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  1. Ducky_shot

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Yeah, didn't see any sitting there this morning. So much for being "fixed" It seems to me their first post about this event not being as complicated as it might first seem was out to lunch. We understand what's supposed to happen, but it doesn't seem like anyone at wg does.
  2. Ducky_shot

    PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Final Call.

    I'm not surprised at all. I was more shocked that WG said that they would be retrained for the ship they were on. Oh well, misinformation is their specialty at times.
  3. Ducky_shot

    Cossack or Haida?

    Well as #6 player on the Haida leaderboard, I can unequivocally say that the Haida is a very specialized DD and gets stronger as the match progresses. Super good at contesting caps and countering other dd's and quite decent dealing damage elsewhere.
  4. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    Yeah, I hadn't gone through to see which one did. I know there are piles of ships at t2 that have no AA.
  5. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    I checked, katori is the only ship at t3 with a plane.
  6. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    So the katori has a plane, any other t3 ships have a plane? Black swan fail div and you have to have an enemy katori on the enemy side... Wow... Black swan has epic aa compared to the rest of the tier. 28 dps on its 102s
  7. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    It's not seal clubbing at t1 really... Filled with players that only play t1. Thousands of battles in t1 ships. I had one battle where the average number of battles played in ship was over 1200 for both teams.
  8. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    I'm running V-25
  9. Ducky_shot

    Weekend spree

    Not a chance... This isnt protected mm for newbies. The one game mmm showed an average number of games in ship for both teams above 1200... These are the guys that play nothing but t1 as it's "the only tier where there is really skill"
  10. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    This actually has me contemplating setting up a list of challenges with a prize for each of them, sort of akin to the x prize. First to complete gets the prize.
  11. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    I looked up the Sampson on ship comrade, it shows 32 people have shot down a plane with it.
  12. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    Impressive!! A T2 plane kill would be extremely impressive. You have to find a ship in T2 that actually has aa and then fail div enough to get into t4 games with a carrier and then actually shoot one down. Perhaps I should offer a bounty for it.
  13. Ducky_shot

    Challenge: a kraken in every tier

    That's just mean, you didn't even provide me a suicide prevention hotline with that suggestion...
  14. Ducky_shot

    RN Sovereign Advice/Suggestions

    I'm a sucker for premium ships, the rest are consumables, so I'd go for the gallant. A lot of people don't like it, but I've had great luck in it. I used mine to get the dubs for both duplicate premiums, got the captain and the second perma Camo (as dull as it is)
  15. Ducky_shot

    Weekend spree

    I played a lot of t1, farmed some high calibers and nailed a kraken to the wall. Junk tier for the most part.