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  1. -deleted-

    She secretly likes it
  2. -deleted-

    Everything is better than bait posts and clan drama posts. We live by the memes for the memes
  3. -deleted-

    Where's the cute girly sneeze?
  4. Clan Battle Guide

    Good stuff but I can feel the subjectiveness (idk if this is a word) in this one cause it's based on what you guys run kek
  5. Flavour of the Ocean

    Well, good luck with trying to achieve relevancy by starting drama on the forums. I'm sure it will go as far as you went through that SL application
  6. Flavour of the Ocean

    Sick burn bro
  7. Flavour of the Ocean

    List of my favorites jokes: - ZR is dead - SALTY is gonna be scary in CWs -SALTY is gonna stop calling out clans better than them, because they realize "winning" by words on the forums of a game isn't the same as winning in the game (pubstomping potatoes doesn't count) But I should stop jesting cause you're built on swinging [edited] around. You're taking cockfighting too literally
  8. Flavour of the Ocean

    Randoms 2.0
  9. Flavour of the Ocean

  10. I've noticed a few things with Conqueror

    I know that. It's sarcasm. Conqueror doesn't struggle against anything if you're smart enough to use your keyboard
  11. I've noticed a few things with Conqueror

    Struggles against t10 cruisers but she has twice their hp, enormous heal, not squishy, better HE power, and has their concealment or better. Hmmmm
  12. XP de comandante de élite

    Use this
  13. Stats Mean Nothing!

    muh RJ is better
  14. Stats Mean Nothing!

    Gud Meme I rate it 1200 wtr/1800