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  3. What do you guys think about auditory feedback as an option for speed/direction and speed? Many times I'm toying with my throttle and get involved in a fight and forget that I'm either moving fwd or in reverse. Or I've put it in to full speed because "brown alert!" but don't intend to keep that speed. So for example: Select a speed it would say: When that speed is reached: "All ahead full" "All ahead full, sir" "Full reverse" "Helm answers full reverse" "1/4 Speed". "Helm answers 1/4". I don't think it should be instantaneous for the speed selection, that'd be annoying. But if you select a speed, say after 2s, it would respond with the bells and speed you selected. If the ship passes through a speed on it's way to the selected speed, it should say nothing or maybe a good reminder...? And to cut those of you off who will respond with sarcasm, just leave now. Don't need the gitgud comments. Just curious of whether you like the idea or not.
  4. Seagal's departing!

    I'd go for Capt. Kirk or Cmdr. Shreck.
  5. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Can't say I was ever full-health when I was detonated. So now instead of a detonation, it'll just be a dev strike. But, at least they see an issue with it and made an adjustment.
  6. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    You've got to read both teams. if your team can't or won't support you, and your read shows the red team being aggressive, go find another cap to play in. Or, if you're hell-bent on taking the cap, then you live by that decision. Pretty simple really.
  7. RNG to torpedo detonation

    You had me at "add RNG to torpedo detonation.". Interesting idea... Then lost me at "how does it work?".... However, you forgot to add "reduce their fire chance to 1%."
  8. USS Buffalo camo revealed!!!

    Ranch dressing... pffft!
  9. Expect More Patch Rage

    Emblems are stupid and idiotic. I'm in a tough fight and trying to watch a battle I just got deleted from but nope, can't watch it because it's more important that I see some dumb image that means nothing to everyone.
  10. Not on you but using your thought process. AP bombs work on specifically on german bbs, dwt only for bbs... I sense a theme... I see a day when german bbs go by the way-side. Can't leave the side of a USCL and can't get in close for fear of DWTs.
  11. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    I was in a game like that once. I was in my benson and couldn't turn quick enough to dodge all of the 40 torpedoes coming at me. Brutal.
  12. Garbage ships at mid tier

    They all have their challenges. Your play style will also change based on: The line you play The time of day Your mood Etc.... Recognize when you're being overly aggressive or overly passive and play the appropriate ship. It's hard to grind a line because the ships tier-to-tier change drastically (heavy cruiser to light cruiser to heavy cruiser). Every line has similar problems. My first line I went up was the German Cruiser line about a year and a half ago (it's changed a lot) and I abandoned it at the York. I just couldn't get any further on it. I since then have learned how to play the cruiser line and have had much more success on other lines - still haven't gone back to the german cruiser line tho. I have a Cleveland which I absolutely love and do well in. I'm struggling mightily with the Cita-cola right now because I want to get to the baltimore before the split. Good luck!
  13. So what's next for WoWs?

    Awesome! Thanks for checking in! Other than some maps based on current geography, the only other suggestion I have might be PT boats. We fought them a little bit in one of the missions, but I wonder if the US PT boat made a show in the game if it wouldn't be a bit popular. Might make a good premium or super-container win. Maybe it only gets 4 torps and extremely hard to kill... Thanks! And for the rest of you guys, you missed the bit where I tried to point out you can only add so many ships before the overlap is too big or, the differentiation gets too small.
  14. Is this the best defeat ever?

    I had a GK with 190k damage and 4 kills in a losing effort the other day. I had a Benson with 100k and 4 kills in a loss. So, no.
  15. Fix AP Bombs vs German BB's

    I understand but that's not the point. The point is that Wargaming thinks that balancing a CVs play (DoT vs insta-delete) by 1-shotting a bb 3 mins into a game is fun and engaging for the bb player.