it perhaps possible that depending on ship movement that a ship even 15-16km away from you can be hit by 12km torps if it is traveling the correct direction?? Or that a ship going parallel to you may be farther away from you than your torp range and behind your largest radius but his direction of travel will take him within that radius? Those are legit scenarios where you can hit targets that are CURRENTLY beyond your range. But no, we'll just go with "It's cheating"
  5. We get pleasantly shocked? I don't get why you think it would be a bad thing.
  6. How will we be getting these bonuses going forward and will they be given out at the same rate econ signals and camos were being given? Numbers can be set to whatever someone wants them to be, but if we aren't getting them at the same rate or levels, that doesn't matter at all.
  7. You seem to think they are weak and detrimental to their teams in a lot of situations. Do you therefore think they are good for the game overall?
  8. I'll be quite honest with you again. They aren't new. They've been in testing on the live server for nearly 3 sufferin years already and WG can't get away from trying to hammer in the square peg and thinks they absolutely have to have homing torpedoes and the only way to mitigate is DCP. Those things have pretty much been unchanged from the start of testing. And if you want to count the Halloween concept event as testing, it's been nearly 4 years since they hit the live server for testing.
  9. I'll have to be honest with you. That's a lot of text from someone with 150 games and has talked a lot about bots and co-op. I honestly don't feel like you have the experience to fully understand spotting and detection mechanics as well as game strategy such as kiting and flanking and how detrimental subs are to all of that and completely throw the game on its ear to how it's been played for the past 7 years. I agree that they aren't game breaking, but in 1v1 situations they are extremely OP and frustrating to deal with. They can do the absolute stupidest things and get away with it, both against you and while on your team. They make you feel helpless when facing them in so many ways. And that's the average run of the mill potato player. When someone that really understands the game gets in one, it's utterly abysmal to play against. And this is from someone who like the OP, has played for many years and many games. I also am a high end competitive player and I think they are absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Ducky_shot

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    As a reward they could have it be a choice between several options. Ie: coal, steel, RB points. They have that available in mission chains now, be a good way for players to play for what they want
  11. Ducky_shot

    I wonder what's taking Edgar so long?

    I very much dislike the name Edgar. Going to be hard to get an anime version of its human form drawn up. Jokes aside, I would love for it to have an mythological or legendary name in line with the other high tier British cruisers. Something like HMS Medusa.
  12. WG has said that they want this economic rework to be the "same" for the players. While the total amount of rewards will be the same, they have already said that it will take more games to obtain the same results (giving more econ bonuses with lesser rewards per game=same total amount of econ at the expense of more time to the player) meaning it is already a slight detriment to the players overall. The other thing they have not talked about is how/when we will be obtaining these econ bonuses. Because the normal way to get them was from camos and camo crates, events, etc. They could totally use this rework as a smoke show as being the "same" while severely limiting the amount of econ bonuses given to the players and therefore nerf the overall economy.
  13. Ducky_shot

    WG What Is Wrong With These Screenshots

    No. If it was clear you would have just clearly stated what you wanted. And then you referenced juno which had 2 relevant references.
  14. Ducky_shot

    WG What Is Wrong With These Screenshots

    This is extremely poorly written, vague, ambiguous. Just speak plainly and say what you want people to hear instead of a bunch of double talk that leaves people scratching their heads.
  15. Ducky_shot

    Is this a Jerry McGuire moment for Flambass?

    What I'm finding is the biggest problem is the team size is too small at 6. It takes mere seconds to Yolo and throw while good play takes minutes, so it's hard to recover from a bad early mistake at 5v6 than it is at 6v7. You get a lot of 2 and 4 splits and losing a player early is hugely detrimental