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  1. Spencerhut

    When you have a bad game . . .

    When you have a bad game . . .and look a the leader board at the end and your not at the bottom. Damn, I thought I stunk and there are four people worse than me?
  2. Spencerhut

    What on earth is this?

    Restarted the game and it's working fine now.
  3. Anyone else still locked out?
  4. Did a bit of work to get the London and she paid off in the first battle right out of the box. After putting in the work to get her, it sure was satisfying to have a successful first battle. Question is do I leave her at 100% win rate and call it good? Or keep dragging her out and beat her like a rented mule?
  5. I'm on my second Logitech set and the KB keeps disconnecting at random times, of course at the worst possible moments. Anyone have a suggestion for a more stable wireless KB & mouse? My computer is less than 3ft from my KB.
  6. Spencerhut

    sever server lag NA

    . . . and booted again . . . wth is going on with the NA server?
  7. Spencerhut

    sever server lag NA

    I'm getting it as well. Been kicked out in the middle of two games so far tonight. Very annoying.
  8. Spencerhut

    Error Contacting Server

    Idaho needs the commie people from Kalifornia like people on fire need gasoline.
  9. Spencerhut

    Error Contacting Server

    What do you have against potatoes? I thought most of the players in this game were potatoes . . . . whole reason I started playing this game was the high potato participation.
  10. Spencerhut

    Error Contacting Server

    According to https://downdetector.com/status/world-of-warships/map/ . . I'm the only player in North Idaho :-)
  11. Spencerhut

    Gifted ships block account?

    Ha ha . . . since I've never spent a dime on the game I guess that's why I didn't know . . .
  12. Spencerhut

    Gifted ships block account?

    How do you even "gift" something?
  13. Spencerhut

    Basic & Advanced Fire Training Question

    Okay, that was my initial understanding, just making sure.
  14. So on a ship with over 139mm secondary guns, say Konig, does Basic & Advanced Fire Training actually do anything for the Secondaries?