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  1. Beowulf369

    Server issues

    Yes, for days actually. I am very patient and simply restart or try to get back in, but when I get a five game pink penalty for being dropped by them before the battle even starts. it makes me consider walking away as so many have already. Beowulf369
  2. Beowulf369

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    FYI after 9 Days of daily attempting to download and then uninstalling after failure, Razer finally cooperated: 2M Credits; 3 Containers yielding 800 Coal, 100K Credits; 4xXRPU signals, 500 FXP, 4xNF signals; 6x300% Bonus FXP; 2 each SM, HY, ID, IY, JYB, JC, MYS, NF, NES, VL, IXR, JWU, XRPU, SB signals for existing players. Very generous, but the effort put in to get this was way beyond anything I have found on any other giveaway site. Suggestion: It is all about the install, don't get fancy and try to link to Twitch or anything else (seems to confuse Razer), make it a clean install/registration between you and Razer and then everything appears and it works as advertised. Razor needs to find a better/easier way to do this. Beowulf369
  3. Beowulf369

    Disappointing DEV BLOG

    Absolutely agree.
  4. Beowulf369

    The Money Poll

    I will spend the same - as little as possible - no change.
  5. Beowulf369

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    i.e. what did you click, where?
  6. Beowulf369

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    how did you get the loot?
  7. Beowulf369

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    'Ok, but how to get the code? I went to the link, downloaded and installed their useless software, what next?' Same issue here.
  8. Beowulf369

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    Trapper, Thank you. How long did it take to receive your In-game code and then receive your in-game goods after you applied your redemption code?
  9. Beowulf369

    July Super Container Drop Results

    50K FXP Here.
  10. Beowulf369

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    Subs are integral to naval operations since their introduction in the early 1900's and have irrevocably shaped ship design and conduct of naval operations since that time. Without Subs, Naval operations 1900-1960 cannot be accurately played or simulated. Aviation + Surface + Subsurface = Naval Operations. You sound like the pre-WWI Admiralty Staffs that did not want to even think about subs hoping they were a gimmick and would go away until they started losing ships and realized they had to develop counter measures. Why WOWS can't get the modeling right is a different issue...... Subs stay.
  11. Good Afternoon, Two things come to mind: 1) Is there a conversion chart or key to the old vs. new camouflage names/patterns? - the camo/econ change was clear but not the camo name/pattern changes. 2) It appears that possibly only my camouflages were converted but not the signals (except the possibly IBT, but I do not know if that was done correctly) is there still a reliable pre-drop calculator which displays both camouflage and signal conversions together to see if my totals are correct (or close)? More as I apply this new 'science' to the 'art' of WoWs. Thank you, Beowulf369
  12. Beowulf369

    Monthly Super Container time

    I got a rock - wrapped in 50xVD Camos
  13. Quick question - under the new system are the now 'expendable' camouflages which are lost every time they are used going to be usable for an infinite # of times as long as you have at least one?
  14. Beowulf369

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    LWM, You will be missed for all the reasons described. Your reviews were my main ref on Premiums WoWs is lesser without you. What will it take for them to get you back? Aside from crawling on hands and knees on broken glass for many nautical miles (minimum). Beowulf369!!