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  1. MM and MM Monitor

    First off, I wasn't making a position or a 'thesis' , nor was I complaining about MM or MMM. I was pointing out to those who always complain about MM that it's not always MM and that it depends on individual players playing as a team. So get over yourself. Reading comprehension is your friend.
  2. MM and MM Monitor

    I'm not one to say that MM is perfect. I'm of the opinion that MM should take wr and/or wtr into account when setting up teams. I however, have rarely, if ever, complained about team make up. In the past when ppl complain about MM here, I've always said post the team make-up instead of the one-sided battle results if you're going to complain about MM. Just a few mins ago I had this battle: My team is "F", taking on the "E" team. We won handedly. It was an 8 minute game and our team only lost 2 ships. Both in the closing minute. To be fair, we had 2 players hiding stats (both T8) and 2 players with not enough games in that ship (Mogami, Edinburgh, Alabama, and Richelieu respectively). So we certainly could have had an equal or better team but I doubt it based on the results. WR and WTR don't always matter. Sometimes you just get people making better decisions or working together better.
  3. A team-killer should have to pay your battle costs for that game
  4. Uninstall/reinstall the game. i had the same issue around 6.4. Fixed my problem.
  5. Wargaming growing lack of quality

    Played last night for the first time in a couple of weeks. My game dropped to 9-12FPS after about my 6th game. After it was over, the game was so hung it wouldn't close on my pc and I had to reboot. Came back to a whoppin' 23FPS. I usually get 40FPS.
  6. Un fair team work

    Your point is lost in translation.
  7. Guns reload sound

    Odd, I don't hear any bell. Same old reload sound for me.
  8. We Need More CVs Each Match!!!

    The only ships a CV would face in this game format, other than other CVs would be USN ships. 1 Atlanta might not be able to stop anything but any combination of AA-spec USN CL/CAs grouped up with USN BBs would devastate everything when teamed up with a couple of air superiority CVs. I could see where it would be fun to play but there'd have to be a lot of coordination. This might make a good "King of the Seas" season.
  9. Chat channel

    If you are referring to in-game chat, then yes wg provides a solution. In settings/audio, there is a chkbox to enable chat. Then you have the choice of toggle to talk or press to talk. Toggle is always on and to press to talk the default key is v. You can only chat with division mates so start a division and invite ships near you. Someone might even respond!
  10. Losses, Losses and More Losses

    It's been said but bears repeating, there are a metric butt-load of community contributors on youtube to learn from. Don't just listen to what they say, watch HOW they play. Notser, Flamu, flambass, Puddin, sneakysnake (search BIA for the last two), They've pretty much taught me how to play this game.
  11. Necessary change

    That would be hilarious to create a Potato award!
  12. Surely WG MM can do better.

    I think if you guys are going to say that the team make-up/skills are the issue, the best thing to do would to be posting a screenshot of Aslain's matchmaker monitor of those games. Posting a results page doesn't really show what you're trying to convey. In using it I've seen nothing ever worse than a team avg ~55% to ~45% win ratio. Sometimes those are landslides, sometimes not. And not always in favor of the "better" team.
  13. Give someone a pass sometime.

    ^^^ This. I have problems if they torp me and say nothing. Last time I had this happen a shima torped me from about 6km behind me when I was brawling with 2 other BBs. He proceeded to blame me for turning into his torps while I was preoccupied with trying not to get blapped.
  14. The Sims, just don’t

    Love me some Sims! If you bought it thinking it's a torpedo boat then you weren't paying attention. I mean, it can torp alright, It just takes all 10 to sink a BB and what feels like 5mins to get there! It's a fighter, stick and move!
  15. If we're saying bbs need to stop laying back and need to be a force at a cap, then we need to discuss how ships spawn in. In today's world, at load-in, you are mostly broadside to someone (on most maps). Certainly by the time you start to maneuver on way or the other, you are broadside to someone. If we're going to make it easier to citadel a bb at range, then we need to give the bb driver an opportunity to get into position without automatically being a target. In other words, give them the opportunity to make the mistake as opposed to today where they are already in a bad position. Heck, if you try to support B on most maps, you're already a target. So what's the solution, if it's even a problem? Would it be better or worse to have the teams spawn in one corner (like we do on some maps) so that the bb driver can push with a 'task force' and make his decision to go broadside vs having to go broadside to get to a place to provide support?