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  1. mmfullen

    Ever worry about becoming 'That Guy'?

    Guilty on occasion. If I'm on a bad streak or get abandoned by suicidal teammates, I may have difficulty when seeing someone in chat talking about how bad the team is. Depends on how tilted I am, but I try to keep it in. Bringing negativity into chat won't help the morale of the team, so try adding positivity to boost confidence. No guarantees that it will help....but it's better than typing out some cheeky insult.
  2. Well written. Sometimes I get too obsessed over keeping or contesting a cap that it costs me the game. I'm just not a fan of giving up caps for free, even if I know we can make up for it later. I'll stay longer than I should and get rushed. Tactics have to change for each situation, but you can't have late game influence if you die early obsessing over a cap. The key is to know when to make your move or change tactics I guess.
  3. I'd say that finding the rocks you can abuse is also a skill/map knowledge gap in the playerbase. There is a counterplay for it, just not every time due to ship selection or positioning. Spotter plane helps arc shells over their cover island nicely. I wouldn't say it's near as broken as the old OWSF was.
  4. I've been a part of Kraken for a long time and I'm still very happy with what we've become. I look forward to seeing the clan grow with good players that can have a good time in both divisions and clan battles.
  5. mmfullen

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Sweet, can't wait to check it out in the morning on my way to work. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. mmfullen

    Caption the profile image above you.

    An odd place to be looking for nuts...
  7. mmfullen

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Every day during cleaning stations while underway.