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  1. muh RJ is better
  2. Gud Meme I rate it 1200 wtr/1800
  3. It's a result of "I want muh Murican strong ships, I'm gonna free xp to NC cause I have personal connection with her" and "Imma buy Mo because my grandpa served on her even tho I'm still on New Mexico"
  4. Just use spotter plane but you don't need 23km range to make the Izumo "good" compared to Iowa
  5. If you think your clan is top 3 NA, join SL, beat everyone, make it to the top. No excuses like "too long" or "not good timing", commitment is a part of it. None of the public clans that never participated in SL has even a slight chance of beating any of the teams that made it to the qualifiers. They have zero experience in competitive. Also, giving chance to all in-game/public clans to participate will prolong the process, nobody has time to compete against everyone who thinks "they have a chance of making it" then get stomped in 5 mins. Tell me one public clan that deserved to be in the qualifiers but couldn't make it cause they never were in SL?
  6. If clans want to participate in these cross-server events they should first play some competitive to prove themselves and not be a bunch of windowlickers that don't know the meta or understand the game. While these events are for "fun", they're still serious. We're representing NA and how developed the competitive scene here, not representing potatoes.
  7. First, PSV is a new team to SL, there was no PSV before SL season 4. Second, PSV also played in the qualifiers and lost by a margin, so they clearly don't deserve to go up. Third, top 5 SL gold teams + top 2 SL silver + NADO from Fight Night all played in the qualifiers. Tell me ONE team that didn't play in the qualifiers but deserved so? Please use facts, you're basically insulting the clans that put effort to get through qualifiers with your statements
  8. Don't worry, we will make you guys proud (hopefully)
  9. Are you kidding? First, torps on black have better concealment than Fletcher torps, and if you do the math, they're both about same difficulty to dodge (Black torps are slightly harder to dodge iirc). Additionally, how's a 20sec-7.5km radar useless? You can kill any dd in cap with that (Understand that the value of a capping dd is huge for a team). Not also that, it also scares other dds from going into that cap if they know you're there (again, giving you cap advantage). And according to what you said in your post, you use Engine Boost instead of DF on one of the few dds that can equip DF without any penalties, tells me a lot about your teamplay.
  10. Just an FYI, ANZAC didn't forfeit. We agreed to play against them even though they were late
  11. Whatever I guess. Your timing at poking fun of this issue is sure "perfect" isn't it
  12. And the Izumo is better than Iowa until they lower that citadel. You're making the citadel position sound like something extra
  13. Never said completely sugarcoating but a lot of sugarcoating and that's iChase in a nutshell. And do you take Top Gear review seriously?? Cause I'm sure they're not much of reviews rather than having fun talking about a cars
  14. damn truth. I'm tired of people sugarcoating things to make them seem "good". especially if it deals with spending real money