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  1. So I have arp takao in blue but also want the red camo too. Does this mean I have to buy the whole ship? Does this mean I now have 2 Takaos? Hoping for a reply from someone in the know, thanks in advance.
  2. The same group who did the original warship battle game have done a new better version. I put it up for those who might be interested.
  3. Steel_Coffins

    Warship board game

    There is a kickstarter just started about warships minitures wargame. It6s called admiral. And heres a link.
  4. Something people may be interested in I just cut and pasted it. Also a bit of a missed opportunity for a movie tie in with Japan that is not anime related. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/27-1/japan-box-office-aircraft-carrier-ibuki-debuts-at-2nd-with-modest-246-million-yen
  5. Steel_Coffins

    Yukikaze the worst ijn ship at tier

    It does have a very slow torp reload time and the asaashio does have a reload consumerable though.
  6. Steel_Coffins

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    What do you think would make the Yukikaze better torpedo reloader or heal comsumerable.
  7. Steel_Coffins

    Yukikaze the worst ijn ship at tier

    So what do you think would be needed to improve it? I think if they added the torpedo reload consumerable it could play quite well. Say forcing you to chose between smoke and torpedo consumerable an you having to spam the torps and run.
  8. Steel_Coffins

    WOWS Blitz Azur lane camo collab coming to WOWS

    You have dashed the hopes of many nerds.
  9. Steel_Coffins


    Mine too seems to be taking too much time at 47%.
  10. Steel_Coffins

    Azure Lane WoWs Blitz

    So apparently in WoWs Blitz they are getting Azure Lane Camos for the German CV and some others that are not currently on Wows. Are they coming to Wows? If you know feel free to answer.
  11. If your a cv player all you have to do is launch the first strike press F key to save those planes and then use another squadron. What it needs is a longer launch time between squadrons (say 20 seconds) rather than it being virtually instant. Also a landing time should be implemented (also about 20 seconds) for when it returns. What do other people think?
  12. Steel_Coffins

    Greyhound WW2 movie

    So Tom Hanks is making a movie about a destroyer set in WW2. Is WoWs going to collaborate with it? Link to Imdb site https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6048922/
  13. So I recently saw a youtube video about how to include "Prestige Items" in the game to improve the quality of the game. Just for clarification a "Prestige Item" is different to a "Premium Item" in that it offers no real in game advantage (or so little as to be insignificant) but allows other players to know that that play is a pro at the game. My thoughts on how to create a T10 Prestige Ship are simple but seem appropriate. The T10 prestige ship has exactly the stats and as the T10 normal ship but a different name, most ships in the series were not one offs so that should be easy. But other players will be able to recognise the player pro status just by the name. To get the T10 prestige ship you have to grind using the normal version off that ship. The amount of XP would be huge something like times 10 the amount needed to the T10 ship from T9. NO FREE XP can be used to buy it cheap and it never on sale. Any special camos you can use on the regular T10 can be used on the prestige T10 but if you want to put the Legendary upgrade on it you have to grind that using the prestige T10 ship. and just as a little reward for getting the prestige ship it could cost 5% less to repair than its regular version and the captain of the regular version would be able to command the prestige version without retraining (its not game breaking and makes it easier to show off) So why would you want to do this? GLORY AND SHOWING THAT YOU CLIMBED THAT MOUNTAIN! RESPECT FROM YOU PEERS! or on a more practical side you can set it up differently to your normal version without having to pay all those costs each time you want to try something different. So like my idea or have one of your own? post or vote in the poll.
  14. Steel_Coffins

    Return of Belfast?

    I think it would be nice at the end of the British destroyers ark that they offer the Belfast for sale even if only for a very short time. Sort of as a send off to the series. The collectors would like it. The Azure lane fans could put their captain on it. And other just might want to play it too.
  15. Just wondering when the Azur Lane camos come out? If you know can you leave a message. Cheers.