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  1. kinnard63

    Rant - ships not fighting

    Blah blah playing smart etc. Huge difference between playing smart and sailing away from teammates and caps when your down 400 points. And if you watch the match, if one of the so-called yolo players happens to turn things around the parasites scurry out the shadow of the island and are more than happy to steal the kill at least until a dd pops up or fire is directed there way and back to the shadows. Most players in this game r so so me included so trying to act like 2 cas and a bb turning and running from a khab is playing smart is [edited]. When was the last time u saw a ca actively hunt anything other than an island?? I do agree with slow down and play the match, Most wins are decided in the last 7 - 8 minutes. A good example is the lone dd struggling to cap over and over as the DM fires AP at max range at the BB hunting the elusive citadel. Completely ignoring the khab and gearing having there way with said dd. Bottom line play your style and if you happen upon a team its a good day.
  2. kinnard63

    Cant buy preminum ship with doubloons?

    Thanks kinda figured that.
  3. Really want the Haida but can't get her with in-game doubloons? Didn't realize this or would have gone to the website instead of buying doubloons. Any way of making this work or am I stuck with 50 bucks worth of doubloons
  4. kinnard63

    Zerra: The END of DDs is Coming

    DD's are a mixed bag, Played with 3 ships in div and did very well, they picked up my spotting and made short work of the other team 3kills 90k or so in a shima. And ive had quite a few rounds where couldnt get a ca or bb to shift there fire to anything i'm spotting, if anything it caused them to turn and run. As far as radar I don't cap right away unless theres an island in the cap this game is situational and no one tatic works all the time. Even the DM are taking a lot damage straight away because everyone knows theres a ca sitting behind the island at cap. Like dont go b!! Why ?? Theres at least 3 guys on the other team saying the exact same thing seems like an easy cap to me. Its just more challenging to be effective , and i usually know in the first 2-3 minutes if you got a team or your solo seek and destroy. Adjust your play based on what your team is doing , you know if the dd at a goes c and the ca s bail for the islands you are on your own play accordingly..
  5. It came a while ago. I have it, came with the Hashidate 6 pt. Never used it
  6. kinnard63

    I fully accept my crap winrate.

    Hey, this is a strategy that never occurred to me. Ill have to give it a go
  7. kinnard63

    Passive CO-OP play!!!!!

    I dont get the whole coop thing anyway. If you want to get a feel for a ship doesn't it make sense to play a challenging opponent instead of the yolo fleet ? And Ive said it to many times new players (even me) watch youtube videos and
  8. kinnard63

    So you want to be toxic in chat?

    As a frequent dd player, you're either pulling a yolo trying to cap or hiding (concealed spotting - staying dark) It seems everybody has a different idea of your duties depending on what ship they happen to be in. And in my opinion the people abusing the report system are the worst offenders. You know the ones who watch from the grave and type 500 wpm about how sole surviving dd blew it !!! Bad dds if they would have been spotting instead capping or vice a versa we would have won the match. And people forget this game is situational, not static (you know , dont go b , defend this flank) every match is slightly different. And you can bet at least 5 players on there team are saying dont go b. Doesnt that make b an easy cap? It works for me most of the time. All matches are different and sticking to one tactic or position is a sure way to lose. And the ones who yell report him tend to be fairly parasitic and if your not doing what they feel is right thing your throwing the match. Hopefully wows saw through this and his karma was high enough that it was a pass. Short of sinking allies or just blatant doing nothing live and let live guys. Sometimes you get a team , sometimes you get a bunch of experts (mostly dead) but experts nonetheless. And have fun and let the toxic experts type away instead of watching the mini map.
  9. Eh, thats the beauty of this type of game. Your going to have to deal with people who lack skills or people who intentionally sail off to the edge of the map. Or otherwise, try to throw matches for god knows why , And then you get the ones who like to shoot across your bow while you move into position out of spite?? Or the ones who get so wrapped up in arguments mid game they might as well be afk. I guess im trying to say is some matches you get a team some matches you babysit a bunch of &**&%%$& and burn . Im not the best and suck at passive play but ive learned like everything else you have to take the good with the bad. And dont worry about your ratings you can manipulate easy enough, play fewer games and your rating will soar if your reasonably good. Ive been a unicum on several ocassions not for long though, and im here to have fun. Unless you can take out 2-3 ships every match getting anywhere above 50 percent or so isnt going to happen. After all your a mere mortal not jingles have fun hope to see you out there.
  10. kinnard63

    Player psychology in battles.

    I recently posted along the same lines while reeling from a loss (not a good thing did a little notster and youtube bashing). And after i calmed down and pulled my pc out of the trash , I realized most players at 8 and above have a different play style . Usually very slow and very passive and it seems to work. Frankly it drives me nuts and the radar craze is dying out as people adjust there play style . Ive seen many games where instead of turning to fight in a clearly lost battle 3 ships sail off to lose for sure , which i dont understand at all (thank god). Is there some special reward for surviving a losing battle that i dont know about??? Just play in your comfort zone and try not to shoot the cowards
  11. kinnard63

    wth cruisers

    Nothing against notster he kicks [edited]and pulls it off. Its the other 80 percent im complaining about . In my opinion its shot placement and markmanship not tatics that carry the day. And if you see a push at least draw fire for a sec and make them traverse there guns . You know like a team instead of calling them a [edited] and watching them burn while you sail away to the next island. Anyway just had a bad couple matches and venting and by the way i definitely am below average and play way to agressive . Thank you for your time