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  1. Caln wars battles activity

    Git Gud I guess? Aside from that, you make absolutely no sense. Why should clans be punished for taking a few days off. If your clan can't climb up then why should they be rewarded? for effort? Spamming games isn't effort you know, and you do realize it's clan wars not a charity?
  2. Experts or a random subpar player on forums
  3. I'm an adequate judge because I deem my knowledge enough to argue against someone who's using very stupid logic to back their arguments. I wouldn't argue against CV experts, as we seen some of them here like _v12 and Carefreetongue, and you can guess what they think about this thread if you read 1 or 2 of their replies. Me being not the best in cvs is just an extra remark I made
  4. uh, when did I ever use ME being good in cvs as support for any of my arguments? lol, could've watched 2 episodes of the grand tour instead of engaging in this stupid, pointless argument that everyone with enough brain power will deem it one sided
  5. Only CCs, wiki editors and STs have press accounts? that's new to me. Don't talk about a subject that you don't know about please. Small example, I received PA to use in NA vs EU competitive showmatch, and that's one of many examples where you can receive one and you don't have to CC, wiki editor or ST. Also, i'm saying that I played the ship in PTS, so I have experience with it, doesn't relate to how good or bad my opponents are, as i'm not that good, or any good, in cvs anyways
  6. and? I have used multiple press accounts before, tested for WG, and you know PTS exists. In addition, the clan I'm in boasts multiple people who are considered one of the best in the server, in cvs so my knowledge isn't from up my own [edited]
  7. even tho it's not a metaphor and metaphors have nothing to do with what we're talking or even in comparing ship statistic, your "metaphors" make no sense
  8. damn, sealclubbing an extremely bad player with AS haku must have been hard? Did you also get clubbed like this by AS haku? cause you're just as bad as that midway in the screenshot. Just because I don't own the ship doesn't mean I haven't played them. I owe my stats to the fact that I put effort into learning ships, seems like you don't
  9. omfg you're unbelievable. metaphor? what? this is not writing, we're comparing statistics of objects. A ship, no matter what class, is a ship. Ships vs plane? absolutely no sense "You're just "memeing" or being stupid enough to not realize that if you mop the floor with a midway in AS haku then you're could've done that with strike haku, with much more additional dmg." it's implied if you can read properly
  10. and so what if he's a unicum? does that excuse you from being stupid enough to run AS? and how does AS haku dominate in the surface? that's max stupidity level there
  11. No, read properly, if you can mop the floor with a midway using AS haku, that means that midway is trash. if he's trash you can easily beat him with strike while also getting tons more dmg
  12. please stop, can you? How does comparing khab vs light cruisers, both ships, COMPARES to comparing a ship vs plane?
  13. Oh wow, AS vs strike sure does sound like an argument to me. If you run AS you're stupid, how good you're doesn't matter. You're just "memeing" or being stupid enough to not realize that if you mop the floor with a midway in AS haku then you're could've done that with strike haku, with much more additional dmg.
  14. Ships can't strafe, ships don't dogfight, ships can't exit strafe, ships don't have 2 more fighters per squad than their counterpart, so invalid. I will consider 2 knots huge if WG or their staff (including CCs) say something about speed compression and how big it's