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  1. They do not investigate tk, it says it right on the support ticket
  2. HMS Cossack WiP

  3. Finally Broke 300k

    Always more likely to be a loss with high damage numbers... Nice job anyways. I have yet to crack it. Was stuck getting 220s for the longest time until I reeled off a 289 hindy game about a week ago, for a win surprisingly.
  4. Hosho, Texas, Texas. Big E with kidd and alabama Belfast, Atlanta, flint Triple nikolai Ark b, Nikolai, yubari
  5. Trying any divisions in the past month? Any time I'm finding it hard soloing and winning, I take friends along.
  6. I swap back and forth to any and all ships and tiers pretty much by the match, any adjustment is done within the first 3 salvoes I fire, pretty much.
  7. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    OK, here you go. They are highly illegal, delete it and your boot.ini file from your computer immediately or face the consequences.
  8. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Or we can just push him further down the tin foil hat slide.... Much funner
  9. Are MM viewing mods legal?

    Most of the match monitoring programs run outside of the game. They get their data from the api or replay data or some such and do not modify the game at all meaning it is impossible for them to be banned. It is impossible for the game to know if you are running it if I understand them correctly.
  10. Ha Ha Collection container.

    Yep, on my first crate of the north cape collection...
  11. Where's the kite and take them away from anywhere meaningful option?
  12. What I saw of Lyon when it first went through supertest and it looked pretty good then.
  13. As a whole, unicums complain the least out of the player base. They learnt that they can control their their wr to a good degree despite their team. They realize that they cannot depend on their teams and that potatoes will be evenly divided over time between the green team and the red team and their skill will push their wr higher. They have learned that complaining about their team does pretty much nothing. That being said Unicums are extremely quick to realize bad design and mechanics. In this case, recognizing that farming damage does not win games and is not a good metric for measuring good play.
  14. Fight For Texas Top 25?

    It would seem that you are correct. However it is another vague, ambiguously worded article by wg and it doesn't explicitly say that. It says going forward the top 25 get those rewards and I assume that the first month would as well... But yeah, ambiguous and vague wording is WGs mo