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  1. Keeps crashing every few minutes. no error, just a "critical error" and a choice to either terminate or restart. the link it takes me to is in russian.
  2. Acaibaero

    I need advice for the Henri IV

    Go to youtube and search for reviews of the ship. You'll see a lot of good gamers showcase how to use it. Flamu, Notser, BIA (a bunch of guys), flambass and others. It's really all about reading the minimap and assessing your team's positioning vs the red team. Be cognizant of your flanks and don't let anyone get on yours. Henri does stay at distance until you see your side pushing. Then it's game time and time to move in. Make sure you're not the target of interest. In other words, you need to be second or third closest to the nearest enemy on that side. Support your teammate that is engaged with another target and your damage count will improve. But also, make sure you understand your play style. Does the Henri fit that style well enough? Good luck!
  3. Acaibaero

    I'm done with the USS Buffalo

    Uh, yes, I have. I have both the Russian and US cruiser lines so instead of rushing to my stats to try to shame me, and doing a poor job of it, why not add some constructive criticism to your post. I get that I don't know it all and can get some stats wrong. At least Deviathan's post can correct me in a manner that is helpful. Get over yourself. Reading comprehension is your friend. I'm not comparing playing styles, I'm comparing rates of fire and I'm trying pretty hard to figure out how to make this thing successful and haven't had luck island camping, knifing, and only limited success kiting. And Jason's right, I got the Des Moines reload time wrong (not sure why I was thinking 4s but whatever), but the point still stands - it out DPMs you in a huge way. If you want to be in the forums, don't look for opportunities ridicule and shame people, show them where they're wrong and offer some advice. If you don't understand my point, which I can understand, then ask me to clarify. Don't jump to your own wrong conclusion and try to berate me. Trying to show how superior you are can sometimes make you look like the fool you're trying to make someone else out to be. It's a gaming community not a highschool. Head back to WoT if you want to be caustic.
  4. Acaibaero

    I'm done with the USS Buffalo

    Ya'll have good points. Kiting can be good or bad. You can successfully kite against another player - for a while anyway. But if someone else sees you, they'll take a poke at you from across the map! Regarding fire rates. You're correct, it is the fire rate comparisons. For example, the des moines can fire 4 times for every 1 salvo of the Buffalo. Not sure how that's a gross exaggeration. It's math. Are you saying that the Des Moines cannot fire 4 salvos in 13 seconds?
  5. Acaibaero

    Stats are hidden??

    Thank you!
  6. Acaibaero

    Stats are hidden??

    Hello - Hoping someone can help me. Both Na.today and wow-numbers say my stats are hidden. I don't believe I've ever hidden them and I can't find where to look to unhide them. On wargaming.net in the account mangement, it says my profile is shared with na.wows-numbers.com and replayswows.com but there's no where I can find that says to hide or unhide my stats. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Dear WG: When I heard that this ship was coming into the game I was super excited. I loved, loved, loved my Cleveland at T6 and was stoked for what the Buffalo would do! So much so that I went through the grind to get the Baltimore so I could get the Buffalo. And believe it or not, I liked the Baltimore at T9. But the Buffalo is not viable at T9 with a 13s reload. It's just not. When I can get the Des Moines, I will sell the Buffalo to pay for it. Maybe I'll sell it and get the Helena instead. Who knows! I'm sorry WG, I really am, I wanted to love this ship. Getting the extra turret is great and all, but not at the expense of T6/7 reload times. Sure, If I can keep a broadside open to use all turrets it's less of an issue. But realistically, who can do that? Sure there are moments when it's viable but you're going to pay for being broadside or even kiting out in the open. Heck, I can't even go bow-in without getting a citidel hit. They can't overmatch my bow but somehow they're able to drop them in between my turrets! The entire US CA line depends on bow-in island hugging to be successful which makes that extra turret pretty much worthless much of the time and that reload time makes any knife fight a joke. A 4-1 fire rate against a Des Moines or Wooooster, or even a 2-1 against a Hindenburg with those hard-hitting 203s puts the Buffalo at an extreme disadvantage. My god even the new Harugumo (have you been watching this thing decimate ships?!) will out gun it. Ok, that might be an exaggeration but you get my point. Oh, but those are T10s you say! Let's look at some others: USS Seattle: 6.5s (3-1) USS Cleveland: 6.5s (3-1) USS Helena: 10s (2-1) Chapayev: 8s (2-1) 152s! Roon: 13s (1-1) 203s! Hipper: 11s (2-1) 203s! Myoko: 14s (1-2) 203s! Mogami: 10s (2-1) 155s! Ibuki: 15s (1-2) 203s! Martel: 12s (2-1) 203s! Saint-Louis: 10s (2-1) 203s! "But, but, Acai! It has 10.4km detection!" you say. Pfff... The over-abundance of radar has changed the game play (not that I'm complaining about that) and people have learned to flank to spot and then everybody and their brother focus-fires you. Well, that's my experience anyway. YMMV. :) That is probably the one good thing about the proliferation of radar, it has changed how people play the game! But I digress. Yes, the detection is great, but not when you are out-spotted by a khabarovsk who has support, availability of hydro,or the proliferation of radar. Look, the detection allows you to get to an island, but nothing more. You're on your own after that. The Des Moines and like ships can hold a position on an island because of DPM, the Buffalo cannot. Or I can go silent while kiting and slip away. Yep, play smart and you can escape with some health intact that is for sure, but you do that at the expense of DPM. It's not a win-win. It can't knife-fight, it can't be broadside, it can't kite, and it doesn't have the range or shell velocity to be a Donskoi or Moskva. In your mind, what was the purpose of this ship? Provide mid-range scouting and keeping the guns silent? It seems like you designed it sit on the bench for the first half and come in and mop up late in the game. So soon I'll be saying good-bye to my beloved Buffalo. If someone could post a meme of that guy walking with 1 girl and looking at the other, pls put the USS Buffalo on the current GF, and USS Helena on the other for me, that'd be great. If you have some advice for me, I'm happy to take it. If you're going to tell me to "get-good", save it and move along to another thread.
  8. Acaibaero

    Supercontainers are actually broken

    So what is your idea of what a super-container should be? If a container gives you 5 flags, wouldn't a super-container give you 100? Sure, sometimes it gives you more as in dubloons or even a premium ship but you've done nothing to earn a super-container other than hitting the "try my luck" button or finishing an event. If someone gave you a lottery ticket would you complain that you only won $2? I've had great super-containers and not great super-containers but I'm not going to complain about what is given to me for free. I don't recall getting a super-container yet this year. I don't remember getting more than a few last year (though a couple were huge - free week of premium and 2500 dubloons!) What's worse than getting something you don't like? Not getting anything at all. :p