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  1. I don't think there is much that we can do however. We can't just leave posts that need moderated sit until WG staff are able to deal with them. That's the point of having volunteer moderators
  2. Ducky_shot

    Reporting Ships and Captains on Principle

    I report @Lord_Zath anytime I see him. The man hordes everything, including karma and it genuinely causes him pain to lose a single credit or karma point, so I take it upon myself to keep him humble. Plus, he secures my kills...
  3. Then people just assume that your account is a 45% account
  4. LOL I'm trying to teach my wife logic, but it's not working. Sounds like yours is on the opposite end of the scale.
  5. I'm sure pretty much people somewhere say that about just about everything. If you told someone IRL that you posted on a games forums that they might tell you the same thing. Someone might tell you that simply for playing the game
  6. Ducky_shot

    OK I met my first bannable player now what?

    It would actually be easy to have sympathy for the guy if he actually posted something that was actually against the rules and bannable. If he said the guy taunted him with expletives and kys, then I would actually have a different outlook on things. But all he's got is that he says he bumped him out of the way, shot at someone he was going to shoot at, "taunted and laughed" in chat, and then yoloed to his death. And to be quite honest, if he was sitting blocking a channel for 3 straight minutes and sitting broadside in smoke, like he has explicitly told us, then other players are going to get frustrated at him. He doesn't have very many games and is just learning for sure, but I would say that a lot of the fault lies with him perhaps due to his inexperience. And hopefully that is something the he will be able to adjust to with time and more experience
  7. Ducky_shot

    WG - I would like to participate

    How hard would that be to program do you think?
  8. Ducky_shot

    WG - I would like to participate

    *WG has contest for free ships and camos* *WG puts contest behind participate button because they decide that players might get triggered by free ships and camos* I'm not completely sure why, but I can't understand WG logic for this.... I hate the participate buttons. An opt in to everything would be fine. Or perhaps a list on your profile in game of every one where you can toggle them. I don't, but I missed one of these stupid participate buttons back in the fall and it was for content that I had been waiting for. It's super annoying.
  9. Ducky_shot

    Fires - how are they calculated?

    Yeah, the vid on the wiki page is the best explanation of fire that I know. Typically someone using dcp, means your fire damage will be less.
  10. Ducky_shot

    OK I met my first bannable player now what?

    Oh, he laughed at you??? Wow, Thats awful. That changes everything. The nerve of him!! How dare he!!! How are you coping during this tough time?? Are you able to sleep? Do I need to get you a pillow or a blanket or a tissue?? How about a violinist?
  11. Ducky_shot

    OK I met my first bannable player now what?

    So he shot someone, killed them and you're mad? Bro, next time, just kill them yourself if you don't want someone to get the kill. I don't see anything in your post that is wrong. A single ram happening isn't against the game rules. Neither is kill securing Try again
  12. Stats don't matter, win rate is all luck. that's all I ever hear on the forums.
  13. Ducky_shot

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    *Looks at blysk... Sees it in the middle of the pack, likes blysk, thinks it's decently strong, thinks for about 5 seconds* Nope, doesn't need it, not going to happen
  14. Ducky_shot

    Steel/Coal Ships: Which to Choose?

    You need Stalingrad for the all Stalingrad meme comps in clan battles
  15. Ducky_shot

    So I watched Gaishu frag other players on Twitch

    The one thing that gaishu does extremely well is setting up his attack runs. He analyzes where his planes have to go before the drop AND after the drop. This minimizes his plane losses. He is also very good at predicting his targets turns and turning his planes around to be in the perfect position for the second drop.